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Michael Offei Kwafo
  • 60 years old
  • Date of birth: May 2, 1953
  • Date of passing: Apr 29, 2014
Let the memory of Michael be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Kwafo, 60, born on May 2, 1953 and who passed away on April 29, 2014. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Afua Serwa Brenya on 4th May 2017

"Mike I keep wondering if i will ever forget about you
I know for a fact that you were a gem in my life
For all the moments we shared together i will always cherish.Only God knows why He took you away
May you continue to rest in the alms of our dear Lord.You are special
Happy Birthday
Your memory lives on"

This tribute was added by Afua Serwa Brenya on 4th May 2017

"Mike I keep wondering if i will ever forget about you
I know for a fact that you were a gem in my life
For all the moments we shared together i will always cherish.Only God knows why He took you away
May you continue to rest in the alms of our dear Lord.You are special
Happy Birthday
Your memory lives on"

This tribute was added by Afua Serwa Brenya on 4th May 2017

"Mike I keep wondering if i will ever forget about you
I know for a fact that you were a gem in my life
For all the moments we shared together i will always cherish.Only God knows why He took you away
May you continue to rest in the alms of our dear Lord.You are special
Happy Birthday
Your memory lives on"

This tribute was added by Margaret Andrews on 3rd May 2017

"Wishing you peace - never forgotten, always in my thoughts
Birthday Greetings!"

This tribute was added by Nyaniba Ndow on 30th April 2017

"Rest in absolute perfect peace............ Always remembered!!!!"

This tribute was added by Nyaniba Ndow on 2nd May 2016

"Uncle Michael... Wishing you a dearest birthday.... A blessing to have had you as an uncle! Rest in absolute perfect peace"

This tribute was added by Abdallah Baba on 29th April 2016

"Dear Mike,
We all miss you, I personally miss your kindness, I know you always with a smiling face.
Mike, we feel that are still here with us, discussing about the life, and bout your project in Ghana, especially in your farm and thehouse  lighting with solar energy. I remember all that, and will never forget your phone when you were in London calling me to wish me Aid Mubarak.
I never forget that, you were special person, I belive that. We are truly sorry for your loss.
May the soul of the dearly departed rest in peace, may my prayers help guide you on your journey to our Creator.  Abdallah Baba"

This tribute was added by Augusta Morton on 29th April 2016

"God bless you Michael, wherever you are, know that you are truly missed.
Your space is still empty!
Rest in Perfect Peace
Nana Ofebea of Salem"

This tribute was added by Martha Carew on 29th April 2016

""Oga Mike its already 2years just like yesterday. We shall continue to remember you now and always."

This tribute was added by Diana Ahene on 29th April 2016

"Yes indeed, Mike, you are forever missed.  Trust you are very happy with Our Maker and beaming with your usual contagious smiles.   Continue to rest in perfect peace.  It is well!

Diana, Yehowada and Yehowahi Boye Sekan"

This tribute was added by Sandra Pepera on 4th May 2015

"A year already!  Lit a candle to you and your much loved Tante Kwafoa this weekend.  Smiled and remembered both of you and your mischiefs.  It is well, it is well with my soul.  Much love, Sandra"

This tribute was added by Margaret Andrews on 3rd May 2015

"It's hard to believe that a whole year has gone by and you are missed as though your passing was yesterday. Be at peace Michael, your beautiful spirit and warm personality are unforgettable. You will always be in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Bola Hollist on 2nd May 2015

"Couz: Happy birthday!
Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May Michael's soul, through the mercy of God, continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Nyaniba Ndow on 1st May 2015

"Tonton Michael.... Tu nous manques!!! Forever in our memories.. Rest in Peace...."

This tribute was added by Nadia Beji on 29th April 2015

"Coucou mon ami je suis sûre que tu es sous un cocotier entouré par des amis en buvant une bière comme tu me l'avais toujours dit à propos de ta retraite. Tu n'es jamais parti tu resteras toujours permis nous avec ton sourire ta générosité et ta bonne éducation il n'y aura jamais ton égal.repose en paix mon ami"

This tribute was added by Tunde Adenibi on 29th April 2015

"Dear Mike,

The tears have actually stopped pouring by the bucket but they have not quite dried up yet .... one sad year has passed since you slipped into eternity; full of living of course, as I believe you'd have wished - births and deaths; laughter; dancing; eating; falling out and making up; attending church; returning to Abidjan and so on - but sadder for your no longer being a physical presence, a human voice; your chuckle, now an eternal audible silence ....

I went to Aburi and I saw and now, I can appreciate your dream. The far away look as your face lit up when you described your vision for the place ... you are there, resting, forever at peace.  

You are missed, Michael, but the uplifting memories of exemplary integrity and selflessness; of your infectious and mirthful sense of humour; of your dignity remain, ever vivid.

The 'family' will convene to reminisce and celebrate your life. Sleep on in perfect peace mate.


This tribute was added by Afissatou Akadiri on 29th April 2015

"En cette journée anniversaire de ton départ pour l’autre monde, je garderai toujours en mémoire l'image de toi toujours aussi joviale, ta générosité et ta joie de vivre qui sont et resteront pour moi et pour plusieurs d’entre nous un exemple. Je souhaite qu'au milieu de ces larmes, nous puissions esquisser un sourire de fierté en nous disant : "c'était quelqu'un de bien, mon cher frère Mike".
Repose en Paix."

This tribute was added by Martha Carew on 29th April 2015

"Oga Mike as you are fondly called by my hubby. How time flies its already 1yr. As we all continue to remember and cherish the good times we shared we pray that the good Lord will continue to guard and protect the family you left behind.
We shall continue to remember you."

This tribute was added by Judith Ofori on 29th April 2015

"Tonton Michael…….
A year has flown by and one can hardly believe you are gone, gone forever…… YOU ARE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS!!!
A year ago I wrote this………
You are at peace and it is well.
What a blessing you were to all the people you knew.  
Such a humble man who gave, and gave and gave!! I remember a couple of years ago, I was trying to pack some pictures in Tunis for my son Senyo to take to London for me, I could not get a carton into which the pictures would fit properly. Uncle Dotse and I searched and searched, then Uncle Dotse said, let me call Michael… You said, I will look around and get back to you! Within half an hour, your Jeep was packed outside our place then you came out with these cartons.. the pictures fitted perfectly; when we asked where/how did you get the odd size cartons? You just smiled and said, you see, I knew these will be useful one day, I bought them, and had them for a long time, now … you see… they are useful! That was Tonton Michael.
You were a joy to anyone who came into contact with you! Always gentle, always kind, and the very best, and quintessentially British!!!  My sisters and nieces who only met you once at my birthday do in Accra were shocked and said, ohh, uncle Mike, that very nice man? How is this possible?
Tonton Michael, a gentleman who had great taste, always polite, always gentle, a man with great appetite and made every meal look as if it came from a Michelin star restaurant! Even when he was on no salt, no pepper diet at clinic La Soukra, Tunis, he will tell us the food is great!!! Philo Coompson and I would ask, Tonton Mike, how can you say a salt and pepper free chicken or meat stew or soup is ‘very nice’; and you would just laugh and say, ‘look at my plate I have polished it off’, and indeed you would have finished the whole plate!!!
We miss you so much! We miss your calls…. Tantie JUUUDITH, the way you prolong the name.  our occasional Sunday lunches; the way you turn to Kofi in church and say to him, Kofi, tantie Judith has just sent a text, ‘lunch is sorted, now concentrate on the sermon’!
You bore pain with dignity, and always put on a smile and tell people, I am fine, when you are not! I remember Easter Sunday, when we visited you, you were in bed, obviously in pain but chatted for the whole time, all the plans for the future, - the Bushmaster, our retreat and relaxation spot in Aburi! All the pictures showing the progress of the project, going through each of them, telling story after story of the pictures, and your passion for the house! You said, I will be on the mountain and call you to come up from the valley in Michael Camp, as food is ready, then we can have our chilled beer, wine and have some mangoes for dessert! Little did we know that was going to be our very last proper chat – It was hard when Kofi call us at dawn the following day that uncle Mike is not very well. We prayed for your recovery, we prayed to God to take care of you.
Yes, none of us expected you to leave so quickly, it was ‘like joke’ using the Ghanaian parlance! You slipped away peacefully and were looking particularly handsome!
Your memorial service in Tunis and your send off at Cartharge airport is testimony of how highly you were regarded. The coach loads of friends and colleagues who came to bid you farewell on your journey home to Ghana. Grown men weeping uncontrollably, some hiding their tears under sunglasses!! I don’t think ADB has ever seen anything like this or will ever see this. You touched countless number of people.
Tonton Mike, Rest in Perfect and well deserved Peace. He de nyuie! Mawu ne yra wo!
Tantie JUUUDITH (Judith OFORI)"

