Let the memory of Michael be with us forever
  • 26 years old
  • Born on July 11, 1985 in cheverly, Maryland, United States.
  • Passed away on April 9, 2012 in landover, Maryland, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Michael Bailey, Jr., 26, born on July 11, 1985 and passed away on April 9, 2012. We will remember him forever. Michael Anthony Bailey Jr was a blessing to our family the minute he entered this world. He was born to Charlene Coleman and the late Michael Anthony Bailey Sr. He departed this life to join his loving Grandmother Joanne Hall. Mikey was loved by so many. He loved the outdoors, loved living life, and loved taking care of his family. He excepted everyone for who they were, no matter what happened. He had the biggest heart anyone could have. A smile that'll lighten up a room, a personality that everyone had no choice but to love, and a soul that was built for every purpose in life. So many judged the outside and never really got the chance to know the real him.A young man caught in the streets and misjudged by a lot of people. There was only one him and no one can ever fill his shoes.

Posted by Diamonds Coleman on 11th July 2018
Hey Mikey, mommy love and miss u so much. I has a cross over there on ur spot, after 6 years someone went over there and took it off. I am so devastated, that's what I used to focus on when I go there so, I won't be trying to figure out what spot on the ground u laid struggling for life while that coward left u to die. Loosing u was the hardest thing I had to endure. I know ur up there watching over us and pay special attention to ur lil sis ur niece and lil bruh chryst they are all I got watch over them for me please. I know ur up there chilling with gma and now ur gdad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY!!! I wish I could love u to life love always Mommy.
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 11th July 2017
Hey Mikey I tried to write this post 2 other times and some how while I was writing it, it disappeared. I'm gonna try this one more time and hope you don't erase it. Man oh man 32 years, I am really getting old. It's your birthday yaaaaay, wish you was here so we could celebrate. I miss you Mikey, you know learning to forgive is the hardest thing I've ever had to do, no I take that back it's the second hardest thing I had to do. Living without you is the hardest. I know that I have to keep pushing and stop being so revengeful. To stay on the positive Ilove you Happy Birthday!!! Continue to be my angel and watch over us.oh yeah I couldn't share my secret because other be reading
Posted by Java Hall on 11th July 2017
Happy Birthday Big Bro !! I miss you so much.. nobody really knows who you were to me. When we were young I was like your shadow growing up I always looked up to you and had so much love for you even in my teens whenever I saw you it was like I turned into a Lil kid again because I was so happy to see you. I can't deal with the pain Mike still till this day I can't hold the tears in I remember seeing your face in the clouds smiling down on the family at your candle light and that's how I really knew you God had let you in. Seeing Ma it's like looking at you in the face I turn into a lil kid inside when I see her too but since you been gone things ain't been the same at all I know you keeping us strong to continue our lives without you... You were really the only person I call on whenever I hit rock bottom. And whenever I call you I stop thinking negative and try stay on a positive note and keep it pushing and thats exactly what Ima keep doing..Love you bro and Happy Birthday Again
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 14th April 2017
Hey Mikey, they say time heals all wounds but, that's not true. I'm still hurting like it happened today. So much is going on out here it don't makr sense. Chink out here lost, I been trying to get him to get himself together. He has to stand up and put his man shoes on now that mom is gone but it's hard for him. I think he's gonna make it though. Man I really miss u though, you and mom. Sometimes it just seem like I'm just here waiting for my time, having no purpose in life but, then I look at kay and I know I have to hang in there. Love u to life only if that was possible... smooches
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 9th February 2016
Mikey I miss you so much. I keep looking at life as if it isn't real. The things that are happening in my life can't be real but sadly enough they are. I never thought that I could ever survive without you. But amazingly I have and I am as strong as I ever been. I never told you this before but thank you for being my first friend my protector my brother and most of all my angel. I know that it's you and grandma making me so strong keeping my head held high with imaginary string. You are both asking God to look over me and guide me in the right direction and I thank you for that. Tell your niece to stop being so bad. Omg she's into make up she loves to play dress up, I was the total opposite i don't know where she gets it from. She models and curtsy lol if only you can physically see this. I know you all are keeping hands over her. It's been a while since I've written you. I always wonder if you can actually read this but I say it as I'm writing just in case you're hear listening. I love you and still looking for understanding of why???
