• 63 years old
  • Born on March 6, 1946 in South Bend, Indiana, United States.
  • Passed away on August 24, 2009 in Mesa, Arizona, United States.

This memorial is dedicated to the memory of our dad, Michael (Mike) Elmore Sr, who was born on March 6, 1946 and passed away on August 24, 2009.  We will remember and love him forever.

Michael Jr and Courtney welcome you to this site and hope you enjoy our cherished memories and pictures of Dad.  Please light a candle with a little memory of your own.


It has now been over a month since our dad’s passing.  We miss him deeply and that will never change.  Michael Jr and Courtney would like to thank all our friends and family that have lit a candle or shared a fond memory for our dad.  Your kind words have brought smiles and of course tears to our faces.  We hope you will continue to view this website and through the years add additional memories.
We had a wonderful Memorial Celebration to honor our dad.  We are very grateful for those who traveled to be with us.  Our family and extended family are very close.  In time’s like this, one truly understands how blessed we are to have such extraordinary people in our lives.  One thing Michael Jr and Courtney have learned throughout the past few weeks is what type of a man our father was.  We always knew he was a Dad to be proud of, but only now  have we come to realize just how many lives he touched.  For some people it was just a brief moment and for others it was a lifetime.  It seems that it did not matter how he knew you,  him just knowing you made a lasting impression. 
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 25, 2019
Hey Murk...10 years to the day. We’re still here and counting but still feel so cheated your counting ended so soon. Your absence will always sting but we will forever celebrate with a smile the time you were with us. 
Someday, down the road, I believe we all will see you waiting along with the rest of the family. And, while that’s an appealing thought, I accept the wait till that corner is turned.
So, down the road Murk, down the road!!

Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 24, 2019
Think of you often, Mike. You are loved and in our hearts forever. Sharon
Posted by Debbie Giles on August 24, 2019
It’s been 10 years, Uncle Mike??? You know I believe in the monarch butterflies and beautiful red cardinals making their presence amongst us...it’s you. We miss you always...latest Elmore Olympics in VT got us all together and we felt you with us! Court and Glenn have the best kids...you’d be so incredibly proud of Dylan and Hailey! ♥️ Anyway...just wanted to say Hi and tell you I love you, miss you and am still craving a Pizza King pizza !!!
Posted by Sharon Elmore on August 24, 2019
Hi Mike, saw Court, Glen and the kids this summer at our get together in Vermont. You'd be proud!! When Dillon asked about your card playing ability I told him you were pretty good. Court set everyone straight by saying you were awful!! I tried. Think about you all the time. Bill
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2019
Hey Murk, Happy 73rd. Had a pleasant reminder this morning of your legacy. I happened onto the “story” section of this site and reread all the entries. When you couple those stories with the added section of notes/lit candles it describes how deeply you touched so many people. And, that doesn’t even consider all the others you’ve left your mark on that are not aware of this site...impressive. Not surprising, just truly impressive.
Tonight, KFC and glasses will clink. Down the road Murk!
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2019
Happy birthday my sweet brother. Can’t begin to tell you how much we all miss you . Give Mom and Dad a hug for me. Love you and miss you terribly, Carolyn
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2019
Happy Birthday Murk. I'm heading to AZ. later this month to celebrate my 80th on the links with the "boys'. We'll host a clear one to you! Bill
Posted by Chet/speed Reilly on August 29, 2018
Mike ---heading into Labor Day, many fond memories. You are missed.
Posted by Linda Fleming on August 29, 2018
Hi cousin, I think of you so often I miss you buddy, most often when I’m on the golf course I ask for your help with a silent prayer for a good shot. Most of the time you come through with it. With a tear in My eye I look at the heavens And know that you are with me. Continue to keep us all safe . Love ya
Posted by Sharon Elmore on August 26, 2018
Hi Mike. Just got back from church where I sent you, mom and dad a prayer. Keep an eye on all of us from up there. Also put in a word for us to St Pete. As you know we need all the help we can get. Cubs are lookin good, I'm sure with your help. Think of you all the time. Bill
Posted by Mike Dorn on August 25, 2018
It is so great that ya'll keep this forever missed sight going. I think of Mike and
things we did as kids often. Now that Jon Arnold is gone I think of both Mike and Jon always at the same time. We were together a lot and always having fun.
I am very thankful for our time together. I also want to thank the Elmore family for keeping me in the loop. Thoughts of love to Mike and all the family
I am blessed to be a part of ya'll. Thanks
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 25, 2018
Hi my brother.... Carolyn here...I think of you often and wonder if you got the roses? I know, inside joke huh? I miss you terribly Mike. Tell mom and dad I miss them as well and give them a big hug from me. Oh, hope you are enjoying a round of golf with my brother Ken.
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 25, 2018
Hey Murk...just wrapped up the gathering for my 75th. Going to finish it off with watching the Cubby game I recorded earlier...course you already know the final...steer em the rest of the way as best you can big boy. 
Birthday wishes from everyone including Court. Know you made your best effort to connect if you could. Likely my arrival up there will be ahead of your figuring it out but we can at least put our heads together to see if we can come up with some kind of wireless connection...course this presumes I’m headed where you are...no guarantees...if not, we’ll just drink.
This day of the year always bittersweet. Recalls memory of the call from Mike Jr with the news of your passing. (I suspect you held out until my birthday to stick it to me for all the “action” I gave you through the years.). I was numbed but do remember telling Michael “thanks for taking care of,my brother.” Still, and I suppose forever, a vivid recollection of that call. Enough of that...my clear ones plus the consumption of yours suggests I’m ramblin’.
Miss you Murk...see you down the road!!
Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 24, 2018
Thinking of you brings a smile to my heart - love always, Mike
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2018
From Bill
Another year and my memories of you remain strong and always will. We're still picken em up and layen em down here in Tennesee just not as fast. KFC tonight and a few clear ones. HB brother.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2018
Happy Birthday Mike! This is your sister, Carolyn :-) I miss you terribly. Give Mom and Dad a hug from me. You are probably playing golf up there with Mom, Dad and my brother Ken. We are having Kentucky Fried Chicken tonight....your favorite huh? Love you, Carolyn
Posted by Sharon Berlet on March 6, 2018
Your smile and that twinkle in your eyes will forever be embedded in my memory and heart. Hope you’re looking this way and knowing we’re all thinking of you and missing your presence. Lots of love to you.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2018
Happy Birthday Murk!! 72 years since that March date in "46". Don't remember your homecoming to Sunset Lane but I do have a chest full of memories that occurred during the 63 years that followed. Always scroll through the pictures on your web site and I am proudly reminded of the fun, love and friendship all of our family enjoyed and treasure. There's a story behind everyone of those pictures and I'll bet Bill and I could provide a narrative for each since we were in lock step with you for all your 63 years.

Whenever I write these messages it's a bit of an emotional trip Most days, when you enter my mind the result is a smile and I'm warmed by the thought. But, on these two memorable days I allow myself to crumble a bit and let the tears flow. Course, the empty glass next to me could have something to do with the crack in my veneer. I'll honor it for what it is...just missing our brother.

Down the road Murk, see you down the road...
Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 25, 2017
Loving thoughts of you - forever in our hearts.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on August 24, 2017
From Bill
Just checking in. We had a great reunion this summer at Daveys, but just like the last eight years there was a big hole without you. Everyone in good shape.
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 24, 2017
Hey Murk...as you know, today is a day of celebration. My BD along with Courtney and Glen's Anniversary. Even though we celebrate those events on this day our happiness is always tempered by the sobering reminder of this being the day you moved from our world to the next...for other than your enemies that's not a good reason to celebrate.

But what I will choose to do is remember a thought of you that brings a lasting smile. And, I have a treasure chest full of memories to choose from. Of course, there will also be an iced "clear one" set for you. So, be quick about it, make your move on it or I might beat you to it.

