This memorial is dedicated to the memory of our dad, Michael (Mike) Elmore Sr, who was born on March 6, 1946 and passed away on August 24, 2009.  We will remember and love him forever.

Michael Jr and Courtney welcome you to this site and hope you enjoy our cherished memories and pictures of Dad.  Please light a candle with a little memory of your own.


It has now been over a month since our dad’s passing.  We miss him deeply and that will never change.  Michael Jr and Courtney would like to thank all our friends and family that have lit a candle or shared a fond memory for our dad.  Your kind words have brought smiles and of course tears to our faces.  We hope you will continue to view this website and through the years add additional memories.
We had a wonderful Memorial Celebration to honor our dad.  We are very grateful for those who traveled to be with us.  Our family and extended family are very close.  In time’s like this, one truly understands how blessed we are to have such extraordinary people in our lives.  One thing Michael Jr and Courtney have learned throughout the past few weeks is what type of a man our father was.  We always knew he was a Dad to be proud of, but only now  have we come to realize just how many lives he touched.  For some people it was just a brief moment and for others it was a lifetime.  It seems that it did not matter how he knew you,  him just knowing you made a lasting impression. 
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 24, 2014
Hey Murk...In So Bend and played Elbel today. On more than one occasion I thought of our last round here with Bill and our son's. You're never any further away from me/us than our memories...means you're always pretty close. Till the next time...
Posted by Sharon Norman on August 8, 2014
r.i.p you are now a beautifull angel in heaven x x
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2014
Happy birthday Mike. I'll hoist a clear one tonight just for you. Think of you daily. Bill
Posted by Michael Elmore III on March 6, 2014
Hey Grandpa, I just wanted to wish you another birthday. I could really use your expert advice right now. All I know is that you are watching over me, and the next couple weeks I will be asking myself what would you do. Everyday I wish you were with us, so I can let you know how things are going. I know that you are watching over me, and proud. Love you and miss you always. Happy Birthday!!!
Posted by Courtney Sward on March 6, 2014
Happy Birthday Dad!!!! I love you and miss you so much. I won't lie it was a tough day from me. Thank you for "Spaceballs" tonight, I needed it. Your grandson didn’t believe me but I said Spaceballs would be on and voila there it was. We love you, thank you for watching over us.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2014
Hey Murk...KFC tonight...we'll set an extra plate. Down the road Big Boy, down the road.
Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 31, 2013
Forever in our hearts - think of you often and smile remembering that twinkle in your eyes and sweet smile. Sharon
Posted by Chet/speed Reilly on August 30, 2013
mike---you are missed more than you know. you would be so proud of your kids, their spouses, and the grandchildren. I am a grandfather now.....I wish you could be around to enjoy this. great memories!
Posted by Jennifer Elmore on August 24, 2013
Hi Dad..just thinking of you, and how I could use some words of wisdom. Please look over my boys..the big one could really use ya right now. Had some tough times at work, give him guidance and love. We miss you so much. Don't forget to cheer for the Broncos and Wildcats and the you...xoxoxo xox Jen
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 24, 2013
Yo Murk...we celebrate today. My 70th, Court and Glens anniversary and memories of you...I'll set a clear one out for you.
See you down the road.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on August 24, 2013
Murk, can you believe the "kid"is 70 today. Wow! I Had it going yesterday.   One under after 13, but ended with 79. Keep looking after all of our wonderfull grandkids. Bill
Posted by Debbie Giles on March 8, 2013
Happy Belated Birthday, Uncle Mike! This is the norm, remember? Your bday the 6th and mine the 7th but then we talked around the 9th or 10th......wishing each other love and best wishes. But yesterday, you probably would have said, "49?!" And I would have replied, "I know!!! But how does that make YOU feel???" Randy, Jack and I love you and miss you...all...the...time! xoxo
Posted by Sharon Berlet on March 7, 2013
Thinking of you and smiling - you will be in our thoughts and hearts forever. 
Much love to you,
Posted by Pat Hartnett on March 6, 2013
We're thinking of you on this anniversary of your birthday Mike!
Had a chance to see Mike's family last month, and shared enough laughter over "dog stories" to last a year! Will get to see Courtney next month in CA. Wow Mike, what a great couple of kids...and their families are just as terrific! Your humor, kindness & love shines through!
Posted by Courtney Sward on March 6, 2013
Happy birthday Dad. Today I was going through your old pictures and remembering all the wonderful memories that go with them. Even though you are near we miss you and love you. Happy Birthday.

