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Boat trip with Mike

Shared by Ernie Mueller on January 20, 2014

Mike’s my oldest nephew.  I did not know him well when he was a young boy.  But, in 1977 when Mike was 19, we got a chance to know each other better.  I had bought a brand new Cheoy Lee 33 foot sailboat in Seattle and needed to take it to Juneau, Alaska.  I had already convinced two sailing friends to go with me but needed a fourth.  Thinking of Mike I  called Jerry, talked to Mike and convinced him to join us on an almost three week cruise from Tillicum Marina in Lake Union through the Inside Passage 1000 miles to Juneau.  Mike somehow agreed to join one person he barely knew and two he did not know at all on a trip that none of us had made in a small boat before.

Mike joined us in early July ready to go.  When we got to the marina the boat was a mess, the shipwright had told us it would be ready for the trip but there was a lot to do: radio to install, depth sounder, diesel stove, extra battery, fix this, fix that, etc., etc.  We all busied ourselves with loading the boat with food, supplies pots, pans, lines, spare anchor, life jackets, dishes, books, tools, spare parts, and beer in the bilge where it would stay cold.  Finally we left Lake Union on July 11.  The trip was great and Mike was the best crew member we could expect, he did anything we asked, and became a great sailor.

When we got to Bedwell Harbor Canada Customs took our fresh corn away and told us that US Customs would confiscate our potatoes.  Mike and Ernie Greek (another crew member) went digging in the mud of the harbor and brought back a bucket of oysters.  I freaked out, worried about paralytic shellfish poisoning and Hepatitis A.  But Mike and Ernie shucked the oysters and made oyster stew.  It was good, and it didn’t make anybody sick.

After dinner Mike and Ernie took off for a local watering hole and did not get back until late ( actually about 3:30 AM).  Al Eagle (the other crew) and I stayed on the boat and went to sleep, we did not hear them come back aboard.  When we got up to get the boat ready to go, Mike was sound asleep in his bunk but Ernie was nowhere to be found inside.  Al was convinced we should just leave Ernie there, but I thought we should try to find him.  Eventually we got out of the boat and found Ernie passed out on the foredeck.  We left him there, got the boat running and left for Lesqueti and Campbell River.  Sometime later Mike was up and about no worse for wear but Ernie was long time recovering from late night partying.

Ship’s orders thereafter required the crew to be on board before midnight and beer would be provided on board.  When we got to Prince Rupert we found ourselves beerless on a Sunday and the only place we could go was the Canadian Legion.  Al was a former Naval Officer and could get us in, but then proceeded to insult our hosts by describing the throne in the Queen’s portrait over the bar as tattered.  We four beat a hasty retreat back to the boat.

All in all a great trip and I got to know Mike better as a hardworking, agreeable, fun, sharp, creative, caring guy willing to do anything we asked (at least once).  Unfortunately he did not get much of a chance to go fishing, but did catch a small sand shark in Kindergarten Cove north of Ketchikan.

 We miss you Mike, take care.

Your Uncle Ernie (Skip) Mueller

Shared by Lorelei Sater on February 20, 2013

Sharing Wenatchee Valley Medical Center email:

Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 10:46 AM
To: WVMC All Staff
Subject: From Dr. Freed: Mike Mueller's passing

Dear Physicians and Staff,

As you may know, our colleague Mike Mueller passed away Saturday, February 2, from cancer.  Mike was a PA-C in Anticoagulation, and worked at WVMC since 2007.  Our staff, patients, and community cared deeply about him.  Three close colleagues shared some thoughts with me about Mike:

“Mike was a wonderful, kind person as a friend and to work with. At work, he always put his patients first! Empathetic, compassionate, loved to teach, and take time to hear his patient’s story.  Mike took great pride in building his new home and loved putting in his native garden with Gail. And of course, he loved his dog. It’s such an inspiration to me to see how well he handled living with his cancer right to the end. He never complained.” – Susan Hunter

