Michael was a bright light and gifted intuitive, bringing healing, guidance and love to so many lives. The effects from his life and work will continue to spread healing and love throughout the world.
  • Passed away on April 8, 2017 in Mill Valley, California, United States.

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Posted by Leslie Boyer on April 12, 2017
Michael, your love, your light and your laughter will live in all of us forever. I will never forget the wisdom, compassion and ease you graced me with. You are a true gem and great spirit.
My love and thoughts to Francesca and family.
Posted by Fred Pockrass on April 12, 2017
Dearest Michael, as you have been a healer & guide for so many, may you be guided into the Light with Love & Blessings, always in peace.
Posted by Tom Karst on April 12, 2017
Michael, your positive, affirming voice will be missed. Thanks for sharing so generously of your life. Love and prayers to the family
Posted by Dianna Mercer on April 12, 2017
Michael - having just spoken with you 2 weeks ago about the recent passing of my son and now hearing of your passing, has left me broken open even more deeply. I will always remember and cherish your generous & loving presence in the classes of so many years ago. You have been a bright light for all of us who are navigating life on this planet. Thank you. 

My heartfelt love to Francesca.
Posted by Nathalie Salles on April 12, 2017

It was such a shock to learn of your passing and my heart breaks for your beautiful family. Every time I think of you, I see your mischievous smile and can still hear how you were gently teasing me when I needed to go do something challenging. You were an anchor in my life at moments where I really needed one. I will miss your guidance my friend and may you travel in peace.
Posted by Amanda Snow on April 12, 2017
Dear Michael, I am forever grateful to you! You were my Archangel Michael- a mentor, a friend, and a confidant. I shared so many things with you over a decade that I have no doubt will never be shared with another. I will miss you dearly yet I also feel empowered to be the person that you always knew I was capable of being. Your consistent kindness, respect, and love was unmatched. Your teachings will live in my heart and life forever. Fly Free! Onward with Gusto! Love & Blessings!
Posted by Stephan Buehl on April 11, 2017
With Respect and Love
Posted by Cynthia Klein on April 11, 2017
My dear friend, It seems like yesterday when you spent hours just talking to me when my sister passed on April 8, 2013. Telling me how her memory will allow me to get through her loss. There are so many things I want to say. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to know you as my friend and mentor. You taught me how to listen to what you called my gift of knowing things others can't see. Your light will continue to shine in all those you pulled out of dark places. I will miss our talks and your delight in giving of yourself and knowledge freely. Thank you for sharing your rare gifts with me. I can see you smiling at us with that beautiful smile and telling us "Watch your thoughts they become words, Watch your words they become actions, Watch your actions they become habits, Watch your habits they become character, Watch your character it becomes your destiny. This is your legacy my friend. (Integrity, Honesty, Goodness, Love) Forever in our hearts ❤️
Posted by Amy Wolfe on April 11, 2017
I had the pleasure of working with Michael as he gave of his time, talent and treasure as a member of the AgSafe Board of Directors. He was thoughtful, diligent and always looking out for the best interest of our organization. I will deeply miss his wit and sharp sarcasm, both of which are hard to find. Our world at AgSafe was made better because of his dedication, commitment and stewardship.
Posted by Terry Lofrano on April 11, 2017
Knowing we are forever and one Micheal, gives us the peace that allows us to go on and the hope of residing together again some where in the future. Thank you and Francesca for giving us a dimension in our lives that we never could have had other wise.
Posted by Jill Smith on April 11, 2017
Dearest Michael,
Wow...how do I express all that you've meant to me? You have been the most amazing teacher, mentor, guide, father figure and benevolent being I have ever known. You were able to make sense of things for me. Helping me to clear out lifetimes of confusion and become more of myself. You were always such a beautiful example of genuinely loving what you did and that was alleviating suffering in others. Some of my most favorite times in my life were in sessions with you, Saturday classes and Practicum. The teachings, clarity, laughter, tears, healings, business advice, car talk, encouragement and tough love (when needed) were profound. I soaked it all up, couldn't get enough--I loved learning from you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being a
bad-ass spiritual warrior with a golden heart as big as the sun. Thank you for all you are. I miss you. With the deepest love, respect and admiration, Jill
Posted by Sandra Sears on April 11, 2017
Dear Michael,

You were an anchor for so many, a channel of grace and compassion, a boundless source of wisdom, magic, healing and deep, deep grounding. A modern day shaman, walking the walk, living your truth, setting by example...I have learned so much from you. Thank you for our one-on-one sessions (and for letting me do them on the couch with my sheepskin). I had so much fun laughing with you while planning, previewing and grounding my travels and transformation through the physical and astral planes. I am honored to have spent so much time in the presence and care of someone I consider a master and the true embodiment of love and compassion.

