Posted by Cassandra Farley on February 15, 2021
I met Mr. Bretsik several years ago at the bedside of his beloved wife. We talked for hours at the hospital and it was if I had known him all my life. He always sent me encouraging messages through Laura when my mom's health was failing and it meant the world to me when he blessed me with his presence at my mom's memorial service. Since that time he has been "Daddy Bretsik", a kind, gentle and honorable man, who missed his wife, loved his family, and always walked with the Lord. Forever in our hearts!
Posted by Joe Perkett on February 12, 2021
Mike was the best father-in-law one could ask for. When my father passed in 2006 Mike helped fill in that missing piece with all his wisdom. He will be missed but never forgotten . The world is a smaller place without him but we know he will be forever watching over us.
Posted by Sheri Berri on February 10, 2021
When I first met your Dad as a teenager he was so scary. He always had the look like.... I know you are up to something! Which 9 times out of 10 we prolly were lol but as I got older I knew him to be such a kind and caring man. He worked so hard for his family. His loss was so sudden but now he can be with his love Leona and watch all of you from Heaven. I know he is proud of each of you. Such a beautiful family. I am blessed to have been a small part of it all these years. I love you all <3
Posted by Robb Roza on February 9, 2021
Many great memories, both growing up and in recent time with Uncle Mike.
Early memories from the families being together at the State Fair, seeing the pets, and a Corndog for the first time in my life! :O

During the early years having aunt Leah watch me when my mom was busy, playing Ozzy records and football games as well as playing with the train when Uncle Mike would come home and the cuckoo clock going off!

The brick grill in the backyard (thou never seen it in use) and stories of kids not getting Christmas gifts on time because someone was staying up or opening them early!

In most recent years, having speghetti dinner with Uncle Mike and Aunt Leah at the KofC off park street and talking about guns, his Kimber (and multiple repairs of it), and potentially becoming a member!

Rest in Peace and Love Always (and with Aunt Leah) and thanks for them memories! :)
Posted by Michael Magnone on February 8, 2021
Loved being around your Dad. Be it a St Albert's Ushering or on the altar serving the Lord or at the Knights of Columbus events He was always a true Gentleman of Honor and Truth! I had the highest respect for him. He is missed greatly. Your family will remain in my prayers.
Posted by Michael Bretsik on February 5, 2021
Dad...It's still difficult for me to believe you are gone. There was no opportunity for a goodbye, an I love you, or a simple hug. My last memory of you was on your birthday where we stood on your porch with cupcakes and gifts unable to come inside while you “celebrated” with us from the other side of the glass of your storm door. COVID took that day, that moment, that opportunity. Little did I know that it would be the last interaction I would have with you. The last three years of your life were certainly filled with trials and tribulations. You always told me God will never give you more than you can handle, however I question in your case if that statement held true. I need to continue to remind myself however, that was not your life. Your life was so much more than that. My Dad…. The hunter, the pilot, the diver, the football player, the coach, the boxer, the veteran, and Grandpa. Although you never shared with us your “bucket list” I must believe that you checked off most if not all the items. I’ll never forget all the hunting memories we shared and I’m thankful that Evan was able to build those same memories with you. He will always remember his Grandpa. I will always remember how hard you worked to provide for our family. Many times, you worked two or even three jobs to make ends meet and you did so without complaint. I know when God called you home that you were reunited with the woman you so loved and the two of you are young again and in perfect health. I am also certain that Grandma and Grandpa were standing there waiting to welcome you home. I find peace in knowing that you can finally relax and enjoy your eternal life with Mom. I will always miss the both of you and I know that we will be reunited someday. Until then, I will hold onto our memories. Love you always.
Posted by Sue Bretsik on February 4, 2021
Dad..your life was filled with challenges, but you always trudged on. You went on great adventures and were never afraid to try something new. From big game hunting, flying lessons and scuba diving, you lived life to its fullest. When mom became ill, you bore the responsibility of caregiver. God has finally released you of your burdens, and you are free. I take great comfort in that.
Posted by Laura Perkett on February 4, 2021
Dad, I miss you and think of you every single day. I'll always remember that even in the toughest of times, you forged ahead no matter the obstacles you faced. You worked so hard every single day of your life and never took the easy road.  We take comfort that you are now with Mom, and that your heart and soul are finally at peace.  We lost you suddenly, and that part we are still struggling with. But, we know it was in God's plan to finally give you what you wanted most in life, to finally be reunited with Mom in heaven and to feel her love surround you.  Sending love and hugs to heaven.  God now has gained another beautiful angel to have at his side.

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