“Mike was an extraordinary man and I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with him!  He was a caring, kind and compassionate provider and his patients always knew he wanted the best care for them.  Mike appreciated that it takes a team to provide the safest and best care for patients and he made everyone in the group feel valued for their contribution.  He generously shared his wealth of knowledge and always took advantage of learning something new from others in our group.  Mike recognized the best in people and inspired me to be my best!  He always had a positive attitude and could make a bad day seem like a party!” - Lisa Vaughn

“Mike Mueller was one of the most knowledgeable Physician Assistants I've ever worked with. I learned so much from him. But far more important is how much Mike cared about people. He loved to teach and always went beyond the call of duty in giving the best of himself to his patients, his family and his friends. Mike was an amazing man and a wonderful friend and his passing leaves a hole in my life and the lives of all who know him. I will miss him terribly, but I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to know him and has his friendship in my life.” - Rich Edison

Mike loved animals and wished for any donations to be directed to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society; Anticoagulation is collecting donations to deliver in his honor.  No services will be held.

Our deepest condolences to Mike’s family and friends; we honor his memory, and feel grateful that we had an opportunity to work alongside such a wonderful provider.  

Stu Freed, MD

Shared by Lorelei Sater on February 13, 2013

Sharing other postings found online:

 February 11, 2013 ~ Lauren Mitchell, Washington

February 06, 2013
Mike was a kind and gentle person who will be greatly missed.
~ Susan Fisher, Corvallis, Oregon

February 06, 2013
Mike was such a joy to know. I have such good, warm, and fun memories of Mike in drum corps. You were a light in the darkness Mike, thank you for that. My prayers are with your family.
~ Annie Bart Gaidos

February 06, 2013
So sorry for your loss! Mike was a great person with a bigger than life heart for friends, family and all others. He will be greatly missed and may our heavenly father give him guidance and continued support. With great love,
~ Brock Rasmussen, Spokane Valley, Washington

February 07, 2013
I am so thankful for having the privelege of knowing and loving Mike. He was a special person and will always be in my heart.
~ Karen Bemis

February 07, 2013
I grew up looking up to mike.I was always proud to be his cousin.He was such a kind and wonderful person.
~ PJ Bemis, Spokane, Washington

 February 11, 2013
Worked for years with Mike. He was a wonderful collegue and PA. Sent my own family to him many times. He will most certainly be missed.
~ Julie Orr (Lake Stevens, WA)

February 11, 2013
I have great memories of working with him here at The Everett Clinic in Occupational Medicine. He was a great consultant on orthopedics and fishing tactics to the staff and a great provider to work for. He will be missed.
~ Tom Wolf, Everett, Washington


Shared by Lorelei Sater on February 13, 2013

Sharing the postings I received on Facebook:

Nancy Sater Angel
I'm so sorry Lorelei, my thoughts are with you and your family.
February 4 at 8:33pm

Christy Bafus
Lorelei ... I am so sorry to learn of your loss! My prayers are with you and your family.
February 4 at 8:39pm

Jan Perkins
Lorelei, he was a brave and gallant man. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
February 4 at 8:44pm

Jeff Omeron
Oh I have such great memories of Mike! driving the bus that ALWAYS broke down n he n myself underneath it when the airbags deflated n being pulled out from under by Bob Yeager. So sorry to hear. Peace love and prayers to you and your family...JO.
February 4 at 8:45pm

Marcia Kennedy Graves
Lorelei, words cannot express how sorry I am to hear this! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...
February 4 at 8:51pm

Debbie Vicknair Sater
Lorelei, we're so sorry to hear about your brother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.
February 4 at 9:03pm

Mark Pounds
I'm sorry Lorelei. Your brother was always encouraging to me as a fellow trumpet player (even though I was a punky freshman!) I remember him giving me rides to school. My mom even bought a box of chocolates for me to give him to thank him for all the rides I got! Praying God's peace for you and your family.
February 4 at 9:03pm

