Let the memory of Michael be with us forever
  • 36 years old
  • Born on December 29, 1974 .
  • Passed away on October 2, 2011 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Phillips 36 years old , born on December 29, 1974 and passed away on October 2, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Peps Jacobs on October 2, 2018
Michael Todd Phillips I miss you so much. As you know I don’t like beer much but would give anything to be able to kick back pop one open and talk to you. There is so much that’s happened since you’ve passed. I’d love to be able to talk to you about it. There are things I’d love to share with you, things I would love for you to see. I hope you’re having a Happy Birthday with mom, grandma and grandpa. I Love You little brother!!
Posted by Peps Jacobs on October 2, 2017
Thinking of you today as always. Wishing like crazy you were here with us today. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years. Love and miss you lots!! Sending my love to you and the rest of our family in Heaven. Wishing we had the answers to why you were taken from us so soon.
Posted by Cheryl Roos on December 29, 2016
These days are still rough... Life goes on I guess, but don't stop me from thinking... Still to many unanswered questions, don't know that I will ever have closure. But I guess that's not that point. Today's your birthday, and I want you to know I am honored to celebrate your birthday, and blessed to say I was apart of your life. My heart will always hold a place for you. Happy Birthday Michael!
Posted by Chris Valima on December 29, 2016
Miss ya buddy. Love ya. We will see each other again some day!
Posted by Chris Valima on December 29, 2016
Miss ya buddy. Love ya. We will see each other again some day!
Posted by Peps Jacobs on December 29, 2016
Oh Michael, it's the 42nd anniversary of your birth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little brother. I miss you, wish I could talk to you, see you, hug you. You'd enjoy our bonfires and think you would have fun throwing back some beers with Larry. I miss you so much little brother.
Posted by Peps Jacobs on October 2, 2016
Hello Mike. I sure wish that you were here right now. I sure could use some back up, some added strength and support. Please send me some strength I need you, mom, grandma and grandpa to be with me and to give me strength cause I've been hit with a lot in the last 24 hours. I wish you were here in person, that you could see Michael grow up, so you could have time to spend with Chase and all of those who love you that you've left behind. It's almost time for another birthday and it's so hard to believe you've been gone 5 years. I Love and Miss You so very much!
Posted by Peps Jacobs on December 29, 2015
Happy Birthday little brother. It's hard to believe how fast the time has flown by. I Love and Miss You so much! I wish you could see little Michael grow up considering he was named after you. Wish you could see Charleigh and Christy's children grow up, along with Chase. You wouldn't believe how much your son has grown and how much of a smart young man he's becoming. You would be so proud of him. I know how much you loved him and I'm sure you're still watching over him. I LOVE YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
Posted by Peps Jacobs on October 2, 2015
Well little brother it's been 4 years today and I miss you like it was yesterday. Send my love to the rest of our family up there. ((Hugs))
Posted by Peps Jacobs on December 30, 2014
Another birthday has come and gone Michael, this makes Birthday #4 in Heaven. Mike it's hard to believe it's been this long. I have not given up praying for the real facts to complete your story. I LOVE YOU little brother. Wish you were here. Wish you could see your little nephew growing up. Lighting another candle for you.
Posted by Peps Jacobs on December 30, 2014
Your candle has been lit. Thinking of you!
Posted by Cheryl Roos on October 5, 2014
Been a crazy emotional week! 3 years you have been gone. Some days it seems an eternity, others seem like yesterday, it hurts so much. Living without you has taught me a lot. I appreciate the little things more, and have found a strength I never knew I had.Trying to move on in life has been rough. I know I will never find another love like yours, nobody will ever be able to fill your shoes! Lol! The good times and the bad, I cherish them all. I feel your presence in times of need and sometimes at the most random times ( So You! ) Warms my heart to know you are still with me! Someday we will be reunited. You Michael Todd Phillips are my soulmate! So until that day comes, please continue to give me guidance, and watch over us all, and of course keep your presence know! I love it! Forever you are in my heart! I love you baby!! <3 <3 <3
Posted by Peps Jacobs on October 2, 2014
Mike, it's been 3 years. It's still unbelievable that you are gone. It hurts my soul that Cheryl and I still haven't been able to get the answers that we have searched for. Maybe there's no right answer. Will it make a difference? No, you're still gone and nothing can bring you back. I miss you little brother. Talking to you doesn't feel the same when I can't look forward to a smart alec comment back. Say hi to mom and grandma and grandpa for me okay. I LOVE YOU! You're gone but not forgotten.