Not ready yet Murk but down the road big boy, down the road.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2017
Happy 71st Murk. I know you know how much we enjoyed an early and special BD celebration last week when Bill and Sharon were in. Being with Mike Jr., Jennifer and Abe (Michael III pulled a double shift) put us in the moment to remember and again share special memories of another time. Feasted on your favorite...KFC followed by an ample dose of miniature eclairs. BTW, I'm just about out the door for another dinner dose of KFC. The table will be set and include an iced "clear one".for you. Some day, down the road, we'll all be able to "clink" glasses once again. Till then, watch us as we celebrate, remember, laugh and still shed a tear as we all remember how blessed we were to have you for as long as we did. Down the road Murk, down the road.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2017
Happy Birthday my darling brother! I miss you terribly.....give a hug to Mom and Dad for me. Love you, your sister, Carolyn
Posted by Sharon Berlet on March 6, 2017
Still think of you and how much you touched our hearts- love always, Sharon
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2017
From Bill
Happy BD big boy! Miss you alot. I know you enjoyed the Cubbies ride as much as we did. Give my love to M@D.  Bill
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 28, 2016
Hey Murk...sorry for my tardiness this anniversary. Seven swift years already since you first mingled with the angels and met the "Big Fella". 

Swimming in memories since I arrived in South Bend yesterday...all good but some tinged with a bit of sadness as I'm reminded of and miss yesteryear and the joy we experienced as a young family growing up. Going to visit the old haunts, play some golf, do a bunch of other stuff also but certain to hit the cemetery and offer up a prayer of thanks to Mom and Dad.

Two days ago, spent the afternoon/evening with Courtney and her family. Burgers, potato salad and eclairs were the primary staples we built the meal around...right up your alley. You've done good with your family Murk, really good! 

Bill's already covered the Cubs and ND so I'll just add my pat on the back for raising our hopes...so, keep em going. 

We miss you but are so thankful for the time we had you. Down the road Murk, down the road.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on August 24, 2016
Mike, can't believe it's been 7 years since we last talked. I miss our conversations about the Cubs and ND. So far you've been pushing the Cubbies hard. Hold off until October when we'll really need you. You'd be proud of all the family. Make sure M&D know what they started. See you down the road. Bill
Posted by Mike Dorn on March 20, 2016
Mike you are so lucky you have such a warm and loving family. I miss you just as they do. I got to be a part of your family at your life celebration. If it was only for a day I will cherish that moment the rest of my life. I hope you can see Jon. maybe some two on two.
Posted by Debbie Giles on March 9, 2016
Happy Birthday my favorite Uncle...3 days late! I love you, miss you and I'm craving Pizza King because of you!! Btw....did I tell you how much I HATE that you're gone??? Anyway...your brothers are talking Cubbies so I guess do what you can....give G&G a big hug and I'll see you someday....❤️
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2016
You were born 70 years ago today and I still remember mom introducing you to me.from her bed on Sunset Lane. Wow. I'll lift one to you later today and remember the good times. If you can give the Cubbies some help this year---we'll know! Bill
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2016
Hey Murk...tears and smiles as I watch again the photos on this site. Takes me to a place I long for and so appreciate the time we all had you with us. 

I predict your 70th birthday year is going to be a magical one for all the flock you hover over. So, Bill and I are putting in an order for a Cubbie World Series and shooting our age one more time...work your magic My Brother!!