Teresa Had
Lorelei, I didn't know your brother was ill. I'm laying here weeping as I remember the fun times we had in Renaissance. I will remember you and your lovely family in my prayers. I'm sorry dear.
February 4 at 9:09pm

Deb Green-Clemons
So very sorry Lorelei. I have very fond memories of your brother. God bless you and your family. I hope that in his memory you find the strength to guide you through this difficult time.
February 4 at 9:20pm

Jodi Hilt Johnson
I'm so sorry Lorelei.
February 4 at 9:25pm

Esadeta Atic
Lorelei, I remember your brother Michael when we had our Camp Fire meetings at your home. Michael was always kind and friendly. Very sorry for your loss and to your families loss. Esadeta
February 4 at 9:34pm

Ruth Mosby Martinie
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May you find comfort in all these special memories.
February 4 at 9:36pm

Carrie Correia
We are sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you.
February 4 at 10:12pm

Diane Floch Picha
Lorelei, I'm so sorry. Thank you for letting us know. I pray that God will give you and your family comfort. The pain is gone and Mike's in a better place. I'm so glad we had a chance to see him again at the reunion after so many years. Peace be with you!
February 4 at 10:16pm

Sue Alexander Johnson
Please send my love and thoughts to your entire family.
February 4 at 10:19pm

Debbie Ruehl
I am shocked and sorry to hear this. I didn't even know that he was ill. He was such a great guy when I knew you two back in the Patriot days; we used to carpool to practice, remember?? My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. May wonder memories of your lives together bring you comfort. xoxo
February 4 at 10:20pm

Nancy Schumaker
I too have fond memories of him. Condolences to you and your family. RIP Michael.
February 4 at 10:24pm

Jeff Ray
I am so sorry for you and your family! I saw Mike just a couple years ago as we crossed paths on a business venture. We met at Starbucks and had a ton of laughs recalling drum corps memories. Mike will be missed by a lot of us.....but we have great memories of him.
February 4 at 10:39pm

Kelly Hilton-Davis
I'm so very sorry Lorelei! I will lift your family up in prayer.
February 4 at 10:41pm

Kelly Hall
I am so sorry for your loss, Lorelei.
February 4 at 10:45pm

Susan Taylor Kosoff
So sorry for your loss, my prayers are with your family. Great memories of Mike.
February 5 at 5:34am

Loree Selbst
Lorelei, my heart goes out to you and all who loved Mike. He is someone I will always remember as one of the good guys. Although I haven't seen him in many years I will never forget his talent as a musician and his beaming smile.
February 5 at 6:05am

Tom Wakeley
Peace be with you.
February 5 at 6:12am

La Rue Huddleston Johnson
I am so sorry to hear about your brother, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
February 5 at 6:38am 

Chris Mueller
Way sorry to hear that Lorelie. Thoughts and prayers with you.
February 5 at 11:24am

Duane B Floch
I'm saddened to hear of Mike's passing. my thoughts and prayers are with you.
February 5 at 12:03pm

Virginia Ginny Drury
I am very sorry to hear that! You hang in there!
February 5 at 12:41pm

Linda Chelan Bradley
We are sorry to hear of Mike's passing ~ our thoughts and prayers are with you and his family.
February 5 at 1:18pm 

Bob Sater
So sorry to hear that. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family
February 5 at 2:33pm

Karen Dreifus Shaul
Lorelei, death is such a difficult part of life. You and your family are in my thoughts.
February 5 at 2:58pm

Lori Buechner
I am so sorry, Lorelei. My heart goes out to you and I will be praying for you and your whole family. Much love, Lori (Ivester)
February 5 at 5:30pm

Kim Christie
Oh Lorelei I am so so sorry for your loss. I remember when you and I were wanting to attend WSU back in the day. Mike took time to show you and I around campus, took us to various dorms and had a couple friends show us their rooms so we could make decisions about which dorms to request. I thought it was way cool that he spent the weekend to do that for you because I don't have any older siblings.
February 5 at 7:10pm

