Shared by Oluwaseun Ademodi on August 12, 2019
Memories of time spent with you keep flooding. I remember in Ondo, as a very young boy, when playing in your room, you called me " Engineer to moye" (the intelligent Engineer). I grew knowing grandma to pray for each of her children and grandchildren every morning mentioning each of their names. A great teacher, the mathematics you taught me during holidays with you in Odo Ayo, helped a lot. Grandma was always concerned for your welfare, on every visit, grandma would ask "wo da ti jeun?" (have you eaten?) even at her old age,  she would ask about my academics. Adieu Grandma! Rest in the bossom of the lord Jesus Christ.

MY MUMMY (Eyeiwa)

Shared by Funmilayo Ademodi on August 8, 2019
When I was a baby I used to call her aunty because that was what everybody was calling her and she will answer me. I only know her mum(Yemi Ayanna)as mama.Whenever I was flogged out of love I will report her to mama.. My mummy teaches IBO's to speak their languages fluently. Teaching and gardening were her hobbies.                                 To those who care to know, my mummy was a prayer warrior. Most of RCCG and ANGLICAN priests and pastors are her spiritual sons and daughters. She used to move mountains on her kneels. Even until her last breathe, it's always IT IS WELL..                                                                             Mummy you have left a good legacy not for us your children alone but generation unborn that there is God,who is loving and caring Father who does not leave his own unkept , the great provider , JEHOVAH is one of his names.Also in the state of his only son  ( J E S U S CHRIST) ALL kneels must BOW.The one that was and is and ever shall be whom you served with all power and might ,will ever count worth as he used to, to inherit his kingdom of life eternity with him forever and ever. AMEN.   
O do la ,otunba owo ka,omo lewu okun,lewu ude, lewu ,woyi ,woyi. Omo wan in Oke bido nibi ojo la.Bojo LA ma den a LA o. Do ki baa le e o.               DEMODI ,eduu Lisa,Liketa ajina. Meeji o o koko.     Masu o,Ma gbagbe awa omo e o. Rest in the bosom of your God Engr Oluwafunmilayo Ademodi.

MY MUMMY (Eyeiwa)

Shared by Funmilayo Ademodi on August 8, 2019
Oh who can be like my mummy. Well I thank God for given me the privileges to pass through you into this world. Your care and concerns for us is unlimited. Your gentle smile destroyed fear anxiety and doubt children ever have. Instead it imbibe confidence and courage that even in the midst of turbulence you shall overcome. As a teacher you drilled Mathematics into my brain. I dear not miss a sum nor forget to do my home assignments ,because you will never spare the caiin. But extremely loving when I clear everything.                     You thought me to recite psalms from the age of three off head ,even then I thought it was punishment later I realized you were really empowering my for confrontation and wars.              Hmm,my mum,mother and lover of humanity,


Shared by Bukola Olumide on July 31, 2019
Hmmmmn........Mummy ,am gradually getting used to living without seeing you for weeks ,months now . I thank God for the legacy you left behind . Sincerely mum, yours was a life well lived : A life full of challenges but always crowned with testimonies , triumphs , victories and success (psalm 34:19). In my down moments , I get comforted by the good memories I have of you(proverbs 10:7) . Indeed ,great was Gods faithfulness to you!!! Goodnight blessed mother till the resurrection morning . I miss you greatly !
Shared by Adeoti Oshinowo on July 6, 2019

Mercy Ademodi, my darling grandmother, with a beautiful smile and a beautiful soul. You were a prayer warrior who was "always praying for you people!" There was one time you prayed for me for 4 hours straight! You taught me the importance of forgiveness and how an unforgiving heart can miss out on so many blessings. Seeing you in person for the first time as an adult and hearing about your life story solidified my career path. After spending time with you, I knew that by taking care of the woman, the matriarch, everyone else's well-being would be taken care of. How can I not take care of other phenomenal women like you?! You would always cry when I left you because you thought it may be the last time we'd ever see each other. I last saw your beautiful face in person May 2011. I'm sorry I could not make it back sooner. Oh and happy belated birthday (she would have been 91 years old yesterday)!. I wish that I could talk to you just one more time to tell you how much I love you. It's been less than a week without you in this world, Granny, and I miss you dearly. We will see you again soon. Rich can't wait to meet you too! Save us a seat! #RIP #godisgood

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