• 50 years old
  • Born on August 28, 1958 .
  • Passed away on June 25, 2009 .
This week the entertainment world lost one of its most talented, beloved, and innovate artists. Michael Jackson, whose singing and dancing helped define a new art form – the music video – passed away at the age of 50 at his home in Los Angeles. During his 45-year career in music, his magic and charisma made him the most recognized performer in the world, and one of the most beloved. Today, one day after his death, devoted fans are gathering around the world to pay tribute to 'The King of Pop', bringing flowers, wearing the kinds of items that were his trademark, and sharing their sadness. In Gary, Indiana, his childhood home, residents of this city were conducting a vigil at the house where he and his brothers and sisters learned to sing, dance, play instruments, and become the most famous family act in American musical history. In New York, outside Harlem's Apollo Theater, devoted fans were remembering his first performance there, with The Jackson Five, in 1969. In Los Angeles, his fans and admirers were gathered at his home, and at his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not since the passing of Elvis Presley and John Lennon has a death in our generation's musical family seen such an outpouring of emotion. Michael Jackson's unique contributions to the world of popular music will be studied, and imitated, but never reproduced – for he was truly one of a kind.
Posted by Ryan Lemon on 6th July 2018
rest in peace Michael Jackson you are missed forever
Posted by Ryan Lemon on 3rd July 2018
I miss you so much Michael Jackson you wher a good singer and a good dad to your kids prince paris blanket xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Azad Husen on 28th January 2017
Missing him
Posted by Corinthia Rabb'mccoy on 29th August 2015
My forever love. what a wonderful heart of love, I sure do miss this man. Michael has inspired me my whole life. I love this man. no one will ever be like this talented soul. so misunderstood. I pray he is in peace. see you one day mike. promise. love to his family also.
Posted by Cindy Boyer on 25th June 2015
I'm thinking of you today in your sad and tragic loss of Michael. Please accept my deepest sympathy for you in your painful loss. My very precious and beloved Mom died this past Sept, and I would like to share with you what continues to bring me comfort. I think about the fact that my dear Mom's not suffering, and that means a lot! And I look forward intently to the resurrection, when I hope to be here to welcome my beloved Mom back to life with a close and loving hug! These verses help me, and I hope they bring you an added measure of comfort too. Acts 24:15 promises "that there is going to be a resurrection." Eccl. 9:11b 'time and unexpected events (or, unforeseen occurrence) befall them all.' James 1:13, our loving God doesn't cause sad things to happen to our loved ones. Isa. 65:17b when our loved ones are alive through the resurrection, then we won't even remember the emotional pain and sadness we feel now. Rev. 21:4, 5 death and pain will be no more. Isa. 33:24 no sickness of any kind. Job 33:25 'flesh will become fresher (or, healthier) than in youth.' thus loved ones will grow young once more! Psalms 37:10, 11, 29 conditions many loved ones will experience right here on the earth, 'meek find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. 'righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.' Rom. 15:4 comfort found in the Scriptures. Take care, and again, I'm very sorry for you sad loss. Sincerely, Cindy Boyer
Posted by Daniela Pilgrima on 23rd June 2014
God bless you MJ...forever missed
Posted by Selene Perez on 13th August 2013
God Bless You, My Angel Michael. I love you<3
Posted by Selene Perez on 31st July 2013
Michael, My Mom felt very sorry about you and me. My dad did not taking me to your concert. But, it's Okay I'll see you in heaven and watch you sing. Rest in Peace:( <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 30th July 2013
I'll never leave you Michael, the young Princess Jackson fan will miss you so much, R.I.P:) <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 27th July 2013
You a very nice man Michael. Rest in Peace <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 26th July 2013
I Love you Michael <3. Hope you remember me:)
Posted by Selene Perez on 23rd July 2013
God bless you my sweet angel Michael:)
Posted by Selene Perez on 22nd July 2013
When I passed away in california, i'll go with you in heaven. Rest in Peace and Paradise Michael :)
Posted by Nathaniel Toh Kee Leong on 21st July 2013
God bless you. Allah bless you
Posted by Selene Perez on 19th July 2013
You are not alone Michael, Princess is here for you. Rest in Peace:)
Posted by Selene Perez on 19th July 2013
Your gone for this world and your not gone for me in heaven when I was a little princess. I remember you in my dreams. Love you MJ. Rest in Peace:)
Posted by Selene Perez on 18th July 2013
My life has failed because my stepfamily didn't take me to your concert in 2004:( I love you Michael, i'll be there very soon:).
