An unsong heroine

Shared by Dr Joseph Besong on March 31, 2021
Sister Mercy as I would fondly call her, will always respond, 'moyo' and continue 'how are you people', in a very kind and compassionate but solid voice that always reminded of the authority she has had to exercise to raise her children well since her husband left her to be with the Lord. In the heart of her numerous health crises, the one thing that never left her was the 'strong voice', a charming characteristic of women of power. Did she attain her full potential in life? I do not know but there certainly could have been more she could do. Who shall sing her song? Who shall raise her praise? But thank God for His promise to make the righteous see heaven. Surely the angels shall sing her song and raise her praise for accomplishing God's mission on earth. Truly she fought a good fight and finished the race. Fare thee well my dear moyo until we meet again on the other side of life with Jesus Christ, for those who have believed in Him. Rest in peace.

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