He had a deep faith, devotion & pride in his family, & passion for his work.He was a generous spirit, always ready to help a friend in need.His infectious laugh and fun-loving spirit were magnetic.Patterson was the man.
  • Born on January 28, 1947 in Spokane, Washington, United States.
  • Passed away on September 25, 2018 in Seattle, Washington, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved Michael Patterson. He was surrounded by love from his devoted wife, 5 children and their spouses, and 8 grandchildren. He was deeply loved and will be sorely missed. His legacy lives on -

A Catholic rosary will be held Friday evening, Oct. 26, 2018 at 6:30pm at St. James Cathedral, 804 9th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104. The funeral Mass will be held on Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018 at 10:30am at St. James Cathedral, immediately followed by a reception across the street at the O'Dea High School gym.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Michael Patterson Memorial Fund to support colon cancer treatment and research at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), P.O. Box 19023, Seattle WA 98109-1023.  Donations may be made on-line at https://secure.seattlecca.org/, by mail with checks payable to SCCA with indication that they are in memory of Michael Patterson, or by phone at (206) 606-2070 or (877) 308-3117.

Posted by Evie Sanchez on 28th January 2019
Art and I pray today was a peaceful day of reflection and joy remembering Mike with smiles and love. We send our love to Karen, Joe, Aidan, Isabella and all the Patterson's.
Posted by Evie Sanchez on 20th November 2018
We will always remember the passion Mike had in all his achievements. Mike lived life to the fullest, always putting love for his family at the forefront. I was fortunate to witness his exuberance and generosity through Karen and Joe. He had such energy and zest for life and now that continues in his children and grandchildren where his memory lives on. Joe, Karen, Aidan and Isabella live each day with the same love and energy! Love, Evie and Art
Posted by Franklin Cordell on 30th October 2018
Mike was one of the most accomplished trial lawyers in Seattle. My colleagues and I frequently worked with him, either as co-counsel or opposing counsel. No matter how hard fought the litigation--and Mike always represented his clients with great vigor--he was a gentleman and credit to the profession. The Seattle legal community will miss him greatly, but the terrific firm he founded will live on. My colleagues and I offer our sincere condolences to Mike's family and colleagues at Patterson Buchanan.
Posted by Brian Murphy on 30th October 2018
On behalf of the late Archbishop Thomas Murphy's entire family, including his sister Eileen and sister-in-law Carolyn, I extend our most sincere condolences on Mike's passing. The Mass of the Resurrection at St. James Cathedral last Saturday was an amazing and fitting celebration of Mike's wonderful life. Archbishop Murphy so very much cherished the friendship he had with Mike, Emma and all of their children. The archbishop recollected fondly about the trip to Rome that Mike and Emma made with him when he received the pallium from Pope John Paul II in June of 1992. Click on the following link to view the column "A celebration in Rome": http://archive2.am-hs.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Progress-071692.pdf I always thoroughly enjoyed the times Mike and I had dinner when my work for Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School brought me to Seattle. His kindness, support and generosity will forever be remembered and appreciated. May Mike now enjoy the Lord's warm embrace in heaven for eternity.
Posted by Jorge Cervantes on 26th October 2018
Fue un placer conocerlo exelente persona, las veces que me tocó atenderlo y preparar sus alimentos para convivir con sus familiares y amigos siempre nos trato con mucho respeto , cariño muchas gracias por la confianza Que Dios lo tenga en su santa gloria Descanse en paz.
Posted by Epifania Lardizabal on 23rd October 2018
We, members of the Legion of Mary in Corpus Christi Church in SF, extend our deepest condolences to the family of our beloved brother in Christ, Michael Alexander Patterson. We remember him by including his name in our prayers for the faithful departed in our two masses in Corpus Christi Church this month. Her sister in-law Ching Ocaso always told us that Michael was a very faithful, kind hearted, honest, humorous, caring, and generous Catholic, husband, father, lawyer, and member of their large family of 15 children. We will keep him and his loved ones in our prayers. "Eternal rest grant unto the soul of Michael Alexander Patterson O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen."