I remember at MIM 30's graduation ceremony we sat together basking in the sun in Bibby's magical fairy garden. We shared sacred silence - connecting spirit to spirit instead of verbally. Nature and SB embraced all of us so beautifully that day. Francesca was with us remotely. I brought one of my tarot decks and several graduates and alumni pulled cards throughout the day. As everything was winding down, I was equally surprised and delighted when Michael asked me if he could pull a card! In silence, we deepened our grounding and surrounded ourselves and the deck with SB. Using psychometry, Michael selected and flipped over his card... *THE HIEROPHANT*...We looked up at each other and both laughed. "Well, that's me!" he said enthusiastically with that hearty chuckle we all know and love dearly...

When I heard of Michael's passing I travelled immediately back to this moment and his card. "The Hierophant represents a means for accessing the sacred and is the carrier and transmitter of ancient wisdom and spiritual teaching. He represents a link and mediator between us and the Divine. As such, the Hierophant represents the spiritual teacher who helps us come into contact with the Divine. Unlike the Magician, who simply points the way, the Hierophant is a trusted guide, one who will take us by the hand and lead us to our spiritual goal. He represents a gateway to a higher consciousness reached in a sacred manner. He teaches that which can be learned by word and example."

Michael embodied so many qualities of the hierophant, a trusted guide, gateway, and leader to so many of us on the path. I am keenly aware he will continue his work and teachings from the other side, more expansive than ever, no longer limited by the physical form! As we know, Michael defied (defies) the "laws" of physics - surely he will continue to shine light upon us from other dimensions, known and unknown. He would always say in his seminars, "My bags are packed!" No one I know was more prepared for this transition than you, so soar high and fly free, dear friend and teacher.
Posted by Angela Simms on April 11, 2017
My first session with you broke my brain!!!  It did what no one had done before it made me take a long, long hard look at myself!!!  I am
forever grateful for your wisdom, your kindness, your humor and your
divinity!!!  What I loved the most about you Micheal is that you made it
look easy!  You were mystical and magical but you wore it with humility
and grace!!!  Thank you for allowing me to share a small part of your journey and I will always remember our last practicum because you broke what was left of my brain!  Francesca, we, your students are
the tapestry of the legacy the academy and can never take the place of
such a special person but collectively we are a soft place to hold your heart!!!  

Wholely yours,
Posted by Elizabeth Krasnoff on April 11, 2017
The special light of a Michael McCartney healing, teaching, or just conversation, is one of my favorite things. (Why do we refer to you in the 3rd person in conversation with you? Because the size of your light needs 3 persons to address!). 

The way you shine your light Michael brings out the best in each person. You see the best, you see the love, and you hold that frequency, hold that space for us to fill out. Your love, wisdom, patience, acceptance and humor is the perfect place for all to grow and find self-love, self-acceptance and the ability to laugh at ourselves on our journey. You cared for me, my husband and my son, bringing us inestimable relief and clarity on our journeys, and modeling for our intuitive 10-year-old son what it means to be a powerful, resplendent intuitive man. We talked clairaudience, hearing the deep zen monk hum of planet earth together, clairvoyance, seeing the abstract colors and shapes of my aura and questions together, and clairsentience, trading stories of our feeling journey, missing fingers and lessons and difficult mothers and moments. Nothing was too dark or deep in that expansive, bright container. It is a delight to have crossed paths. I will look for you in spirit now, from your place of bliss and one-ness.

As shocking as transition is, I know that no one was better prepared to have transitioned out of the body, so I will wish you safe journeys, knowing that you are safe, cherished and softly carried by your inner guidance to an even brighter expansion and expression of your brilliant light. You will certainly be forever missed and forever remembered.

