Let the memory of Michael be with us forever. Because... "It's good to be the king"
  • 46 years old
  • Born on May 8, 1965 in Salem, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on March 3, 2012 in Chelsea, Maine, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Michael Frasier. He was a dad, a brother, a son, a friend. We will never forget his jokes that were sometimes a little lame but ALWAYS wicked funny (: He always had a great heart and was always there for anyone who needed a friend. He kept his children out of trouble and in school. And no matter how long Michael is gone he will never be forgotten. So if you would like to say something to him, or tell a story you remember with him, that's what this memorial is for. We miss you <3

Posted by Diane Fernald on 8th May 2017
Happy Birthday mike miss you love you
Posted by Vare Lycangel on 3rd March 2016
Hey old man. Just figured I would stop in and say I miss you.
Posted by Diane Fernald on 3rd March 2015
Miss you.........
Posted by Patty Frasier MacArthur on 4th March 2013
It's hard to believe that the years gone by already, I hope you know how much you're missed and how much you're loved. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you and I will never stop thinking about you. I love you big brother more than all the leaves on all the trees.
Posted by Shannon Leonard on 26th November 2012
You were a special kind of person Mike, You always had a kind word, or a warm hug when one was needed. You Really knew how to make someone feel special and for that I will Always be Thankful. Thank you for being there for my son when he needed someone to be his male role model, you never even thought about it, you just did it! Thank you for just being YOU! (HUGS)
Posted by Zack Mcclay on 25th November 2012
A great man and a great friend he is truly missed and loved. miss you mike and our long nerdy star trek talks :') great times love ya mike and Ariel and little mike :') love you all
Posted by Ariel Frasier on 9th August 2012
My birthday is coming up soon. I can't believe I'm going to be 20. Well it sure is going to be a strange birthday without you. It will be the first one ever that you will have missed. Not by your own choice of course. I will be thinking about you all day, every second of it. Mom found a letter that you wrote me from when I went away to visit the first time. I can't get past the first line.
Posted by Chelsie Mason on 23rd July 2012
I miss you. I thought after these couple of months passed I might start to miss you a little bit less. The thing is you were just too awesome of a guy Mike. The day Ariel brought me over to visit you made me feel like part of the family and you never stopped. I used to beg her to bring me over to visit you. You are an amazing dad Mike and have some amazing kids.
Posted by Ariel Frasier on 2nd June 2012
I miss you so much daddy <3 I hope you are happy where you are and i hope you can see all of your kids and how wonderful we are. We all miss you so much.
Posted by Vare Lycangel on 9th May 2012
It's a little late, but happy birthday Dad. I didn't get those lanterns up the other day. But I'll get them up one way or another. Promise.
Posted by Patty Frasier MacArthur on 8th May 2012
Happy Birthday big Brother, I miss you so much and want to call you like we always do on our birthdays..Your older than me again! I love you.
Posted by Vare Lycangel on 2nd April 2012
Life's just not fair is it? You finally start to get the things you deserve for taking care of me and Ariel for so long. Thing's like sacrificing a room so me and Ariel could have our own. Going hungry to make sure we had a meal. Staying home so we weren't alone and making sure we were safe. It kills me when I think about it but I never did say thank you for it. Thank you, for everything.
Posted by Douglas Andrews on 1st April 2012
I never got the chance to say it, but there is few things I value in this world more then those people who make the lives of my friends a better place. You where always there for those people that I care about more then anything, and I am forever grateful. Thank you. if I could I would tell you I promise I'll return the favor and help care for your baby girl
Posted by Ariel Frasier on 23rd March 2012
I thought about you last night. I really miss you. I keep thinking I'll wake up any time now and you will be here again. Why did you have to go so soon. It's really not fair.
Posted by Patty Frasier MacArthur on 10th March 2012
I Love you and Miss you so very much!
Posted by Roxie Burwood on 9th March 2012
we love you and miss you uncle mike forever in our hearts and forever in our minds ♥
Posted by Diane Fernald on 9th March 2012
Miss you so much...love you
Posted by Elicia Nickerson on 9th March 2012
I miss you so much and I love you forever. I'll see you soon<3
Posted by Ariel Frasier on 9th March 2012
I love you daddy. <3

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