Posted by Joanne Havlicek on September 22, 2015
Ahh, Mike. I think about you everyday, and I relive the laughs and stories we shared. And I relive the day you left. You and me reminisced alot together about others, now I do it with others about you. Lot of our music is still hard to listen to, and it's strange that your not here. If all your theories pan out, I will get to see ya again and talk.
Posted by sandra phelps on September 22, 2015
Wow, has it been a year already ? The years slip away quickly in death as in life, but to those who loved you the time will be spent missing you. You must be saying " missing me " ? Yes , Missing you...
Posted by Jenn McFadden on April 27, 2015
Oh I miss you so much! The kids are getting so big, and Ayden was just asking about you the other day... :( xoxoxoxo
Posted by Patsi Fego on January 13, 2015
Happy Birthday Pop-Pop!!! Hope you are enjoying your day with Mommy!!! Love ya!!!
Posted by Jenn McFadden on December 11, 2014
I miss you old man!! I really do!
Posted by Jenn McFadden on October 14, 2014
I love u
Posted by Stephen McCracken Sr. on October 3, 2014

Really gonna miss you
It's really gonna be different without you
Time is gonna be hard and slow
For the rest of my life
Gonna be thinking about you
(Yes, I am)
Time came when you had to go

I'll miss you my brother
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end

In your finest hour, I was there with you
And without you things won't be the same
But there's a higher power that we answer to
And you heard Him calling your name

Really gonna miss you
Everything about you, your smiling face
I know you want us all to be strong

Really gonna miss you
I know you're going to that magic place
Singing you a brand new song

I'll miss you my Bother
I'll miss you my friend
I promise my love for you will never end