This tribute was added by Kadi Bah on 23rd June 2014

"My dear Friend, my Dear big Brother Michael,
I knew that you were sick but for me the worst was behind us.
When I saw you last October in Tunis after many years, you were just the Michael I have always known   : Smiling, friendly, positive attitude, encouraging and carrying.
Each time I have the feeling that I couldn't make it in my life, I am thinking about what you used to tell me : " Kadi, please be patient, God is with you, just focus & pray, the rest will come from his end"
You were right indeed. Michael, you are a Son of God and to him you have returned my Dear Friend. May God bless you  with a restful peace in the other world.
We will miss you forever"

This tribute was added by Abdallah Baba on 13th June 2014

"Mr. Michael was a great friend for me since 2007. I meet Mr. Michael when he was searching for Solar Energy Components to be installed at his home country. From that time, he became my real friend.
Mr. Michael, I miss you so much, we spent excellent time together in Tunis discussing for building your dream, the solar lighting systems at your home, also, for your colleagues. You asked me several to make design and installation kits for solar lighting systems for your colleagues and for several African countries.
You were very friendly, you loved all people working with you. Your supported all your colleagues.
I remember you all the time smiling, I never forget you, when you called me from London at our Aid Muslim occasion, and I was very sad, when you informed me about your health. I pried for you and asking God for you.
Michael, thanks for knowing you, may you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Beverley Brown on 13th June 2014

"Blessed Are The Peacemakers

My Ital Brother has passed - Hallelujah
I'll remember you my kind gentle giant   - epitome of spirit first and effortless humanity.

My Ital brother has passed - Hallelujah
I'll remember your wide embracing smile (like Ma's)
Putting everyone at ease with your very presence
Omitting vibes of calm, acceptance - protecting.

My Ital brother has passed - Hallelujah
despite pain and adversity your insightful wisdom, patience, optimism and courage
stood the test of time

My Ital brother has passed - Hallelujah
Your  Heaven bears no comparison to this Earth.
So Rest in HIS Peace and Glory.
Your light shineth forever this side
Beckoning to all that know and love you.

Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall inherit the Earth

Your Ital Daata - BEV."

This tribute was added by Margaret Andrews on 12th June 2014

"Dearest Michael, you made a strong impression all those years ago when we first met when Ellen was a young student, and you continued to be this dignified, charismatic elder brother. Your warmth and ease of personality will be missed and my heartfelt sympathy to Ellen, Fred and the rest of your family."

This tribute was added by Kwadwo Koram on 12th June 2014

"Yes, we will forever miss you, Monsieur Kwafo.  RIP"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Mensah on 10th June 2014

"Mike, the news of your passing came to us as a shock. Only about a year ago at your beloved Aburi cottage we were celebrating your recovery. You looked great and all doubts about your  health had dissipated. Little did we know..., but God knows best. Mike, the perfect gentleman, rest in eternal peace"

This tribute was added by Alain Ekpo on 3rd June 2014

"Dans notre groupe, nous prenions très souvent plaisir à parler de "la formation Kwafo". Cela nous rappelait notre entrée à la BAD. En fait, la "formation Kwafo" n'était rien d'autre que la période d'inducton après notre recrutement à la BAD à Tunis. Michael prenait tout son temps pour expliquer le fonctionnement de la Banque, la vie en Tunisie, avec un calme dont il est le seul à avoir le secret. à moi, il m'appelait toujours "mon jeune frere de jacqueville". Je suis orginaire de jacqueville. Jacqueville est une petite ville à une soixantaine de km d'Abidjan mais dont on ne peut accéder en voiture qu'en empruntant un bac, en raison de son enclavement par la mer et la lagune ébrié.  Michael avait beaucoup apprécié cette petite ville ... c'était en fait chez lui. Je lui disait que bientot le Gouvernement construirait un pont pour rendre l'accès plus facile et que je l'inviterait à redécouvrir jacquville. Hélas, Dieu en a décidé autrement... Grand frère Michael, repose en paix."

This tribute was added by Albert Atta on 28th May 2014

"It was impossible to meet Mike and not be impacted by him. People like him are very rare. Qualities that people spend a lifetime unsuccessfully trying to attain, seemed to flow so naturally and effortlessly through him. He was so loving, kind, gentle, joyful, peaceful, self controlled, humble and full of life. In all the years I knew him, I never saw or heard him explode in the face of difficult or trying circumstances.
     Our paths first crossed when we were introduced to each other by Yane Sangare, the then head of the English Service of Radiodifussion Ivoirienne in 1983. We became instant friends and from that time on, I became a beneficiary of Mike's big heart and smile, his amazing generosity and heartfelt encouragement and humour even in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties.
     He had not embarked on his career with the ADfB then. He was a young man trying to find his feet with a very young family. But even then he threw open his home with such open-hearted hospitality. And after working his way up through the American Embassy in Abidjan and on to the ADB, his selflessness seemed to multiply rather than reduce. To Mike, a friend was for life. I met people he had known closely since his student days in North London.
     He was an ardent supporter of my efforts to carve out a living as an actor (in the 80s) and would not only financially back some of my Abidjan productions but would be cheering me up in the front seat with Raymonde and little Tekyiwa. Until I finally married and settled in England, Mike's home in Abidjan was open to me each time I stopped over in the Ivory Coast with a production or to rest from my travels. And until he left for Tunis, his garden shed was a store to some of my theatre/scenery props.
     He was more than just a friend.  
     Reading the tributes to him, it is not at all surprising to see that he touched all who came into contact with him. He was a gift to mankind. Though I am shocked and saddened that he has left so soon, I am particularly encouraged and overjoyed to learn that in his last days he enjoyed a close walk with God.  When all is said and done, it is the most important aspect of our lives.
     So until the final trump call, sleep well my brother till we meet again. How I miss you so!

Albert Kwesi Akonu Atta"

This tribute was added by Oliver Quaye on 26th May 2014

"Expéditeur: Kamel in Tunis
Objet: Michael kwafo

Cher mon ami Michael !
It has been a very difficult moment for me since I was informed of your passing. It was with deep sadness and big shock for me,because you were a great listener, full of wisdom and great advice; nice grand smile and were an absolute gentleman.  Mike thank you very much for all the encouragement you gave me that surely contributed to remember you for ever and ever; but I will cherish memories of your kindness ,smiles,and loyalty to all.  Mike you are a loss for everyone ! Humanity will miss you my dear but don't worry, your light will continue to shine here.  I admire you I will miss your good sense of humor so I pray for you, rest in mercy rest in the eternal peace till we meet again! Adieu Mike adieu mon ami tu vas rester bien grave dans notre memoire . Your faithful the real estate agent for ADB in Tunis - Kamel."

This tribute was added by Tom Roberts on 21st May 2014

"Michael had an amazing respect for people in that he remembered people's names. Like most other staff at the Bank, I was led around the ATR and EPI by Michael in late April 2004 when I joined the institution. Michael knew the name of absolutely everyone whom he saw and he introduced me to them. He was great at making people feel like they belonged at the AFDB.  He later gave me opportunities to pay back when new staff arrived and by then I was in SEGL and this became one of my responsibilities fulfilled most, but not all, of the time for Cecilia. Michael gave people lots of space to be themselves. What a sad day that he passed on at the time he should have been retiring. But he may have wanted it that way, as he loved his ADB family and may have had a hard time to leave them. Of course his own family would always be his first concern, but given the amount of time we spend together in ADB, we develop an extended family. Love to you Michael, and thanks for being yourself."

This tribute was added by Françoise Mangle Nouama on 20th May 2014

"Bien cher Mike,

Que rajouter à des hommages aussi éloquents?
Je tiens pourtant à partager l'expérience que j'ai faite de ta grande générosité de coeur, durant la crise de 2011 de la CI. Tu as spontanément accepté de m'aider à trouver, en un temps record, un logement temporaire à Accra pour des membres de ma famille.
En t'exprimant ma gratitude infinie pour cette leçon de vie, je renouvelle ma sincère compassion à tes proches et notamment à Raymonde (mon ex-collègue) et à Francis (ton ami et frère). Que le Seigneur les console."