Beverly Cole
I am so sorry to hear of your brothers passing. I am glad you were by his side to comfort him. I am also glad that you were able to spend time with him last year. My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss. love Bev
February 5 at 8:47pm

Eugenia S. Rasmussen
Beautiful memorial to your beloved brother, love aunt j
February 6 at 7:03am

Sandra Dawson
You and your parents composed a fantastic online memorial. Wish all my pictures of Mike weren't in AZ as I would love to have shared them. You and Mike are special. Love, Aunt S
February 6 at 8:44am

Glenn Cuneo
I have some very good memories of your brother....
February 6 at 7:44pm

Luzil Webster
So sorry to hear of your brother passing. You are in my prayers.
February 6 at 8:43pm

Annie Bart Gaidos
I am so sorry to hear that Mike has passed. I am happy for him to be with Jesus, buy my heart is heavy for you Lorelei and your family. God bless you honey, my prayers are with you. Mike was such a blessing to me as a teenager in the Corps. His never ending smile and positive attitude were always shining on the rest of us! The world will be a little less bright now that he is gone. His spirit will continue to shine. Annie Bart Gaidos.
February 7 at 4:56am

Rick White
Mike was truly great guy. I was in the PN Patriots with him and remember him as always being happy and positive. It was hard not to like him. My heart goes out to his wife and family. He will indeed be missed.
February 8 at 12:59am

Linda Ivester Portch
Ditto to all of the above, Lorelei. You and your family are in my prayers.
February 8 at 7:49am

 John Brower
Yes just like they said above, the world was made a better place for having Mike in it, and now we all feel your loss. Prayers for all of you!
February 8 at 10:50am

Dave Wakeley
Mike was truly one of the good guys. A talented musician and a dedicated leader. We were all lucky to know him.
February 8 at 11:37am

Such a wonderful friend

Shared by Patti Prinz on February 10, 2013

I first met Mike when he joined The Everett Clinic Department in 1986.  I remember thinking he was so young, just a kid; me being 14 years older and a somewhat inexperienced medical assistant.  Soon I found myself searching him out as he was such a wonderful teacher.  So patient and compassionate and thorough as he explained a patient's illness or injury.  My questions were always treated with respect; never considered inane.  Mike was dedicated to every doctor he worked for in the department.  He gave them his all.  We became great friends.  We could discuss diet plans, recipes and even sewing tricks.  I noticed Mike reserched every major purchase he made and could tell me which pots and pans to invest in or even which olive oil or Marinara sauce was considered the best.  Then when part of our department moved to another building Mike and I still kept in touch.  I could call him after hours where I I would find him dutifully completing his dictation and he would help me with a concern with a patient when I couldn't reach the doctor in surgery.  He offered me many a rides home on the nights it snowed.  He knew I was such a baby about driving in it.  He didn't think I should have to take the bus or have my husband come get me.  As soon as a few flakes fell Mike would call our office with the offer of a ride.  He was so thoughtful and sincere; never making me feel like I was a bother.  Our firendship grew as we got together socially with our spouses.  Even when I retired and Mike left the area to take a position at another clinic and start the building of his new home we kept in touch.  We enjoyed great times together at each others homes for dinner and overnight visits.  My husband enjoyed fishing trips with Mike in his little homemade camper.  Mike knew the great places to fish.  We talked often during his battle with cancer.  Mike never whined or complained.  Only sharing his side effects from the treatments when asked.  He put up a great fight.  He was accepting of the inevitable.  He pushed on.  So we were thrilled last March when he and Gail were able to visit us for 3 days in our winter home in Arizona.  We had a great relaxing visit.  Mike even patiently explained my husband's upcoming open-heart surgery to him without alarming him.  We last saw Mike and Gail in late September when we visited them in Manson for what would be our last overnight visit.  It was at that visit that Mike so generously gave Dan fishing eqipment that he knew he would never again be able to use.   Dan was truly overwhelmed by his generosity.  That was so Mike.  Little did we know that the end was near.   I would have squeezed a little longer had I known it would be my last opportunity to give him a hug.   I feel so blessed and honored to have had him in my life and to call him my friend.  He was an outstanding man.  I will miss him greatly.  Rest in peace, my true and honorable friend.  


