He was a generous and loving friend: long distance, on the phone, on the golf course... everywhere
  • 64 years old
  • Born on June 7, 1950 .
  • Passed away on January 11, 2015 in Pompey, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our friend, Michael Meehan, 64, born on June 7, 1950 and passed away on January 11, 2015. We remember him fondly.  

Please Note: this site is from friends of Mike and is not a Meehan family memorial site.  We fully respect the Meehan family's domain for handling Michael's passing, but a few of his friends wanted to do something specifically for his friends.

Michael Meehan

Michael Meehan has always been known to his friends and family as a dear man who possessed a gentle and kind soul.  He lived simply and worked hard relying on the principles of integrity, loyalty and kindness to guide him each day.

He lived by these principles to the day he died and he exemplified these qualities by sticking by his friends and caring for his partner through good times and bad.

Michael, 64, passed away suddenly at his home on January 11 in Pompey Center, New York.  He worked for many years at GHD, formerly Stearns-Wheeler, in Cazenovia, NY, one of the world's leading professional services companies operating in global markets of water, energy and resources.  Michael was a key resource at the Cazenovia location for three plus decades.

He grew up in Fayetteville, New York and graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in 1968 and also attended SUNY at Oswego.

Mike loved to golf and he had a beautiful sweet swing.  One of the greatest memories of Mike for his friends and family was playing golf with Mike who was quietly, but fiercely competitive and just hated to lose.  He happily played 27 holes of golf with his brother Dennis this past Christmas day.

His many friends will miss his gentle manner, Irish sense of humor and handsome good looks.  He is survived by his parents, Robert and Mary, a brother Dennis and three sisters: Sally, Merilee and Mindy.  Michael recently lost his long time partner, Kathy, to an illness.

Please remember Michael in your prayers.



