Michael's Life

He was your Angel- Now you are his...

Continue to guide our baby from Heaven my Love- Always in my prayers.
...every second, of every minute of every single day- thinking of you! 
Michael was born on his due date. We teased him a lot cause it really was the only time he was on time.  He came at 1:55 pm, two days before Thanksgiving.  I spend Thanksgiving with him in the hospital. He was wide awake with the most beautiful blue eyes. (Michael didn’t believe that he had blue eyes until Jordan was born with blue eyes). As a toddler Michael was able to skip, and ride a big wheel.  As he got older I saw how smart he was for a young boy! By the time he was 3 1/2 he was riding a two wheeler. He started kindergarten at an early age since the cut off date was in December.  He played t-ball at the age 5. By the time he was was in third grade his IQ was 139. He loved playing with his character toys and of course his big brother. He played baseball and basketball in High School. His love was basketball and played college ball.  He knew what he wanted to do was to become a PE teacher. Even tho his professors told him he was too smart to just be a gym teacher. (Which Michael always laughed about) Michael started working in Newark Public Schools straight out of college. He always said, “I can make a difference!”. Hearing from students about Michael I know he did make a difference.  It was in Abington Elementary School was where he met Sophia who became his wife. Michael was fun, kind and funny. He entertained us with his jokes and magic! He was an avid reader. I miss you Michael!  It hurts to lose you! Yes, I know I will see that beautiful smile again! Till we meet again!

Best Husband & Father...we miss you!

Michael- by far the best husband & father.
You were the center of our Universe-
We are trying to function as best we can.
I am so very grateful for your LIFE.
Everyday I look at our boy - I see you!
 Forever in Love with you my Beloved,