This tribute was added by Liz King on September 15, 2020
Go forth, Michael Olawale Faparusi, from this world in the name of the God the almighty Father, who created you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God who suffered for you, in the name of the Holy Spirit, who was poured out upon you, go forth, faithful Christian. May your home be with God with God forevermore Amen
This tribute was added by Kay Adjibade on September 14, 2020
I regret we hadn’t spoken in close to two decades. Having moved overseas, I took it for granted and arrogantly assumed we’d one day reconnect, eventually.

Emotionally, I’m compelled to contribute this by a weird need to let you know. Logically, I'm aware you’re no longer with us.

When I first heard the news, I hoped it was a mistake. Somehow, someone had got it wrong and it wasn’t really you that was gone. I remember our gym sessions near Dalston. Hangouts at your place in Hackney. I remember your smile. Your humour. I've always admired your demeanour.

Would’ve been nice to have caught up after all these years. We’d have talked about what we’d been up to since we last met, where we were currently in our lives, and where we’d eventually like to be. I’d have loved to have introduced you to my daughter and two boys. Spoken about my travels. Would have enjoyed listening to you imparting your wisdom. You were always an old soul, spiritual, intellectual, unique, self-aware. I remember you wrote poetry. We discussed sociology, race, politics. You are a memorable part of my teenage years. In hindsight, cherished. You were a good friend.

Sorry, I failed to reconnect after all these years. I’m sorry we didn’t stay in touch. You’ll never be forgotten.

God rest your soul, my bro. Until we meet again. Gardens beneath which rivers flow.
This tribute was added by Kola Ibitoye on September 12, 2020
I met you for the very IST time May 26,2018 during your visit to Lagos, Nigeria. Though we have had reason to speak many times before this meeting. But after the visit our closeness developed and became intimate. We chatted and discussed alot often. Because of you I will drive to the village so you could do video callsbwith your dad. I also had cause to speak with your princess, Anya. You are not dead, no I won't say goodbye. You live on cousin. How do I tell your aged Dad, relatives and others at home. You are a cousin that is always curious and inquisitive about your root. Sleep on Wale, sleep on till resurrection morning. You are never ashamed to associate with your own
This tribute was added by Shane Adjibade on September 10, 2020

Truth be told, I'm having mix feelings.. mix feelings for the simple fact that you didn't tell me ish, which makes me mad, upset and even angry with you. Knowing we do not hide anything from one another, however you choose to kept that away from me, I'm confused as hell, nothing is making any sense to me..

There's a part of me that's gone along with you, a part of me that only you're aware of, DAAM, I miss you man, missing you like crazy.. already!! But I am still angry at you. My/Our dearest Aunt Toks (a.k.a my older sister) told me not to be mad at the dead, but I am.. I'll be lying if I say I wasn't.
Salted liquid running down my face as I'm writing this and reminiscing how you and I use to travel to Luton on regular basis, wearing matching outfits and people assuming we were some kind of celebrities, little do they know, you are more than a celebrity, while I was just a fan. Daam I miss you bro, I'm missing you so much it hurts, it hurts bad! I can write about you and talk about you all day, daam I miss my N!&&@!!

You came to the states couple of times to visit me, how special you made me feel. Though I was looking forward to meeting your little princess for the first time in person, seeing your brothers (and sister) again and giving mum a kiss on the cheek simply for having you.. we're too much alike, cut from the same cloth, similar background, same habits.. spending time with you at the gym and conversing about life were my favorite things to do.. I miss you bro!! 
Too much to write, too much to say. Still can't believe you're gone, I don't wanna believe you're gone and the crazy ish is, I would have gone through the gate of heaven with you (maybe not necessarily for you but definitely with you). TILL WE MEET AGAIN, I LOVE YOU!!
This tribute was added by Ayodeji Adekoya on September 8, 2020
Truly we haven’t met in person but I’m heart broken with the unfortunate report of your demise. Rest in Power brother!
This tribute was added by Lekan Fakoya on September 7, 2020
I am in shock and tearful as I write this, we would spend hours together, talking, training, sharing experiences, I hear your voice as I write. Because of our backgrounds we gelled and understood each other, your mum, brothers and sister were always welcoming, I offer my condolences to the family and will be in touch very soon. RIP Michael.
This tribute was added by Sheikh Hakeem Abiodun on September 6, 2020
I'm deeply shocked at the suddeness of Mr michael olawale faparusi demise.may his soul rest in peace!
This tribute was added by Donna C. Llewellyn on September 6, 2020
I'm lost for words, you were the big brother I never had. You had the kindest heart and always encouraged me to aim higher in all my endeavours. You used kick me and Gemma's arse in the gym and pushed us beyond our own small perceptions. I'm going to miss our late night supermarket runs, random eating excursions and just your friendship overall.
Thank you for being you and choosing me and family as your distant relatives, we will miss you and all that you represent. May your spirit stay bright and bold as you join the ranks of angels
This tribute was added by Ilyas Cayir on September 6, 2020

You didnt always show your emotions so much, but i always knew that there was a big heart in you big man.
You will be greatly missed brother.

Rest in peace Daddie
This tribute was added by Serdar Demir on September 6, 2020
You dont have to be from the same blood to be brothers you will always be part of our family and we will miss you dearly.
The idea is not to live for ever but to create a change that will. Your work your big heart will always remain with us. Untill we meet again rest in peace my brother. ❤️
This tribute was added by Efe Atori on September 6, 2020
I was 11years old when I first met you Michael.
We all would go round to the back of your mums house ,and shoot some hoops (basketball).
You had this amazing energy ,and you schooled me on how to play on the court. You was always looking out for me and your brothers . I remember how you would always be looking smart for secondary school with a big smile on your face .Big up Michael. Till we meet again.
Rest in paradise
This tribute was added by Chesty Ogunda on September 6, 2020
I can't believe you're no longer in this realm, bro. I remember you as the older Nigerian man that was leading the way for all us Africans that went to Holloway Boys School. You was a calm and cool bro that I looked up to and one of the very few that I respected back in my school days. I wasn't honoured to meet you in my older years but I never forgot you in your sheep skin leather and the mustache on your face. I know how much it will be hurting everyone that knows you to learn of your passing. May the Almighty God rest you in perfect and powerful peace in the heavenly realm till we all meet again. Some people will say you are dead but I don't believe in that. You have transcended to become one with the Creator and we will see you again when it is time for our souls to unit in the presence of the Lord. Till then, we will miss you and keep your memory in our thoughts.❤️ From Tolu.
This tribute was added by Tunde Kekereogun on September 6, 2020
Rest In Peace “Big Mike”. Feels like only the other day when you came to Naija and linked me up. First thing you said was “bush boy”, I had to laugh and thought to myself, same old mike. The memories go deep, from Holloway Boys, Howard road and even to Naij. You had so many plans and visions regarding your restaurant designs but only God understands. You will always be a big bro to me, the same way the rest of your family, especially your brothers are blood to me.

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