This tribute was added by Oulimata KANE on 19th May 2014

"Cher Mike,

Merci de nous avoir enrichis par ton éternel sourire et ta gentillesse. Je prie Dieu de m'aider à ne jamais oublier de dire une prière pour toi à chaque fois que ton souvenir me reviendra. Vus les témoignages plus que concordants, unanimes, je suis confiante quant au voyage que tu viens d'entamer. Repose en paix."

This tribute was added by Albert-Eneas Gakusi on 14th May 2014

"Michael, une grande leçon d'humilité et d'humanité. Que tu reposes en paix. Eneas"

This tribute was added by MRABET Hend on 13th May 2014

"Sincere condolences & heartfelt sympathies to the family. Hend Mrabet"

This tribute was added by Rev.Jesse Gibson on 12th May 2014

"Wow, Brother Mike, you have traveled the journey, may the Lord keep. R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Femi Bolaji on 12th May 2014

"Michael aka Tonton Mike, you became an AfDB 'institution' in your own right. An institution built with bricks of kind acts and gallant deeds. Ever ready to take in a 'stray', a great listener full of wisdom and great advice. All with that baritone, grand smile and gentle air. You were an absolute gentleman - innate not acquired.

Your daughter and wife were lucky to have you. We are glad they let us - your friends from near & far share a part of you.

Sleep tight Tonton Mike, Adei will probably groan when she sees you. I know she wouldn't have expected you 'so soon'. I can just hear her now saying with a big smile; "what, you again"....."

This tribute was added by Alisand Singogo on 12th May 2014

"My dear gentle friend its hard to believe you wont be back with the baritone voice and beaming smile.

Rest in peace my friend"

This tribute was added by Papa & Ataa Nii Boye Sekan on 11th May 2014

"Uncle Mike was a powerhouse. My brother and I had met him many times before but we had the unique opportunity of bonding with him in the summer of London, 2012.

The one thing he taught us that springs readily into our minds is resilience. Everyday, he advised us to persevere through life, no matter the circumstances, difficulties, obstacles and turbulent conditions. Just press on!  The nuggets of wisdom he shared with us during our occasional strolls in the neighborhood in the cool dusk air remain firmly in our minds and hearts and we promise never to forget them.

We admire you. We remember you. We pray for you.

We love you.

Rest in perpetual bliss."

This tribute was added by OB Badger on 10th May 2014

"Heard Uncle Michael's name several times before I married into the family! During my wedding, he showed why he's a household name; the gifts were just amazing and in huge quantities; when I finally met him, he was soft spoken, full of inspiration and most of all exceptionally kind. He'll forever be remembered each time my little girl wakes up and wears her personalised dressing gown!

Uncle Michael will forever be missed by all the Badgers but we find solace in the fact that he rests in the bosom of God and we shall one day meet again, reunited with his fondness and enduring love.

You led a great life and put up a good fight but your work is done and you have been called by thy maker!
We shall forever miss you! Torshie will miss you and the great games you played with her!

Rest in peace Uncle, till we meet again
Rest in Perfect Peace"

This tribute was added by Augusta Morton on 10th May 2014

"Offei Tunis Tonton Mike, Slow Release!
A few of the affectionate nick name that we shared. I am sitting here reading through some of your tributes and it just heartens me to note that I was not the only person who loved and was charmed by your exceptional qualities as a human being. I was right to see you as a special cousin.
You and I share a very  special bond because we were named after the same person, our grandfather.
Ashong and I were reminiscing this morning and the memories were endless. Our wedding, your wedding, visits to Abidjan, Tunis and lately London.  Making fun of you because you loved to cook and talk about food but ate very little portions!  Too many to recall.  We will dearly miss you, Offei Tunis!
May God who knows you best keep you in His loving arms till we meet again. I am sure you're entertaining the angels and saints up there!
Love you dearly
Auge Boge, Auge Ghana - Nana Ofebea of Salem! and
Nii Ashong ("Ga Mantse")"

This tribute was added by Diana Ahene on 9th May 2014

"It has been a very difficult moment for me since I was informed of your passing. As one of your carers in London, I was excited that you went through your treatment successfully.  This moment then, was least expected now, but the smile on your face when I viewed your remains at the funeral home in Ghana, assures me that, it is well with your soul!   You visited me at my hostel even when you could barely walk, made several phone calls to check on how I was applying the learning strategies you shared.  Thank you very much for all the encouragement you gave me that surely contributed to the remarkable success in my studies in London.  My children were not left out – you paid equal attention to them when they visited and gave them good counsel.  Thanks once more!  Bro Ofei my irreplaceable cousin, take a good rest with the departed souls in the family, till we meet again. IT IS WELL!"

This tribute was added by Rhoda Bangurah on 9th May 2014

"Dear Mike,

Your smile and kind words will forever rest with me. Until we meet again, RIP my ECOWAS brother."

This tribute was added by Tunde Adenibi on 9th May 2014

"Dear Mike,

It's Babatunde ..... and yes, thanks, I am well, I think. But I'm not really... still too upset ...... still terribly upset because your pep talks and words of encouragement will be no more ....  I just feel so sorry that you won't get to enjoy the house you so passionately talked about ...... there'll be no invitation to the all night house warming party either ....... not now. Was it even finished, Michael? Will it ever be finished and become the home that was to mean so much to you? Was there enough time at all?
One of these days, when I make it to Ghana, I hope to visit the dream house in the hope that by seeing it, such as it is, life's struggles may begin to take on some meaning for me .... Till then, it's just lingering sadness and tears for a very kind guy. But alas, even those cannot bring you back....... ever."

This tribute was added by Setor Doe on 9th May 2014

"Your unmistakable genial demeanour, eloquence and aptitude always shone through.

We immediately struck up a friendship and with our birthdays falling on consecutive days we attributed the instant rapport to this. We even discussed having a joint bash celebrating your improved health and comemorating my 'big one' in Tunis or Abidjan. Our plan was never realised and all I can say is God knows best.

Dear Mike, rest peacefully in His arms.


This tribute was added by Stella Lawson-Coker on 8th May 2014

"Rest in peace Mike (Ghana Boy) as I fondly called you. You were so dedicated to your job. I will miss your good sense of humor. May God console your family and all of us who mourn."

This tribute was added by Oma Akpofure-Idris on 8th May 2014

"Michael Kwafo was a gentleman; it was an honour to have known him.

May his soul rest in perfect peace and may the Lord keep and comfort his family and friends so that over time their memories of him will become a source of comfort and even laughter, instead of sorrow and tears - Amen"

This tribute was added by Chrissie Jones on 8th May 2014

"I miss you, my brother Mike, the graceful diplomat and HR expert. On my first meeting with you in 1992, you told me you will call me Prudence - my middle name.  You kept your word and Prudence I was to you all my years at ADB.   I still hear that voice calling Prudence.    Thank you for caring for us as staff and becoming Tonton to our kids.   Yes, Pastor Kwame said it all so we will not mourn as people without hope.    Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to be a father to the fatherless so Francoise, your friend and daughter is fine.   Sleep on, my brother, Sleep and take your rest.   AMEN!!!"

This tribute was added by Sheila Enyonam AKYEA on 8th May 2014

"A gentleman par excellence….heaven just gained an angel. God bless your gentle soul Michael and receive you in his peaceful arms. RIP"

This tribute was added by Mamadou Sakho on 8th May 2014

"I first met Mike on April 28, 2009. I remember his smile. I remember his love and respect for others. Last time I met Mike was August. He still had that beautiful smile.
May he rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Ama Ewusiwa on 8th May 2014

"RIP Mr. Kwafo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Maimouna LY on 8th May 2014

"It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing away of Michael. I met Michael when I joined the Bank in 2005 at the time of the induction of the new staff and since that time he has always advised and
encouraged me. I particularly apreciated  Michael 's calm and courtesy.
Michael is a loss for the entire Bank's family.
we all pray for the Almighty to rest his soul in peace and provide the family with the necessary patience and acceptance.

