Let the memory of MICHAEL SCOTT HYATT be with us forever...
  • 56 years old
  • Born on March 11, 1951 in Jacksonville, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on December 3, 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, MICHAEL SCOTT HYATT 56 years old , born on March 11, 1951 and passed away on December 3, 2007. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Becky Hyatt-Bucalo on March 12, 2019
Well brother, here we are again. Another year, waiting to realize this has all been a bad dream. You are missed, you are loved and your memory is being lived through your kids, grandkids and the great grand. I miss you beyond measure, you are loved. Keep by our side, we love you.
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on March 11, 2019
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Another year and its NOT any easier... We love & miss you ALWAYS & FOREVER xoxo
Posted by Jaqckie Lacy on December 5, 2018
Another year without you. I will never forget the last time we were together. It is a cherished memory of holding your hand as you slipped peacefully away. Memories of you are never far from my mind. Missing you still and loving you always! Hug our wonderful family in your heavenly home. Looking forward seeing you again someday!❤️
Posted by Becky Hyatt-Bucalo on December 5, 2018
Well, brother, here I am again, missing you. Going through all the pictures and reading all of the comments yesterday on this thing you would have loved, Facebook. I think of how much you would have enjoyed this social media platform. 11 years have passed since you left the building, it's as tough now as 11 years ago. Your girls, grand kids and a new great grand of yours are doing amazing. Parker, a beautiful babe has entered the world. So much life continues to go on, but its not the same without you here. We all keep supporting each other keeping the new generations informed of you. The Hyatt's and Ward's continue to stay in touch. Sonny is still with Connie as you probably know as Connie says she thinks you are around. Art commented yesterday you may be playing tricks with your presence. LOL, love you, miss you and I never take your memory for granted. See you on the flip side. XXOO
Posted by C Sullivan on March 11, 2018
Happy Birthday Dear Friend, can't wait to see you again.. miss laughing so hard my smile got stuck.. :)  love you
Posted by Jaqckie Lacy on March 11, 2018
Happy Heavenly Birthday! I would give anything to have you here with us! You are loved & missed so much! The emptiness never seems to lessen for us all. You are remembered well by all your family & friends! Your memory brings a smile to our faces & tears to our eyes! Your kids & grandkids are amazing! They should make you proud! You are the best brother ever! I love you! I will see you again!
Posted by Becky Hyatt-Bucalo on March 11, 2018
Another wish for a happy Heavenly birthday dear brother. You know how much you are missed by all that loved you so deeply. The girls and your grand kids are as amazing as ever! Julian and Jaylin growing up so darn fast. I'd love to spend another day with you, big hugs and bigger laughs, your trademark. Sonny is still with Connie, I am forever thankful for that. I always think of how much you would have loved this thing called Facebook. LOL love you brother, yesterday, today and always. Catch you on the flip side. XXOO
Posted by Linda Hyatt on March 11, 2018
Hey Mike another big Birthday is here without you,but everything is going on as usual. Well the girls are doing fine and grandkids are growing like weeds. Julian & Jaylin are tall and thin. Brittaney & Sabrina are doing well and Ben Brit's husband is doing fine too, you would really like him cuz he is such a sweet guy. Well I will close for now and tell you how much I love & miss you.
Posted by Linda Hyatt on December 4, 2017
Hey Mike, I meant Heidi out at the cemetery yesterday and we got you all fixed up for the Holidays, sure wish your head stone was put where is was meant to be, but I know the circumstance behind that issue. John cleaned all the headstones and they are pretty clean where you can actually read the names. Lol The girls are doing fine and all, we are going to have a family photos done this year and I know you will be there with us, first one in a long time. I still miss you deeply and will probably love you for ever. XO till we meet again.
Posted by Barbara Turner on December 3, 2017
I was reminded by an email from this sight that it has been 10 years since you left this world for a much better one. So, I shared a little story from high school days in the "story sharing place" on this sight.

I think of you still when I recall high school days. You were one of my favorite people, and we could always find something to joke and laugh about. I can imagine how much your family misses you. 