With good thoughts and love to you and your family,
Posted by Cam A on April 11, 2017
Michael - What a shock. I will always remember your humor while teaching and making the "difficult stuff" more fun. You have planted so many seeds of wisdom to assist others on their own journey to grow, blossom, heal and share with others. I know you are in good hands because of the inner work you have done and how much you have learned about the physical and non-physical realms. Thank you for your presence in this lifetime.
Posted by Janet Ashby on April 11, 2017
I will miss your wisdom, your insight, your laugh, the way you wore orange so well. Thank you for the gift of You; it was a true joy to know your human incarnation and it's still a joy to know your Spirit.
Posted by Samira Willson on April 11, 2017
Dear Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Micheal,
I hear your chuckle and feel compassion & love. Sending it out and back again, just as you taught me that first time when I ask, how do I feel compassion?. Thank you for all the lessons.:"Live with humor and neutrality", "Joy", "Love and Compassion are neutral", "Fear is out of present time". I love you and miss you, Mightly Mighty Eagle.
Posted by Andrew Krcik on April 11, 2017
To infinity and beyond. Safe travels my friend...
Posted by Tiffany Bass Bukow on April 11, 2017
Dear Michael,
My Saturdays will never be the same without your beaming smile, infectious laughter, bright clothing and infinite wisdom. I see you now having tea in tennis shoes with the angels laughing in blissful delight. I will miss you and am sending a giant package of love to you in the heavens.
With love,
Tiffany Bass Bukow
Posted by AnneMarie Martins on April 11, 2017
Michael - I can't believe you are gone from us.  I am so grateful to you for your wise teachings, bear hugs and smiles!  Always smiling and always full of love and humor.  You were a wonderful guiding light to so many and I will always remember you.  I know you are in the loving light (probably hanging with Glenn!) and taking a well deserved rest.  Peace and love to you and air hugs all around!  Thank you for everything - missing you.
Posted by Andrew Miller on April 11, 2017
Michael McCartney,
You were a Great Man living in Marin County.
I was touched in ways unknown until now, and realize there is more to come. Rest well and I hope to cross paths again.
Much respect and Love to you and your family.
Posted by Christie Barbour on April 11, 2017
Light, Laughter and Love!  Michael, you have left all of this and more to all with whom you came in contact. We have all been blessed to have been in your presence. Fly high as angels surround you. We'll carry the energy of your spirit as we continue on our own journeys. Many blessings!
Posted by Maria Owl on April 11, 2017
Gratitude for the beautiful and unique way that Michael brought through his gifts, love and wisdom. So many people were touched by his light and will forever be changed. My prayer is for freedom from all density and a clear path to the Divine for this precious Soul. You are pure Joy!
Francesca and family: Prayers for authentic expression of any and all feelings at this time. You are surrounded in love and care from your communities. How incredible that he is free from form... And still for beloveds left behind, it takes time to get used to that form not being there all the time. Blessings and love to you on this journey of transition in your family.
Posted by Bibby Gignilliat on April 11, 2017
Words cannot express how grateful I am for the wisdom you imparted in your classes, at practicum and in one-on-one sessions. I constantly am reciting many of your teachings and I yesterday I re-read my journal notes from my sessions and classes with you. You have such a big heart and are unconditional love yet still point out my areas of growth/opportunity in a compassionate way with your great sense of humor. I will miss you in this physical world but hope to meet up on the astral.
For Francesca and family, my heart goes out to you and am sending you love and light.
Posted by Jon Wong on April 11, 2017
Dear Michael:

You were my mentor and my friend. You saw something in me when we first met and you challenged me to be me. I flourished under your leadership. We accomplished so much working with each other and kept pushing the boundaries on what was doable. Your friendship inspired me to never accept being mediocre. You and I use to talk about being the pebble as opposed to be the ripple effect. We spoke last week and your sincerity and positive attitude never wavered. You never passed judgment on me or anyone but always gave light when everyone else saw darkness. I will miss you and our friendship but will continue to reflect on the memories and life lessons you have given me. Be well my friend is what you used to tell me when we'd end our chats and so its my turn to tell you...Be well my friend. I will forever miss you.

