Posted by maggie ashu on April 9, 2021
May your gentle soul continue to Rest In Peace. No more pain, no more sorrows , but eternal glory with our God. You will be greatly missed. Rest with our lord
Posted by Stanley Tabi on April 6, 2021
           Homage & Special Tribute to "Sister Mercy"

I am honored to offer this remarkable tribute to Mrs. Mercy Nkonghoetaka. The aunt I fondly called “Sister Mercy” like many peers during our time. As a child, I recalled that her visits to our home triggered such “territorial”, “macho-like” reaction; accompanied by envious and aggressive feelings toward any friend of mine who dared to come around while my “white-man auntie” was visiting.

And as life would design it, my maternal aunt, "Sister Mercy" ultimately got married to my paternal uncle (Late Ignatius Nkonghoetaka); a relationship I have never got a dismal understanding of how it began. Yet it worked out well for me, while living with them in Yaoundé. I got the fringe benefits from both ends to get along with my daily activities, though without a paycheck.

She was a cheerful, fun-loving lady who was full of life. Her infectious smile could light up a room. Sister Mercy was physically small, yet the biggest person with a "high head" that I’ve ever known. Even in her bridled and tough personality, she was a delight to be around in her confident, compassionate, positive attitude and big smile.

She gained total focus and continued to build and believe in herself after her late husband transitioned to eternity, 21 years ago. She had an attitude that deeply impressed me. She taught by example that "how we live impacts how we die". She lived a life of courage, strength, beauty and integrity.

No matter how much support that came her way during her last several years of declining health, that meant nothing compared to everything she's rendered over the years to the family. Her home remained the "one-stop shop" each time we visited the country. And of course, the food, the beers, we can't stop to immortalize in Sister Mercy's honor!

She was an incredible sister, mother, wife and aunt. May your children, Victor, Tabenyang, Eyongmbi, Enokpen, Vera, Tambetakang and Telma uphold the legacy of family, kindness, love and integrity. 

We now take comfort in knowing she's finally re-united with her best friend and hussy, smiling face to face to part no more! She's finally got to meet Mami Martha Eyongeta who departed barely two years ago, and now rejoicing with Pa Benson Arreynyor who departed decades ago to prepare a better place for them .

We’ll miss your smile and caring disposition. May your soul rest with our Lord and Savior!