Maimouna DIOP LY"

This tribute was added by Wangui wa Goro on 8th May 2014

"Fare well brother Michael.  You who looked after each and everyone and made us feel particularly special.  Thank you for the care you took of me when I joined the Bank and for remaining an older brother through-out, even while facing your illness.  Your kindness, professionalism and humanity will long be remembered.  Rest in mercy, rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Mary Kimani on 8th May 2014

"I knew you for too short a time. There was so much I wanted to hear and learn from you. The induction week was too short. We kept planning to have coffee, I was even supposed to see you before I left for Abidjan, it is that way with life, we always think we will have more time. I wish I had taken that time while it was there. Your light shone brilliantly in the Bank, and I would have loved to see the book you were going to write, but reading all the tributes above, I see you have written the book in our hearts.  Sleep well, till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Lamin Manneh on 8th May 2014

"Mike my brother, you are gone ahead but we will cherish memories of your kindness, smiles and loyalty to all. Your family can be proud for having given you to us.  We should also thank the Lord for having lent us someone like you over all these years. You have touched more lives than you would ever know. I could share here so many good memories, like how you reassured colleagues when we worked on the CORES programme in Abidjan but I will selfishly hoard those memories. God bless your loved ones that you have left behind."

This tribute was added by Christiane Bollo-Tema on 8th May 2014

"Très cher, pas facile d'accepter la séparation d'un collègue, d'un ami, d'un frère! Toi qui, jamais ne ménages ton temps lorsqu'il s'agit de rendre service! Merci de m'avoir rappeler en permanence mes origines - celles qui vont continuer à nous lier dans l'éternité. Puisse ton âme, si généreuse, reposée en paix dans la Lumière Divine.
Affectueusement.  Téma"

This tribute was added by Awa Bamba on 8th May 2014

"Michael's gentle words and ways will be dearly missed. He was strength, and provided calm and peace in the middle of chaos. He will always be remembered. May his soul rest in eternal peace with his Lord."

This tribute was added by Felix Njoku on 8th May 2014

"Go well Mike
Your light will continue to shine.
We love you but He loves you more
Until we meet again
Adieu, Mike."

This tribute was added by Chamunorwa Benjamin Chidyamoto on 8th May 2014

"Brother Mike, it was God's plan that we could meet at the Bank as we did , I am one of the many witnesses of what a gift you were not only to the ADB family but to man kind. Truly that booming voice is silent, that huge smile is no more, our sun has set. We take comfort in the knowledge that God has picked the brightest flower from His garden. R.I.P. my brother."

This tribute was added by Désiré Vencatachellum on 8th May 2014

"Dear Michael - Thanks for everything you  did for all of us. I am forever indebted to you."

This tribute was added by Zakhele Mayisa on 8th May 2014

"It is with deep sadness to hear about Mike Kwafo's passing on. I have known him for a year, he helped me to settle in Tunis in 2013 and prepared me very well for Abidjan. We will miss his professional service and most welcoming smile. So long and rest in peace. Zakhele Mayisa"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Akinwumi on 8th May 2014

"Once upon a time, I was in Tunis for a CHRM-sponsored new staff induction.That was approxmately a year ago. I met a soft-spoken, brotherly, gentle and helpful colleague. Brother Michael. He was full of life and very inspiring.  He transformed the formal class to an exciting and informal family gathering. His intervention was educative and informative. His support was effective and total. A Godly man with effectual smile, I believe you are resting in the bossom of the Lord. Rest in perfect peace. May your family have the fortitude to bear this great loss. We'll miss you. Humanity will miss you. Adieu, Bro Michael."

This tribute was added by Chi Tawah on 8th May 2014

"Hi brother Mike we met that day in the Medical centre and I was asking you how you were doing. I did not know that was the last I was ever going to hear of you. I recall that ride you gave me from the bank to La Soukra when I did not have my car and taxes were not available. I recall the constant smiles on your face even when times were tough. I recall how happy we were all when you returned to work from you long medical leave. We were all excited to see you telling you how much we had missed that your loving smile and always readiness to help. I can imagine who new to the ADB does not know you as you were our port of call for knowing not just the Bank also the town Tunis. We love you and would have liked you to be with us forever, but our Almighty God thinks otherwise. He loves you more and so would like to also spend the rest of His time with you. So, rest in perfect peace with the LORD. Peace be with your family as well."

This tribute was added by Laurette Dade Salerno on 8th May 2014

"It was such a choc to hear that Mickael passed. Eternal consolation in the presence of God. I was welcomed in the Bank by Mickael who always had a smile and a good conversation every time we met. He inspired respect and wisdom, and it's true that for him, everyone was important. I pray for his family. I share your sorrow. God is good."

This tribute was added by Daniel UGWOKE on 8th May 2014

"It was not only your elegance, intelligence or position that distinguished you.  For those of us who knew you from the African Development Bank, most interacted with you first during induction  and for only a week.  But the sense of consummate intimacy each had about you was always unending.  Definitely, the professionalism with which you did your work was not the only reason for this bond.  Your work was a life - it was effervescent, it was emphatic, it oozed with unrestrained love and care.  In the end, I am happy to testify that your work left Africa better than you met it, even if it is under sung.  

This tribute was added by Angela Nalikka on 8th May 2014

"RIP dear Michael"

This tribute was added by NGUINDA PIERRE on 8th May 2014

"Grand frère Michael
tu nous quitte sans nous dire véritablement au revoir, pourtant on s'est vu récemment... La cruauté de la vie sur terre en a décidé autrement. Heureusement, tu as bien fait ton devoir professionnel et humain sur terre et  ton départ précipité met fin à une période de souffrance pour faire place au repos éternel. Gloire à Dieu, Jésus Christ a bien fait de nous a envoyer le Saint Esprit pour nous réconforter. Puisse l'Esprit de Dieu agisse davantage dans la famille ainsi affligée au Nom de Jésus Christ.

Avec l'expression de mes sincères condoléances, auxquelles j'associe l'expression de ma profonde compassion."

This tribute was added by Dovi Amouzou on 8th May 2014

"Big brother… it is sad that you left us so early, but who are we to question God. Surely you left behind memories that are of eternal value. Your kindness, love and care are remarkable. Your love for life and selfless nature were always visible through your smile and laughter. May your soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Carles Soriano on 8th May 2014

"I arrived at the Bank almost 5 years ago and I was very lucky to meet Michael and his eternal smile. I was very sad to know he was sick and then very happy to see him back at the Bank. It is amazing to see how many people are touched but anyone thta had met him can fully understand that. Rest in peace great Mike."

This tribute was added by Kader Moussa COMOE on 8th May 2014

"Cher Mike,
Tu resteras à jamais gravé dans nos mémoires. Ton éternelle bonne humeur et ton sourire manquent tellement. Adieu."

This tribute was added by Dominique Mesnil on 7th May 2014

"Tonton Mike, tu nous manques tellement ! Lorsque j'ai appris la nouvelle, j'étais sous le choc. Je me suis mise à me rappeler tous les instants passés ensemble, ton sourire, le ton de ta voix, cette bonne humeur...
Comme dirait Leo Buscaglia:"Nous sous-estimons souvent le pouvoir d'un contact, d'un sourire, d'un mot gentil, d'une oreille attentive, d'un compliment sincère ou de la moindre attention ; ils ont tous le pouvoir de changer une vie". Tonton Mike, tu avais ce pouvoir là! Tu as changé de nombreuses vies avec le coeur que tu avais. Et tu es un peu en chacun d'entre nous.
Ce qui conforte, c'est que tu te reposes maintenant. Pour être franche, je suis un peu jalouse des anges que tu as rejoint car ils t'ont maintenant.
A bientôt Tonton Mike."

This tribute was added by Martha Carew on 7th May 2014

"Uncle Mike, it was a great shock to me when I heard of your passing on. Some days before your departure to London, you called and spent about an hour with me on the phone talking about so many things. You even asked if you were disturbing me with your call but I said no. I never knew you were saying good-bye to me. I now work down the corridor and no longer hear that loving and caring voice calling me "OLATUNJA" a nickname you gave me many years ago.
When I told Lizbeth that you fondly call "Miss Toulouse" she screamed "Whaaaat!". You even asked me to tell her that you shall be meeting in Abidjan and you'll be taking her to Basam for weekends. It only shows that even in your state of health you still think about everybody. My husband calls you "OGA MIKE" and you call him "Richy".
Your desk is next to mine in Abidjan but never to be occupied by you. You said the last time we spoke "Olatunja hold the fort, I am coming to join you in Abidjan".
You are so rare a person and "Richy, Olatunja, Damy and Miss Toulouse" miss you very much."