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 11th July 2015
I just did all that writing to you and all it saved was happy birthday... Ugh I wish you were here to celebrate this moment with us. We miss you so much. There are so many times that I look at your niece and wish that I can share those moments with you physically. It's been three years already and it still feels brand new. I always try to figure out why you and why it happened. I have so much to share with you so much to talk about. Hopefully soon you'll come see me and it can be like old times. I miss calling you for no reason I miss you disappearing and calling me just to check in. Things are so different without you. I never imagined this and having to live without you and it's by far the hardest thing I have to do. I've become so sheltered. I sit and think and mommy and Kayla is all I have what am I going to do if anything ever happened to mommy without you. I needed you I needed you so much. I just wish you knew how much I loved you so you would have came home more and stayed out of trouble. I love you Mikey and just wishing that I can see you again soon. Forever in my heart❤️
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 11th July 2015
Posted by Diamonds Coleman on 2nd July 2015
Hey Mikey it's almost that time for the big 30 wish u were here to celebrate it. We still go to the spot where it all happened but I'm thinking that I may start having a cookout celebration on ur bday cause so many people still come out to celebrate. Well u know me, never too much to say love u!!!! Until we meet again, oh yeah give gma a big hug for me and tell her I love and miss her soooo much.... PS tell uncle D whats up too....
Posted by Nina Ross on 30th April 2015
i been dead for a while cuz u aint been here for a while I even forgot my info to my profile but I know now..wat I cnt forget to jot dwn...but i never forget to drop dwn..drop everything in the moment and remember them given moments..them memories I be ownin..It dnt seem its been long feel like yesterday u came home throwin rocks a my window cuz pops was a trip tho.im typing these words and I think your sitting next to me I wish I could see you cuz I know you got a mess for me..always told me stories leavin tears to the chest of me..full of joy and laughter cuz u was always the best to be..using the word was feels so empty but my soul feels the same no longer coming off as simply..i love you and every day the devid tempts me to do the strangest things but I look at my son and I see some of your strangest ways.in every ones heart you live some how and through his existence I feel you now <3 <3 <3
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 8th December 2014
Hey Mikey it's mommy, just thinking about u and mom, I hope yall up there hanging out. I miss yall so much, I wish I could turn the clock back, I would do so many things different. Yall don't know how much everybody miss yall. Not a day go by that my mind is not on u and ma. If I could have change my life for yours I would and that would bring u back right now without hesitation I would bring u back. Smh I fell so bad sometimes its if I to am gone. I just pray that when its my time to go I'll come where ever u r. I love with all my heart. Give ma a big hug for me be easy.....
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 30th September 2014
Hey, Mikey its mommy I haven't been here in a while becau see I feel like I let u down... I didn't proctect u from the bad people like a parent is suppose to do. I think about u all the time wishing I could hear your voice say ma dont worry about it everything is good. I had a candlelighting for your birthday a lot of people still showing u love. U r truly missed by so many, its amazing to see u had so much fam. Well I love and miss u smdh gone too soon....
