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Shared by Phyllis Gerstner on March 13, 2014

You are absent,

An empty space.

Yet you fill my soul.

You are silent,

But I hear you.

My voice does not touch you.

There is nothing.

There is always nothing.

Always, always, you recede through the space.

Until twilight interrupts your silence.

Stumbling through a grassy path,

I chase your shadow.

A familiar drifting fragrance,

Climbs through my conscious mind,

A musky scent, a broad, dark twig,

In a pine forest of whispering roots,

Marks your bed.

Hidden by the earth,

I imagine you lay there.

A grand, polished rock at my feet.

Words carved in stillness.

Pictures and poems decorate your lair.

Messages in a bottle,

Treasures  that whisper love,

Memories that hang on,

An awareness pours into a perpetual cup.

I remember you.

A piece of sun that occupies my mind.

Always in our hearts, Phyllis and Rebecca.  


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