This tribute was added by donovan blair on 7th May 2014

"I too am deeply saddened to hear of my friend Mike's untimely passing. I met the big feller over 30 years ago in Abidjan whilst working for Phillips Oil Company. With a motley international crew of like minded individuals, we enjoyed high old times together drinking, dancing and putting the world to rights over a glass or six of finest Akpeteshie :)
Right now I know Mike will be looking down on us all, smiling that big smile of his and chuckling gently at all the fuss. A good, kind, supportive and loyal kind of chap, you will undoubtedly be missed by the many whose lives you touched. I sorely regret that I didn't get the chance to see you in Tunis
Take care big man and keep things grooving up there till I get to join you."

This tribute was added by Nyaniba Ndow on 7th May 2014

"Uncle Michael was so full of life. He was always so cheerful and totally uplifting. My memories of this great uncle are very vivid and I am very saddened by this. May your soul totally rest in peace uncle. N"

This tribute was added by Mike Amon-Kwafo on 6th May 2014

"My friend, my brother, my name sake, and a good human being. Michael Ofei Kwafo. When Dorothy came in tears and said Tonton Mike I for a moment did not want to hear anymore. If Tonton means tons of goodness then truly you'll always be Tonton Mike.

Guess I have to confront this sadness that will not go away. My unfinished painting on your wall, that flight from Dakar to Tunis that cannot happen anymore.  Guess we thought there was always time to do it another time.

A fine gentleman, one so full of concern for others and always so so graceful. You lived your life oh so quietly and we'll all remember you were such an incorrigible tease. But we loved it all. Allow me to spill, for life seems to lose all meaning. I know I'm not alone in my hurt. But I grieve deeply. Rest easy brother. Him who is faithful and true will see us through. The Lord Christ Jesus keep you,Tonton Mike. From Ofei."

This tribute was added by Amilcar Bilale on 6th May 2014

"I consider myself among the fortunate ones to be welcomed by you in Tunis. My heart is saddened and my thoughts and prayers are with you, Michael.
May your soul rest in peace"

This tribute was added by edward heinemann on 6th May 2014

"I am so very, very sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. He was an extraordinary and genuinely good man, like few others. He went out of his way for people as few others do; he was kind and gentle and generous to everyone he encountered; and he was a model and mentor for many. He had an amazing capacity to be at ease with everyone, and make anyone around him feel comfortable.  But he also had a great sense of humour and a huge appetite for life – and in the old days, for Saint James too. I’m proud to have had him as a friend for 25 years, and sad that I won’t get to spend any more time with him. But most of all I’m sorry that he’s been robbed of life at such a ridiculously young age and that he will never get the chance to do all the things he was looking forward to: going back to Abidjan and then on to Aburi where he wanted to write his memoirs and look out over the view.  Goodbye Mike."

This tribute was added by Tina Aboah-Ndow on 6th May 2014

"My cousin  Michael was such  a gentleman that I fell in love with him the very first time I saw him - not knowing he was my cousin! Michael became my male buddy, we could discuss any subject! Michael was such a comforting soul and he gave me  tremendous support while we were both living in Abidjan.  I cried and laughed many times on his shoulder. Michael, my children, Nyaniba, Nana-Adwo and Kwame are heart broken . You were their Tonton!  I will miss your gentle voice, beautiful smile  when you would call me by my nickname, Maame Red when we were younger and later on Tantie Tina! and you asking  me to cook Jollof rice because you are coming over. thank you for contributing to the final happiness of my dad when you paid him a visit at the hospital with the biggest bar of chocolate you could find - he ate it all till the final piece and he called it Ofei's chocolate. You will be greatly missed by all, Aunty Gladys, Aunty Mary, Sis Sophs, Sis Flore,  Richard and Charles. RIP my darling cousin, RIP.  You are free from suffering and in a peaceful and better place."

This tribute was added by Maria Pateguana on 5th May 2014

"Smiling and serene, full of good humor despite the heavy responsibilities he carried - that’s how I remember Michael. May you rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Jean-Philippe Anin on 5th May 2014

"Je me rappelle encore de ce jour, pendant l'induction tu m'a appelé pendant que je lisais un article et tu m'a demandé si j'etais Ghanéen j'ai dis non que j'étais ivoirien et tu m'a dis le nom ANIN c'est Ghanéen depuis lors tu m'appelais le Ghanéen toujours avec un sourire de père aimant. La dernière fois que je t'ai vu tu rentrais au Medical Centre de la Banque, j'ai senti la fatigue et la maladie te ronger, tu m'a salué pendant que tu sortais de ta voiture mais toujours avec ce sourire. Je m'en rappelle comme si c’était aujourd’hui, Hélas c’était ma dernière fois que je te voyais. Papa Kwafo tu avais promis qu'on se reverrai a Abidjan pour déguster un Garba ensemble. J'y vais et je t'attends..

Repose en Paix toi qui fut décoré avec un tonnerre d'ovations. Tu manqueras a la Banque Africaine de Developpement"

This tribute was added by Kwame Busumbru on 5th May 2014

"Message by Pastor Kwame BUSUMBRU – Memorial Service in Tunis on 2nd May, 2014

A few months ago, on the last Sunday when one of our members was leaving Tunis, he thanked Mike for recommending and bringing him to St. Georges to worship;  that brother represents many who have become members of our church through Mike’s introductions – from former AfDB VP Gantsho to some of the your newest members of staff of the AfDB! And he has been doing this for the past eleven years.  We are indebted to him.  I know where Mike usually sat in church and after services, would give me a good feedback – how he had been blessed by the service and message – at times using anecdotes like:   the message had real salt and pepper in it.
Mike had been on our prayer list for many months, especially when he travelled to London for the major treatment of his ailment, so you can imagine the joy of the St. George’s family and our gratitude to God when Mike returned to Tunis!!!! When after Easter we learnt that Mike had been rushed to the La Soukra clinic, he was one of the main topics of our prayer meeting exactly a week ago and after the meeting, three of us went to the clinic to visit him. Though he was obviously not well and in pain, when he saw us, he, as usual, tried to engage and chat and went so far as to ask me whether Jackie had received the message of encouragement he had left on her answering machine when he was recently in London for the medical review! That’s vintage Mike – even then, thinking about others!  We prayed with Mike and left so he could rest.  Four days later, Judith called me to urgently come to La Soukra clinic and we rushed there to find Mike who could no longer engage with us – gone to be with his Maker, a few minutes earlier!  We were and are heartbroken!

How do we console our dear sister Ellen and the family following the loss of such a dear brother; words will not be enough!  Someone said:  
Life is beautiful not only because of what we see or do                                                                                     Life is beautiful because of the people we meet!!  
The outpouring of grief is testimony of the personal loss for many people who met Mike.  Many people’s lives have been blessed because they met Mike. This world is a better place because Mike walked on this earth!  One of our sisters indeed echoes our sentiments when she describes Mike as “A graceful, eloquent and seasoned gentleman! He had a genuine love for people and was very dedicated to his job.” Sis Ellen, let me thank you again for having shared your dear brother with us all! May God help us who are alive today, to receive and serve people as your dear brother did,  - our own way of memorializing Mike.

God dey! Was one of the affirmations that Mike and I usually concluded our conversations, especially when he was undergoing medical treatment. God dey!  God is alive; God is strong, powerful, and indeed Almighty:  God is love, He is an extravagant God!  loving to the point of giving us his one and only son for our redemption and reconciliation with him. Remember whenever Mike met you, whether you are the cleaner or the President, he treated you as special and gave you his best self!  I can confidently say that Mike learnt this from his Maker and lover of his soul!  The Bible is clear that God loves the world, and it is primarily and fundamentally in the sense of He loving us humans. Rick Warren was spot on when in his book, The Purpose Driven Life, he said:  “You are God’s handcrafted work of art.  You are not an assembly-line product, mass produced without thought.   You are custom- designed, one of a kind, original masterpiece.”  Masterpieces are always cherished!!   God loves you!
On this day of celebration and reflection, may I appeal to you to  respond to God’s love and tell him (remember God is Spirit, so he is right beside you now) you also love him and that he should show you how you can give your heart completely to Him now and for eternity.

Our brother Mike is now asleep spiritually and our belief is that a day is coming when “the perishable will be clothed with the imperishable and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true:  “Death has been swallowed up in victory.”  “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death is your sting?   The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.  But thanks be to God!  He give us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm.  Let nothing move you.  Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the LORD is not in vain!”
The “perishable being clothed with the imperishable and the mortal with immortality” This is our hope and this is why we mourn the way we do - as people with hope!  Hope in the hereafter; hope that one day we will meet Mike in glory!  I recommend Mike’s God to you, dear friend. THANK U."