Posted by Tiffany Butler on 14th July 2014
hey cuz..... man, me and cheese was talkin bout we miss u and how we wish we can c u around. its so much that u have missed..... i still from time to time think about when on that very day at 7:18 i was tiring to call u and u never answered... i mean i called back to back...... and no answer..... sometimes i wish that i had just rode around to look for u and found u to save u........ ima go now ..............talk to you later......holdin (back tears)
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 11th July 2014
Happy 29th Birthday!!!!! My how time has flown by. I wish I could rewind time. I love and miss you. Im about to get some sleep talk to you in the morning
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 10th July 2014
One more day until your day!!!! Just a few years ago I was telling you 3 more years until your 30 old man. Lol now Here's 29 creeping up on you. I know you don't really have years in heaven thats eternal. I wont celebrate your birthday but celebrate the time we had together. Your last days was the best days of my life. Getting to spend so much time with you and you sleeping in my room. Riding around with my pregnant behind to find the pinacolada slurpee. My how I would kill just to have one more day with you one more laugh one nore hug and one more chance to see you smile. I miss you so much
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 9th July 2014
Its been a while since I wrote you. You haven't been to see me since that crazy dream I had. I miss you so much. I feel so unsafe now that you're gone. There's no one out here like you and to top it off. No one out here I can call my blood. Things gets crazy sometimes. Im so ready to move and get away from the craziness. Its always something. Oh yea twin been mad at me. Idk how to feel about it but it is what it is. Your birthday in two days I wish you were here old head then I could tease you about becoming 30. Ill be back later gotta go. I love and miss you so so very much!
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 20th January 2014
Oh and one more thing come party with us for our birthdays. Ill be 25 a year I would love to share with you. So many memories to make. So many new things to experience. ... I will have my hand waiting to meet yours again and hopefully I can actually feel it in my mine. I love you!!!!
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 20th January 2014
It has been awhile! But I talk to you all the time. Why haven't you came to see me. Give me a kiss goodnight to ease my mind. I can never get any sleep. I miss you so much. Things just get so difficult without ypu. You were my ace. When anything else failed I have you. Im so afraid to be away from family seems like anyone can just slip through my fingers at any given time. Still can't believe you left me. What am I supposed to do without you. Its almost been 2years and it still feels like yesterday. Trying to find my way without you. I could think of so many things that you would be inyo right now music games everything. Your niece would be your daughter and I would have to fight you for her. Man shes getting so big and reminds me of you. I call her killa Kay lmao cause shes just like killa mike. She has a huge personality. And love the outdoors just like you no how cold or hot it is.Lol a piece of you came back in her. Shes a wild child. I just wish you and grandma was here to share this moment with me. Mommy and I talk about ya constantly. .. well guess I have to try and get some sleep but only if you promise to come see me. I love you Mikey through everything I loved you and I still do!!! Miss you so very much.
Posted by Fat Chopz on 18th January 2014
Waddduuuppp My nigga..Just was thinking bout you brah, Harvey B-day just passed so I know both of yall up there acting up..LOL..Real niggaz always get called home first. Missing you brah, its times like this one where I'd be stressing then i'll see you outside and you always say some words to get me back on point..Smh..you always showed a nigga love..KEEP RESTING big Homie!!
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 27th July 2013
I ran out of room at the end love and miss u.