Shared by Lori Peterson Kolcun on February 8, 2013

I first met Mike in 1990, I had graduated from my Physician Assistant program in Pennsylvania and was looking for a job. Mike was the lead PA at the Everett Clinic and interviewed me for a position. Mike later offered me the position. I was 22 yrs old and had just moved 3000 miles away from my friends and family. Mike and I quickly bonded. He was my mentor both at work and in life, anything from how to put a cast on, to managing my finances and saving for retirement.
 We shared a love of medicine and patient care, his excellent teaching helped mold and build the core of the practitioner I am today. Truly a better teacher you could not find! I owe him so much!
While it was our choice of occupation that brought us together it was a love and passion of fishing that solidified our friendship. Mike introduced me to salmon fishing and I showed him how to catch steelhead. Over the years we have shared countless adventures, not all productive but always fun!
Our lives like most, went in different directions through the years but we always kept in touch. We always made time to meet on some lake or fishy body of water for some adventure. I am happy to say that we were able to pack a lot of adventure into the last three years!!!
Mike, I sure will miss you! So until our next adventure................>}}})">

Happy Memories

Shared by Denise Maroney on February 7, 2013

Some of my favorite memories of Mike.....

Spending time in the summer on the Spokane River by the Bowl and Pitcher.

Marching in the band when he was the drum major and teasing him when he gave me directions for marching.

Lincoln Park in the winter walking and skating around on the frozen pond.

Teaching me how to make guacamole one summer break during college.

Hanging out.

Thanksgiving 1975.

Phone conversations over the years.

Giving me my first camera.  Remember the kind with the flash cube on the top?!

Spending time with him and his sister, Lorelei.

Some of my favorite things about Mike....

His happy and infectious smile.

His great sense of humor and joke playing.

How much he loved drum and bugle corps competitions.

His tender and compassionate heart.

What a good friend he was.

His sparkling eyes which sometimes had a hint of mischief to them.

His care and love for his wife, Gail.

His enthusiasm and energy.

His love of nature.

His insight and advice.

How much he loved dogs.

How thoughtful and supportive he was when he found out I had breast cancer even though he was in the middle of dealing with his own cancer.

How much he loved his parents and his sister.

The story he told me when he gave away his beloved trumpet.

That he had a career in healthcare where he could help others.  He was a healer in so many ways.


Some things I've learned from Mike....

He wrote me once that a smile and a kiss usually makes everything seem happier, and he was right.

That drum and bugle corps rock!

That gentleness is strong.

How resilient the human soul can be.


Shared by Eugenia Rasmussen on February 5, 2013
My sweet nephew will forever have a big hold in my heart, the most courageous and sweetest person I have ever known...such a special, special guy. He was born smiling and happy and I never saw him any other way. He will always be remembered and we can all learn and grow to become better for just knowing him. My heart goes out to Gail, his wife, Lorelei, his devoted and loving sister, and to his parents, my big sis and husband, may you feel the love and support through these words. Mike's last words to me were "I'm okay with this, really I am", he was trying to comfort me and be strong, as that was his nature, to help others and he conducted his life that way to the end. We loved you dearly Mike, but you know that already. Aunt Jeannie


Shared by Sandra Dawson on February 5, 2013

Mike had a smile, ALWAYS, from the time he was a baby and even when I saw him for the last time in August and hugged him goodbye.  He has been my hero as I battle my own cancer; he fought hard to win his battle.  HE WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERO.  Love you Mike.

Aunt Sandi 

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