This tribute was added by George Djan on 5th May 2014

"Gone too soon. Bitter though, it may seem to us all, we cannot change what is ordained. I entrust you to God's own care And He will care for us too. Jesus Christ Himself will keep you till we meet again. Farewell Ofei and Thanks for knowing you. I will forever be grateful.

Nana Ketewa"

This tribute was added by Nontle Kabanyane on 5th May 2014

"Dear Michael, you were like a father to me, a miracle worker.  When I was a Young Professional, I had a car accident. The first person I called was you and within an hour, everything was resolved and I was home safe. Where you are, there is peace, there is no hurt or pain, there is no suffering, there is no darkness, no sick or lame. May you rest in eternal peace, till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Alex Mubiru on 5th May 2014

""For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?" - Khalil Gibran.

We will miss you, Michael, a whole lot. Although you sleep, your memory lives."

This tribute was added by mark dimmer on 5th May 2014

"Michael was one of the first persons to greet me upon my arrival in Tunis. Very few could have made one feel so positively welcomed to the Bank.

He was a great professional. But above all, a great person, who always cared. By listing good memories, one would risk missing some.

It therefore suffices to say that Michael was a Great Man, who will be remembered as such and very much be missed."

This tribute was added by Aïcha Fofana on 5th May 2014

"Mr. Kwafo! La nouvelle de votre décès m'a consternée et rendue très triste... Merci pour votre présence, votre amabilité et votre disponibilité durant mon stage de 2010 et bien après. Que votre âme repose en paix et que Dieu donne force et courage à vos proches pour surmonter cette difficile épreuve."

This tribute was added by Tanja Faller on 5th May 2014

"Michael was certainly the reason why, when arriving in Tunis in 2009, I did not pack my bags immediately after - I remember how I was close to tears and struggling with the adaptation to a so new culture, and Mike just sat me down, listened and helped- all with his warm and famous smile, full of positive energy and love for humankind- a man who simply was there where ppl needed him, always eager and up to walking the extra mile for helping any- and I repeat- any fellow human that needed him... I can only imagine how hard the loss must be to his dear family and I trust they will find comfort in knowing that Michael has touched so many humans and left so many little marks in our hearts, urging us to follow his example and always see the other one as what he/she truly is: a fellow human, a beautiful soul and someone we can help - may he rest in peace and may his compassion and work continue the way he would have liked- with a warm smile and full of positive energy"

This tribute was added by kwafo anoff on 4th May 2014

"My cousin Mike was the wind beneath our wings. When I first came to London - many many years ago - Mike showed me so much love that I still remember it like yesterday. Who will forget the smile, the coolness and calmness that followed every reasonable thought? Mike we will never forget you. May God rest your soul and bless you now and forever more! Mike - God speed!"

This tribute was added by Ruth Tettey on 4th May 2014

"Offei, our loving Father in His infinite wisdom and sovereignty has chosen to call you home at this time… setting you free and sparing you and your loved ones the agony of protracted pain and suffering. We all mourn you now and miss you so terribly, but we thank God for your life and how He used you to touch so many lives. We join the hymnist in saying that it is well…
Though our family friendship goes way back (Abidjan, Tunis via Accra…), I particularly treasure the past couple of years as you and I have journeyed together (London, Tunis…) and battled our mutual adversary… comparing treatment notes and experiences, exchanging tips, encouraging each other and keeping hope alive, which by the way I haven’t given up on because for me you are still a survivor… you’ve simply transitioned to a much better place.
As we pay tribute to you, let me on your behalf also say a deep and sincere thank you to our caregivers, direct and indirect, including family, friends, doctors & other medical personnel, pastors & other spiritual supporters… who tirelessly have helped us fight this battle. May the Lord richly bless them all.
Thank you, compagnon de route, for your priceless support and encouragement, infectious smile, warm personality, resilience and upbeat spirit which have helped me to pick myself up again when the going has been tough. Da yiyie, Offei. Awurade nfa wo nsie, na ɔma wo trabia pa kɔpim sɛ yɛbɛhyia bio! Rut... as you liked to call me."

This tribute was added by Hailu Mekonnen on 4th May 2014

"Mike: It is extremely difficult to accept that you are no longer with us. However, I will remember you always...till my own time comes. Here is why: you carried yourself with dignity and grace all the time. Plus, you walked the talk on what matters in life confidently. In  particular, you served your friends and colleagues cheerfully, sincerely, and faithfully;  carried out your official responsibilities  professionally and  enthusiastically;  changed the lives of so many people that came your way positively and permanently; and reached out  to even strangers  compassionately and consistently. So, rest in peace, Earthly Angel. And continue to inspire us from your brand new and eternally blessed home. After all, we need your blessings more than ever...yes, more than ever."

This tribute was added by Nne Nna on 4th May 2014

"Dear Mike, Though you are physically gone, the wonderful memory of your time with us remains.  We remember your smiles, your jokes and  your friendship, which is more valuable than gold or silver.  Rest in peace dear brother.  We pray that the good Lord will comfort and strengthen all members of your family and friends."

This tribute was added by Tony Odukomaiya on 4th May 2014

"There are times and seasons. There is a time to come, and there is a time to go. The misery of time is that only God decides. No human decides when to come or when to go. Our Lord God has decided that now is your time. We are all individually waiting for ours, when by His grace we shall meet together with Him. Travel well as you respond to the call of your creator. You have been His good ambassador here on earth; and this is the testimony from all of us that were privileged to know you.

Rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by Mam Tut Wadda on 4th May 2014

"I was introduced to Michael on my first day at the ADB and we clicked instantly. He helped me find accommodation and was always ready to assist. Michael always had a smile for everyone and I always had a special hug from him. You will be missed Michael, greatly for that matter. Now you rest in peace till me meet again dear brother."

This tribute was added by Cindy Badoe on 3rd May 2014

"My Dearest Cousin Michael was a special and rare gem given to all of us by God. I will forever remember his warm smile and embrace. I will cherish all the good times and the presents he gave me especially the shawls from Tunis. I remember we danced on Christmas Day and you were your usual happy self. You lived your life to the full and made an impact on many peoples lives. May you find your deserved rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus. We are proud we knew you and to have you in the family. You will never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Leticia Coffie on 3rd May 2014

"Dear Uncle Mike as i affectionately called him......for me, I knew you lived for Christ, so now that you've been called by Him, you are resting in His eternal glory. When I told Andrew & Marc, Andrew exclaimed...."tonton" Mike !!! Ohhh". this shows how loving and caring you were to both great & small. We'll really miss you. R.I.P till we meet again."

This tribute was added by mounira annan on 3rd May 2014

"Mon tres Cher ami Mich. Je t'aime beaucoup mon roi repose en paix tu vas nous manquer R.I.P MONICA <3 ..."

This tribute was added by Patrick Agboma on 3rd May 2014

"I will miss Mike for so many things. I will particularly miss our discussions about his property on the sleeping Aburi Hills. May God grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss of a so gentle a friend."

This tribute was added by Oluchi Onukogu on 3rd May 2014

"A precious one from us is gone
His life, a beautiful memory; His death, a painful loss.
Rest in peace Ton-ton Mike,we will miss you."

This tribute was added by Nelly Iteba on 2nd May 2014

"Dearest Brother Mike. Happy birthday big-bro..I still can't believe you are gone. We all loved you so much and still wanted you with us. But our Loving God had other plans, and He decided to call you home. It is well. It is well. We miss you terribly Mike. We shall never forget you; your total kindness and smiles. Till we meet again. RIP Mike."

This tribute was added by Uche Nwosu-Ademuyiwa on 2nd May 2014

"Tonton Mike - Sleep tight until resurrection morning - I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Uche Nwosu-Ademuyiwa on 2nd May 2014

"Dear Lord, we thank you for the life Tonton Mike lived. Thank you for the smiles he put on our faces, thank you for he was a great source of inspiration, a generous man. Though we hurt, help us to trust that you will help and sustain us. May Tonton Mike rest in the Lord's arms."

This tribute was added by Afua Serwa Brenya on 2nd May 2014

"Darling Mike, I cannot question God but to give Praise and Thanks to our Maker. I have not for one minute regretted knowing you and loving you. I believe it is for a very good reason that God brought you into my life. It has been too short a relationship but My God!!, it has been the sweetest part of my entire life. Bonbon de Mon Ceour (as we called each other) I truly would have loved you to live much longer but our God knows best. On your birthday today I say Fare thee well My beloved husband until we meet again. Adieu."