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 27th July 2013
Hey Mikey, even though I have Michelle, Chryst, and Naire I still have a emptiness in my heart. I love them like crazy but I miss u like crazy I don't know how people loose their children and go on. I think if it wasn't for Michelle and them I would be gone off my rocks. I been drinking almost everyday since you've been gone. Hope God shines his.light down on me and rescue me from all this
Posted by Allishia Harper on 24th July 2013
Hey boo first i wanna say i miss u like crazy and love u soo much more.im bout to move to n.c but know that i will still come visit my poohbear b4 i go imma hit your spot.tell auntie i sure do wish i can feel those chicken lips on these jaws right now.i love u both take it ez bae
Posted by Tiffany Butler on 20th July 2013
Hey what's up cuz. Its 12:55 am and I'm crying cause i miss my homie.U remember when me, u and wonnie use to get down wit them situations as u called it. And then we order Carryout. U would always get shrimp egg foo yung.I gotta go and sleep to go get this paper when I get up.. ttyl
Posted by Allishia Harper on 19th July 2013
Nykirah talks about u all fhe times she wanted to get u balloons for v day and 1 got stuck in the tree she say mommy aint u goin get up their and get your ba y balloons.black china a mess all she do is kiss all your pics.she funny.but imma talk to u later baby.i miss u and love u soooo much more.muah continue to watch over us R.I.PARADISE MY LOVE.TELL AUNTIE Hey chicken love u
Posted by Allishia Harper on 19th July 2013
Hey babes.its been a min since i talk to u but we had it up for your birthday boo.i know that was u lettin your presence b known when that balloon came floatin around the corner.i miss u like crazy.i bougbt u this real pretty cake wit tbat gorgeous smile.niggas got to trippin we didnt get a chance to sing happy bday...i still wait for your 3a.m phone call hopin its still a bad dream.your ll
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 11th July 2013
You know what I don't understand this is one of the same Lil niggas you lose your life for that didn't want to say anything against the police faken like he for u but u know what this is your day love u and miss u always. FUCK DA POLICE LOL PEACE RIP
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 11th July 2013
Hey, Mikey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Missing u like crazy still can't believe your gone all the time waiting for your call or u to pop up. We had a candle lighting for u today it started out good a lot of people who live u showed up. Some of your Lil so called homies showed up and acted out
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 11th July 2013
This life anymore. Its a different world without you and my lovely grandmother. Have you been visiting your niece I need her to know you and know that her uncle was the only guy that was real. I want her to know the truth about what happened to you and why it had to happen. I judt think sometimes would you still be here if i didnt have her? Come visit mr please. I miss you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 11th July 2013
Happy Birthday!!!!! I wish you were here,I miss you so much sometimes I just want to check out just to see you again. I miss seeing your face and I cant stand the fact that Kayla never got to enjoy her loving uncle. Im still trying to wake up out this dream cause its still not real. I catch myself looking at a tshirt like its not true at all. Its like im in a horrible daze and im not livin
Posted by Fat Chopz on 11th July 2013
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 21st May 2013
Late to talk about it now Amherst. I want u and grandma to continue looking over Chelle Naire and Chryst they need y'all and oh yes don't let me leave out Shay and Nana(grandma). Sometimes it seems like u came back as a baby cause the baby act and look just like u well ill be writing u soon coming up on your bday u know live u with all my heart mommy
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 21st May 2013
Hey, Mike mommy miss u so much, everyday I am expecting a call or a knock at the door and to answer or open the door to hear your voice or see your smiling face smh. Only if I know that u were leaving so soon so many thing I wanted to share with u. I knew something wasn't right that day and I should have stayed home fro from work that day and u would have never left the house but damn too llala
Posted by Fat Chopz on 14th May 2013
Missing You my nigga...Just was on my mind...was thinkin bout how we used to alwayz square up and shadow box..Those was Good times My G...Jus came to say watz sup...Keep resting in Paradise and Watchin Over us brah...Tell everybody Up there I said watz sup...
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 20th April 2013
My darling brother I miss you so much.. Your on my mind every second. This is all still so unreal. I wish I would have stayed home that day... Woke u up that morning n took u with me. Come visit me explain to me y this happened. U were all I had. I miss u sleeping in my room. It sadens me your only n first niece never got to meet u or see that precious face. She looks like u.
Posted by Fat Chopz on 20th April 2013
WHATZ Sup M.J.???? MANNNN I swear itz hard for me not to shed no tears right now for you brah...This sh**t still don't make sense to me..We was jus koolin the night before...Smh...Real ni**az alwayz go too soon...Miss u like shit brah..U was like my big brah alwayz makin sure I was on point and focused..It hurt everybody to the hurt holmes..KEEP WATCHIN OVER US!!
Posted by Tiffany Bogans on 9th April 2013
Behind my mama house. I still cant even go over there. Thats where we met too smh. I jus need to talk to yu again baby. Even tho on the outside i look fine im fucked up on the inside. I love yu so so much and i jus wish yu were here. Smh please jus wait for me in heaven.
