This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Saldaña Templin, 25, born on July 20, 1990 and passed away on May 13, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Fund:  Michael's family has established a memorial fund in his name in honor of his love of music and film at

Posted by francisca parra on July 20, 2022
Michael, you are Loved, you are Missed, you are Remembered. Happy Birthday in Heaven!!
Posted by Gus Hinojosa on July 20, 2022
Thinking of sweet Michael today. His spirit lives on in our memories. His wonderful parents honor him each day with their giving deeds.
Posted by francisca parra on May 13, 2022
Forever in Our Hearts Michael, un abrazo hasta el cielo!!
Posted by Staci Leake on May 13, 2022
Too young, too soon, too tragic, but oh so loved by so many! Peace and much love, Staci
Posted by Gus Hinojosa on May 13, 2022
Michael’s sweet spirit remains in my mind and heart. Gus
Posted by C Mustafa on May 13, 2022
Six years already. Boy does time fly. As my son grows, I see the same nurturing heart I sense from your images alongside family and friends. What a shining star you must be amidst our expansive sky! 

To your family and friends,
I’m sorry this anniversary exists and hope that your day is filled with smiles and fond memories of your beloved Michael.

Posted by Don Templin on May 13, 2022
We will always miss you. Dad
Posted by francisca parra on July 20, 2021
Michael, un abrazo hasta el cielo, nos dejaste muy pronto pero te recordamos con amor y mucho carino siempre viviras en nuestro corazon!!
Posted by C Mustafa on July 20, 2021
I’m so sorry you have to celebrate your birthday in heaven instead of being physically with your family. I can tell you had a special bond with your mom and dad.

We’ve never met nor do I know you or your family, but am very familiar with the pain of loss and how much your family yearns to hug you and hold you.

Happy birthday in heaven Michael.
Posted by francisca parra on May 17, 2021
Siempre te recordaremos con mucho amor Michael, nunca olvidare el Angel que fuiste para Juanito. siempre viviras en nuestros corazones, un abrazo enorme para tus padres!
Posted by LIZ CURLIN on May 13, 2021
Still remember your sweet smile even after all these many years. Thinking of you today as you watch over us from that beautiful rainbow. Love Ms. Curlin LL prek teacher.
Posted by Gus Hinojosa on May 13, 2021
Remembering Michael’s kind and thoughtful manner. I miss not having the opportunity to have spent more time with him.
Posted by francisca parra on July 20, 2020
Siempre te recordamos Michael, gracias por dejar tan bellos recuerdos en nosotros ''Love Forever''
Posted by Cindy Saldana on July 20, 2020
Happy Birthday, little cousin,

You are Forever Love,
Your are Forever Missed,
Your are Forever Remembered.

Please give a hug to my beloved brother (Boy) and grandma (MoMo) and those who left us too soon. Till we meet again.    
Posted by C Mustafa on May 13, 2020
Unbelievable how time has flown by. My son is five now and looking at Michael’s photos as he developed, reminds me of how life is so short and full of unknowns. God has plans we are not aware of and Michael’s life reminds me of how our family will always remain my number one priority to protect and love until God’s will develops another plan for us all. 
Hoping the pain you’ve had to bear on this anniversary is now filled with love and joy your memories of him can only bestow.
Posted by francisca parra on May 13, 2020
Recordandote siempre Michael con mucho amor Y carino siempre viviras en nuestros corazones,nunca te olvidaremos dejaste una hermosa huella en nuestra vida hasta luego!!
Posted by David Saldana on May 13, 2020
Many years ago, my mentor and friend, Dr, Jose Rivas, passed. Indeed, a very difficult experience. Today I still "converse" with him as I recall moments and conversations with him. I find myself having similar moments with Michael. He touched us once and remains with us forever. Ale and I send our love. 
Posted by Leslie Wilding on August 11, 2019
Sarah, I just saw online an article about the tragic loss of your precious son Michael. I lost my 20 year old son Robert just 2 weeks before that. I feel your pain and grief as though it is my own. I am so sorry!

