His Life

Celebration of Life...

Thank you all for being here, for being part of this gathering to celebrate Mike's significant, too short life.

The arrival of Mike’s cancer was very frustrating to him but throughout it all, it did not change his personality.  He worked at making the time easier for those around him.  At each stage of his illness he assured us, “It’s just part of the journey” and that “I am ok with this, really I am”. 

It helped him in accepting his illness, in that he felt he had led a “significant life”. 

We feel blessed that we had the additional time with him and that he had the time to be able to take care of his affairs. 

Even before the cancer, he had started on a bucket list, which continued throughout his battle.  Items included were not so much about things, but about people and relationships.  

Such as wanting to locate his 5th grade teacher, with Lorelei’s detective work, and tell her how much of an impact she had made on his life.   

Throughout his younger years, the church was important in contributing to the development of his values, as demonstrated by his compassion & caring. 

Scouting was important in building skills and self confidence.    

Mike was heavily involved with music starting in elementary school throughout high school, including becoming the Ferris drum major.  He was in the Percussion-naut Patriots and Renaissance Drum & Bugle Corps as a member and staff.  

After he was no longer eligible to march in drum corps because he was over 21, he spent a year driving a bus for drum corps, a job that he thoroughly enjoyed.  Having the responsibility of maintaining the bus, and driving all over the U S, safely.   

Mike started his career path to be a veterinarian, because he loved animals and felt he would be more comfortable working with them rather than people.  He obtained a lot of experience riding around with me with my small animal house call practice during the summers and working in the vet clinic at WSU. 

After getting his BA of Science at WSU, he continued his studies in immunology. 

When a veterinary school opening didn’t materialize, he decided to put his scientific interests and experience to use as a physician’s assistant.  

Mike became a PA, working 27 years in this field. Working in Flint, MI, Everett & Wenatachee, WA. 

He found that he was good at communicating and explaining things to people.  It was actually the primary function in his job and he was exceptional at it.

Last year, even while undergoing chemo, he helped with the installation of solar panels on his house, where the solar system interconnected with the electrical grid.  

He chose to do this even though Chelan has the least expensive electricity in the country, because he felt that it was the right thing to do.  

Mike’s concern for the environment also showed when he started a major recycling program at the Everett Clinic.

Mike was very mechanically inclined.  Any equipment or vehicles he has ever owned, has never had better care.  

He built furniture, was always remodeling or working on his homes.  He landscaped his homes, had a vegetable garden, small orchard, even a small vineyard.  

Enjoyed canning, and was a great cook.  But his favorite of all pastimes was fishing. 

Following are things people have shared, remembering…

His smile
Always happy 
Sparkling eyes 
Sense of humor / jokester 
Compassionate heart 
Lover of dogs 
Enthusiasm & Energy 
Love of nature 
Gentleness is strong 
Self Starter 
Passion for Life