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  • 64 years old
  • Born on January 25, 1952 .
  • Passed away on October 21, 2016 .

Information about plans:
Dr. Grujicic had a 28 year career at Clemson University, so there is no shortage of students and colleagues who interacted with him.  This has become apparent with the outpouring of support, love, and food to my mom and me.  Because of this, any sort of public funeral or memorial service would be overwhelming, and we would not be able to remember all the kind words and stories that would be shared with us. This is why we decided to make an online memorial, so that everyone can share their stories and memories.  That way, we can read them whenever we are able, and we can keep them forever.  If any of you would like to have your own memorial for him, it is definitely encouraged.  We would love to hear about it, but we would not be able to attend.  We ask that you respect our decision in these regards.

We will be posting a biography and our own memories when we are feeling a bit more coherent.

Thank you all.  Your words, thoughts, and actions mean the world to us in this time.

Please consider donating in his name to Strawberry Fields Sanctuary (  They are a wonderful nonprofit (tax deductible!) organization dedicated to the care of abused and unwanted farm animals and using it as a learning tool for engaging disadvantaged children.

Angela Grujicic

It occurs to me that some of his former students would like to reach out, and my email address is  My mom and I are extremely touched by those who have come by in person to pay their respects, and I just wanted to make this easier for those who wanted to.