So rest high on that mountain for now, and say "hi" to others who have come your way this past year. One of these days we'll all get together and have a trail ride just beyond that rainbow bridge. Save a feisty pony for me, will ya? Never did like a deadhead on the trail. ~~~ Barb
Posted by Jackie Lacy on December 3, 2017
Ten years and still missing you! I will always love and miss you. Life is not the same without you. Time passes but our memories never fade, you brought such love and laughter to all of us. It comforts me to know I will see you again and that you are with the Lord and those who have gone before us. Just wanted to say "I love you, Dolly!"
A decade without the sound of your voice, your hugs and laughter is just too long. I am still proud to be your big sister. Love you, Jackie
Posted by Jaqckie Lacy on March 13, 2017
The years pass so quickly these days! Never a day without thoughts of you and tears. I miss you & wish I could talk to you. Life isn't the same without you! Your girls & grandkids honor you at every opportunity. I am so proud of them. Tell Grandma, Grandpa & Mom that we miss them too. Save me a seat at the family table!
Posted by Barbara Turner on March 12, 2017
Well happy birthday a day late Mike! I remembered, because mine is the 8th, and you would tease me about being "older" than you by 3 days! Think of you often ol' friend....every time I see Tom Selleck, as a matter of fact! Well pard, will see you "on down the trail" one of these days. Keep me a place reserved by the campfire until then wouldja?
Posted by Becky Hyatt-Bucalo on March 11, 2017
Well sweet brother, another year without you in it, physically.The girls are well and thriving, grandkids are amazing and know you well. I still keep track of them and their lives as promised to you as you left this earthly place. I also keep watch over the house you loved, in ways only you and I know. LOL Again, a helicopter flew over head this evening while I was gardening. They never fly over here, but of course tonight it did. Blue helicopter just like yours... Imagine that...
Posted by Barbara Turner on December 4, 2016
Howdy Mike! I get notices in my email about significant days for you, and of course, this one came up on the 9th year of your passing. So many miss you. So many have passed since you left all of us behind, too. Lost my mom in September, so it was and is tough. But, life does go on, and we still have the peace of mind that none we have lost are suffering any more, and that we'll see you all on "down the trail". Remembering you and all the laughs we had in high school. Peace and love to your family always....Barb
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on December 3, 2016
Today was a hard day as always Dad, no matter how many years go by it NEVER gets easier...I Love & Miss you ALWAYS & FOREVER!!!
Thank you for coming thru today at the reading, and comforting Brittaney to know her Grandpa is always watching over her. Keep on watching over ALL of us Dad and guide us through life the best you can from up there....
Posted by Barbara Turner on March 15, 2016
I always remember friends and family who have birthdays close to mine on the 8th of March. So, of course I remembered you and the fun we had in high school! You called me older than you...but I said since it was only for 3 days, it didn't really count! I miss our correspondence (via Classmates.com) after I re-connected with you a year or so before you left this world for a better place. I'll see you again "on down the trail" ol' friend!
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on March 12, 2016
Happy Birthday Dad!!!! Hope you have the best day ever!!!! I love and miss you so very much!!!! Love always Jamie...
Posted by Jack Hyatt on March 12, 2016
Michael,my precious Son.How I miss you as a Always. Mom and I were watching Blue Bloods on Netflicks last night and I said, see that expression on Tom Sellics face? It was like looking at you Mike! This time of year so many things remind me of you. I'm sure. I'm not alone with those feelings.
Posted by Linda Hyatt on March 11, 2016
Well Mike, It's been awhile since you left us, it just isn't the same anymore. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART. I still miss you like crazy along with everyone else that is up there with you, I am sure you know that tho. I can't even leave a message without loosing it, the tears keep falling and I can't stop them, that should tell you I still love you and most likely always will. Well I am sure you are celebrating your special day up there in haven. Till we meet again I love & miss you. Linda
Posted by Jaqckie Lacy on December 3, 2015
Thinking of you today sweet Brother! We have managed to live 8 years without you. It hasn't been easy, you are missed and we sorrow for you still. You are in our minds often and always with tears and laughter. Just had to say, I love you today! Hugs!