This tribute was added by Ama Brenya-Ametewee on 2nd May 2014

"Uncle Mike, when you sent me mail with the photos and videos recently I initially had difficulty opening the attachments but I kept trying. I informed you and you sent me another to retry and that also was difficult to open. I decided to keep trying till it worked and then I happily sent you mail that I had finally opened the mail and together with 'Maman' we had seen the wonderful video and photos. This time around you did not reply my mail and then I resent it, still there was no reply. The silence was very unusual of you so I wondered why and quickly enquired, only to be told you were in hospital. Uncle Mike, how do I explain to 'Mr. Seli' as you fondly called him? Your advice on how to help Sinam learn to speak French practically was awesome and much appreciated. We all miss your warmth, your love, you selflessness, your care, and above all your wonderful smile! Uncle Mike, we are devastated but we still believe that you are in a better place. That you are resting in the bosom of our Lord. I wish you a very happy birthday because I know you are smiling wherever you are. We all love you Uncle Mike. Maman, Kofi, Setri, Sinam, Seli all send their Love. Rest in perfect PEACE!"

This tribute was added by Richard Uku on 2nd May 2014

"I recall with much fondness how Michael warmly welcomed me to the AfDB when I arrived in Tunis. His new staff orientation made me feel at home right away. We struck a chord and became friends immediately. Who would have imagined then that he would no longer be with us today. Mike, you'll be sorely missed, dear brother. Rest easy and be at peace where you are now. By His Grace, we shall meet again.
With warm and friendly memories - Richard"

This tribute was added by Neeve Sarah Bazigaga on 2nd May 2014

"Michael, A very caring person always knowing when people are feeling down or in need of help. One of the first ADB staff I met when I arrived  here in Tunis, Tunisia always working never giving up figuring out things constantly. Even if it is something that he has no experience in he would always make everything happen. Michael is a person that would miss his plans of the day to come and help you run all your errands because he cares about our comfort. No where will we find someone like Michael in this world.  You shall always be remembered.
Farewell Uncle Michael
Rest in eternal peace

Neeve Sarah Bazigaga
Student at ACST"

This tribute was added by Setu van Lare on 2nd May 2014

"What a loss.  Such a kind, gentle, generous and patient person... O Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in You, hoping for all things from Your goodness. You make a root flourish beneath the soil; You can make fruitful the darkness in which I find myself today. I adore You in all Your purposes even without knowing them; Your will be done, not mine. May I be patient! It is so difficult to realize these trials, heartbreaking as they are, can be turned into blessings. Lord, give me peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace of soul, as I offer You my thoughts, my words, and my actions, and yes, Lord my sufferings. May they all be for Your greater glory, Amen."

This tribute was added by John Attafuah on 2nd May 2014

"Offei “Tonton” Mike, when we spoke the last day before your admission, you assured me that it was going to be well and I went ahead and broadcast the good news  to Ɔhemaa and the boys. Yes, your voice was slow but you gave me hope that, you were going to be well to travel to London for your scheduled check-up. Unfortunately, that was the last we heard of you.
You were a gem and we would dearly miss you. I remember what you went through to comfort me, when I had the plane crash in Abidjan, in April 1997. Your selflessness, was always there for all to see and this was beyond that of any one, that I have ever met.
The deep voice that, was never raised, the calmness in all difficult situations and your usual cool remark, “God is in control”.
Together with Ɔhemaa, the boys and especially your own Kofi, we are most grateful for all the support.  
Let me say in Twi:
"Barima ba, ɔkwan so brɛ brɛ
Aburi dehye, dammirifa due
Offei, nantew yiye
Onyame mfa wo nsie"

Tonton Oburoni John, as you referred to me"

This tribute was added by emman amon-kwafo on 2nd May 2014

"Tonton mike I called him. Great guy with a big heart and a winning smile. Everyone is always welcome with him. It's a great loss which is irreplaceable. What can we say! Big heart is gone home, but he left us with great memories. The Lord keep you my brother. You were a gem. Myself, Korkor and ewuraba will forever remember. Salut tonton!!!"

This tribute was added by Sandeep Jain on 2nd May 2014

"One of the finest ambassadors of Ghana, I had the privilege and honour of knowing Mr. Kwafo right from the time I landed at the airport in Abidjan in 2002. Those were trying days and Michael rendered yeoman's service to all the new arrivals, and always with a smile!
The same warm welcome was at hand when I came to Tunis. We met each other every fortnight as he would conduct the induction sessions, and I would represent Treasury there. When he introduced me to the audience in his baritone voice, I felt so proud and wanted.
Full of warmth, full of smiles - that was his nature, and when some of us complained that the Bank had not been fair to him, he would shrug it off. Other than having a beer under the mango tree in his farmhouse, the Bank was the only place he wanted to be and that is where he was!
Nobody clapped louder than my wife and I when he received the medal for 25 years of service this Februar!
All of us have to go one day but he went too soon. He was a true gentleman, the finest of his generation.
When it is my turn to move on, I do not want anyone else but Michael to conduct my induction up there.
May his soul rest in eternal peace!"

This tribute was added by Janet Macharia on 2nd May 2014

"Dear "Big Mike", I remember the first time I met you in the ADB office in Abidjan (2002) and my husband Mash introduce you as a great man with a great heart. Although we met rarely after that, you remained a great supporter to Mash which was evident when I met you last July. Even through you illness you continued to be a tower of strength to many near and afar.We shall endeavor to emulate your kindness and generosity. Rest in eternal peace Dear "Big Mike". With love from all of us in Nairobi."

This tribute was added by Mandla Gantsho on 2nd May 2014

"It is with deep sadness that my family and I have learnt of the untimely passing of our brother and friend, Mike Kwafo. Mike epitomized all that is good and "soulful" about humanity. We were touched by Mike's genuine sense of service, support and friendship when he helped us settle in Tunis in 2006 after my appointment as Vice President at the AfDB. We express our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. May his soul rest in peace. Mandla and Karen Gantsho"

This tribute was added by Driss Belamine on 2nd May 2014

"Je n’ai malheureusement pas eu la chance de connaitre Mike, mise à part l'échange de quelques pas de danse endiablé lors de la dernière fête de fin d'année, ou il "transpirait" littéralement la joie de vivre et la bonne humeur !
Je comprends par les témoignages que j’ai raté là un grand Homme…Paix à son âme."

This tribute was added by Larry Kwafo on 2nd May 2014


It is with a heavy heart that I write these words in memory of my departed dearest cousin and brother Michael. Despite our family relationships, Michael (as I chose to always call him), was a perfect example of a heart warming big brother I believe, a lot of people would have cherished to have had. The several times we met when I lived in Ghana over a decade ago, was fascinating and amazing. Fond memories of Abidjan and Accra / Aburi (our home town), continue to linger in my thoughts to this day. I will always remember our recent lengthy conversations on 'Viber'. Our family has indeed lost an important icon who is irreplaceable. His down to earth attitude and amazing love for humanity was unquestionable. See, our forefathers were the trailblazers of Christianity to our country Ghana. They bestowed in all of us generations after, love, affection, importance of family, steadfastness, humility and all the attributes encapsulated in our Christian Faith and Values. If Michael might have shown anybody who had had the opportunity to have known him such qualities, then I personally, I am not surprised at all.

Fare thee well Michael. I know our Almighty God who is the maker and redeemer of our souls will take good care of you. You will forever remain in our minds until we all meet again."

This tribute was added by Elise Ouattara-Coulibaly on 2nd May 2014

"Michael, cette dimension n'est qu'un passage, comme le dit si bien Saint Augustin. Tu nous as devancé dans ces prairies éternelles, mais nous te retrouverons donc un jour, "...transfiguré dans l’extase et le bonheur, non plus attendant la mort, mais avançant, d’instant en instant avec la foi, dans les sentiers nouveaux de la Lumière et la Vie !"...
Requiescat in Pace.

This tribute was added by Mahdea George Belleka on 2nd May 2014

"Tonton Mike! Rest in peace bro in the bosom of Jesus! You will forever be remembered by those of us whose lives you touched! Today is your birthday and God decided that you should be there with Him. No more pain, no more sorrows! Rest in Peace!"