Posted by KAREN Patterson on 22nd October 2018
From Father Spitzer: A Personal Reflection on my friend Michael Patterson I met Mike Patterson in the Seattle Airport with Jack McCann in July of 1998 immediately after I was appointed President of Gonzaga University. It took about 5 minutes for me to see that this man was truly extraordinary—an “all-in Catholic,” super-energetic, focused on the Catholic mission of the university, and a very persuasive orator. I was not surprised to learn that he was a defense attorney as well as a leader in the Seattle Archdiocese. By the time we arrived in Spokane together, I had already resolved in my mind to ask him on to the Board of Trustees, having experienced several promptings from the Holy Spirit that he would be a great ally, friend, and promoter of our Catholic mission. After nominating and appointing Michael as a trustee of the university, he showed his leadership capacity, passion for our mission, and desire to make the university great in academics, facilities, mission programming, and athletics. In his first four years on the board, he did not shrink from work, but volunteered for a myriad of committees from finance to investments and mission. Everyone knew that he should be brought on to the executive committee sooner rather than later, because he had a sense of Gonzaga’s potential, the importance of the charmed basketball team, and a grand vision for the university. When I announced the first iteration of a strategic plan to move the university out of challenging times into a period of significant growth (called “Momentum 2007”), Mike did not think I had been overcome by delusions of grandeur, but rather, believed that the plan was reasonable. He encouraged every bit of it--to grow enrollments by 75%, start a $200,000,000 capital campaign, build twelve new facilities, and triple the number of mission programs. Thanks to the success of the basketball team, the expansion and updating of the admissions and financial aid programs, and a quick start to the capital campaign, we achieved most of our goals by 2003. Mike, of course, was a principled driving force to reaching those goals. Mike was not only a great source of vision and encouragement and a generous benefactor; he was absolutely devoted to the mission of the university. He helped significantly in the renovation of the Student Chapel, and most importantly, backed my efforts to strengthen the Catholic identity of Gonzaga—particularly in passing our policy on mission-centered hiring, our public speakers policy, and the expansion of our programs in faith, ethics, leadership and service. When I asked that Planned Parenthood be denied a presentation on campus (because it is the largest abortion provider in the U.S.), it was Mike that spoke up immediately at the board meeting and said, “we have to back Fr. Spitzer on this decision if we are going to remain a solidly Catholic university, not only in image, but in reality—let’s get a unanimous vote of the board to back his decision!” The sheer force of his conviction and personality led to the board’s unanimous support of the decision which I believe was a watershed moment for the university’s Catholic identity. That same strong conviction, vision, and drive led to a host of other important moments in the board’s and university’s history—to the passing of the mission-centered hiring policy, the denial of a play called “The V—Monologues,” the building of the Patterson Baseball Complex, and the passage of the final plan to build our new basketball arena (the McCarthey Athletic Center). When Mike was elected Vice-chair of the Board and then Chair of the Board, his leadership was so important that everyone on the board unprecedentedly elected him to a second term as Board Chair. As several trustees noted after the election, “it was a no-brainer.” Mike was a tremendous friend and mentor throughout his two terms as Board Chair. We would go out to his Coeur d’Alene summer home and go through the many strengths and weaknesses manifested by faculty and peer evaluations, planning a strategy for how to improve in the weak areas and use my strengths to foster the continued growth of the university. Mike never softened criticisms on the evaluations. He presented them straightforwardly along with suggestions for improvement to continue the university’s progress. Since he was such a hard driving, visionary leader, he was able to credibly encourage the same style for me. He knew where we wanted to go, but he was also a good listener of those who had different points of view. After a day and a half of intense interior and exterior probing, we would celebrate with his favorite wines (Leonetti and Caymus) and then take his boat to a restaurant on the other side of the lake. As his good friends know, Mike never wasted a single second. He timed everything almost perfectly—for maximum efficiency and efficacy. On one occasion, his perfect timing went humorously awry. He wanted to stay as long as possible at the Coaches Dinner after the close of the NCAA Tournament, but he had a lecture back in Seattle at 7:30 AM for a large group of attorneys. He carefully instructed the valets at the hotel where Spenser’s