Posted by John Aviani on March 10, 2021
Mike was my neighbor growing up, they lived two doors away. Even though he was 5 years older than me, he would play catch and hit baseballs with me all the time. When the Giants moved to SF his grandfather arranged for a church group to attend a game at Seal Stadium before Candlestick was built. Mike invited me to attend with the group! I was TOTALLY thrilled, a fantastic memory, my very first major league game! I always appreciated Mike's willingness to play with me and his kindness through the years. he was like having a wonderful older brother. RIP Mike, I've always had the fondest memories of you.
Posted by Bruce Rosen on March 7, 2021
Mike was my patrol leader in Boy Scouts, Troop 7 (1958/59), and neighbor in Berkeley in the early 60's. He was the most competent patrol leader ever. Our patrol, the Flying Eagles (the Fleagles), almost always won the prize for best patrol at Camp Sawmill due to Mike's management expertise, which included having the safest fire pit in California and the most-available water bucket.
Condolences to family.
Posted by Saundra Jackson on March 2, 2021
Just learning of Mike’s transition. What a beautiful way you have remembered and shared him with us. My sincere condolences and prayers for you all. I worked with him for many years at PG&E, and knew him to be just as you have described—a very generous and caring spirit. He would be happy to know one of my four sons graduated from Law School. We all share good memories of him. May God bless JMR’s family.
Posted by Andrew Cordone on February 17, 2021
My condolences to all of Mike's family.

I worked with Mike for a few years at PG&E, a long time ago, and was very saddened to learn of his passing. We did not keep in touch over the years but I always remembered how great he was to work with. The introductory tribute and pictures tell the story of what an amazing person Mike was. I know you were blessed by him, but it's obvious how blessed he was with all of you also. You enriched his life with the things that really matter.

May God comfort and keep you in His love.

Posted by Hāna Finley on January 8, 2021
Pops was the most selfless person and I am so grateful for everything he sacrificed for me.
Posted by Gerrie Walker on January 6, 2021
Mike lived for those he loved and those he loved remembered.

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