Shared by Erin Patterson on 16th October 2018

I have memories of my Uncle Mike. He built a summer place on Coeur ' d Alene Lake.My dad and Uncle Mel helped him. It had lots of bedrooms because we are a big family. My grandma and grandpa lived there during the summer. When I was 7, my mom died. The lake place became a summer home for my brother James & I. We looked forward to going there all school year. We went jet skiing, tubing, water skiing, swimming boating, picnics on the beach and floating down the river on the pontoon boat. Most of the time we were 18 cousins having great times. My cousins became my best friends at Uncle Mike's lake place. Today they still are my best friends. My best memories of childhood are because my Uncle Mike shared his place with all of us family. God Bless Uncle Mike. We love him and thank him for his Generosity, Sharing the Coeur 'd Alene Lake Place.

Erin Patterson

visit to Harper Cancer Research Institute at Notre Dame

Shared by Mary Sharon Stack on 6th October 2018

Speaking on behalf of all the researchers and students at Harper Cancer Research Institute at the University of Notre Dame, our thoughts are with the Patterson family.  We extend to you our deepest sympathy and thank you again for your gift of research, and for the inspirational statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe that reminds us every day to dedicate our research to the  families that are touched by cancer. I will light a candle for Mr. Patterson at the Grotto.  Our hearts are with you as you celebrate Mr. Patterson's life and mourn his passing.

Shared by William Love on 27th September 2018

my earliest memory was Michael and his dad  trying to teach me how to waterski  I might have been 8 or 9  . A very good man and many fond memories he will be missed. My sincerest condolences to family 

Karen's wedding

Shared by Lorien Moore on 25th September 2018

My fondest memory was at Karen's wedding party shower.  Michael greeted me with those warm eyes and made me feel so welcome.  It was so obvious how much love he had for karen and all of his family.

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