Posted by Carol Booth on 12th January 2019
It is so hard to describe the feeling of missing someone. Michael’s still present for me, even though he’s not physically here, in a space full of memories and feelings from many years ago. I was lucky to meet him and lucky to have him as a friend for so many years.
Posted by Dudley Larus on 11th January 2019
Another January 11 Mike was and still is a big part of my everyday life. At this stage in my life, it has become clear that friends like Mike are once in a life time. Having a friend like Mike won't happen again. But, I should and will be warmed that it did. Where ever your spirit is, hope you are doing well. Dud
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 10th January 2019
It's hard to believe that Mike's been gone four years. I think of him often, and the opportunities for some late-life fun that we missed out on. We won't be attending a Mass tomorrow in his memory...Mom & Dad aren't well enough to do that anymore...but sisters Sally & Merrilee are down here in Florida right now, so we'll likely have some lively conversation about "good-old times" with our brother. Denny
Posted by Carol Booth on 23rd October 2018
I thought I had lost this link but have found it again so am writing belated birthday thoughts of Michael. It’s serving to remind me how forgiving and flexible a friend he was - it didn’t matter if we’d talked or emailed recently or there were many months in between. He was always ready to pick up the conversation and be engaged. I do think of him and miss him much more often than the twice a year I try to post here. He was a good, good person and a special one.
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 7th June 2018
Happy Birthday Brother...wherever you are!
Posted by Dudley Larus on 11th January 2018
Thinking of you Mike, this day as always. You are never far away. Your friend Duds
Posted by Carol Booth on 11th January 2018
I’m thinking of Mike today and feeling sorry I can’t share things going on in my life with him and hear stories from his. He made it easy to be friends and keep a feeling of connection. I miss him.
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 10th January 2018
The name of this Memorial Website says it best....."Forever Missed"! A Mass in Mike's memory will be celebrated tomorrow morning, January 11th at 8:30 AM. Mom, Dad, Diane, & I will attend. Hard to believe it's been 3 years! Brother Den
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 7th June 2017
Every time I think of Mike, I think of what a shame it is that he's not with us today...not able to enjoy the rest of a life cut short. If he had relocated to the Sunshine State (which was a possibility), I wouldn't have to constantly worry about who I'm playing golf with this week...we would at least have had a two-some! As strange as this may sound....every time I need to hit a good shot, I say a little prayer to him, and most often he comes through for me! Wonder if they golf in Heaven?! Brother Den
Posted by Jerry Severino on 7th June 2017
Happy birthday, Mike! Thinking of b'day cake and ice cream parties in the neighborhood followed by a killer kickball game in your backyard. Peace, brother.
Posted by Carol Booth on 7th June 2017
I still feel a hole in my life where my friendship with Michael used to reside. It is so reassuring to have the stability of long term friendships and shared memories, and I miss that. But most of all, I just miss Michael - his enormous heart, his gentleness, his humor, his willingness to listen, and his wisdom. I was so lucky to know him and have him for a friend for so long.
Posted by Dudley Larus on 7th June 2017
Happy Birthday Mike! Miss being able to convince you to join me on fun golf trips all over the place.
Posted by Jerry Severino on 11th January 2017
As time goes by the saddness remains. I am reminded to pay more attention to the most tender friendships. I was lost for awhile. You taught me much, Michael. This lesson is much appreciated. Wish you were here to share 2017 with all of us. You are dearly missed and loved, my brother.
Posted by Carol Booth on 11th January 2017
It shouldn't be surprising to me how often I think of Michael - he was the first boy I truly loved. The fact that we were still friends 47 years later is a a tribute to his forgiving, constant nature, his open mind and his open heart. I 'm still in a bit of shock that he's gone and I willl always miss him.
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 10th January 2017
I won't forget the Christmas Day just before Mike passed away 2 years ago. He & I played 27 holes of golf at a local course here in the Port Charlotte area. Very enjoyable...as expected, nobody was out that morning. When I think back to that vacation, we actually played golf 5 of the 7 days that he was down here in Florida. Anyhow...several weeks ago with Mike in mind, myself and Greg Dane (Mike's Brother-in-Law) duplicated that experience. Felt like Mike was watching over us that day...for me in particular, helping out with a few shots I normally might not have made. Still loved...still missed! Brother Den
Posted by Carol Booth on 7th June 2016
I've been thinking this week as Michael's birthday approached about how much I miss him in my life. We were almost always in touch around our birthdays, which meant that twice a year at least, no matter what was going on, we wrote or emailed and caught up. There were times when we were in closer touch and times when that sufficed but the steadiness of his presence in my life was a reassuring comfort. He was a thoughtful, smart and dear friend and I miss him very much.
Posted by Dudley Larus on 7th June 2016
My thoughts of Mike are pretty constant and consistent.. he is never far away from me. ...but during a week or two in June.. was a special time as three friends who have been close since we were kids all have Birthdays. Mike started us off on the 7th, then me and then Jerry S 10 days after Mike. The band of brothers. Mike was a quiet person, but for being so reserved, he was also the best communicator in our group. As Carol said, he would take the effort to keep in touch and he would pick up the phone or send a note. Hearing from Mike was always special. I still thank Mike for my good golf shots and good things that happen to me. He's my better angel still trying to lift me up.. I truly believe.
Posted by Jerry Severino on 7th June 2016
