Posted by Julian Melfi on June 1, 2021
With all our love and heartfelt condolences to all the family. Michael will be greatly missed. Always full of life and fun.
The Melfi family - Dorio & Sheila, Julian & Sharon, Nigel and Tracey
Posted by Anne-Marie Blewitt on June 1, 2021
Uncle Mike was such a presence throughout my life and took a genuine loving interest in everything I did as a child, young person and adult. He showed the same care in following the many twists and turns in the lives of all the family, always remembering what the kids were up to. He sent lovely cards and letters over the years, always taking the trouble to write a personal message - and one from Josette too. These and time spent in happy and relaxed conversation - often with glass in hand! - helped to fill the gaps in my knowledge of family history, particularly about my father John. He was such a central person in our family and helping to keep us connected to the Green clan, and I have a great many fond memories of family gatherings at 'Red Tiles' with Mike as the perfect host, and of many hours in conversation and debate with him. We didn't agree on everything(!) but it didn't matter - the mark of a strong family relationship. Rest in peace dear uncle, you are so missed, Anne-Marie xxx
Posted by Emma Agulló on June 1, 2021
Grandpa was born on the 18th November. I was born at 12.15am on the 19th November - in Spain, where the time zone is one hour ahead. Grandpa always said I was born on the same day as him, and that we were twins.

This month I lost my twin. I love you Grandpa, you will be missed.
Posted by Chris Radloff on May 30, 2021
Upon learning that Michael was educated by the Jesuits it became clear that this Ignatian Spirituality contributed to the full life he led. He radiated wonder and gratefulness and allowed his imagination and emotions and intellect to perform so well.
I felt affirmed as he listened attentively and then conversed so easily. He blended so well with Josette and my first and abiding impression of Red Tiles is a superbly hospitable couple with a slightly balding gentleman who would draw himself to full height and with arms akimbo would deliver a humorous quip or change into comical pose. He endeared himself to us and to many-I'm sure . May Josette and your family be comforted. Chris and Hilary. I have included a picture of Duncan Abraham who was married to Sonny's eldest sibling Sybil , was a photographer during WW2 and lived in South Africa and was possibly the person who photographed Denis Compton's wedding as narrated to his grandson ! Duncan filmed our wedding in his latter days !
Posted by Richard Essam on May 28, 2021
Michael and Josette brought enormous good cheer and joy to our small cul de sac in Street these past five years. Chris and I miss them very much. Tales of Compton and Edrich, and Mike’s reminiscing on the halcyon days of Middlesex C.C., will accompany all future visits to Lords. And he played no mean innings himself. Appreciative applause from around the ground.
Posted by Lorna Nicholls on May 28, 2021
We were all so very sad to hear of Mike's passing. Our deepest sympathy and warmest thoughts go to Josette and the girls. Such a sad time, intensified by the Covid pandemic. We will always remember Mike with a smile and a chuckle. He was a special being for many, including my mum and aunt (Jean & Pam). Mike was a frequent visitor to their home back in the day. The fun and shenanigans with his cousins and our younger grandparents made for very entertaining tales. Many involving nan's wheelchair . Our grandparents were Cecilia (child 6 of the 16) and Albert Raymont. Sending much love and warmest hugs to Josette xx
Posted by Donna Ralston on May 26, 2021
From the very first time I went to Red Tiles with Kathy many years ago, Mike always seemed delighted to see me and he always made me feel extremely welcome and at ease. Billy admired how well he coped being the only
man in a house full of slightly mad women!
I hold many memories of silly conversations and raised eyebrows! God bless you.
Donna x
Posted by Natalie Green on May 25, 2021
A Mass is being offered on Sunday 30th May at 11 am in our Loughton Catholic Church for Michael, whom we dearly miss.

Arthur and Jenny xx
Posted by Kate Baxter on May 23, 2021
With love and so many very fond and humorous memories - your wit, your dinner conversations, your love of your family, your enjoyment of fine wines and beautiful meals late at night, then a drive back to Shoreham!!! Mike you have been so special to all our family since we left Africa in 1964 - I remember Josette chasing you around the bedroom as I was changing Alex, after his Christening, as she wanted the opportunity to have a son!!!! spontaneous and so suitable at the time - happy times, wonderful memories always RIP dearest MIke
Posted by Andrew Button on May 18, 2021
I will always remember Mike’s natural, instinctive sense of fun and playfulness especially with the children of my late wife, Rose and I. Also, his generous spirit and keen, rapier like wit. He was the King of Quips!
I identified with his love of wine, culture and cricket and always felt that I could spend timeless hours listening to his wise words.
Posted by Mike Bligh on May 17, 2021
I will treasure fond memories of Michael from our first meeting back in 1980, where we bonded over our mutual appreciation of Arsenal FC and Test Cricket to our last in 2019 when I was able to find and return a book he had lent me in 1981 ! Typical of the man he had not forgotten that and in the same way I will never forget him. RIP Michael, a life well lived.
Posted by Beth Chapman on May 16, 2021
Rest In Peace dearest Mike. You shall be very dearly missed with your quick witted humour. You always made me laugh.
Posted by Natalie Green on May 13, 2021
Rest in peace. Strife and troubles have ceased.

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