restaurant was located, to bring his rental car out to the curb at 9 o’clock PM sharp with the engine running so he could make a 9:30 PM flight back to Seattle with his good friend Jack McCann. At the dot of nine, Mike said his goodbye’s to the coaches and their friends, and headed with Jack towards the car. Sure enough, the car was waiting with the door open and the engine on, so Mike and Jack got into the car and took off. Jack noticed that one of the valets was chasing after them, but Mike said, “oh, I forgot to give him a tip, but I don’t have time now!” so they continued to the airport. When they arrived at the rental car return, Mike asked Jack to go into the trunk and retrieve his briefcase so that he could turn in the car and run to security and then the gate. Jack returned and said, “there is no briefcase in the trunk,” to which Mike responded, “Jack, I don’t have time for your jokes right now.” Jack responded, “but I’m not joking, there really isn’t a briefcase in the trunk.” Mike pulled down the registration, and noticed that it was not his rental car, though it was identical in appearance to the one that he had rented. Jack was overcome with laughter, and he went down to the gate while Mike had to return to the hotel with the “stolen” rental car. There were police officers everywhere when Mike drove into the hotel parking lot. Mike drove up to a sergeant and said, “I’m the one you are looking for,” at which point the sergeant responded, “I don’t know who you are, but you are not the one I am looking for.” Apparently, the valets had not reported the car stolen because they anticipated that Mike would discover his error upon trying to turn it in. So, he turned in the car, went back to the restaurant, came back into the festivities, and took the 5:30 a.m. flight the next day –arriving perfectly on time for his presentation (of course). When I left Gonzaga University to start the Magis Center of Reason and Faith and the Spitzer Center, Mike immediately volunteered to join both Boards. He did this out of a sense of friendship and loyalty, but also because of his “sixth sense” that these two organizations would really help the Church – particularly to support the faith of young people. He was a strong advocate of faith and reason because he experienced their confluence so strongly in his own life. Mike knew the importance of evidence, logic, science, and sound argumentation which served him well in his legal career – and he also had a strong inner conviction of God’s presence in his life and the Church. When I told him of my vision of the Magis Center, he leaped right on it, but also recognized that he was taking a risk supporting an organization that was starting from scratch. Nevertheless, he demonstrated his usual bold incisive visionary leadership, gave generously to the cause, and convinced his friends to do likewise. Were it not for him, Tim Busch, and a few other Board members, the Magis Center would never have reached first base. Thanks to this core group we hit a grand slam (the baseball metaphors are deliberate – Mike’s favorite sport). During one of my last evenings with Mike at Jamie’s home, we recounted the stories of how we were able to overcome the obstacles and challenges of our initial years at the Magis Center. I could sense the joy in his voice as he spoke about the good effects of our efforts on young people. It was “perfect Mike” – reveling in successes amidst challenges, comradery during hardship, and moving the Church’s mission forward. Mike loved sharing his beautiful villa in San Jose del Cabo with as many friends, boards, and colleagues as possible. Both the Spitzer Center and the Magis Center experienced his unbelievable hospitality. He lavished on us the best imaginable cuisine, entertainment by his many musical friends, and the best conference facilities, guest rooms, and, of course, his chapel. Once again, we could all palpably sense his pure joy in sharing his great hospitality with us. We remember so fondly his warm welcome, his laughter, and his love of wine and cigars, interwoven with his faith and desire to accomplish our mission for the good of the Church and culture. He was a force of intelligence, energy, joy, love, passion, efficacy, and faith. I miss my very good friend beyond belief – and I will continue to miss him for many years. Though I intend to remain close to the family and friends into which he so kindly included me, things will be qualitatively different in the absence of his great bursts of laughter, his faith-filled spirit, his driving force toward organizational goals, his wise advice and mentorship, his warm and convivial friendship amidst wine and cigars, and his love so manifest in the loyalty, generosity, and goodness he lavished upon us. I had the privilege of being with Mike on the spiritual and sacramental level in his last days, and we parted company after one of his fine brunches at the Washington Athletic Club with the words, “I will see you with the Lord in Heaven!” I am confident that we will enjoy that eternity of friendship promised by our all-loving Lord. “Mike Patterson, my good friend, God has blessed you and is blessing you, and I will see you relatively soon!”