Really gonna miss You

My Dear Brother ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Posted by michele carey on October 3, 2014
Cuz... You will be missed! Always enjoyed your free spirit and happy attitude!! There wasn't ever a time we were together and you didn't have me laughing. Loved talking with you about books and crazy family history! Your memories will always make me smile!
Posted by Jenn McFadden on October 2, 2014
The day is almost here that we officially say's been almost 2 weeks and it still didn't sink in. I'm waiting for my phone to ring and for you ramble on about who knows what lol. I'm gonna miss hearing "how's my little witch" & "how's my little maniac butter" I give you a lot of credit grandmom died over 20 years ago....As young as you were you could have moved on and left us behind. .but you never turned your back on us. You never thought twice about were the o my grandfather I ever really had and I'm lucky for that. So I wanted to say that I love you....
Posted by robert daddesso on October 1, 2014
He was a great man!!!!!!! My prayers go out to you and your family, rest in peace mike.  christina Daddessso
Posted by robert daddesso on October 1, 2014
Hi Pasti Im sorry to hear about your dad passing my heart gos at to you in time of need i will keep you in my prays you and your sorry for your lost ,,,,mr Robert Daddesso SR
Posted by Anna Ilisco on September 30, 2014
Mike, I will never forget you. You had a style all of your own. I can hear you getting the kids laughing so hard, they get the hic-ups that lasted forever. Playing poker won't be the same without you their having us laughing our butts off. Thank you for being there for me, Love you... R.I.P. Brother......
Posted by Vicky Thorpe on September 30, 2014
Pop pop you were an amazing man. I regret that we only spoke around the holidays but when we spoke you never seemed to hold a grudge. You always seemed so happy and cheerful when we spoke. You loved me and my family dearly. I'm sorry I didn't give you a chance to meet my children but we speak of you often. They know what a wonderful grandfather you are to me and how loving you are. I'm sorry I missedmy chance to say good bye but knowing you you probably wouldn't hold a grudge. I love you very much. Always have and always will. I miss you very much.
Posted by sandra phelps on September 25, 2014
Mike I have known you for a pretty long time, but only as my girlfriends sweet burly brother. You were always glad to see me and I was glad to see you.Thank you for loving your family because they all loved you.You always knew it would be alright, and it is. I will miss you.
Posted by Anna mcCracken on September 25, 2014
I no you will be looking down on us keeping us safe making sure every thing goes okay in our lives, making sure that we live a good life just like you did until the day that God decided that it was your time to go..I'm going to miss you Uncle Mike :-(
Posted by Dena McCracken on September 25, 2014
Uncle Mike,
you will be missed.but never forgotten. I love you.. I know you are in a better place, and with grandmom and Sis. till we meet again..
Posted by stephen Mccracken on September 25, 2014
Uncle Mike, I will truly miss you. I will always remember your warm heart and wisdom. Thank You For Everything You Ever Taught AND Shared With Me. I love you. It was awesome being your nephew!!
Posted by lillian rohlfing on September 25, 2014
Mike I know you are in good hands with all our love ones.Your peace has come. We will all be together again.
Posted by kori calciano on September 25, 2014
Pop pop it's hard to say rest I'n peace so I'm going to say up in smoke you are amazing you raised my dad his brother and sisters you loved my grandmom till your last breath as well as her children and grandchildren if it wasn't got Facebook we wouldn't of kept in touch I remember hey you !! That was our favorite line and the positive energy that emerged just with you bring in the room your were closer to others but loved us all the same never judged and kept smiles on peoples faces I love you but I will miss you more my mother may she rest easy will be there as well as grandmom now you all can be together my mom loved you and spoke nothing but great words of you aunt Patsi or aunt Danni you help raise great people we may be crazy at times but you made it a positive outcome I have our convos in my inbox you reached out when you seen me on fb snapping I know you will be happy with grandmom tell her I love her xoxo and please help jenn get through this I know she is taking it the hardest thank you love
Posted by Danielle McFadden on September 25, 2014
Mike, you will be sorely missed by everyone. You were not only married to my my mother Patricia Celli, but she was the love of your life and you lost her way to soon. Marrying my mother brought you into the family giving you 4 step-children, Danielle McFadden, Dominic Celli, James Celli and Patricia Celli who then gave you many grandchildren that you loved instantly. Everyone in this family will miss you dearly. Rest in Peace
Posted by amber fego on September 25, 2014
"Hey my little witch" I'm going to miss hearing that!!! Pop pop you have showed me that life's to short to be sad and when your sad find something to make you smile. From museums to doing the old time tours in Philly to going to sissys candy store and getting a crap ton of candy haha you have showed me some cool stuff, we didn't talk for a little bit but when we fixed that we picked up right where we left off, I'm still in shock over this whole thing, please look over all your grandkids and greatgrandkids and remember your memories will be carried on forever and always. There's no other pop pop like you in this world!!! I and I'm going to miss u I have your.picture right next to grandpop so now I have both my angels to watch over me.
Posted by Angela Daly on September 25, 2014
Michael, you were truly a great funny guy....I loved having you as a cousin.....I will miss you and all your comments on my fb pictures. ...You were my #1 fan...See ya later cuz
Posted by Sandie Havlicek on September 25, 2014
Ahh...Uncle Mike, I want to say it has truly been an honor to have known you!!! I have always been & will always be a huge fan of yours, so gentle and so kind. Life has not always been good to you and as John Lennon once said...."Reality leaves ALOT to the imagination" You have touched sooo many lives. I will forever miss your smile BOSS! Rest Easy Uncle xo
Posted by Tryin Tokeepmyheadup on September 25, 2014
PopPop, there are not enough words to put up here to express how saddened I am about your passing. You are loved by so many people and leave behind so many memories. Please continue to look over us as a family and bless us with your memories. I love you PopPop!! :( :(
Posted by Richard Daly on September 25, 2014 were a cross between Hank Williams Jr and Jack Nicholson, you always had something funny to say,with you the saying was true you can't tell a book by its cover, your looked rough on the outside,.but you were a thoughtful guy with a heart of gold, I hope God answers all your questions, you will be truly missed. Catch Ya later Cuz!
Posted by sally corsey on September 25, 2014
Mike you will always be miss'd by me and your cousins and most by my Billy R.I.P with my sister Clara love Aunt Sally
Posted by John Havlicek on September 25, 2014
Uncle Mike, I will always remember your sense of humor, your wit, your theories on evolution, your book recommendations, your stories of you and your buddies from 2 street hangin on the corner...and the funny stuff you did, some intentional, some unintentional lol...I miss your voice, your pain-in-the-ass phone calls for me to run to Wawa lol...and even your smell. There was no one quite like you, and I'm proud to have been your nephew. I had the coolest uncle on the planet!...Love, Nephew.
Posted by Jenn McFadden on September 25, 2014
"Hey with" "hugs to the little maniacs" "how's my little guys" or my favorite. ..When I would drive him to the store he'd say "I still can't believe my little jenn is driving" (10+ years later lol) I remember you telling me the gates of hell were real and if I leaned on them I'd fall in lol. You were the coolest "grandfather" EVER! I was so lucky to have you and so were my kids. I appreciate all the time you took to teach me things...for our museum trips...our trips to get water ice. .even when I spilled it alllllllll over your seat (root beer water ice lol) and thank you for loving my grandmom the way you did. ...even the past 20+ years. We sent some balloons up to heaven for you with special messages. ..Ayden said he knows you got them and loved them lol. I just hope you are happy and finally at peace. I love you and will miss you terribly!
Posted by Shannon Celli-Durkee on September 25, 2014
Hey you! I'm going to miss hearing you say that. I'm going to miss hearing a lot of things from you. You were such an.amazing person poppop. I'm going to miss you. Until we meet again
Love one of your witches,
Posted by Joanne Havlicek on September 25, 2014
Mike, I will see your face and hear your voice forever. And I will miss you everyday. You had the answer.
Posted by Dan Keller on September 25, 2014
My Brother in law ! Rest in Peace. You will be greatly missed by so many. May God Comfort you, Now and Forever!
Posted by Stephen McCracken Sr. on September 24, 2014
My Brother, What can I say My Heart is broken But I rest Secure knowing your with Mom!  I Know she was with you as you crossed over into the Eternal Light,    Love till we meet again, Your Little Brother !

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