Posted by Vensu Alma on April 6, 2021
Mommy mommy!!! You always said I was busy to come check on you but truth be told you were always in my heart. Who will tell us to rinse the meat and vegetables very well? Continue to rest well in the Lord and we all will be consoled knowing that heaven has gained another angel. Greet mami for us till we meet again.
Posted by Abdulrahim Mustafa on April 6, 2021
As you fly with angels in the gardens of paradise you will forever be remembered and be our guardian angel Just like you have always been.... rest well our beloved mother
Posted by LAURA AYUK-TAKEM on April 4, 2021
Aunty Mercy , you will be dearly missed. Death leaves a void nobody can heal, but love leaves a memory no one can steal . May the good Lord comfort all the beloved children you left behind. May you rest peacefully with our maker .
Posted by Nguemelieu Stella on April 4, 2021
Mum I met you for the very first time & you welcomed & treated me as a daughter. I shared in the love & care you had for your children, may heaven show you that same love as u sit with the risen Christ forever. Rest on mum
Posted by Tk Tata on April 3, 2021
Mami Tambe, may your soul rest in perfect peace. You were always very kind and a serious mami nyanga.
Posted by Cyril Tata on April 3, 2021
Mami go well and rest in the Lord. Until we meet again.
Posted by Becky Elvira BESONG née ... on April 1, 2021
Aunty Mercy, mummy, it's Mawube can you hear me??? Who will call me Ma' or Mawube again? You had a special way of calling me with your booming voice. I have been trying to put off writing this tribute but alas I have to, with tears welling up in my eyes, because I didn't get a chance to see you during your illness and prior to your demise. Where do I really start from? You have always been a part of my life. You have known me since I was a baby as you were my first nanny/mother way back in Madagascar, Yaounde so many years go. I am sure it was during that time that we created a special bond that grew stronger with the years. I was your special daughter and you showed it in so many ways. My stay in Bali and Bamenda was enjoyable because you made it better/lighter. You were always there when something special happened in my life. You were a strong, kind and generous woman, raising your biological children and countless others singlehandedly when widowhood hit you unexpectedly. You had a lot of love to give and you shared with everyone who crossed your path. My heart aches because you did not have time to enjoy the fruits of your labour of love. I miss you already, but I know you are in a better place where there is no sickness, pain, suffering, sorrow, heartache. May God Almighty grant repose to your gentle soul.
Posted by Xavi Paulo on March 31, 2021
Lossing a mother is one of the deepest sorrow a heart can know. Reme as I usually call u, I will not grieve but rejoice coz u have gone to a better place void of pains and suffering. Though I will miss u shouting my name and scolding me "Paulo since when last you u came visit me" yet I know u are with the angels smiling down at us. Reme we will forever miss you. We love u but God loves u most. Good nite mum and my regards to my parents.
Azange Paul Muluh
Posted by Joan Besong on March 31, 2021
Nnoh Enow, Rest in the bosom of your Creator. Do also rest from your labours. Blessed are you, for your good works follow you. You have been that very caring, kind, loving and hospitable wife, mother and aunt. Not only caring for your husband, your own biological children, but every child who came to your home, not leaving out even adults. In Yaounde, your home you always had more than 20 persons in your home, not counting those who just visited. Despite this large number, everyone had food to eat. I admired your courage and your strength to do this even with limited resources. My dear wife and friend, you have been brave and courageous, trusting and leaning on God. By the special grace of God, you took care of the children God blessed you with even after the demise of your very kind, caring and loving husband. Though there is no marriage in Heaven, you surely will see him. Nnoh Enow, as l called you, l don't know what to say, l am in tears as l put down these few words. My beautiful "mami nyanga", life and health challenges have had a great toll on you. Sorry that l didn't have to talk to you before you left this world. The day l heard you were in the hospital, l called but couldn't talk to you, but talked to Capile and Tambe Takang who explained how you were doing. What can l say?? Some time later your demise was announced to me from the U S. The LORD gave and He has taken back His Creation. May His name be glorified forever. Rest well ngore bro Ignatius Nkonghoetaka. Onkor sairi ngore papa. May God Almighty be a Merciful judge to you and grant you everlasting rest. RIPP Mrs Mercy Nkonghoetaka.
Posted by Tabot Terrence on March 31, 2021
Mummy I love you so much, but it seems God loves you more. You and Mami Martha showed me unending love for the number of years we spent together. I still find it hard to believe that the both of you are gone because everything looks like a dream. Mummy, you came into my life at the time when all hope was almost lost. Though you are gone, but I am still proud of the man I see in the mirror because God used you to fulfill his work in my life. Please greet Mami Martha for me over there and tell her I miss you both so much. If tears could bring you back, I am pretty sure you would have been up now calling me "Tabolobo" as you fondly did. But unfortunately, that is not the case. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. We will forever miss you ❤❤❤
>> Tabot Terrence
Posted by Penko Baba on March 31, 2021
Everyday seems so unreal since this tragic incident hit us with your passing Mummy.
No amount of words can express how I feel and no amount of tears can take away the grief, sorrow and pain that I will have to carry along the rest of my days knowing that I won't be able to hear your voice or see you smiling. I lost the most important and most precious person I have and that's something I will always have a hard time getting over with.
You never stopped fighting, you never stopped loving, you never gave up, you never relented to show or help us do the right thing.
Life can prove sometimes to be so unfair because you deserve so much better mummy. You showed us strength, you guided us and you gave us love that we will hold on to, that we will share with us because that is what you always did for us.
The vacuum you left behind can never be refilled and the memories we have of you will live on forever in hearts until we see you on the other side.
I will never be able to hear you call me "Papi" again. The absence of your entire being is something we will never heal from but surely, we will transform that into strength, into a power so immortal that we can carry on from where you left it and continue to uphold the legacy you left behind for us.
