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Shared by Jenn McFadden-Houck on September 25, 2014


my pop pop

Shared by Jenn McFadden-Houck on September 25, 2014

In 25+ years...nothing ever changed....he was always my pop pop and he always loved me just the same 


Shared by Stephen McCracken Sr. on September 25, 2014

Our Famiy  trips to Wildwood :

     Wax Monsters made by a machine that I always broke on you, Uncle Joey who you always dissapeared with.  The Hell Hole ride that you told me to go on. 

Grays Ferry:

      Titan Street where a younger brother was being beaten and up and you came to my rescue only to have his dad run after you.


       Taking my Driving test in your white Ford and passing the test.


        Taking care of Maya the german Shepard that was more a Horse then a Dog and how much we all fell in Loved with her because she thought she ws a lap dog!

The Times:

        Knowing what "speck's" were, Love Beeds, the PEACE sign, George Carlin 7 bad words, Flowewr Power, Mooning everyone at holidays,Motor Cycles, Finding your stash of Magizines under your bed and steling them, Black Light Posters,Car Models, Cuttin your hair for my wedding, the first and ony time I had ever seen you cry when Mom died when we all felt Helpless. Talking about how the year 2000 there would be a HUGE celebration and remembering we would be to old to Celebrate it.

Hereing these words "I love your Bro" when we talked on the phone.

Till we meet again, Dee da dee da Dee ! !    I will NEVER FORGET, I LOVE YOU





Shared by Joanne Havlicek on September 25, 2014

We were teens, and we were always double dating.Mike and me talked about life, love, and intimate things that only a brother and sister could share. We weren't afraid. I met a boy I was infatuated with, and he met a girl. He'd asked me which shirt looked better with which pants, and to teach him to dance. I was that for him. I asked him 'what is love, and how do you know it's love;, and he thought for a minute and said' love is what you make it'. He was that for me. He thought he was taking care of is younger sister, I thought I was taking care of my brother. It was an unspoken battle that we let each other think we were winning  

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