(your former secretary at BB)
Posted by Maricela Munoz on July 20, 2019
Sara n Don you were blessed with him and one day you both will be together seeing the rainbow. He is always around both of you. When you feel the breeze of the air passing by you they say its our love ones with us. Love Maricela Munoz
Posted by Cindy Saldana on May 16, 2019
Michael you will forever be in our hearts, mind and soul. Till we meet again.  Aunt Sarah and Uncle Don sending you both my love and a big hug.
Posted by francisca parra on May 13, 2019
Michael siempre viviras en nuestro corazon,gracias a Dios por haberte conocido,te recordamos con mucho carino y amor Sarah Y Don un fuerte abrazo los recuerdo con Amor!!
Posted by francisca parra on August 3, 2018
Michael you are always in our hearths,we went to Oregon and you where in our conversations for a long time,it was a long trip. Good Memories. Sarah & Don you are always on our minds God Bless you.
Posted by Cindy Saldana on July 20, 2018
Happy Birthday, in Heaven above. I miss you my little cousin and will always cherish our special conversations we shared in Washington DC. Never in a million yrs did I think that would be the last. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Don, my thoughts and prayers are with today, and always. Always Loved, Forever Missed. Mom sends her love as well.
Posted by Sarah Saldana on July 20, 2018
I found this article as I reflected on Michael’s birth 28 years ago today:
It is extraordinary how closely it parallels my experience these last 2+ years. Perhaps it would be obvious to others but it has taken me this long to appreciate the fact that my love for Michael did not die with him. It has brought me extraordinary solace. As the writer and mother writes, “I will carry this child for the rest of my life. He lives within me, forever a young man of 22...I still search for him, but without desperation.”
Posted by Ando Pashalyan on July 20, 2018
You are always in our thoughts, my family is always thinking of you. We will cherish the moments we had together. Miss you brother.
Posted by Gus Hinojosa on July 20, 2018
We we’re blessed to have Michael in our lives. Warm memories of him today , on his birthday. His spirit will be with us always.
Posted by francisca parra on June 4, 2018
Siempre recordandote con amor & carino Michael, gracias por haber sido parte importante en nuestra vida,siempre te recordaremos.
Posted by C Mustafa on May 13, 2018
Sending my condolences to the Saldaña-Templin family today. Mother’s Day will be a special day today to remember how this title bestowed upon you by Michael’s existence in your life has become ever so deep as your guardian angel. 
My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Michael, and your family who misses you dearly.
Posted by Cindy Saldana on May 13, 2018
Two years ago today, was the saddest day when we lost you Michael. Still too painful and so surreal.  You will Forever live in our Hearts. Always and Forever my beloved little cousin. Till we all meet again. Happy Mother’s Day Aunt Sarah, I know this must be a difficult day but remember all the wonderful memories and what a blessing Michael was. Sending tons of hugs your way. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and uncle Don, Love,Cindy Saldana.❤️❤️
Posted by David Saldana on May 13, 2018
Memories are powerful. Grateful for those we share of Michael. They can cause tears or laughter but mostly they are healing and soothing. Thanks Michael for being part of our lives. You’re always in our thoughts.
Posted by Cindy Saldana on July 20, 2017
Michael, thinking of you on your special day. Wishing you a wonderful birthday in heaven. Until we all meet again to celebrate, my sweet little cousin. Always in our hearts and never forgotten. Thinking of you uncle Don & aunt Sarah and sending you both tons of hugs. Love you both.
Posted by David Saldana on July 20, 2017
So many hugs missed. So many "I love you" missed. However, forever grateful for the memories and this memorial and the wonderful tribute to you, Michael. Always on our thoughts. Sarah and Don, we love you.
Posted by C Mustafa on July 20, 2017
Saldaña Family,
Although I can only offer my condolences and prayers, I hope that as each day goes by, your heart becomes convinced Michael is with you always. If you pay close attention, you'll see the signs.
Posted by Monica Saldana on July 20, 2017
Happy birthday in Heaven to my handsome baby cousin. Your family still loves you, Michael and carries your memory in our hearts every day. Also thinking of Sarah and Don on this special day.

I miss you sweet boy.
Posted by Rosemarie Lajara on July 20, 2017
Remembering you on this special day! Love Rosemarie & Luis
Posted by francisca parra on July 20, 2017
Sarah & Don les mando un fuerte abrazo en este dia especial siempre recordando a Michael con mucho AMOR!!
Posted by Ed Saldaña on July 20, 2017
Happy Birthday, cousin. Tonight we saw beautiful pics of your trip with the family to Mazatlan....We'll be there soon. Thinking of you.
Posted by Brenda Knowles on May 17, 2017
May your hearts continue to find comfort in all the precious memories of your beloved Michael. God be with you and give you peace.

Brenda Dodd Knowles
Posted by francisca parra on May 13, 2017
Remembering Michael with much Love he will forever remembered LOVE ALWAYS!!
Posted by Tyler McReynolds on April 29, 2017
I have been looking everywhere for a picture of Michael and I together - so far I have only been able to find one and I uploaded it to the gallery. Not an amazing pic (and Michael is in the middle of drinking a coke) but it’s what I’ve got so far! :)

If anyone happens to have a picture of Michael and I together, I would really love to have one. I’m still looking and will post other pics if I'm able to find any. Miss him every day.
Posted by Jinny Brewer on January 14, 2017
My heart is deeply saddened by the news of your passing, Michael. I was not only your nanny but your friend. You and your family loved me unconditionally. I pray peace and love over the family. God bless!

Jinny Martinez Brewer
Posted by Sarah Saldana on December 21, 2016
Just added a couple of photos to the gallery. They come from the LAPD officer who investigated Michael's accident with an added comment: Again, I am sorry for your loss. Last night we had a tree trimming event in honor of all the 92 people that lost their lives in collisions in the valley this year. We hung an ornament on the tree with Michael's name on it. My thoughts and prayers are with you this holiday season.

