To My Beloved Husband,Mike,
You will live in our memories and be loved each day of the rest of our lives. Thank you for being my life.I miss you more than words can say. I can't breathe without you.
Siempre~ JamieSamBoozer
  • 60 years old
  • Born on July 26, 1950 in Orange, Texas, United States.
  • Passed away on February 9, 2011 in Kerrville, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, MICHAEL BOOZER who was born on July 26, 1950 and left this earth into Jesus' arms on February 9, 2011. We will remember him every moment  forever.

Posted by Jamie Boozer on March 14, 2013
Posted by Jamie Boozer on February 10, 2012
I would have moved mountains to keep you here if but I could. Or gone with you.
It has been a year now, it seems it has been 10 days, 10 years. I will never understand how I awaken each day without you. I know you saw the boys and Robbin and I release a balloon to you. I know it meant as much to you as it did to us. We love you and think of you every minute.
Posted by Jamie Boozer on January 5, 2012
It's taking the beautiful song too long to load, my love, I'm trying to fix it. Like you always told me, " Computers are sneaky little creatures ".
I am in a quandry wondering why one does not die from a broken heart.
To be in your arms ...Heaven
Posted by Jamie Boozer on January 5, 2012
Our favorite line, my love, from our movie but also from every fiber of my being, were it possible .......I would have made sure you never spent a moment alone or scared or sick or cold....I would have held onto you so tightly even God couldn't have pulled you away from me."
Posted by Jamie Boozer on July 26, 2011
Happy Birthday, my love. I miss you so.
Infinity plus 1
Posted by Jamie Boozer on July 23, 2011
Happy Birthday my love, what will I do without you? I need you and miss you so. The boys miss you terribly, Little Justin talks about you everyday. Jakob on the other hand is very quiet. Our world is empty without you. Especially mine.
Posted by Jamie Boozer on April 15, 2011
Happy Anniversary Darling, I miss you and love you so much. I still can't breathe without you.
Posted by Jamie Boozer on April 11, 2011
Darling, I miss you more and need you more and are more lost every moment without you. I want to be with you.
My heart is so broken I cannot find reason in life. Except the children and grandchildren. Life without you is not life.You were my true lo
Posted by Jamie Boozer on April 11, 2011
Jennifer, I come here a lot but not 116 times. So I think you visit, which I think is wonderful.I pray you can find peace and love and forgiveness. I pray so much for all of us.
Posted by Jamie Boozer on March 18, 2011
I need you.
Posted by Jamie Boozer on March 15, 2011
Misha,I love you and miss you more each passing moment. I can not breathe with out you. I need to touch you, to see you, to love you, to look at your beautiful face. To touch your shinning silver hair, to hear your laugh. Siempre~Sam
Posted by Jamie Boozer on March 4, 2011
I miss you. We miss you, the boys are lost without you and you know without you I am incomplete. This is a beautiful song and it fit so well. You are gone too soon my love, so too soon. You nor I or anyone else thought you were in danger of leaving us. It was so soon and so too soon. My candle went out and will never light again, until I reach your loving arms in Heaven...
Posted by Jamie Boozer on March 3, 2011
If this doesn't let you add something if you wish and asks for a log in, let me know and I will let you know what it is. I will be changing pictures often because it only let me add three at at a time.
Posted by Jamie Boozer on March 3, 2011
I love you with every fiber of my being, always have, always will. I will be in your arms again. I miss you so much there are no words. What I feel are more like silent screams... I love you infinty plus 1

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