Her Life


Mrs. Nkonghoetaka Mercy Nee Eyong Arreymanyor was born on March 17, 1961, baptized and confirmed in Presbyterian Church Mamfe Town. She was the first daughter of Pa Eyong Benson Arrey and Ma Martha Eyongeta, both of blessed memory. Mummy Mercy as we fondly called her, was born into a polygamous home, where you could not distinguish which sibling belong to either wives. Nothing but love transcended amongst all the children and extended  family members. 

As the eldest child, she made it a responsibility to take care of her siblings as much as she could; a show of responsibility she and her siblings have shared throughout thereby passing that spirit unto us the children of the family.

Mrs Nkonghoetaka attended the Government Primary School Mamfe town and later went on to to attend VOCAST MUYUKA,where she obtained a training in technical know-how. From Muyuka, she moved on to live with her uncle, where she sat, wrote and passed the Post & Telecommunications examination. After completion of her training programme, she was posted to the Post Office in Wum where she began her civil duty and what went on to becoming a long-lasting and duly servicing career with the ministry of Post & Telecommunications.

I recall a story she once told about her experience while working in Wum, to which she said they used to carry water in the metal buckets that were used at the time; and they kept these buckets outside only to to wake up in the morning to find out that the water they fetched earlier was as cold as ice and they had no choice but to bath with that water before going to work which I imagine must have been very difficult at the time.

It is in Wum, that Mummy Mercy met her husband Mr. Nkonghoetaka Ignatius of blessed memory. From Wum, she was later transferred to Ngaoundere to meet her husband, where they welcomed their first son before they moved to Yaoundé. In Yaoundé she worked with Centre de Cheques Postaux. She also worked with the Post Office in Bamenda for over 2 years where she earned the nickname “madame le delegue” following her husband’s administrative responsibility as Provincial Delegate of Posts and Telecommunication. Under unusual circumstances that ensued, she lost her husband at a tender age with the burden to support the children and a large family. She sought transfer and took up active service with the Post Office in Buea, where she worked until her retirement a public civil servant.

Religious Life

Mrs. Nkonghoetaka Mercy was a fervent and committed Christian; she upheld her Christian values, duties and responsibilities in a very upright manner. My siblings, cousins and seniors can attest how persistent she was every time we were negligent to wake up from bed on Sunday mornings and get ready for church, that she will press us until everyone was finally ready for worship; it was usually trouble for anyone who missed church and I personally thank her for teaching us to acknowledge the importance of God in our lives.

Mummy Mercy was thereon admitted into the Christian Women Fellowship (CWF) in 1999 to which she stayed a devoted and dedicated member throughout her Christian life until she took ill and couldn’t attend church service. She was also a pioneer member of the newfound Temple Choir singing group that exists in the Presbyterian church today.

Despite her ill health, she had never stopped helping with her church duties, and even with her handling of family responsibilities; something she was never negligent on dealing with diligently until her passing.

For over 2 decades of our lifetime, Mrs. Nkonghoetaka relentlessly played the role of both father and mother to us from the moment we were left without a father at very tender ages and as I grew up, I couldn’t help to think and imagine how tough it must have been for her guiding us through secondary school, university, providing for us and grooming us into the children we have become today. There is no denying that she had a great impact in the lives of the people who knew her from the personality she kept and the values of family, education, responsibility, spiritual uprightness and love that she carried on with during her entire life. She had equally been the pillar of the family and this could be seen in the way she fought and struggled so hard with her illness in the last years. She wouldn’t let us see her as weak in sickness because having us empowered meant a lot to her as to us and we will never let go of this show of strength passed on by Mummy Mercy.

She leaves behind, 4 kids, 3 stepsons, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters, a big family and friends, all of whom she loved to mourn her as the space Mummy Mercy has left can never be filled by another person. Her demise was unexpected and untimely, but in faith we believe God knows best and as man proposes so does the lord dispose.

We however will stay ever re-cognizant of the exemplary life she led, of the love and compassion shared, the happy and sad moments, the devotion to keep family together and the spirit of never giving up as this is part of the legacy we will hold so dearly while we miss her.

We would like to thank and immensely appreciate the support and encouragement we have received from everyone far and wide through these trying moments; we are forever grateful.

We urge all to join us in celebrating the life of Mrs. Nkonghoetaka Mercy nee Eyong Arreymanyor as we bid farewell to her final rest and one thing we find consolation in, is that we may have lost a special soul here on earth, but we just gained a special angel in Heaven who will surely watch over and guide us as we carry on.



By Enokpen/Vera Nkonghoetaka