Posted by Greg Botham on January 19, 2021
Well mike can't believe it's been 2 years since we lost you your forever in our hearts and always loved and missed hope your still giving it large up there love you always brother
Posted by Darren Cleator on March 7, 2020
Can't believe how fast times goin without you but just means it's one day less till I see u again always i my heart bro love you
Posted by Darren Cleator on January 23, 2020
Hey there bro well been just over a year now its been so hard down here but glad ive got all the memories of you love you bro xx
Posted by Gail Boden on January 17, 2020
im so sad today mike as every other day heart is still breaking..this weekend is the 1st anniversary of you gaining your angel wings ,,i miss and love you so much my son and just feel like i am crying inside always...
till we meet mike and i know i shouldnt wish my life away but i cant wait
love always and forever and carried in my heart every day xxxx
Posted by Gail Boden on January 17, 2020
still miss you everyday mike ,,,miss you coming in from work wind swept and gasping for breath after riding home...
i miss you cleaning and helping me round the house and just generally having a laugh
i had a tattoo done on my wrist you would of been proud of me cos i never cried lol
i have a cry most days still and ive made a promise to you this time i wont let you down cos i know you are beside me giving me the strength i need to get there
i love n miss you so much mikey keep smiling xxxxx
Posted by Darren Cleator on September 7, 2019
Hey bruv still missin and thinkin bout you every day but am keepin it together just stood ere doin a curry thinkin bout all the times you sat there chattin macca while i was doin it went flyin out a plane hope u were with me love you always bro till we meet again xx
Posted by Sarah Sarsfield on August 16, 2019
I never really say it but I miss you every day mike ,everything is so different without you here,somedays I get so mad at you for not being here not seeing Lilly start high school and all the other things but I know you’ll always be by your children’s side,you were one of a kind that’s for sure ,til we meet again spud ........and yes you’ll be getting an arse whooping !!!!!! Night god bless xxx
Posted by Gail Boden on July 9, 2019
micheal as the days and months wear on i am still so sad and heartbroken and cry for you ,,tjme is not healing my heart much ,,still have a big hole which cannot be filled
i miss you so much mike the day cant come soon enough for me to meet again love all my heart mum xxx
Posted by Greg Botham on April 30, 2019
Hey Michael missing you more everyday still not managed to have a good cry lol wish you was here posting yh funny vids on fb. You would of loved the season of star trek discovery it's top not been to see endgame yet but me n Chaz going soon. Anyway gonna get some sleep will write again soon say hello to everyone for me night brother love you xxxx
Posted by Gail Boden on April 26, 2019
I am still so lost without you Micheal..I talk to you everyday and cry most days on my own of course I sit in the garden and imagine you are Sat there with me either messing about throwing water or doing your origami is so empty Mike and I have a sadness that doesn't go away
Your brothers are helping me a lot especially Darren he's doing a skydive on Sat so keep him safe for me ..Lily is getting stronger in character every day and is a beautiful kind soul just like her dad she will make you proud Mike we will always be there for her I promise you
I love and miss you so much ..come for me when it's my time Mike xxxx
Posted by Darren Cleator on April 25, 2019
Your still deep inside my thoughts my heart and my memories my lil bro i will never ever lose you you will always be here there n everywhere for me love you xx
Posted by Reece Blackwell on March 17, 2019
Dad.. words nor actions can describe how much I miss you, I feel lost. But I know you wouldn't want us to be sad, it's easier said than done. Your were the heart an soul of the family and I really don't know how we've handled things without you. Them random days where we just to wake up and go styal, they were the days I could tell you anything and everything. I just want you to know that I love you and will continue to make you proud with everything that I do, love you to the moon and back! Until we meet again my soldier, my dad xxxXx
Posted by Alisha Botham on March 16, 2019
I’m glad ur at peace now and not in pain we will always miss you,not a day goes by where I’d ont think of you.will always love u uncle mike I promise to take care of lil for you❤️
Posted by Greg Botham on March 16, 2019
Happy birthday Michael 40 today can't believe your not hear to celebrate it but know you partying up there bro love you brother xx
Posted by Darren Cleator on March 16, 2019
Happy 40 th birthday bro hope your partyin hard up there we will all be raising a glass and prob a few more lol your in my thoughts every minute of everyday love you xxxx
Posted by Katrina Mitchell on March 2, 2019
I'm still lost for words I can't believe you gained your wings so young. I know you will walk beside your children and guide them through life. I can't be there to say goodbye to you my friend, but I will be thinking of all the family you have left behind. I will light and candle and you will be in my thoughts. Rest easy or should I say party hard up there. Much love. X
Posted by Charlene Louise on February 26, 2019
Its been 5 week since you gained your wings mike i still cant believe you have gone i miss you so much, you was not just gregs brother too me but became a good friend i have so many great memories with you, you had my back and i had urs, i promise i will never let corey and annabelle forget u as they grown up u was a top uncle too them, one last journey mike then may u be laid too rest. Love and miss you forever and always. Xxxxx
P.s going too miss are tunes blasting out in my car me driving u in the front with the window down hat and sunglasses on just chilling ❤❤❤
Posted by Jonny Kelsall on February 25, 2019
Am wrtieing the little message to say am gonna miss you so much bro there whot be a single day i wouldn't think of you because i will and till the day i see you brother ride high gone but never forgotton RIP Cleater
Posted by Drew Wallbank on February 22, 2019
Wat a guy so loving and caring he defo gone to soon I will never forget that he turned up at mine wanting to take all the kids to play army like we did miss u man much love goes out to my child hood freind greg thank u for welcoming me to meet all ur amazing family x
Posted by Greg Botham on February 20, 2019
To my big brother Michael still can't believe your gone but hope your now at peace I will always remember you. We all miss you so much Corey wouldn't come to mums without his big iron man toy he said it was his uncle mikeys favourite toy lol love you brother see you in the next life love from me charlene tyler alisha annabelle corey xxxxxx
Posted by Darren Cleator on February 20, 2019
Will never forget that sad day you werent just a brother you were my best man and you will always be with me i will never forget and you will alwaysbring a smile to my face when i think of the fun we had i love you micheal and always will rip bro darrenxxx
Posted by Gail Boden on February 20, 2019
miss you son ..but you fell asleep and the angels came
rest in peace till we meet again
my heart will break till then
all my love mum xxx

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