Michael Greene (The 3rd)

Born on the 8th December 1968 to his adoring parents Mickey (Michael 3rd) & Anne Greene. Michael was to be one of three children a sister Lynette born 3 years after him and a brother Geoffrey born 2years after his sister, they grew up in their granda Greene's home house and they all had a wonderful upbringing with Michael, Lynette & Geoffrey being extremely close and always backing each other. Michael had a wonderful little dog a cross-breed or mutt as we grew up knowing it as it was called patch and was very protective of not just Michael but his two siblings also to the point of trying to bite our mother one day for trying to smack us on the hand for mis-behaving in the back of the car before we had left home. We looked up to Michael as his younger siblings and followed and copied everything he did. When Michael was 15 he came home from school with Geoffrey and I Daddy had collected us as he and his brother (our uncle) were putting a range into the fishing boat they co-owned, when a man came into the yard knocked the door and came in, he said hello to all of us and then proceeded to ask daddy if he left Hugo on the boat, daddy said he had that he was drying his hands when daddy said he would go on to the school to get us. Daddy said to Harris I don't care if Hugo has burnt the boat as long as he was ok, but The news was the worst we could of ever imagined Hugo had slipped on Ice going across the boats and had drowned just of their boat in the harbour! My father was quite tanned from a life at sea but he went pure white and our Michael went straight to the room to change so that he could go with daddy to identify our late uncle Hugo. We sat at home in shock not believing what we had been told as Hugo was a first class swimmer yet he had drowned in the harbour he had worked out of all his working life. Daddy and Michael came back and I knew it was true because my brave strong father and brother had tears streaming down their faces their eyes were red from crying, Michael said what made it harder was no one was allowed to touch Hugo or identify him only daddy as he was the last person who had seen him alive, Michael was allowed onto the boat where our wonderful uncle lay daddy tried to resuscitate him even though the paramedics had done all they could, daddy then closed his eyes and mouth and covered him over so no one could stare or pictures couldn't be taken of his beloved brother. That day changed Michael & daddy, all of us but especially them because the summer before Hugo had taught Michael how to use the wench of the boat and Michael willingly gave up school early to go to see to take over our late uncles job, I don't think my father ever got over the loss of his brother who thank God he never had had an argument with ever in his life. Michael worked hard and made a promise to himself from that day that while daddy fished or went to sea so would he. Michael met his wife through his best friend John, they were cousins and Michael asked John to introduce them, they went out in secret as they were both very quiet, private people, just like our parents really. They got engaged one year after meeting and married four years later, they were also blessed with three beautiful children Tierna, Stephanie and Wee Michael (Michael 4th) they like all of us brought each of their children down to meet our Granda Greene (Michael Greene the 1st) Kathleen Michaels wife took a beautiful picture of the four Michael Greene's together it unfortunately was to be the only picture we would have of them all together. Michael Greene (The1st) died just four short years before his three namesakes. One thing I can safely say is that my brother Michael & his wife Kathleen loved each other beyond even the separation of death my brother told me a few weeks before his death if I would look out for Kathleen and his girls (he never mentioned his wee man) if anything happened to him I know in my heart my brother knew he and his son were to die along with our wonderful father. His life may have been shorter than most but he lived loved and enjoyed his children he adored being a husband & father and I loved and still love him for being my brother x