Posted by Amanda Cherry on October 2, 2014
3 years have past now Uncle Mike and not a day go we bye that I don't think about you. I am so lost without you and could use your guidance in my life. Hope that you are well and know you will always be in my thoughts tell the day i see you again.
Posted by Peps Jacobs on December 29, 2013
It's your birthday again Mike. Hard to believe it's another one without you. Your namesake (nephew) is living with me right now and he acts goofy like you sometimes. I know you enjoyed spending time with him the few times you were able to. I miss you so very much little brother and have caught myself calling Michael Mikey Doo like I used to call you. Lol. Cheryl still misses you so very much and finds moving on very difficult she still feels your spirit with her and says crazy stuff happens showing her you are still there with her in spirit. You know there are still so many in answered questions regarding what really happened and unless something drastic happens I don't think Cheryl and I will ever get those questions answered. We love you little brother. Happy Birthday!!!!
Posted by Cheryl Roos on December 29, 2013
Happy Birthday Baby! You're pushing that 40 mark! God how I wish u were here. I can honestly say I have never felt so much pain, losing u has been the hardest thing ever.Life just isn't the same, know matter how hard I try, I cant find that happiness, just temporary fixes! The kids and gbabies keep me going...Thankful to have them! They are all growing so fast. I know u keep an eye on them, and me as well, I told u before, and I will tell u again, don't you ever leave me!! I love and miss u with all my heart! Happy Birthday Michael Todd! Sure hope Heaven is all its said to be, cause living without u here sucks! P.S. Thank u for all the signs, and keep them coming!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Posted by Peps Jacobs on October 2, 2013
Michael, it's been 2 years since you passed. I miss you so much. I wish we had more time together, wish you had more time to spend with Amanda, she is struggling. She misses you and Cheryl misses you. It makes me angry to still not have the whole truth about your death - mostly lies. One day I hope we will know exactly what happened. I Love and Miss you Michael!
Posted by Cheryl Roos on October 2, 2013
Hard to believe today is 2 years. Not a day goes by I dont think about you, a hour for that matter! Losing you has been the hardest thing I have gone through. I miss you soooo much, it hurts! So until the day we can be together again, I will hold all our memories dear to my heart. Thank you for loving me, being my Best Friend, my everything!! I love you forever and always Michael Todd!
Posted by Cheryl Roos on December 29, 2012
Happy birthday My Sweet Angel! There are no words to even begin to describe how much I miss you. You are in my thoughts, every minute of every day! I love you Michael Todd Phillips, and I hope your Birthday in heaven is eveything you dreamed it would be, and more!! Happy Birthday baby, All my love Always ~ Cheryl
Posted by Peps Jacobs on December 29, 2012
Happy Birthday little brother. Well, this is the second birthday you've gotten to spend with mom and grandma and grandpa. You know I think about you guys all the time and I really wish I hadn't moved to Georgia after finishing school at Northern because when we moved back you and I weren't able to spend much time together and I've missed the close relationship we had. I Love and Miss U!
Posted by Nicky Germain Koski on April 29, 2012
Mike, I went to the cemetary the other day to pay my respects to my loved ones lost. It felt so wrong to be visiting you, you left us all way to soon. Miss you Mike.
Posted by Amanda Cherry on February 10, 2012
" Uncle Michael you were a great inspiration in my life and you will be forever missed by me and your nephew little Michael you are in my prayers I hope that you are happy where you are!"
Posted by Cheryl Roos on February 8, 2012
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you! Thou you were taken way to soon, I am so very thankful for the 7 years I was given to share with you in my life. You have left me with so many wonderful memories that I will always cherish and hold dear to my heart until we meet again. I love and miss you soooo much baby!!
Posted by Peps Jacobs on February 8, 2012
Michael, my dear brother. You are truly missed by so many people. It's sad to lose you at such a young age but yet you have gotten me to get myself and my headaches checked out and they found I have a brain aneurysm and the start of another. I am going to Detroit to have them surgically removed. Thank you for that. Because of you I will be here for my kids for a bit longer. LOVE YOU!

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