Posted by Selene Perez on 18th July 2013
Your a beautiful angel Michael, Rest in Peace. Princess Selene Perez:)
Posted by Selene Perez on 17th July 2013
Michael, I love you<3. i'll be in heaven soon:)
Posted by Selene Perez on 16th July 2013
I do remember you, when I was 4 years old. see you in heaven Michael:) <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 16th July 2013
Michael, i'll see you in heaven for the rest of the day:) <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 16th July 2013
the beautiful angel in heaven, Michael<3. Princess will miss you and love you:) <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 15th July 2013
God bless you forever Michael<3 :)
Posted by Selene Perez on 14th July 2013
You lived in heaven Michael, I miss you:) <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 13th July 2013
My angel Michael ;)
Posted by Selene Perez on 12th July 2013
Love you forever Michael :) Princess Selene <3
Posted by Selene Perez on 11th July 2013
Dear Michael, I'm very, very sorry about this 2005- 2009 for your concert cause my stepfamily didn't take me to your concert. I love you and I remember you when I was little princess. your always in my heart. R.I.P my king. Princess :)
Posted by Selene Perez on 11th July 2013
Michael, your the best cause Princess is here from heaven :)
Posted by Karen Henton on 7th February 2013
Gone too soon! Never will be forgotten. I will always remember "Thriller." Your dance moves amazed me. I could watch you over and over again. No one else could ever dupicate that. So now you are Intertaining our Lord and savior and the angels. I'm invious a little, but I know one day I will be there too. R.I.P.
Posted by Corinthia Rabb'mccoy on 28th August 2012
Michael there are no real words to express what you mean to me and the world, all words fail in comparison God truly sent you, thank you for being obedient and sharing your priceless Gifts and Love! Still shocked and numb, I love you forever. so sad, we will never recover from this, just hope to bare it better in time-my heart, and example of true LOVE!
Posted by Michelle Stoner on 1st June 2012
Michael Joseph Jackson, The name of a genius, Michael, You were always there when we needed you, Now we are here to always care, You will never be forgotten, You gave us your music and dancing that we will always share. Michael Joseph Jackson, Our King Of Pop, Nobody can ever be better than you, We will never let your music stop, Because we have faith in all you do, You are an angel,
Posted by DONALD STANLEY on 8th February 2012
micheal you were a great singer and a great person, r.i.p.
Posted by Rosa Merritt/Bravo on 6th January 2012
Dearest Michael, you passed away just 23 days after my one and only dear mother Victoria I. Bravo had passed away, I hope that you two meet in heaven. I work nearby and pass the coroner's office that your body lied to rest and be studied after your passing. Your oldest sister Latoya was right from the moment she oppened her mouth about your death. May your children grow happy like you.
Posted by Anna Thompson on 10th March 2011
he had so much more to give its a shame he never got to do his this is it concert it looked like it would have been memorable.thanks for the music micheal.rest in peace king of pop
Posted by Monica Jackson on 9th March 2011
There has never been nor will there ever be , an entertainer who puts thier very SOUL , all the essence of who they are into an already wonderful gift of spreading LOVE !!!! Through your music you showed us how to have faith, hope & love . The Greatest being LOVE !!!! Truley Missed Forever ,from one Mj TO Another
Posted by Brenda Norman on 13th December 2009
Forever missed and forever loved Michael Jackson...Your music will forever be in my world & my childrens, I will love & miss you always, you were truely a beautiful talented man...
Posted by Oleg Andelman on 11th August 2009
Greatest entertainer ever.
Posted by Terri` Bissy on 10th August 2009
bless him
Posted by Brian Dowling on 26th July 2009
"Gone too soon."
Posted by Hayriye Utku on 21st July 2009
You will always live in my heart.I love you Michael!!!!Rest in piece,see you in the heaven...
Posted by Shân James-lindström on 20th July 2009
Dear Michael, The most beautiful free spirit to grace this earth. I am proud to say I love you and your music, and dancing and intelligence and courage and innocence.
Posted by Miraat Farnaz on 20th July 2009
'The fairest things have fleetest end Their scent survives their close But the rose's scent is bitterness To him that loved the rose!' You're sorely missed MJ...God bless you forever! All my love
Posted by Miraat Farnaz on 20th July 2009
'The fairest things have fleetest end Their scent survives their close But the rose's scent is bitterness To him that loved the rose!' You're sorely missed MJ...God bless you forever! All my love
Posted by Janice Cross on 18th July 2009
The sorrow & anguish i feel over losing Michael Jackson has made his genius even more abundantly clear: the entire world has suffered a tremendous & tragic loss.
Posted by John Williams on 8th July 2009
Posted by Corinthia Rabb'mccoy on 7th July 2009
The world has truly lost a priceless talent, man, a man full of love to the point he died for us--reminds you of someone? No he was not Jesus, but He followed his example, Go wants us to be love.
Posted by Geraldine Simmons on 6th July 2009
You have not gone for you live on In every man woman and child who knew you Those who are filled with compassion and love Carry your dreams in their hearts too.
Posted by Renae H on 5th July 2009
From dust thou art, to dust thou shalt return.
Posted by Amanda Benn on 5th July 2009
May God continue to Bless the Jackson Family
Posted by Cedric Benn on 3rd July 2009
Rest in peace Michael

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