Posted by Ingrid Jackson on 25th January 2018
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dr. Grujicic.
Posted by Ingrid Jackson on 25th January 2018
Happy Heavenly Birthday Dr. Grujicic.
Posted by Chittur Narayan on 25th January 2018
It was most overwhelming meeting Mrs Wenqi Grujicic a few months ago, thanks to Angela Grujicic. Professor Mica Grujicic was a phenomenal part of my life and shall always be in my heart and prayers. Namaskarams to my Guru.
Posted by Burt Lee on 24th January 2018
It was so sad that I paused my work for a moment when I learned, so late, of loss of Mica. When I left Clemson in 2008, he was well. I regret that I did not keep in touch for several years. He was indeed bright and hard working scholar. At Clemson he was one of a few whom I could trust. He was a colleague whom I could rely on serving on committees and publishing journal papers as a co-author. It was my honor to be his friend, colleague, and co-author. I’ll miss him dearly.
Posted by Rui Qiao on 24th October 2017
Some years ago, around this season, I had a walk with Mica. We had a slow walk toward the center of our school. What we talked, I do not remember -- but his signature, being humous in his own way, seeing the lighter side of things, and being humble, is still fresh to me until this day.
Posted by Ingrid Jackson on 21st October 2017
Remembering Dr. Grujicic on the anniversary of his passing. He was one of the most kindest people I have ever known.
Posted by Chittur Narayan on 1st October 2017
I remember receiving a letter signed M.Grujicic, way back in the summer of 1989, in Mumbai, India, offering me a teaching assistantship at the Mechanical Engineering department at Clemson University. I joined his research team that fall and worked in his area of research which was "exploratory" then - Transformation Toughening of Ti-Al-V alloys. I remember our weekly meetings on Wednesdays when he would thoroughly evaluate the work he had assigned to me... he was undoubtedly one of the most brilliant minds I had come across. We worked in building the arc-melting furnace and I successfully completed my Masters in 1991. We went to Oak Ridge Laboratories together with my colleague, Srinivas Tangirala for a week long tryst with Transmission Electron Microscopy. He offered me an opportunity for doctoral studies, but I returned to India in 1991. I remember him coming to the department late evenings with his loving wife and darling daughter Angela. I have been meaning to visit Clemson for quite a while now, but alas, I just came to know of his passing. Prof Grujicic has always been in my prayers and shall forever continue to be. My namaskarams and respects to you, Prof Grujicic.
Posted by Rajendra Singh on 27th February 2017
During my professional career of over 38 years I have not known any material scientist whose fundamental knowledge is so strong that one can talk to him on a complex problem and after listening to your problem, he will provide a practical solution. Dr. Grujicic was such a gifted and talented person. As a very dear friend, I miss him very much.
Posted by Kathryn Poole on 25th January 2017
Happy Birthday in Heaven Dr. Grujicic. I miss you. Kathryn
Posted by Laine Mears on 27th November 2016
Mica was a good friend, a guy who had an adamant way about him, but with a special sense of humor. As we began forming the curriculum for what became the ICAR Automotive Engineering program, Mica was put in charge of managing the many inputs and tasks from many busy and opinionated people. He called me to his office one day and asked “Do you spell czar ’T-S-A-R’ or ‘C-Z-A-R’?” I was a little intimidated but told him either was ok. He also wanted to know the implication of the German “von.” I remained confused until the curriculum team received our instruction documents, signed “Mica von Grujicic, the I-CZAR!”. He led us with a strong hand, but good humor, and it had a great result. He ended up being the most selfless supporter of young faculty that I met at Clemson, and we all owe him a debt for getting us started in the right direction.
Posted by Jon Morgan on 10th November 2016
I was a senior in ME in 1994, and Dr. Grujicic was on my senior project jury/mentor team. It was a fun project with good quality time as students and faculty. I really did enjoy getting to know him through that experience. His way of expressing himself was always helpful, and often included a flair of good humor which seemed funnier with his great accent. God bless the family. Peace and comfort to you.
Posted by Guruprasad Arakere on 4th November 2016
Dr. Grujicic’s passing away is very shocking and sad moment for me. His passing away is a great loss to the engineering research community, Clemson University and students. He was my advisor, teacher and friend who has guided me in all walks of life. His intelligence, humility, simplicity, frankness, kindness, humor and hard-working abilities are very unique to him. I have never come across another person with all those qualities in one individual. I consider myself fortunate to be his student. He was a role model for me and my peers in this group. He will live on in the memories of those who knew him. We will always remember Professor Grujicic. My sincere condolences to Mrs. Grujicic and Angela. Best wishes to the family. Regards, Guru
Posted by Yong Huang on 2nd November 2016
Mica is very special to me: he was on the search committee for my hiring at Clemson, and he had been my mentor for more than nine years until I moved. I was so blessed to have Mica be my mentor for my Clemson years, precisely, my only mentor thus far. I clearly remembered that he never said no to my meeting requests, and each meeting typically lasted two or three hours, a few times each semester with his insightful advice lightening and guiding me through my growth. In addition to his advice on teaching, research, service, and academic life, Mica always tried to inspire me to be a good citizen and scholar while sharing with me many life lessons and stories like a big brother. His mentorship and resilient life attitude will be appreciated by me forever.
Posted by Margie Carosiello on 2nd November 2016
Dear Angela, I hope you and your mother will be wrapped in loving arms to help guide you through the coming months. Know I am always here if you need a listener on the mourning bench.
Posted by Rui Qiao on 2nd November 2016
I am sadden tremendously by the passing of Mica. Mica is among the most intelligent people I have met, yet he is also among the most humble person I have come across. He cared for his junior colleagues like me and never hesitated to offer genuine help. Authentic and to-the-point in technical conversation and genuine in private chat, he lived an authentic life. May you rest in peace, Mica.