This tribute was added by JOSIANE GNALI on 2nd May 2014

"C'est avec une grande consternation que j'ai appris ton décès. Tu as guidé mes premiers pas à la BAD. Je revois encore ta fière allure sur le parvis de EPI.A. Tu n'as même pas eu le temps de manger ce riz bété dont tu me parlais tant. Tu manqueras à ta miss Gagnoa. Que ton âme repose en paix Myke."

This tribute was added by Nnenna Nwakanma on 2nd May 2014

"It is May 2nd today. It IS Tonton Mike's birthday.  Dear Lord, thank you for giving us the grace to have him live with us, love us, inspire us and challenge us.

It is well."

This tribute was added by Bébou THIO on 2nd May 2014

"Mon cher et ainé Michael, tu nous as quitté prématurement pour réjoindre ton Seigneur qui t'attend les bras ouverts. On ne cessera de louer tes qualités humaines intrinsèques: courtoisie, humanisme, humilité, disponibilité, amour, .... Union de prière pour le Repos éternel de ton ame auprès du Tout-Puissant, Michael."

This tribute was added by magdalene okyere on 2nd May 2014

"My optimistic, selfless and ceaselessly kind cousin, you left us hastily, nonetheless we know we will see you once more, for this is the hope we have in Christ Jesus, being re-united in the Lord.  

Offei - Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Tayo kupoluyi on 2nd May 2014

"May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Rest in the bossom of the Almighty of God."

This tribute was added by Nwadia De Souza on 2nd May 2014

"Mike, I am writing this today, 2 May, your birthday. I cannot help my tears, but all the same I must wish you a happy birthday because the Christian that I am and that you are tells me that you are indeed enjoying a new birth at the Lord's side. Mike, just a few little days before your birthday, our Lord decided to call you home. He decided that you should now be rid of all earthly pains, tribulations and travails and that He wanted you close to speak with , sing for, pray to and worship Him with  the saints previously crossed over to the Great Beyond. He knows best! Nonetheless, we will miss you Mike. Not so long ago, we were chatting about our impending return to Abidjan and the 'vengeful appetite' with which we would 'attack foutou banane and sauce arachide'. Thank God we shared those last moments of laughter and lightheartedness. Alas! No one now to call me 'Madam Mandela', your sobriquet for me after I interpreted for Late Madiba and President Houphouet -Boigny of the Ivory Coast. Mike, your radio-broadcast voice clearly expressing your thoughts and ideas in impeccable Westminster English will be missed. Your thoughtfulness, generosity, kindness, intelligence, and politeness  will be sorely missed. As I love to say, Mike, you were so proper!!! Such a gentlemanI My thoughts go out to your family, darling daughter, sister, and all your loved ones. I pray for all of us, for we are  myriads who love you. Indeed, Earth has lost but Heaven has gained. Rest in perfect peace with the Lord."

This tribute was added by Zerfu Tessema on 2nd May 2014

"Mike was a special person dedicated for comforting and helping in a very friendly way. It was not difficult to see his genuine concern and eagerness to help all of us. He will be missed. Let his soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by gabriel negatu on 2nd May 2014

"Dear Mike, your’s was a life well lived, a fight well fought and a race well run. Through your gentle soul, you have touched many of us in your own ways and we are eternally grateful for it. As the Almighty places you in his comfort, we say sleep well Brother, until we meet again in eternity!"

This tribute was added by adesina adigun on 2nd May 2014

"My dear  "Nana Kwafo",

Our Lord Jesus Christ had said that He would wake you up on the Last Day. Our Lord is faithful.

So, rest in perfect peace until the Last Day  when, by the Power of Resurrection, we  meet at Jesus feet.  Amen

Your "Chief  Adigun""

This tribute was added by Azagne George on 2nd May 2014

"I still cannot believe Michael left us, so soon! This is a big loss not only to the Ghanaian community but also to the whole Bank. Michael was the one and only person in this Bank able to project the best image of the Institution in the course of his daily responsibilities: with charm, placidity, gentleness, kindness and always with a smiling face.

I shall comfort myself through this quote by Maya Angelou: “A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again”.

My thoughts are with his family and with you all. Please, accept my deepest and sincere condolences."

This tribute was added by patrick opoku-darkwa on 2nd May 2014

"Mike! Will miss you.You touched the lives of many and the tributes are true reflection of how special you are. Not too many leave this earth and remembered with such admiration and the Ghanaian community share that pride. Will remember you for your happy-go-lucky perception of life and above all your kindness and warm heart. Rest well while the name Mike KWAFO lives on.   Da yie! Wo ne Nyame nko!"

This tribute was added by Ekua K. Baiden on 2nd May 2014

"An epitome of humility, selfless love and warmth.  Sleep well in His bosom and may we live our lives guided by your principles of selfless service to mankind."

This tribute was added by M. Carroll Emory on 1st May 2014

"So much life so little time, you are loved, respected and missed.

Rest my friend"

This tribute was added by Awuese Oku on 1st May 2014

"My friend and Brother, I miss   you  so much already. The many hours we spent  together talking about everything and nothing in particular. The  many battles we  fought together in the office to ensure things were done right. Your constant words of encouragement, gentility  and thoughtfulness are the things I remember and hold dear;   your gifts of flowers; how you will drop by my house with a bouquet of flowers and said " Oh Aweuze these are from Mr. Oku's representative in Tunis". You gave so much of yourself, of your resources just to put a smile on every person's face. No human being was insignificant  to you.  

You touched all our lives in a special way. The pepper soup I made that we were supposed to share on the 19th April  in still in the freezer;  but I am comforted knowing that you are eating Angels food right now.  

You  were a noble person without guile  and very selfless.  Rest with the Lord until  we meet again to be ever present with the Lord.

Goodnight  my dear brother and friend."

This tribute was added by Sandra Pepera on 1st May 2014

"I lived my first decade in the 60s, but it wasn't until Michael arrived in London and walked into 23a St Gabriel's that I truly understood what "cool" meant.  From the perspective of a 9/10 year old he was tall, graceful, and sooooo mellow.  This guy who seemingly without any effort or exertion managed to calm down the dynamic energy in the house as we went about our 'manual labours' (his description).  While I can recall Ellen cooking with the girls, and Fred up a ladder with Uncle Jack clearing gutters, I honestly don't recall Michael doing any physical work at all!  BUT what he did do very well was keep his beloved 'Aunty Kwafoa' company, and in doing so took a little of her heat off the rest of us.

Education and life moves meant that we didn't properly meet up again until he was well settled in Abidjan, and I in Accra.  Our visits to Michael's home were always magical times of boundless hospitality and great generosity.  We must have been a trial to Raymonde and to Tach, but Michael was a people-magnet: we just couldn't stay away.  

And those debates.  Michael had two poles: Eburi and Abidjan, and lived the values of a pan-Africanist.   He had studied it all - in two languages!  In conversation with him he challenged us on our unthinking stereotypes, and dared us to reveal our colonised minds.  There was always a 'take-away' after one of those sessions.  

There's so much I will miss Michael for.  Hearing his greeting 'Cuz!', his unconditional but not unthinking support, his heart.  And while I am devastated that he's gone, at whatever moment I think of him I do so with a smile and a sense of peace.  Thank you, Michael, for everything."

This tribute was added by Ellen Quaye on 1st May 2014

". I knew my brother was a very special child of God, a gentle soul, a lover of life who loved all people and who loved his job. But it was not until Mike was taken ill and he came to London for treatment, that I really got to know Mike and how he 'ticked': this selfless man, selfless to a fault!  who always put others first, who could relate to and share his ginormous wisdom with both young and old.
There are many here today (and many that could not be here) who will have stories to tell about their encounter with Mike and his impact on their lives. I have to tell you that the same stories about Michael are recounted by family and friends. Every time I hear these stories about Mike, I think to myself, "Yes, that is Michael!"

I am personally proud to have been a small part of Michael Kwafo's life - if you knew Mike then you accepted that you had to share him!

The family is heartbroken at the unexpected demise of our beloved, Michael, but we also hold on to the belief that Michael is resting in the bosom of his maker.
Rest in Peace, Mike. Damirifa Due."

This tribute was added by Bola Hollist on 1st May 2014

"Eternal rest grant unto Mike, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Oliver Quaye on 1st May 2014

"My Uncle Michael was a tower of strength for so many of us, we will be poorer for his passing, but he is in a better place now and tonight he sleeps with the angels. We must now remember the good times, laughs and advice that he shared with us so often.

Sleep well Uncle"

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