P.S. It is amazing how much Dylan looks like you when you were his age.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2013
We think of you every day and miss you alot. Please put in a good word for ND next season and get us through that last game. The family is in good shape, but keep watch for all of us. Bill and Sharon
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2013
Hey Murk...Carolyn and I are here in AZ...but, of course, you already know that. What a great way to celebrate your birthday with Mike and family. ..KFC on the menu tonight. I'll set out a clear one for you...if you don't get around to it, don't worry, I'll empty it for you. 
See you down the road Murk...Dave and Carolyn
Posted by Mike Dorn on September 9, 2012
I think of Mike often and every time I do, I know he went too soon.. It
is amazing how little I saw of him as an adult, but I still miss him. It makes me think that I should make an effort to spend more time with
Arnold and Eby. The four of us spent alot of good times together.
Posted by Pat Hartnett on August 27, 2012
In our hearts and on our minds always Mike. Last month we got to spend some time w/Mike & Jennifer, Michael & Abe...Courtney & Glenn, Dylan & Hailey Rose. What a wonderful family you left behind...they are all just amazing, loving folks...just like you were. So glad to have had you in our lives...if even that short while. Love, Pat, John & Kids
Posted by Debbie Giles on August 26, 2012
Hey, Uncle MIke! Thought of you Friday. Always do, though. We miss you, your smile and sense of humor. Mostly the love you had for your family! All of us are better because you were a part of our lives. Missing you at the yearly Elmore Olympics, too! But I'm sure you're up there cheering us on. Love you!! xoxo
Posted by Marcia Matthys on August 25, 2012
Hard to believe it has been three years. We think of you often - and smile! We have a lot of happy times to remember with you! Ken and Marcia
Posted by Jennifer Elmore on August 25, 2012
Dad, well Michael is off to U of A, please keep an eye on him for me. It was your words of wisdom that took him there, be with him and make sure he does his homework and studies first and the rest can be between you two. Love you always.
Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 25, 2012
It doesn't seem like three years have passed since you left us, Mike. I still think of you and how much joy you spread to family and friends.
Love always,
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 25, 2012
Hey Murk...I know you're lurking close by all of us. I'll see you down the road...just not quite ready yet.
Posted by John Hartnett on March 7, 2012
Mike, Pat and I have you in our thoughts on this day and many others. We often reflect back on your laugh, your smile and your great sense of humor. You have so much to be proud of with your children and grand children. You are remembered for so much.
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2012
Happy birthday Mike. I think of you every day and miss you. Brother Bill
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2012
Hi Mike, I sure miss you my brother! Where are my roses? Inside joke, huh? Give Mom and Dad a big hug from me and tell them we all are doing fine! I know you all are watching over us! Love you BUNCHES! your sister, Carolyn
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2012
Hey Murk...66 today would have been fun to celebrate with you. Any celebration would be tough to top your 50th in Myrtle Beach though. Huge memories..lemon drops, passed out at the bar, dumped in the van while we ate, moonlight golf from your bag, the Cup playoff, all while surrounded by family who love and miss you terribly. Make sure you blow out all the candles so we each get our wish
Posted by Courtney Sward on March 6, 2012
Happy 66th dad. We celebrated by having you favoirte Pecan Pie tonight. Maybe one of these years I will actually make it as good as you. I hope you enjoyed the kids singing Happy Birthday to you. We love you and miss you.
Posted by Marcia Matthys on March 6, 2012
I made cupcakes today, just like I did at work - even though we had to talk you into eating "one"! Think of you often - and I know you are watching over us since Ken's golf game is improving all the time! He thanks you for all the good advice - he really was listening!! Miss you Mike and will always remember the good times and the long hours at work. You always had a smile!  Cheers!!
Posted by Michael Elmore III on March 6, 2012
Everyday I wish that u could have seen me receive my acceptance letter to UA. Everyday I wish we could play golf at Silverado. Everyday I wish that you can me grow up and take on the world. But I know everyday that you are with me, with me when I got my acceptance to UA, with me when I go golfing, and I know that you are with me 4evr!
Posted by Michael Elmore III on March 6, 2012
Happy birthday
Posted by Debbie Giles on March 6, 2012
Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike!!! Love you and miss you! We think of you all the time. Wish we were eating Pizza King pizza to celebrate our birthdays together! Debbie, Randy and Jack xoxo
Posted by Jennifer Elmore on March 6, 2012
Hey Grandpa Mike~Just gettin ready to feed the family KFC!!Might need to get an ice cream cake too. We are all thinking of you a little extra extra today. Happy BDay, and keep an eye on my boys.They are making you PROUD each and every day MY LOVE TO
YOU Jennifer
Posted by Charlotte Poole on August 27, 2011
May we all meet again sometime in heaven and remember all the picnics we had with your parents and mine. Lots of bridge games too as we kids played.
Posted by Becky Hare on August 25, 2011
Mike, my good friend, I just had the most wonderful visit w/Courtney this summer. What fond memories we shared of you and our famalies together in CDA. Your life impacted me and so many. I miss you. Love, Becky
Posted by Michael Elmore III on August 25, 2011
Grandpa Mike not a day goes by that I never stop thinking of. I miss golfing with you and having you go to my swim meets. I wished you could what I have accomplished at Red Mountain with the yearbook and becoming an editor. Love you- Michael Wayne Elmore III
Posted by Dave Elmore on August 25, 2011
Hey Murk...
I continue to have a real sense you're "hovering" and remain close by. So, since my golf game is floundering and Notre Dame needs some help, do what you can OK?? HUH?? Miss the dickens out of you but we'll see you again.
Posted by Courtney Sward on August 24, 2011
Dad, I woke up this morning already thinking about you and how much I miss you. I have been on this site at least 20 times today looking at pictures and reading the wonderful candle notes from friends and family. Everyone loved you Dad. Keep on looking after us and protect us.  I Love you Dad.
Posted by Marcia Matthys on August 24, 2011
Can't believe 2 yrs have passed. You are brought back so quickly when looking at the photos - these are memories that will remain forever! Miss you Mike - keep smilin! Ken and Marcia
Posted by Debbie Giles on August 24, 2011
I think of you all the time, Uncle Mike! "My favorite Uncle" I would always say to you. (Uncle Bill was jealous) We are all taking care of each other and we know that you are watching and taking care of us, too. Love you and miss you more than words can EVER say! xoxo
Posted by Debbie Giles on August 24, 2011
Rest in peace, Uncle Mike and you too, Ralph. I miss you so much. Love, Jack
Posted by Sharon Berlet on August 24, 2011
It is hard to believe you have been gone two years but so beautiful to see the loving legacy you have left behind with your wonderful family and many friends who cared so deeply for you. You are forever in our hearts.
Posted by Peggy Coddens on August 24, 2011
Michael,my dear friend. I will miss you forever. I miss and need you so much,I need to talk to you, I need your advice,(even if I don't take it) I need to look into your eyes and I need a hug. I love you.
Posted by Jennifer Elmore on August 24, 2011
Morning Dad, got up early to walk, Mike took a bit longer to get out of bed. I am sure he was thinking of you as we all are today. We miss you terribly,& are so grateful for the memories we have with you. The boys talk about you often.WE LOVE YOU BUNCHES. Keep an eye on the boys.
Posted by Linda Fleming on August 24, 2011
My candle was lit before I opened my e-mail.I often talk to Mike on the golf course,as it brings me comfort & a huge smile.How I miss you! my golf day,it was raining this am.Rain symbolizes tears,tears of joy,because we loved!Thanks,cousin for awesome memories Always Linda
Posted by Charles Bergh on August 24, 2011
Mike as you know our best memories are from those individuals we have positive relations with. Obviously you were and are still responsible for many great memories.