Posted by Tiffany Bogans on 9th April 2013
Mikey, baby this past year has been stupid crazy. I really been tryna hold it together but its so hard. I cant even get these words out right now. My heart hurts so much still for yu. I still remember this like it was yesterday when that pig took yu from us. I had jus seen yu baby. Y didnt i jus let yu keep my car or sum. I think its so hard for me to deal wit cuz yu was right there
Posted by Charlene Coleman on 14th March 2013
Hey its Mom's Birthday we r going to release some balloons celebrating her catch them and surprise her. I love u Mikey and wish u were here. I need u to reveal to us what happened because no will believe us enough to help us. Show them what he did to u so chelle and I can finally get some peace please cause I can't rest until he pay for taking u away from us. Help!!!! Love U
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 14th March 2013
As long as I had you I was ok. I'm losing it a little. I stay home outta mind outta site so no one can see me hurting. Its a different world out here. But you are much respected. The baby knows who you are so thank you for keeping her in your arms. Everybody says she looks just like you. And her attitude is a mess lol. I love you and miss you all the time. See u sooner than later
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 14th March 2013
Mikeyyyyyyyy, god if you didn't send pieces of you back in your niece. I'm so lonely without you. Can't trust anyone. I be looking for you when I be driving around. But can never find you. But your still around I know. Here it is coming up on a year where did the time go. Are you resting or are you up trying to send your messages out. Come visit me I miss seeing your face and joking around
Posted by Allishia Harper on 9th February 2013
I love. U and miss u like crazy wishin u where here to see your oil babies,
Posted by Nina Hagans on 23rd November 2012
I miss you like old days Memories not enough. Like low pays So I pray but it fades I never kno he hear me in this gain But im living to this pain Nd even though im unsure I still take a knee im just sayin
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 22nd November 2012
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 10th November 2012
I love u wish i wouldve told u that more often
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 10th November 2012
Like you too. Especially when she smile. She bad and getting big. But about you are you resting and what do i need to do to help u rest. I miss u. Just wish we could joke around around again. We had fun and i was so happy u were finally home. It kills me your gone. But I try to hold up little Mikey keeps me happy and sane. The devil keep trying to get but he cant gods got my back. I love y
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 10th November 2012
Mikey my only brother my love. Youve been home lately whats going on. What is it that u want mommy and I to know. I miss you. And just wish your life could have been spared. I started praying reading the bible. But I still wish u were here. Life without u is so different. I never imagined this would happen. Mikayla love u. She gives your pictures kisses all talk to u and smile. She looks
Posted by Duke Pacino on 9th November 2012
whats good brah dis duke...maaan i aint even gonna lie brah u been on my mind like sh*t lately i miss u fool real live...continue to watch over us and help GOD keep us all protected I love you brah!!!!
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 20th August 2012
Oh my gosh. It has been forever since i showed you love. I miss you so much, miss seeing your face. I never thought that i wouldve lost you so soon. I love you and really wish you come to see me soon.Lets chat a bit. Lol i be in here thinking about you everyday. Your neice have your smile. I think shes a part of u n gma. Mommy is doing ok still upset n sad tho. Visit chryst too he need u
Posted by Allishia Harper on 5th July 2012
Its killing me on the inside.goosh I miss u so much and love u so much more.I seen Lanaire she is so pretty u would have loved to get a hold of her rotten.com.lol she look just like chelle.we going party hard for your b day I love u cuzzo come c us soon so heartless without my Poohbear Olympic more than the world can imagine talk to u soon
Posted by Allishia Harper on 5th July 2012
Happy 4th of July Poohbear.I came on here the other day and got choked up tears just wouldn't stop falling.all I ever think about is on 4/20 everyone telling me I couldn't give my lil cousin a goodbye kiss something that I know I would never b able to do it hurt me so bad bcuz that Wed my mom promised me that I would b able to do that but they wouldn't allow me to kiss your chocolate face
Posted by Michelle Bailey on 23rd June 2012

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