Posted by Kevin Chandler on 17th October 2018
Like many from The O'Dea Family, I want to extend my hearfelt condolences and eternal thanks to The Patterson family for the efforts of Mr. Michael Patterson. It is nice to know that the wonderful work accomplished by Mr. Patterson and his family will continue to live. May the Good Lord lift Michael up on eagle's wings!
Posted by Archbishop Murphy High Sc... on 11th October 2018
On behalf of all of us at Archbishop Murphy High School we send our prayers to the Patterson family. Mike Patterson was a good friend of Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy, our namesake. Mike supported the St. Thomas Chapel project to honor the legacy and the memory of Archbishop Murphy. Mike was a tremendous supporter of Catholic education throughout the region.
Posted by Michael Byrnes on 10th October 2018
Fifteen months ago, Mike came to Guam to help us to resolve what came to be almost 200 complaints of sexual abuse of minors by clergy. Of course, his concern for us was not just handling a legal problem; he dedicated himself in a heroic way to make sure that the Church on Guam would become a more vital witness to Jesus Christ. We prayed together whenever we met (usually by teleconference!), and I believe that by his example of leadership I have become a better bishop. I will miss him terribly. I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the funeral, as I will be with the priests of Guam on retreat. But I have not ceased to include him in my prayers and Masses, and I trust that the Master will welcome him with "Well done, good and faithful servant."
Posted by Suzie Burke on 8th October 2018
I will say a prayer for the Catholic Church, we are less because of his loss. Love to you and the Family. Suzie Burke
Posted by Larry Hendrickson on 3rd October 2018
Michael Patterson God made this man to teach his children how to be generous and loving. Only a year and months did I know this man who stepped into the inside of the Los Cabos Children's Foundation with ideas and resources and did, in this short time, double the number of sick, poor, and disabled children we were able to touch. 5007 children in 2017 in better health, Thank you, Michael. you will be sorely missed.
Posted by Alix Lee on 3rd October 2018
Patterson Family, I would like you all to know you're in my thoughts and prayers. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike over the past year in my role at Nazareth Guild, in Spokane. Conversations with him were a dose of motivation to make our Catholic schools even stronger! His commitment to Catholic education and organizations who are supporting them was beyond admirable. His legacy will reach far and wide, and has impacted many lives. with gratitude, alix lee
Posted by MaryEllen Schwarzbek on 3rd October 2018
To The Patterson Family: My father, Ed Fogarty, Sr. was a friend and colleague of Mike’s. My father had such praise and high regard for Mike as a person and a lawyer. I can remember visiting your family with my parents about 31 years ago. I was privileged to celebrate my 13th birthday in your presence. We had tea in Victoria if I recall correctly. I will always savor the many memories from that trip. It was incredible. You were all so kind and so welcoming. About 2 years ago we were blessed with a visit from Mike. Two of my brothers (Ed, Jr. and Pat), my mother and I had a wonderful dinner with Mike. He spoke so proudly of all of you, your significant others, your accomplishments, as well as the wonderful grandchildren. His love for his family, his passion for law, moral character, devotion to the church and his commitment to all of the communities with which he was involved will always be remembered. Mike was an incredible man who lived life to the fullest and touched many lives near and far. On behalf of the Fogarty Family, our thoughts and prayers are with you now and in the days and months to come. Eventually your tears will turn to smiles as you remember the legacy of Mike. Love, MaryEllen Schwarzbek and the Fogarty Family
Posted by Erin Patterson on 2nd October 2018
Uncle Mike was the of the Best Uncle that I could of had. For my 40th Birthday Uncle Mike sent me flowers for my 40th.