Posted by Varun Chenna on 1st November 2016
To solve any engineering problem, break it down into simpler parts and solve something simple first and fully understand it. Only then, you can use the solution of the consitituent parts to solve the bigger problem. This principle applies to any problem, not just engineering. This was Dr. Grujicic's biggest lesson taught to me during my research under his guidance which changed my perspective. You will always stay in our minds for, your teachings have become our way of life. Rest in Peace!
Posted by Kathryn Poole on 31st October 2016
Rest in Peace Dr. Grujicic! I always admired your kindness, quick wit, and brilliance. Physically you could not see well but I respect you as a man of great vision. Research & Teaching was your passion as well as your dear Wen-qi & darling Angela. As I think of you, "Valiant" comes to my mind. Your dedication, interest in others, and pure heart made such an impact on us all. I miss you.
Posted by Michael Sutton on 31st October 2016
Mica was a friend and colleague who dealt with his physical difficulties with such grace and honesty that it uplifted anyone who knew him and was aware of the strength and character he had to exhibit every day. I visited Mica a few years ago to see how we could collaborate in one of our common areas of interest. Mica politely noted that it would be difficult for us (note he did not worry about himself) due to his inability to travel and the long lead times that would be necessary to review the research. Though we never had the opportunity to work together, I am thankful that I knew Mica, as his commitment to life and his continued search for knowledge under some of the most trying circumstances will always be with me.
Posted by Ingrid Jackson on 30th October 2016
I was saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Grujicic. I have many memories of him when I worked in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He was always kind to everyone. My sincere condolences to the Grujicic family in this time of sorrow. I will always remember him fondly.
Posted by Ricardo Leal on 28th October 2016
Mica and I were contemporary at MIT, where we had many fantastic moments together, some of them I remember in the "stories" part of this memorial. It was a real shock to know about his passing away and all I can say is that he was a great friend, with a fantastic sense of humor and the most hard working person I have ever met. I extend my condolences to his family and, Mica, rest in peace, you deserve it.
Posted by Sherrill Biggers on 27th October 2016
Mica was a great friend, collaborator, and colleague. He was the hardest working and most productive faculty member I have ever known and stood as a model for all of us. He always had a kind word and was supportive of all his colleagues and his devoted graduate students. I retired in Jan and, not being in the loop the past few months, was surprised and saddened to hear of his passing. My best wishes to the family.
Posted by Chenning Tong on 27th October 2016
Yi and I are shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Mica. It is still hard for me to believe that he has left us. Mica was well respected by his colleagues inside and outside of the university, not only for his high-quality research, but also for his wisdom and integrity. He has given me help on numerous occasions over the years. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to know him well. I grieve the loss of such a colleague and a dear friend. Our hearts go out to Wen-qi and Angela. We will miss you, Mica. Chenning
Posted by Anand Hariharan on 27th October 2016
Very sad news. Dr. Grujicic was my graduate advisor and god sent mentor. I am forever thankful for his invaluable teachings. My most treasured lesson from Dr. Grujicic: science is very simple. This lesson gives me confidence to go and excel at work every day. He will always be in my memories. My heartfelt condolences to his family. -Anand Hariharan
Posted by Anmol Kothari on 27th October 2016
I was fortunate to work under Dr. Grujicic's supervision for a year. I am shocked and sad that I lost a great mentor. He was a brilliant and an amazing person. I would always remember him for his passion and enthusiasm. We will miss you. Rest in peace Sir!
Posted by Imtiaz Haque on 26th October 2016
So so sorry to hear about Mica's passing. He was a wonderful colleague and friend for many years. Mary and I send our heart-felt condolences to Wen-qi and Angela. Sincerely Imtiaz
Posted by Xin Xie on 26th October 2016
I was so shocked to hear about passing of Dr.Grujicic... It was such a great honor for me to work in his group as a graduate student. He was super intelligent and absolutely a legend in the research field. Till today, I still miss his influence, his inspiring power, his humor and all the guidance he gave to me. Without his help, I won't become who I am today. It is so sad to see him go, and he will be forever remembered and missed. Dr.Grujicic, rest in peace
Posted by Krishna Chittajallu on 26th October 2016
Dr. Grujicic, thank you for your support in my life. I would not be where I am today without you. It's sad to see you depart but you will always be cherished in our memories. RIP
Posted by Andrew Todd on 25th October 2016
I was fortunate enough to enjoy a class with Dr. Grujicic during my time at Clemson. His sense of humor and immense knowledge made attending class a joy. Academia and Clemson University have lost a great asset with his passing. Rest in peace.
Posted by Rohan Galgalikar on 24th October 2016
Dr. Grujicic was an inspiring person! As a student I learnt so much from him. He inspired a way of thinking and problem solving that becomes a way of life for his students. I have never seen a more dedicated man. As students we try to achieve a fraction of what he did. You will be missed sir! You will stay in our hearts forever through your teachings!
Posted by Ramin Yavari on 24th October 2016
Dr.Grujicic was one of the smartest people in academia. He was very tough and sometimes hard to work with, but he had a big pure heart, always trying to help people. He will always be missed. Rest in peace.
Posted by Miren Ivankovic on 24th October 2016
Mica, dear neighbor, we will miss seeing you walking around with your loyal dog and occasionally talking to you. RIP
Posted by Vishnupriya Ramineni on 24th October 2016
Dr.Grujicic was an inspiring professor ! He always encouraged the students to think out of box. He is one of the most patient and kind persons I have seen! We will miss you all sir!

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