Down the road Murk, down the road!
Posted by Sharon Berlet on March 6, 2016
Still often think of you with fondness, cousin Mike, and wish you were here with all of us. Say hello to Bub and Aunt Katie. 
Love you,
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2016
Hello my dear brother, couldn't pass up your birthday without saying how much you are missed. By the way, I didn't get your roses :-) I know a joke between you and me. Please give mom and dad a big hug from me. Love you, Carolyn
Posted by Michael Elmore III on October 27, 2015
Grandpa Mike, words cannot describe what I have been feeling for the past couple months. I wish I could pick up the phone and hear your words of wisdom and comfort. I constantly feel your presence whenever I feel in the dumps and I feel immediately better. I just want to say thank you for everything you have done for me in the past, present, and more importantly the future. I love you and miss you dearly.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on August 25, 2015
Mike, I think of you every day. If it is possible, would you put in a good word for the Cubs. I think they're going to need it! Bill
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 24, 2015
Hey Murk...celebrating another birthday today...my 72nd, but then you already know that. For me/us, this day is not unlike any other that we recall and celebrate the man who was taken from us much too early...but then you already know that too. When I blow out the candles tonight I'll think of you peering over my shoulder offering a birthday wish and a cackle in your laugh.
See you down the road Murk!!
Posted by Debbie Giles on August 24, 2015
Hey Uncle Mike!! So today it's sunny and there's a breeze passing through. I talked to Courtney to see how she was doing today...she misses you so much. We all do. It's never the same when we gather, like this past 4th of July. I can just see you giving the kids a hard time for sneaking up and getting you with the paintball! I love you and think of you all the time. Keep an eye on us all, ok?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Mike Dorn on March 15, 2015
Happy birthday Mike I think of you often especially when I get an e-mail from an old classmate. We had a lot of fun I will always feel like part of your family.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2015
Happy birthday Murk.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2015
Hey Murk...we celebrate your birthday today with another KFC feast and in the company of your favorite son and his family. We'll raise a glass or two or more in toasting to the guy who made a difference and left his mark on all of us. Happy Birthday Big Guy!!! Down the road Murk, down the road...
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2015
Happy Birthday Mike! Miss you every day....give Mom and Dad a hug from me. Love you so! Your sister, Carolyn
Posted by Michael Elmore III on March 6, 2015
I miss you every year just a little bit more, but I know that you are watching over me. Happy Birthday Grandpa Mike. Today I am going to the driving range. Love you and miss you.
Posted by Debbie Giles on March 6, 2015
Happy Birthday, to my favorite Uncle!! (Don't tell Uncle Bill!) we miss you, Uncle Mike, Randy/Jack/and me!! If there were a Pizza King nearby I'd be all over the sausage/pepperoni! We feel you with us all the time, during every family gathering whether small or large...we know you're there! Love you CRAZY and miss you MORE! Your favorite niece, Debbie.
Posted by Mike Dorn on September 21, 2014
I think of Mike often and how much fun and laughter we had growing up. It is true the good die young Mike was one of the best. Wish I
could have been as good as Mike. Mike never got mad. I guess he
figured I did enough of that for both of us. Thanks to all the Elmore's
for letting me be included in there family. Love always Mike
Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 25, 2014
You are forever in our thoughts and hearts
Posted by Linda Fleming on August 25, 2014
HI Mike,
I lit a candle this morning,you must have been near/perhaps right on my shoulder,as i never light a candle in the morning... until I did today! Now, I know why. You were there....Wow!!!! Tears of Joy as I miss you Cousin. My golf game has improved with your guidance and help as I feel most close to you on the course. You left me your love for the sport ... and I love it with a passion. thanks for that!! I had KFC twice last week,always so so good. Please continue to stay close and keep us safe!
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 24, 2014
Hey Murk...In So Bend and played Elbel today. On more than one occasion I thought of our last round here with Bill and our son's. You're never any further away from me/us than our memories...means you're always pretty close. Till the next time...
Posted by Sharon Norman on August 8, 2014
r.i.p you are now a beautifull angel in heaven x x
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2014
Happy birthday Mike. I'll hoist a clear one tonight just for you. Think of you daily. Bill
Posted by Michael Elmore III on March 6, 2014
Hey Grandpa, I just wanted to wish you another birthday. I could really use your expert advice right now. All I know is that you are watching over me, and the next couple weeks I will be asking myself what would you do. Everyday I wish you were with us, so I can let you know how things are going. I know that you are watching over me, and proud. Love you and miss you always. Happy Birthday!!!

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