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Shared by Barbara Turner on December 3, 2017

A reminder of Mike's passing popped up from this sight in an email, and I felt compelled to share another story I happened to remember from the "good ol' days".  It goes like this:

One of the things Mike and I shared as friends was a love for all things Bill Cosby.  I believe that between the 2 of us, we had memorized every word on every album that had been recorded by Cosby at that time.  We sure shared a lot of laughs over reciting (ver batim) everything "The Coz" had to say on those albums.  We always had audience participation when we were doing these "recitals" at school, so it was great fun for anyone within earshot!  

One of the funniest quotes was when Coz would say "little tiny hairs growin' all over my face", as Mike apparently had a heavy beard and he almost always had a "shadow" no matter how recently he had shaved.  It was funny stuff back then.  Still is.  I smile every time I think of or hear that phrase.  

You are missed Mikey.  Many cared for you because of the man you were and the smiles you brought.  This year marks 40 years since I lost my first husband, and 10 years since you left this life. Two truly remarkable men gone far too soon. 

Well, others of our class have passed this year, and it's for sure and for certain none of us old farts are getting any younger.  So practice up on your Cosby stuff buddy, 'cause one of these days, we'll get to do it all over again! ~~~ Barb

Mike 'n Ringo

Shared by Barbara Turner on March 23, 2015

I went to high school with Mike.  We were always swapping goofy stories, and this is what he told me one day about the family monkey, Ringo.

"I was doing homework the other night, and Ringo came over and was sitting looking at me kind of wierd.  He'd kind of hold his little hand out toward my face, then pull it back, and look me in the eye like he was curious.  He did this 2 or 3 times.  I couldn't figure out what his deal was.....then, before I knew what hit me, he poked me right in the eye!  Then the little jerk jumped up where I couldn't reach him and he LAUGHED at me....all teeth and grinning and LAUGHING!"  

The way he told the story was classic Mike.  We laughed until we had tears rolling down our faces.

That's how I always remember my buddy Mike.  Smiling and telling stories.  What a great guy!

Niece asks Cop,

Shared by Michele Hill on December 4, 2010

I was a second grader at Monte Vista Elementary when I spoke to my first "real life" Police Officer in uniform.

I arrived at school to see a Police motorcycle parked in the breezeway outside my classroom. All the kids were gathered around it, wondering why it was there and of course asked where was the Policeman? I can imagine and sort of remember kids teasing each other with taunts of getting arrested and  
other nonsense.
The bell rang and our teacher, Mrs. Clouse opened the classroom door and immediately announced that our class had a special guest on this particular morning. She hollered out for us to quickly take our seats and reminded us to be on our best behavior. 
As we all filed in and the room settled, I noticed the Police Officer sitting in a chair at the front of the class. He was in full uniform, helmet under his arm, gloves in his hands, complete with hand cuffs and a gun! I cant imagine the hum in the room as our little brains reeled through thoughts as we inspected him and those off-limits gadgets hanging on his belt. Wondering why was he here? Is someone in trouble? Who's busted now? anyway...
The visiting officer was from Phoenix PD, sorta like show and tell I guess? And all of us were dying to ask questions. Each student could ask one question, starting with students in row one. Way over by the window and I was in row four... Needless to say, I thought I would die before it was my turn.
I had decided I must have the best question. However each question I fixed on seemed to be asked by someone before it was my turn. Mind you they were silly and totally second grade-ish. i.e. Have you ever arrested anyone? or Have you ever shot your gun? blah, blah, blah. Dumb. I needed something better...and I was scrambling.
Finally and suddenly - I was up next and I was at a complete loss. I had nothin. My name is called, all eyes focus on me.  Nervous & desperate ... I ask "Do you know Michael Hyatt?    
Immediately my pessimistic mind takes over and I imagine the officers response to my ridiculous question. Of course he doesn't know Michael Hyatt. So quickly I blurt, "He's a Police Officer too"  Trying to validate my question I guess.
The visiting officer  repeats my question, "Do I know a police officer named Mike Hyatt?" I nod and he says "Yes,  I know Officer Hyatt,  very well." 
At that moment I was complete. This policeman knows him! That was enough for me, I remember thinking my part was over. He answered, and now on tot he next silly question. However little did I know, the policeman will proceed to tell the class how he knows Officer Hyatt. 
I vaguely recall the story had to do with a robbery and the officers chase of suspects on foot along a canal. The visiting officer said he was alone in the chase and now much further down the canal and out of eyesight from both street and police vehicle he is difficult to locate by his fellow responding officers. The officer caught up with the suspects, but in an attempt to apprehend the multiple suspects, he was struck over the head, knocked unconscious and had subsequently fallen or was pushed into the canal. 
Given his condition, the officer explained how he would have drowned if it had not been for the responding officer who found him, pulled him from the canal and began to administer CPR immediately. 
I remember the officer then said something so perfectly poetic like, "to answer your question, yes, I know Officer Mike Hyatt,  he saved my life."  
As you can imagine I was beaming and the room was in awe and many gasped in response to the story that had just been told.
The visiting officer then asked me, "So how do you know Officer Hyatt?"  
I smiled and said, "He's my Uncle Mike." 


Shared by Jack Hyatt on November 12, 2010

I remember once when Mike was about  maybe five or six, I was trying to get him to eat his veggies, so happened we were having spinich and I told him, Mike if you are ever going to have muscles like Popeye, you have got to eat your spinich. A while later I walked into the dining room and he was still at the table with a lot of spinich on his plate. He would take a bite and gag so bad I thought he would lose all his dinner. He would "gag" it down and take another bite. I felt so sorry for him as he had taken me literally. Needless to say I told him I thought he had enough to grow muscles like Popeye. Sure enough he did. :-)  Dad..............

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