Being a mother and father to countless people that shared and were part of your life is a spirit of empowerment that can never be taken away.
I honestly don't know how to feel. Just the thought of not having you around breaks my heart into a thousand pieces.
I lost the most precious person in my life, yet we gave a special angel up above watching over us. Our memories of you will forever be priceless and eventhough it feels hard to accept, you are still with us, you left us so much to hold on dearly to and as you rest eternally, we will surely see you again on the other side. Carry our love and misses to daddy, big Mami, big papa, and to all watching us from above, for sure you have a special place everywhere below and above. I light a candle everyday because that is how bright you have always been shining a light on us and I know that light will never stop shining on us for eternity.
Posted by Eyongeta Telma on March 31, 2021
Mumsy the Mumsy! Tresor Payeur!
It’s still like you just traveled. I still wake up each day hoping and longing to hear your voice calling me “the baby”, “Mum”,”My daughter”,”My Mum” etc.
You were my mother, first teacher,companion, Confidante, role model in short my all.You inspired all the people you came across and always left people with a lesson.You did a good job in mounding us into the pieces we have become.I sometimes asked myself how you were able to single handedly raise us well after daddy’s death but you made us understand that the Lord was your strength and driving force.
Everyday I vividly remember how we will chitchat,have fun and even quarrel and when I go out you will stay up waiting for me till am back, cook special meals for me, pray for me, congratulate me etc You even used to brag about me to others.
Your humble, hospitable and gentle nature made everyone who came close to you to love you.You were so unique in all your ways, will never keep a grudge, was very outspoken and “straight forward” () no matter the circumstance. You were a mother hen to many but death snatched you from us leaving us in the cold.
As powerful and strong willed as you were,I watched you battle with a roller coaster of different illness and feelings that I will sometimes ask myself what you did to deserve all that and why it had to be you... but then again I realized we can’t question God. Even at your worst you still gave us hope and courage.
Mummy you were a fighter!
You came,You saw,You conquered.I just want you to know that all I do is for you and I will still continue to make you proud as I Have always been doing.
Your Journey on earth was indeed a very wonderful and memorable one and I know our Lord is proud of you.
Mummy one thing sure is that your virtues and legacy will live on.Don’t worry about us because in as much as it is hard to accept the vacuum your depature has created in our lives, we are consoled with the wordings of Romans 14:8 and we are convinced that you are sleeping in the Lord and all of us will one day leave this world to part no more.We know angels only visit and your time is up.
I can go on and on but will drop it here as I bid you farewell “Madame Delegue” thanks so much for everything and journey well to the other side not forgetting to greet Daddy and Mami for us. Adieu Mummy we love you❤️ and will forever miss you.
Your Baby Eyongeta Nkonghoetaka
Posted by Arreyanyor Benson on March 30, 2021
Mummy we will forever miss you,your passing away is a big shock to the family and your absence will never be forgotten.Most at times when in my silent mode i envisage my life,you have always been a mother of so many children without any discrimination but dead could not allow our eldest sister ( first born of pa arreyanyor) but who are we to judge our existence,the almighty God knows more better.
Mummy we are in tears, why so soon? farewell to pa Arreyanyor and mami Martha,we pray the almighty God grant you people a resting place in heaven.A Dieu mummy we will always love you and miss you till we meet again.
             Junior brother
Posted by Rose Bate-Eya on March 30, 2021
My sweet Aunty Mercy, I am truly short of words to describe how hard it is to bid you farewell. I just want to thank you once more for all the love and support you showered on us especially for the strength you showed to your loving children. We will forever miss Aunty. Journey well, we know you are in a better place.
Posted by Laurel T. Bate-Eya on March 30, 2021
Dear aunty Mercy,
I am really short of words for your passing. I still cry thinking that I will not see you or get to hear your voice. Go well aunty and prepare a place for us. May God heal and lessen the grief of all us. Till we meet again.
Ma Tabe
Posted by Laurel Bate-Eya on March 30, 2021
Our lovely aunty ,caring and so encouraging .
May you go well ,and may your soul rest in peace .we thank you for the good job you did for us .you provided shelter ,food and more for us unconstitutionally.
We thank you mama
Posted by ASA SANDY on March 30, 2021
Dear mommy Mercy, it is with so much pain and loving memory that I write these few words in remembrance of you...I was so happy to have known you though just for a short while but it was worth it and it made me have beautiful memories ...I used to love the fact that you’ll wake up early in the morning and come to our room, sit on our head bed and start shouting it always made the house alive ....When you became sick everything about the house was sad, just as if the lights were turned off mommy I miss you very much and I’ll love you always...I’ll never forget this piece of advice you gave me “ No matter how much of a career woman you become you have to take care of your home because that’s the role of a woman” Mommy I celebrate your life on earth you were a mother to all...

Rest In Peace Mommy and watch over us your beloved children ❤️

Posted by Na Ikome on March 29, 2021
Dearest Mommy, words fail me. You were a loving and caring mother; a wonderful woman who loved me like your own and treated me no differently from your children. You treated no one with partiality. You had a big heart and a sense of humour that was as intense as your sense of honesty...and discipline :). You taught me so much about many things. Oh! How I miss you and wish the Lord could have let you stay with us longer and healthier to enjoy the fruit of your labour but alas, He had other plans for you.
You leave a void that only you can fill Mommy. I love you and will never forget you.

Rest in God's peace!
Posted by Victor Besong on March 29, 2021
Mummy we love you, but the Lord almighty loves you most.i can't forget the vacuum you have left in me,you are not here mummy to reap the fruit of your Labour. Every time I remember your lost, it reminds me the time you took me from my young age and made me what I am today.i remember all what you did to me before your sudden departure
I shall always miss you mummy, may your humble soul rest in peace. Go ahead and prepare a place for us in the blossom of our Lord
Safe journey mummy, till we meet again

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