Friends Through Adversity

Shared by Andrew Cordone on February 17, 2021
I had the pleasure of working with Mike for a few years at PG&E, way back in the early 1980's.  We did not keep in touch over the years but I never forgot how amazing it was to work with him.
I was a young engineer working on the Helms Hydro Project in the Sierras outside of Fresno, and Mike was the attorney assigned to defend the Project against allegations of imprudent expenditures by the State Attorney General and CPUC. I was assigned to help Mike with the Company's defense. Mike did a masterful job leading the effort and we ultimately proved that substantially all of the costs were justified, about $800 million!
Mike was very smart, wise, tenacious, thorough, inspirational, and more. We worked hard, long hours for months, it was a huge challenge. Mike was always supportive and appreciative of everyone's effort on the team.  His leadership kept us motivated, he was great to work with, and the outcome was very gratifying.
I think it says a lot about Mike that I have such fond memories even after so many years.
Rest in peace my friend.

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