Jon Wong, your student, your apprentice, your friend.
Posted by Darby Bonomi on April 11, 2017
Dear Michael, I am forever grateful for your wisdom, compassion and love. You saw the whole of me and challenged me to be my full self every day--in full bloom and brightness. In your honor I intend to continue on my path, as vigorously and honestly as I can. I will keep my heart open. I deeply miss you, dear teacher, mentor, friend. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary gifts with me and with all the bright souls you have touched. Love, Darby
Posted by Peter Hill on April 11, 2017
Michael, You were my mentor, long time friend, and even my direct report at one time. Your signature phrase "All Good Things" resonates through my mind at this moment. You were so much, to so many. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family, friends and colleagues. Words can't describe how I feel, however I can say your time here was spent making a positive impact on all those whose lives you touched. Thank you for being you. Blessings!
Posted by Valentina Osinski on April 11, 2017
Michael, your insight, humor, and wisdom is something that lives inside of me forever. I am so grateful for the time I got to spend in your presence as wise teacher, powerful healer, and shaman. You will be missed here. But I send you Light and Blessings on your journey, with Love.
Posted by Cecile Wong on April 11, 2017
Dear Michael,
I feel honored to have met you in this life and to have spent time with you before your next journey. Thank you for always being there for all of us. Thank you for the copper, light, your ability to laugh at everything, your bright colors, your fantastic sneaker collection and the teachings that will forever echo in our spirit.
Posted by Barbara Higbie on April 11, 2017
Michael, you were a man and human being like no other. Strong and kind, patient and exuberant, caring and spacious. You picked the strongest astrological time of the last few centuries to slingshot to the galactic center and beyond. Saturn, the gatekeeper, was stationary (most powerful moment) conjunct at 27 Sag, the degree of the galactic center, last Thursday/Friday. That only happens once every few millenia. What timing! What a spirit!...Fly, brother! with my deepest respect and love
Posted by Lisa Geren on April 11, 2017
Dear Michael,
Thank you for the grace, wisdom and laughter you so freely shared as well as the gift of your presence and wonderful teachings. You are forever treasured.
Posted by Mohinder Sikka on April 11, 2017
Inspiring leader and a genius at work

Michael, I miss you. I miss your creative thinking, open mind and a wonderful world full of possibilities. You were the change agent and a true believer in technology for a better world.

You had such strong spirit that I thought you will always be there with us. Thank you for the joyful and impactful work we achieved together.

Just on Thursday, I watched the movie (InnSaei) on intuition , and thought a lot about you and your influence on my work choices. Wanted to reach out to know how you were doing. But so is life. Countless wishes.

To Michael's Friends:

I feel lucky to have associated with Michael and learn so much together, and go through these awesome experiences through joint work.

From a chance meeting in 2005 at a customer site, where Michael was the consultant and I was representing a vendor, we hit it off on a professional and personal relationship lasting a decade. Through various projects together, from fields in Kansas tracing sources of corn, to operating floors in hospitals fighting hospital errors, and in boardrooms of tech companies vowing them with visions of future, we achieved a lot and built memories of a life time. Working with Anna and others, Michael was always the brightest, sunny and generous leader, overflowing with creativity and ideas.

Michael was truly inspiring and a genius at his work.

Wish peace and solace to Michael's family.
Posted by Beth Zamichow on April 11, 2017
Michael, I'm so grateful to have known you and been able to spend time with you. Your vast wisdom and caring and giving nature has touched me deeply to my roots. I will miss you in this life.
Posted by Zena McCartney on April 11, 2017
Dear Dad,

You were the best man, father and person anyone had the pleasure of knowing. I know where-ever you are now you are holding a special space for me and you to be together forever. You are my inspiration, light and love. You are the only person I have ever met to never judge anyone. You truly love me unconditionally. You have completed your lived work by helping others and everyday I strive to do the same. Thank you for everything you gave the world. Your always in my heart and remember... "no one will ever love the way I love you."
I will never let you go daddy


'Mini Mike' aka Zena McCartney Daughter to Michael McCartney
Posted by Fabi Addamo on April 11, 2017
Dear Michael, thank you for being love.
Posted by Reed Harvey on April 10, 2017
Your calm, reassuring presence, your generosity and your extraordinary gifts as an intuitive, healer and teacher helped many people, including me. Thank you. You are missed.

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