Happy Birthday, my Gemini brother Mike. Traits common to that sign of the Zodiac...gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas are all so true. Forgive me for not paying enough attention. Always, my neighborhood friend. JD
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 7th June 2016
Mike would have been 66 today...a date he had talked about hopefully retiring. As we know, he was an extremely hard worker... well liked by all fellow GHD employees. Such a shame that he's not with us in person. Knowing that he's watching over us gives some consolation! Brother Den
Posted by Mindy McKinney on 14th January 2016
Remembering my brother Mike a year after his passing--his love, kindness, compassion, and generosity--he continues to be an inspiration for me. How lucky am I that he is a part of my life?
Posted by Dudley Larus on 11th January 2016
Remembering Mike today even though I think of him everyday. He is still a constant in my life and that may be his biggest legacy for me.. I still feel his friendship. Thanks Mike
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 11th January 2016
Just like the assassination of JFK and the falling of the Twin Towers, I will always remember where I was when I heard about the passing of my Brother. He had just been visiting with us in Florida 10 days earlier, so it was unfathomable to hear news that he was gone. Still hard to believe! Fortunately, he is close to us at the Memorial Garden...and will always be close to us in spirit.
Posted by Thomas Carroll on 11th January 2016
The framed picture of Mike, Dudley, Jerry and I at our golf outing, not that many years ago, sits on my book shelf across my my deck and I think of what a good time that was and miss that we won't do it again. To Our Absent Brother.
Posted by Jerry Severino on 11th January 2016
Mike, how I long for one more chance to play golf with you, to break bread and enjoy a beverage, to marvel at your infectious smile and bold laughter. Miss you friend
Posted by Dudley Larus on 11th January 2016
To Dennis' post,... It was a tough time...... I remember exactly where I was, what the room looked like, how I felt. .. in cold and snowy Toronto, in a hotel room when I got a call from Jerry. Then, I had to go to work the next day with a bunch of contentious customers squabbling. Thought I had dreamed it and it was not real. I had to try to keep focus. At dinner that night I remember telling one of my team that my best friend just passed suddenly, but the subject was dropped quickly because its hard for people to deal with things like that...except for me continuing to ponder. It was tough time for everyone I know. But, I am happy for Mike now. He is OK. He is in a good place.
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 9th January 2016
On January 16th, an evening Mass intention has been arranged to mark the one-year anniversary of Michael's passing. He continues to be sorely missed by us all.
Posted by Dennis Meehan on 20th May 2015
On Saturday May 16th, 2015 a Memorial Golf Outing was held in Michael's honor at the Cazenovia Country Club. A total of 78 people...family, friends, and former GHD co-workers...came together for this event. Stories and anecdotes from Mike's life were shared amongst those in attendance. It was a truly special opportunity to revisit so many of the qualities that made Mike such a good guy. A few photos from that day have been added.
Posted by Richard Brown on 25th February 2015
It was with much sadness that I learned yesterday, Feb. 24, that Michael had died. Mike was my Best Man at my wedding on New Year's Eve in 1984. He was working for me when he was offered a job at Stearns and Wheeler. I have found memories of Michael, and you too, Dudley, working on painting projects of mine. Hello to you too, Jerry. I wish his friends could have gotten together at the time of his death, but I respect the wishes of his family. He was one of the good guys and will be greatly missed.
Posted by Kristen Rulison on 13th February 2015
Mike and I went way back to grade school at Immaculate Conception. There was the Big Five (boys) and the Little Five (girls) and we had all kinds of fun hanging out together. We go our separate ways, lose touch but never forget our roots, where we came from and who was an important part of our lives. I last saw Mike at the FM 25th reunion in 1993 and he came up and gave me a big hug, it was just as if time stood still. I have never forgotten him and never will.
Posted by Dudley Larus on 3rd February 2015
For me, Mike was always special.Whether it was the twinkle in his eye or knowing that being with him was going to be a fun time in some way. When you were with Mike, there was no need to talk. Talking was optional. It was kind of understood that talking was not always necessary. Friends kind of tuned into each other and words were exchanged occasionally and when we did speak, it was almost like.."I know you already knew that".. to say the obvious or just laugh. One vacation we took, Mike introduced a phrase for the whole trip: 'Nothing but the best'. It meant that on this trip it was going to be nothing, but the best for us. It manifested itself in little ways, not ostentatiously as was Mike's way, but it was the attitude of taking care of each other he brought to our getting together. I've forgotten most of that trip, but not Mike saying that to us. He was and is a brother.
Posted by Jerry Severino on 2nd February 2015
Mike and I go way back...to kindergarten...to the Southfield Drive neighborhood...Immaculate Conception Elementary and more. He is my oldest, childhood friend. My memories are resurfacing daily. We explored the woods, creeks and remote areas of Fayetteville as boys and seriously competed in backyard kickball, wiffle ball and badminton contests. Home run derby was the best! It is only now that I can let go of the frustration that often came from our battles...and his victories. As adults we went our separate ways, rarely making time to reconnect. I deeply regret that, but remain grateful for the few recent opportunities we had to get away on a golfing trip with Dudley, Tom and Jim. There will always be a hole in my heart because he left so suddenly. We all wish we could have been more helpful, but the truth is that everyone walks their own path. Some more serenely and quietly than others. Mike's path was spiritual and private. I'm guessing he is a happy and relieved man now. Always buddy...

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