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on November 26, 2015
Happy Turkey Day Dad,
I know it's been awhile since I have wrote to you, just been busy and I know you have been with me through every step of the way watching over all of us, and I am so grateful for that. It hasn't been easy and this time is very hard for me :( but I will manage to get through it, cause you taught us to be strong just like you Dad. Your grandbabies are all growing up to fast.... Just want you to keep watching over all of us!! I LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH DAD!! (((HUGS)))
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on March 12, 2015
Happy Birthday Dad!!!! I know I am a day late...but know I thought about you all day yesterday....as I do everyday..I love and miss you so very much!!! I wish you were here with us... love always and forever your daughter!!!
Posted by Becky Hyatt-Bucalo on March 12, 2015
Well, here we are again, missing you. I want to report, as you know, those girls of yours and those grandkids are as about as devoted as any force you may know. They love you beyond the moon and back. They are diligent and devoted to your memory, more than any I know. You are I am sure, so very proud of them all. I try to keep that promise I made to you, that whisper in your ear that night, the day prior to you "leaving the building." I promised I would always watch over and try to be sure that I would take care of those girls of yours. I hope I have served you well on that promise. I have met new friends that were yours when you were on earth, they respected you and I have become friends with them. Tonight, Johnny and I toasted your birthday at dinner, and Johnny said you watch, tonight there will be helicopters fly over. Sure enough, not one but two. One, on our way home, flying over the 8 freeway, bright lights literally blinking intensely over our car. coincidence, I think not.... Love you Michael, it is empty, where you once lived. Love you big brother...
Posted by Jack Hyatt on March 11, 2015
Mike, Vicki and I were just reminiscing about all the birthday cakes she made for you! LOL It's uncanny how things happened to them. Too many to mention here. They will always bring smiles to our faces.
Was just reading all the tributes to you. What a guy!!!!
We will always love you and never forget all the hilarious times we had together.
See Ya soon down by the river. Keep an eye out, OK?
Forever, Dad and Vicki
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on March 11, 2015
Happy Birthday to the Greatest Dad, wishing you a day full of relaxation and fun! It's so hard not having here with us and with so much going on that I want to tell you(but I know you already know) until I see you again Dad, I LOVE & MISS YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER<3 <3 XOXO
Posted by RICHARD LORENZANO on December 10, 2014
It's been 7 years old Buddy, but I still think of you and all you did for me. You are my Hero and I often think of the places we went to. It's really hard for me when I go to Laughlin and see all the Casinos we played at, all the way Vato ! See you soon. I Love You Buddy
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on December 4, 2014
It has been a rough day, but I know your at peace and no longer suffering and that helps me smile. Just wish God didn't need you so soon, you had so much life ahead with being retired and us kids and grandkids. I LOVE & MISS you Dad ALWAYS & FOREVER!!
Posted by Jackie Lacy on December 4, 2014
It has been a difficult day! Seven years ago, we said goodbye and I miss you still. You have left us all with fond memories! Looking at pictures today and remembering good times with you! The tears are flowing, so very sad you are gone. Love you so much, Mike. ❤️
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on June 16, 2014
Happy Father's Day to the best and most handsome dad ever....Hope you had a great day in heaven....I love and miss you like crazy!!!!
love always and forever...your daughter Jamie.....xoxox
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on June 15, 2014
Happy Father's Day DAD, hope you have a a great relaxing day up in heaven! It's one of the hardest day's for me cause your not here, and now you have Grandpa Wally up there with you too :( I Love & Miss You VERY VERY Much Dad!! This day will never be the same :( (((HUGS))) xoxo
Posted by Linda Hyatt on June 14, 2014
Well Mike, it would be 45yrs today we got married, we had a good 20ys together and stayed friends up till the end. We had some fun times back in the days and had two beautiful girls and now 4 grandkids that are growing up fast. Time sure flies by... Well I want to say Happy Fathers Day and I hope you are all up there with everyone having a good time. Love & Miss you all very much. Keep your eyes in the sky open.XOXO
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on April 20, 2014
Hoppy Easter Dad!!!! I love and miss you so very much....xoxoxo
love always and forever your daughter Jamie...
Posted by Becky Hyatt-Bucalo on March 11, 2014
Dearest Michael,
Missing you as usual, your laugh, smile, funny jokes and your love. Wishing you were here with us still, but it was not to be. Another birthday and the best memories of a sweet, sweet brother. I love you kiddo.