Carl and Lucy
Posted by Mike Dorn on August 24, 2011
My dearest friend - Friendships growing up never end.
I think of you often. Thank you for allowing me to be
part of your family at Mike's Celebration of Life. That
meant alot to me. I will never forget Mike or his famil
Posted by Glenn Sward on August 24, 2011
Mike-there is not a day that goes by that Courtney and I do not think of you. Courtney is such an amazing mommy to Dylan and Hailey - this she gets from you. I know you are proud of her. Please continue to watch over us...we miss and love you. Glenn
Posted by Debbie Giles on March 7, 2011
Happy Birthday yesterday, Uncle Mike! Today being my birthday...I will miss your birthday wish call telling me you're celebrating our birthdays at Pizza King with the crumbled sausage and pepperoni....I was always jealous! Randy, Jack and I think of you ALL THE TIME! We love and miss you terribly! xoxo
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Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2020
Hey Murk...Carolyn and I are celebrating your birthday again with one of your favorites... KFC. And you know what I'm washing it down with...your's is still sitting but I'll see that it's emptied before the end of the night. Thankful for the time we had you but I'm selfish enough to wish we had more. Anxious to see you again and time will take care of that. Bear hugs Brother! Down the road Murk, down the road.
Posted by Dave Elmore on March 6, 2020
Hi my brother, just FYI..I miss you terribly. Give mom and dad a hug from me. Love you, Carolyn
Posted by Sharon Elmore on March 6, 2020
Still here Mike, but have about 120,000 miles on my bod. Think about you all the time. Happy BD.  Bill
Recent stories

