Michael's Life


Michael's life was so full of sunshine,his life was full of hope. Then suddenly on 2-16-06 he was taken from my loving arms. Now I'm left with nothing but his belongings and all his precious memories to hold on too.
I am still looking for answers, but nothing seems to appear. I will always wonder why he was killed.
My son has gone on a vacation, he now lives in heaven by the river of life. He has gone to a place to far to travel...But I would walk a million miles barefooted on gravel.
Just to see his face again, and hold his precious hand...I know he is okay. But I have got to try to understand, this was all in God's plans.  

Life's Journey Without My son

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intentions of arriving safely in a pretty and preserved body. As lots of people thing. Or it wasn't for me. For me I have never seen a pretty preserved body.

On 2-16-06 my son's life here on earth came to and end. And his life has just begun. His Heavenly Father was waitting in Heaven for Michael to return home.

2-19-06 my precious son's body returned to the furnal home. It was preserved but not pretty at all...Only his father, brother ,pastor and his wife alone with his favorite uncle was alound to view my precious son's unhuman like body.

It was preserved alright, but nothing for a mother or father to have to see. As I viewed my son's body body I swallowed deeply, crying in so much pain. As I was looking at him I was wishing it was me instead of my baby.

There laid this cold waxed perserved unhuman like body. Which I knew was my son. Even though it didn't look nothing like him. As I stared at his face I couldn't believe something like this was my handsome son.

There was a body with a heart of gold, my son but I still wasn't ready to let him go. My heart was busting out of my chest. No one knew just how much pain I was in. I don't think they realize that my son didn't just die or got killed, he was murdered in a horrible way.

Now I wonder how was I going to live without my precious son that I loved so. Then on the 2-20-06 as I entered into the church and saw that the church was fully packed and people still wanting to come in. I knew not only did I love him but so many other did.

So many people family and friends came to say there good-bye. So many with tears and some with dry eyes. My heart tells me Michael life has now begun.

Brother Max spoke his final, words said his farewell. It couldn't have been spoken no better. I knew Michael's spirit's was in the church. Smiling down as Brother Max continue to speak his words.

He kissed us all good-by and gave us all a big hug. And told us we were swell. But God needed him home so he much tell us all falewell.. As the tears rolled down my cheeks they rolled my son's body out of the church. I walked slowly behind. know this will be the last time I would ever see my son anymore.

I wanted to go with him, I didn't want to let him go. This wasn't right, he should be burying me.

His casket peak above a big hole in front of me ready to be lowered down into that.

This was killing me as I sit in silents. Why did this happen? How can this be? What have I ever done for something like this to happen to me.

Here One day Gone One Evening

Michael's life on earth was cut short at the age of 28 he was taken away from me in a horrible way. He was a Christain man he devoted his life to the Lord. Remembering my son comes easy, I do it everyday. It is the ache in my heart that just want and will never go away.

There isn't a day goes by that I don't sit and cry and think of all the thing we did together when he was alive. It has been 5 years 5 months 1 week and 3 days now since he was called home. But to me it seems like it was only yesterday.

I will never forget the night my son was murdered. And justice still hasn't been served. But her judgement day will come on day. When she stands in front of God face to face and is accountable for what she did will be far more worse than any judgement she could have received here on earth.

Michael is in Heaven with God's arms around him. And no one will beable to harm my son ever again. He didn't deserve to have to die the way he did. But I thank my God for blessing me with 28 precious years I had with him. I know he was God's before he was mine. He was only a gift to me. A gift I thought I would get to keep forever and ever.

When my son died he didn't go alone. A big piece of my heart went with him the day God called him home. He left me to soon.