Let the memory of Michael Thake be with us forever
  • 83 years old
  • Born on February 14, 1928 in Ware, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on December 22, 2011 in Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Albert Thake 83 years old , born on February 14, 1928 and passed away on December 22, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on December 23, 2018
Hi Dad, I hope you are ok up in heaven, I can only comfort myself with the belief you are happy and in a better place. Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of you going to live in your new abode and it stills feels like it was only yesterday. I still miss our chats, our teasing over the football results, your cheeky mannerism, your smile, your laugh, but most of all I just miss my Dad. You were the only man who took on the role of being the father figure in my life and you nailed it. You are amazing and I miss you so much, love you lots from your Amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on February 14, 2018
Hi Dad, happy birthday, today you would have been 90 years old. I am imagining you still being here and enjoying the huge party I would have organised just for your special day. A special day for a person who will always be special to me, I miss you lots, I love you lots, you are still my idol and I still wish you were here everyday. Love from your Amanda xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on December 23, 2017
Hi Dad, sorry I have not left a message for a long time. Yesterday was not easy, it does not feel like it has been six years since you left us. Ali has a beautiful playmate now called Lucy and you would have loved her too, she is so cheeky just like our Ali. I still wish you were here, I still miss you lots, I still love you Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on May 18, 2016
Hi Dad, really wish I was answering a phone call from you tonight telling me " what a load of plonkers ". Yes, Liverpool just lost the Europa League Final. Guess I will just have to imagine you saying it but it's not the same as the real thing. Love you always Dad from your Amanda xxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on February 14, 2016
Hi Dad, 88 years old today, wishing you a happy birthday, you truly are the greatest Dad ever. You are still my idol, my rock, the one I turn to when in need. Wish you were still here with me, missing you lots & love you always from your Amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on December 22, 2015
It has been 4 years today since you left me, there is never a day that I do not say " I love you ", never a day where I do not miss you, you were my Dad, my friend, my rock during hard times. Every day you are in my thoughts, every day I wish you was still here. Love you always Dad from your Amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on June 15, 2014
Happy Fathers Day for My Special Dad
I Love You
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on December 22, 2013
It has been 2 yrs today since you left and I still struggle without you. I miss you so much every day. I cherish precious memories I have of you. I still feel the pain of you going away. I wish I could see you. I dream of being with you again. Every day I say I love you. I will see you, be with you and tell you I love you when we are together again in heaven. Until then Dad I will miss you & love you always xxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on February 13, 2013
Today would have been your 85th birthday, you may not be here with me but i still want to tell my hero, my friend, my idol & most importantly the greatest dad in the whole world - Happy Birthday. I hope you can hear me when i talk to you Dad, i miss you every day and if i could turn back time, i would go back to the day i was born to live a whole life with you again, i love you Dad xxxxxxx
Posted by James Simmonds on July 20, 2012
the family is having to many arguments and i don't want that anymore i just want us to all be able to have christmas together as a family again please help me as you always knew what to do and when xxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on May 18, 2012
House move is not happening now - i can't move away from where you were but at the same time i see you wherever i go. I miss you Dad, i wish i was by your side again & you are holding my hand just as you did on my wedding day - love you Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by James Simmonds on April 26, 2012
aimee turned 1 on saturday just wish you could see her she is so beautiful just wish you were back with us like a family again i know your looking down on me just wishing the best of lifes for me and i promise i will produce a son to keep the family name going because i feel that is my one job in life now love you so much always in my heart and never forgotten xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on March 24, 2012
Hi Dad, been really busy lately with work, the future house move and being there for the family. It is better that i am kept busy, it doesn't stop me from wanting you here & missing you so much though. Inside i am struggling so badly that even i do not know anymore just how i get through the day, every day i miss you, every day i say love you dad - i just hope you can hear me xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by James Simmonds on March 4, 2012
moving to st albans soon don't know if i can manage to leave you behind or the rest of the family still a job to be done picking up the family also mum misses you so much, come back please i know your still alive just please come back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on March 3, 2012
Hi Dad, sorry i did not say happy birthday - just could not cope. Tell me you are alright, give my love to mum & nanny. Say hi to pete for me. Still lost, missing you more & more each day, wishing i was with you, thank you for the photos, i will always treasure them. Tell me what to do Dad, just like you used to, without you i don't know what to do any more - love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on February 19, 2012
I went to see a speedway tribute today, you would have loved it Dad, they had all the old bikes some ridden by Briggs, Collins and a few other oldies you would have recognised. There was quite a selection of restored bikes, my favourite was the sunbeam - they had restored it lovely, it was black & gold. Ali is being a cheeky monkey but then she was taught by you, miss & love you lots Dad x
Posted by Sandra Snedden on February 13, 2012
Happy Birthday on what would have been your 84th Birthday on the 14th feb,Hope you are having a good party with lots of Fish & Chip to eat, Give some to Pete he like his Chips too Miss you xx
Posted by James Simmonds on February 5, 2012
arsenal won 7-1 yesterday against blackburn henry scored again arsenal legend and so are you wish you was here to see them again and IT SNOWED missed your call today saying how much snow have you had also can i have your car cause i can drive this year and i could have drove you around. love you lots always in my heart forever till i die xxxx
Posted by James Simmonds on February 2, 2012
hey grandad, just to let you know arsenal are doing great at the moment (better than expected) miss you so much right now: your smile, your laugh and your company have not seen any of the family since the day of the funeral but the important thing is your safe now, no more pain but all the more pressure on my shoulders to help keep the family name going and i promise i will do just that.
Posted by James Simmonds on February 2, 2012
please come back , the family is really struggling and im really struggling nothing has been the same, we need you right now xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on January 28, 2012
Dad - i love & miss you lots, wish we were together again xxx
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on January 26, 2012
Missing you so much Dad, it is becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything. I am constantly thinking of you knowing you are with Mum & i wish so much to be with you both, to be in a world where the pain is no longer there. Luv u lots Dad xxx
Posted by Amanda Simmonds on January 25, 2012
Really lost at the moment Dad, trying so hard to get on with life but feel my life has no worth without you in the world. I miss your calls, nearly everyday I would be saying ”hello dad” & hear your voice, now there is only silence. I even miss you telling me off occasionally about working too hard or being too stubborn but mostly I miss your cheeky smile & laugh, I want to be with you.
Posted by Amanda Grace Simmonds on January 25, 2012
Liverpool won tonight Dad but I don't feel happy about it because your not there calling me to tell me they are lucky. I am trying so hard not to be sad but anything that happens doesn't seem to be of any significance anymore - I know life is going on around me but frequently I do not feel a part of it anymore, it feels like I am trapped living the day you left us over & over again. Luv u
Posted by Sandra Snedden on January 9, 2012
Hope you are now safe in the hands of angle's,I will always remember you mick,You was a kind man and will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure to know you.R.I.P.

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