Our son is not forgotten...
Posted by Abid Qureshi on November 28, 2016
Dear Saldana,,, I can feel your pain for your loved ones,I am going through the same pain,as my 22 year old son died in motorcycle accident by the fault of other driver on Oct 20,2016 in Irvine,CA..My son was raised in woodland hills, CA and later on we moved to irvine .My son had a great resemblance with your son, after seeing his photo, I could not stop crying..One again, I am so sorry for your loss.We humans are very helpless creature,we have no control over life.God may give you patience.If you like to talk to me to share your feelings,do not hesitate to contact me.
Posted by C Mustafa on November 14, 2016
Attempting to gather words of comfort for your family has been a difficult task. Having a son of my own, I cannot fathom the pain felt by your immense loss. I pray you find comfort in those beautiful memories of him and know his spirit is with you always. You will be in my thoughts and prayers during your first holiday season without Michael.
Posted by Jeffrey Reeser on November 8, 2016
I'm very late to this, but am honestly still processing this loss... I was a good friend of Michael's for a time in Los Angeles. There is no single person I know on this earth was more unique, complex and intelligent that he was. Incredibly kind, caring and of such mental capacity it is staggering to comprehend.

Had the privilege to know him closely, work with him, live with him. Was his good friend for just over a year, then we had a falling out. The last time we spoke was Fall 2012. Really hoped our paths would cross again. He had a great impact on my trajectory as a person and in the way I see the world. He was inspiring to know and an empowering presence. I will always remember his sense of humor.

On a seemingly contrary note, I found Michael to have profound, even austere moral standards and to be a very serious person. As goofy as he could be, I don't think this quality of his should be marginalized.

I will do my best to carry his spirit on with me, and keep him in my mind, in my heart. My prayers and thoughts have been going to his family. Wish I could have been at the service, though I'm not sure where it took place.

Please, Michael, rest in peace.
Posted by Sarah Saldana on November 1, 2016
Michael, we think of you so often -- precious memories for which we are so grateful. We are sustained by the prayers and love of all your friends and family and even total strangers who have you in their hearts, now and forever. We miss you, Sweet Son, but take some comfort in the thought that you now know a perfect peace. 'Love is love is fill the world with music, love and pride.'  Mom and Dad
Posted by Berta Tamez on August 5, 2016
Sarah, I just now learned of the loss of your precious son. I am so sorry, my dear friend. My condolences to you and your family. True friendships leave footprints in our hearts and souls.
Posted by Velma Bueno on July 21, 2016
Don and Sarah --
I am deeply saddened by the news of your tragic loss. I pray that God will grant you the strength needed to get through this moment in your life. My most sincere condolences. --Velma Bueno
Posted by Cindy Saldana on July 20, 2016
Dear Michael, my beloved cousin. Here sending you a very special birthday wish. I hope you are having a blast and throwing the biggest party ever!!! with all the other angles!! I want you to know that even though you are no longer here with us. You will NEVER be forgotten. You will always be a part of our family.  Please give a big hug to my beloved brother "Boy" who I miss terribly, and "Momo" and "Popo" Happy birthday little cousin until we all meet again!
Posted by Ophelia Camina on July 16, 2016
Sarah & Don, our prayers are with you. There are no words to console the great sadness you must feel. MICHAEL was an extraordinary young man and he left you lots of happy memories of your time together. I pray that those memories will help get you through the days ahead. You are in our thoughts and prayers, Ophelia Camina & Jim Flegle
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Posted by francisca parra on July 20, 2022
Michael, you are Loved, you are Missed, you are Remembered. Happy Birthday in Heaven!!
Posted by Gus Hinojosa on July 20, 2022
Thinking of sweet Michael today. His spirit lives on in our memories. His wonderful parents honor him each day with their giving deeds.
Posted by francisca parra on May 13, 2022
Forever in Our Hearts Michael, un abrazo hasta el cielo!!
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Another year of praying for you...

Shared by C Mustafa on May 13, 2019

Every year that goes by after Michael's passing, I recall the pain I felt for you as a mother.  I have held on to my son a little tighter since then and my heart aches for your family every year around this time.  

I am so sorry this day has this significance and can only pray your family can now smile when they think of all the memories you’ve compiled during your short time on earth.

An Old Friend

Shared by Elizabeth (Lizz) O'Neill on April 5, 2017

Hi Sarah and Donald,
My name is Elizabeth (Lizz) O'Neill and I was Michael's girlfriend throughout Shortirgde and some time after. I do not have your information anymore but would love to speak with you. I am sorry it has taken me almost a year to reach out. I still can't believe he is not here anymore. My email is and my cell is (323)509-9323. 

Shared by Abid Qureshi on November 28, 2016

I have added picture of my son above,who was 22,passed away in irvine in motorcycle accident..He had a great resembelence with Michael.When I saw Michael face,it reminds of my son.There was so many similarities in this incident,my son omer was raised in woodland hills,CA.My son was very passionate about cars and motorcycles.Omer was highly technical minded,he was having natural ability to fix any mechine of the world.It is unbearable loss,I feel so empty,looks like my all happiness has taken away,feels depressed and feels no charm in daily acivaties.I could not stop crying,when, I saw Michael face on this website.Michael has great resembelence with my son.God may give you patience to bear this unbearable loss.