Posted by Julia Bjordahl on 1st October 2018
Mike was a very kind, thoughtful and generous man. I am glad to have known him. His legacy will forever live on in our hearts and in our minds, and at Gonzaga University. Rest in peace, Mike! My prayers are with you and your loving family. Julia
Posted by Scott French on 30th September 2018
Michael was such a blessing, and has gone to his reward. I hope to see him again in our real home
Posted by KAREN Patterson on 29th September 2018
Posted by Joseph Columbus on 29th September 2018
My wife and I were privileged to have known Mike for a number of years, beginning with my time as a Regent at Gonzaga University and, then, as fellow board members of the Magis Center. It was, of course, Fr. Robert Spitzer who introduced us. We were always touched by Mike's kindness and generosity, as well as by the great energy and dedication with which he shared his many gifts to help build up the Church. We will deeply miss him. Joe & Gena Columbus
Posted by Peggy Weddell on 29th September 2018
Bereavement knows no borders... Our cousin Michael's death is a loss felt deeply by those of us in Canada. Our large family reunions and gathering for significant events will not be the same without Mike. I will miss, but never forget, my cousin Mike’s overwhelming enthusiasm, his delightful and infectious giggle and his love of his extended family. We have lost one of the best! All of you Pattersons are in my thoughts as we grieve together. Warm hugs and much love, I am sending your way Emma and kids, Peggy (Windle) Weddell
Posted by KAREN Patterson on 28th September 2018
From the Crozier Society on Sept. 25, 2018: Dear Crozier Friends, I am saddened to tell all of you that Mike Patterson passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. Since his condition was not made public, he was listed on our prayer list as a “Special Intention” the past couple of months. I do not have any details yet regarding the funeral Mass, but will send that information to you when it becomes available. Please keep Mike and his family in your prayers during this difficult time. Here is the announcement which was posted on his law firm’s website: It is with great sadness that Patterson Buchanan Fobes and Leitch, Inc., P.S. announces the passing of Michael Patterson after a prolonged and courageous fight with cancer. As an attorney, Mike had a well-deserved reputation as a relentless advocate for his clients and a strong presence in the courtroom, whether before judge or jury. As a mentor, he impacted many of us greatly - helping us become thoughtful counselors and unflinching litigators. In 2007, when our Firm was founded, Mike's determination and vision provided a strong foundation for our long-term success. His demand for quality and advocacy helped build the Firm. Mike will be sorely missed. This sad development, however, was one for which Mike insisted our Firm plan. As Mike would have wanted, we will continue our work on behalf of our clients. All of us at Patterson Buchanan Fobes and Leitch, Inc., P.S. wish the best for his Mike's family at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Eternal rest grant unto Michael, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Take care and God bless, Liz Liz Zelinski Assistant Director, Crozier Society ARCHDIOCESE OF SEATTLE 710 9th Avenue ~ Seattle, WA 98104 206.903.4621 Direct | 206.903.4610 Fax liz.zelinski@seattlearch.org VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.seattlearchdiocese.org/crozier
Posted by KAREN Patterson on 28th September 2018
From the Magis Institute on Sept. 25, 2018: It is with a heavy heart and eyes turned to Heaven that I share with you the passing of our beloved board member, Mike Patterson. He was called home to Our Lord at 3:45 AM this morning, Tuesday September 25th, surrounded in love by his family. Mike dedicated much of his work and expertise as a lawyer to helping the Church and gave many of his resources to assist apostolates in their work of evangelization. He is a mentor and inspiration to us and countless others who he touched with his generosity, hard work, and gentle loving spirit. Mike suffered from a return of cancer in recent months and united his suffering to Our Lord. He had prepared himself for a peaceful and holy death by availing himself of the Sacraments and remaining in a state of grace with the aid of Fr. Robert Spitzer and Fr. Bill Watson. God bless, Fr. Bob Spitzer Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J. | President MAGIS INSTITUTE CHRIST CATHEDRAL TOWER – 9th floor 13280 Chapman Avenue Garden Grove, CA 92840-4400 o: 949.271.2727 | m: 714.287.7959 www.magiscenter.com spitzer@magiscenter.com
Posted by KAREN Patterson on 28th September 2018
