His Life


From the moment we met, I felt I knew you my whole life we just clicked shared private jokes, and stories from the past. Your secrets were always safe with me, I made a promise to you and till this day I have kept that. 

So full of life always a big smile on your face. 

You never took a day for granted you lived life for your children you loved hard, worked even harder. When your brother & I decided to adopt a sibling group of 3, you were the first person on our side to go ahead and encourage it. My children loved having you around, you made so many lasting memories that will be held in our hearts forever. 

Calling every morning on your way over asking if coffee was on, like that was even a question... but you would continue to ask everyday, then proceed with is it Dunkin's bc if not I'm not coming over. I miss our daily chats our laughs your smile. Wayne was jealous at times he couldn't understand why you would talk to me about everything and not him, but as you told him you liked me more..hahaha..... 

getting the waitresses at Mr Mikes not knowing how to take you, telling them how great it was that we all get along and how your brother is raising your kids them looking over at me like is he serious Wayne telling them not to listen to you, that they really are his kids and you would come out with that's what your told they would walk away in disbelief and the laughs would not stop. 

Christmas will never be the same without you there, we watch video's of Christmas pasts and cherish everyone of them.

you were taken from us way to soon but your memory will live on, in all of us everyday.

We Love You Mike