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on March 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Dad!! I don't think I can ever tell you enough how much I MISS AND LOVE YOU, not a day, night, or holiday goes by that I don't think of you. Your grand babies are all growing up so big and I know you would be very proud of them!! I hope you have a relaxing day up there in heaven :) I LOVE & MISS YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on March 11, 2014
Happy Birthday to the Best Dad!!! Hope you are enjoying your day...Julian and Jaylin will be sending you some balloons when they get home from school...so watch out for them..I love and miss you so much!! love always your daughter Jamie..
Posted by Jaqckie Lacy on December 30, 2013
Well Mike, I am here again because I am thinking of you! I used the Howdy Doody ornament I bought you this year on my tree. It made me laugh like you did the day I gave it to you. Life goes on and we miss you so much! We are about to end another year without you and start a new one. The memories you have given are always with us as we think of how much we love you. Daddy is going to be 80, hard to believe but true. He misses and loves you too. We will all be together again and for that I am very thankful.
I bet you were surprised when Wally showed up there. He has most likely filled you in on all the news. We were sad at his passing but Jim prayed with him before he left us. We continue to pray for his family.
I could go on and on...but just know I am sending love and big sister hugs your way today!
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on December 26, 2013
Dearest Dad
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!!
Love and Miss you so very much...xoxoxoxoxo
         love, Jamie
Posted by Becky Hyatt-Bucalo on December 26, 2013
Here it is, another year missing you. I sit here going over all of the comments, photos and tales of every ones memories of you. You touched so many in such a positive way, it warms my heart. I am reminded once again how much I love you and painfully miss you. I selfishly wish that this end had never been God's plan, knowing of course this was never anyone's course to control. I just had to check in here to feel close to your once upon a time life. Keep sending those copters over, they always, always make me think of you and I pretend for a split second it is you, and who knows, maybe for a "split second," it is. Love you brother.
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on December 25, 2013
MERRY CHRISTMAS DAD, We Love & Miss you so much!
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on December 4, 2013
Dearest Dad
I can't believe it's been 6 years since you left us for your new home in heaven...it still hurts so bad..the only thing that makes me feel any better is I know you are in no pain...DAD I LOVE & MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! My heart hurts so bad is this pain ever going to go away??? I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH...LOVE ALWAYS & FOREVER Your daughter Jamie...
Posted by C Sullivan on December 3, 2013
Thinking of you today Mike. So miss the many wonderful things that were you. Smiled this morning when your handsome, long legged pony walked up to the fence. He, some how, has you all wrapped up in him. Always entertaining me, your Sonny, keeps your memory alive in me daily. Love you always dear friend.
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on November 28, 2013
Happy Turkey Day..Dad!!!
Just want to tell you I love and miss you so very much...
love always & forever your daughter Jamie...
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on November 28, 2013
Happy Turkey Day Dad,
Thinking of you everyday and miss the heck out you always!! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and tell you I LOVE AND MISS YOU ALWAYS & FOREVER<3
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on November 19, 2013
Good Morning Dad,
Just wanted to write you a quick note and ask that you will watch over Brittaney as she begins her new journey today(Nursing School) and that she is safe traveling to and from.... I know you would have been proud of them as they grow up to be beautiful woman!!
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on November 11, 2013
Just wanted to leave you a little note on this Veteran's Day~ 
Thank you for everything you have done not only for me but for our country!!
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on June 16, 2013
Happy Father's Day Dad!! It's never an easy day for me :( but I know that you are in a better place and of course I know that you are watching over me and the family. I will never be able to express to you HOW MUCH I LOVE & MISS YOU!!!
I Love you Dad
Posted by Linda Hyatt on June 16, 2013
Well Mike, another year gone and fathers day done and over with, sure do miss you & still love ya, probably always will in my own way. I'm sure you have been watching over Jamie's trip back home from Va. Well keep your eyes open and watch over all of us. Love U Linda
Posted by Jamie Hyatt Dodd on March 11, 2013
Happy 62nd Birthday Dad....I love and miss you so very much!! Wishing so much I could see you one more time... I LOVE YOU DAD!!!
Posted by HEIDI HYATT CURRY on March 11, 2013
Happy 62nd Birthday Dad, May you have a relaxing day up in heaven with your family and friends. I LOVE & MISS YOU more than words can express!! XOXOXOXO

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