From the Napa Institute on Sept. 25, 2018: In Loving Memory of Mike Patterson It is with a heavy heart and eyes turned to Heaven that we share with you the passing of our beloved board member, Mike Patterson. He was called home to Our Lord at 3:45 AM this morning, Tuesday September 25th, surrounded in love by his family. Mike dedicated much of his work and expertise as a lawyer to helping the Church and gave many of his resources to assist apostolates in their work of evangelization. He is a mentor and inspiration to us and countless others who he touched with his generosity, hard work, and gentle loving spirit. Mike suffered from a return of cancer in recent months and united his suffering to Our Lord. He had prepared himself for a peaceful and holy death by availing himself of the Sacraments and remaining in a state of grace with the aide of Fr. Robert Spitzer and Fr. Bill Watson. Please join us in praying for Mike’s soul and please continue to hold his family in prayer: Saints of God, come to his aid! Come to meet him, Angels of the Lord! Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High. May Christ, who called you, take you to himself; may Angels lead you to Abraham’s side. Give him eternal rest, O Lord, and may your light shine on him forever. All-powerful and merciful God, we commend to you Mike Patterson, your servant. In your mercy and love, blot out the sins he has committed through human weakness. In this world he has died: let him live with you forever. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Posted by KAREN Patterson on 28th September 2018
From Querencia Golf & Beach Club: Dear Querencia Members, It is with deep sadness that we communicate the passing of our beloved Querencia Member, Michael Alexander Patterson. On behalf of our Querencia family, we send the Patterson family our most heartfelt condolences and sympathy. Sincerely - The Querencia Family -
Posted by KAREN Patterson on 28th September 2018
Sent from Gonzaga President McCulloh to the Gonzaga Community and Boards of Trustees & Regents: TO: The Gonzaga Community FROM: Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil., President SUBJ: Thoughts & Prayers – Loss of a Community Member DATE: September 27, 2018 It is with great sadness that I share with you the recent passing of Gonzaga University Trustee Emeritus and the namesake of the Patterson Baseball Complex, Mike Patterson. He leaves a legacy of generosity, leadership and care for the GU community and will be greatly missed. Originally from Spokane, Patterson graduated magna cum laude from Gonzaga in 1969 with his bachelor’s degree in political science. He went on to earn his master’s degree in law from New York University and a Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School. He was an avid baseball fan who believed the game transcended generations. He enjoyed recounting the story of when his father met baseball legend Babe Ruth at Gonzaga Prep. Patterson played, coached, and admired Gonzaga’s baseball program; he quickly volunteered to help fund a new facility when the opportunity arose. “I’m proud to be a graduate and proud to be a part of the Gonzaga family,” said Patterson when asked about his reasons for supporting the project. He believed it was a privilege to have his family’s name on one of the best baseball parks in the Pacific Northwest. “Gonzaga is blessed with many, many generous alumni and supporters.” In addition to his support for Gonzaga baseball, athletics and scholarships, Patterson also played a critical role in the renovation and beautification of the College Hall Student Chapel, making a significant gift that represented his Catholic faith. Patterson joined Gonzaga’s Board of Trustees in 1999 and served as chairperson for three years, bringing to his alma mater a wealth of expertise and passion for the future of the institution. Professionally, Patterson was the Senior Principal and President at Patterson Buchanan Fobes Leitch & Kalzer, Inc., P.S. His trial experience was unmatched, including trying over 150 cases in both federal and state courts, and arguing more than 50 cases in federal and state appellate courts. He represented school districts, cities, counties, fire districts, archdiocese, and many well-known private clients. His expertise has been called on for interviews, as a public speaker, and expert witness. Gonzaga University has been truly blessed by our connection to Mike Patterson. The impact he had on the institution through his many gifts of time, talent and treasure will be long-lasting and forever appreciated. Service information: Rosary/Vigil: Friday, October 26, 6:30 p.m. Funeral Mass: Saturday, October 27 10:30 a.m. St. James Cathedral 804 9th Avenue Seattle, WA 98104 Please keep Mike and his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this time of loss. “For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” 2 Corinthians 5.1
Posted by Trish Ross on 27th September 2018
Michael was one of the best cousin anyone could ask for, we will miss him at the family events. You always knew he was at an event and he always knew you were there! We loved you and will always think of you. Fly with the angels Michael! Emma, kids, Anne, Brenda, Jim and families ourthoughts, prayers and love are with you always! Hugs and kisses Patricia

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