Shut the Box

Shared by Courtney Sward on March 6, 2014

This was the last video taken of Dad, only a month before he got sick.  It was taken during the Elmore reunion of 2009 and we were playing our favorite family game, Shut the Box.  Of course, in the true spirit of late night games it was Dad and all the kids, no other adult. 

A Thanksgiving memory

Shared by Courtney Sward on November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving is upon us.  I wish I could say it will be an easy day to get through, but I have yet to figure out how to give thanks for something I simply do not understand.  I have been thinking of the Thanksgiving memories with Dad and have one that always brought laughter to us.  I thought I would share it with you.

I do not remember what year it was, but I know I was in high school at the time.  Dad decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner for Michael and me.  Instead of the traditional turkey, he wanted to make something called a ham loaf.  I thought, great!  I love ham and was never a fan of turkey so this will be perfect.  The day began with Dad and me in the kitchen.  He worked on the ham loaf and I did whatever he asked.  I finished the side dishes and now it was on to the pie.  For some reason the two of us thought it would be a great idea to make a pie from scratch.  Neither one of us had ever made a pie from scratch before but really, how hard could it be?  Lets just say something went horribly wrong.  To this day we still do not know what happened but the crust turned out to be quite rubbery and definitely not flaky.  It was truly inedible - even our dog wouldn't eat it.  After all these years we still scratched our heads and blamed the other one for the debacle that was our apple pie.

Finally, time to eat.  I started loading my plate with my awesome side dishes and then loaded up on this thing Dad called a ham loaf.  Dad assured us it would be the greatest thing ever.  We said our thanks and began to eat.  I took one bite of the ham loaf and told Dad something was wrong with it.   He tried it and said, it was perfect - just as he remembered.  So, I tried it again, yet still thought, nope not right, debacle #2 for the day.

Over the years we always had a laugh about that day.  Dad still assured me that was how a ham loaf was supposed to taste and I would tell him the pie crust mishap was not my doing.  I cherish this memory, not because the dinner was a big success (not even close) but because Dad and I spent the entire day together in the kitchen, talking, and laughing.  This is what Dad and I always did together, laugh.



Shared by Marcia Matthys on September 18, 2009

Hey Bud, Morning Mike, Morning Mr. Melmo, Hampshire and 
Elbel Golf Courses, Damons - Ribs and a loaded baked potato, ND football games and basketball games, and "RALPH! be quiet". These are just a few of the many memories we have for the time you worked with us. You always brought laughter and a smile to us everyday - and  that was the best way to get our day going.  I'm sure the Christmas Eve you spent with us was still etched on your hands, as you helped us retrieve the car keys out of our daughter's trunk, locked inside by her son - and this was at 10 PM in  20 degrees below zero weather  and of course snow!  Mike, this time you picked the perfect 19th hole! "We raise  our glass, and our hearts, to you.    Ken and Marcia Matthys,  Todd, Kim, Kristin, Ryan and their families.