Posted by Virginia Cheng on July 24, 2021
Michael was kind, pleasant, generous, humorous & knowledgeable, a perfect gentleman! A perfect host, too !
He & Ivy entertained our group
(Ivy's classmates) with warmth & hospitality, always treating us with good food, as Michael was a true gourmet! We played mahjong, sang, danced & had lots of fun! Yes, those were the days!
The happy hours we spent at their lovely home will always be cherished in our memories!
We really miss the "smiling couple" Michael & Ivy! 23 July,2021
Posted by Irene Chung on July 20, 2021
Uncle Michael was the perfect host, always cheery, warm and welcoming! I remember fondly his hospitality (along with Aunty Ivy's) whenever I visited Michelle after school or on the weekends in their lovely Wang Fung Terrace home. I would stay for hours. They would feed me, and chat with me. Uncle Michael always made me feel special, asking me thoughtful questions and encouraging me. He was the same way with all our classmates. When we were partying in the living room, he'd be right there in our midst like one of us! He was loved by all. He was gracious to a fault, always treating everyone so generously. We especially cherished the time we met up for dinner in Richmond a few years ago (Eric and kids)- even when we insisted on picking up the bill, he managed to "retaliate" with boxes of fresh mangoes and blueberries! Typical Uncle Michael! Not to mention the time he gave us much needed utensils and linen when our daughter Stephanie just arrived at UBC for studies. Another earlier occasion in HK when Michelle and family were visiting, I recall him being a hands-on grandpa, effortlessly picking up the little ones and embracing them. I know he is sorely missed by all his family. Yet our loss here is heaven's gain, and we take heart that he is safe and at peace with his beloved, forever. With prayers for strength and comfort at this time of sorrow, hugs and lots of love, Irene for the Chungs
Posted by Helen K C Wan on July 19, 2021
Posted by Helen & Thomas Wan 19th July 2021

We have always known Michael to be a kind, gentle and agreeable person.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

Posted by Stephen Luk on July 18, 2021
It was in the early 70's, Uncle Michael and Aunt Ivy were so generous in opening up their home for me to stay with them while I went to high school in Hong Kong. I learned a lot from Uncle Michael. Not only was he able to provide for his family, he cared deeply for others. Our Grandma (Aunt Ivy's Mom) was staying with them at that time too. He always made us part of his family. Uncle Michael had a special gift in connecting with others. He often turned a stranger into a friend and a friend into a comrade. Looking back on how he lived his life fully, it was very well done indeed!

You will be missed forever, Uncle Michael.
Posted by Sylvia Lui on July 19, 2021
Dear Michelle & Grace & your extended families,

A kind & gentle heart has stopped beating

The smiles, the fond moments, remain in our hearts

With time, the pain will ease but the love remains

We are sharing in our sorrow, with love & friendship

Michael is just homing in to join your sweet Mom

May their loving memories comfort you

May their love & legacy be your beacon lights!

With much love & deepest sympathy,

Sylvia, Peter, Andrea & Kenneth Lui

Posted by M Tang on July 19, 2021
From Uncle Patrick Hui

Michael was my first manager in IBM. He was my mentor. He was more a friend than a manager to me. He always gave me encouragement for my work. I replaced him as Manager when he left for Colorado. He brought me a pair of bull horn when he came back to visit. I still have it despite my many moves. Our families became close friends. Pearl learned cooking from Ivy. Michael would look me up every time he came to Toronto and we always had good time together. I remembered he came once with Michelle , Alexandro, and Isabella and I could tell they had so much fun. I even played ping pong with Alex in our game room. He was a good player and Michael was very proud of him. Last year he posted Alex's video of COVID in Rome, and we were all so impressed. Isabella was very creative at paper craft and made an impression with Pearl. We all pray for Michael & Ivy to unite in Heaven and lead their eternal life. We miss them here.
Posted by Jackie Lewis on July 18, 2021
I want to share my memories of Michael Tang today. I consider myself an “honorary Tang” and I cared for Ivy and Michael so much. I first met them when I moved into my dorm room at Occidental College. They were moving in their daughter, Michelle Tang who would turn out to be my college roommate for the next four years and one of my best lifetime friends.

The initial interaction was interesting as they were there early getting Michelle moved in (they had already picked her side of the room, her closet, bed, and desk). I know they were not quite sure what to make of me. This American girl who would be their daughter’s roommate. However, Mr. Tang was already smiling, pleasant, and helpful at the start. Michelle and her mom were more unsure. It was an awkward beginning… However, by the first evening Michelle and I started talking and laughing and bonded right away and we never stopped laughing, talking, and bonding since that first day. 

I would love when Mr. and Mrs. Tang would come visit us as we would go to lovely dinners and just talk. They both loved Michelle so much and of course always talked about Grace as well. Mr. Tang would always tell such interesting stories and he was so smart and funny! They accepted me and called me an “honorary Tang” and we would always say that I must be at least a quarter Chinese from one of my ancestors 

They made an effort to meet my Grandmother and keep in touch and were so gracious with her. We had a wonderful time on Graduation day!

One of my favorite memories of Mr. Tang and his wife was when I flew to Vancouver for Michelle’s wedding. To this day, it is still one of the best weddings ever. Mr. Tang took care of me the whole time and made sure I had everything I needed. He gave one of the greatest speeches at Michelle’s wedding and was so happy that his daughter was marrying such a wonderful man, Elio. 

The Tangs made me feel loved and included and that’s a lifetime gift. And I loved them back. 

I am so incredibly sad today because of the loss of Mr. Tang in all our lives. He was a supportive and loving father to Michelle and Grace and very proud of them. I know he is in a better place with his wife Ivy and taking care of his daughters from above.

Mr. Tang, I wish I could have seen you one more time and I hope that you  know how much I appreciated and adored both you and your wife. I will always be here for Michelle whenever she needs me. 

Love your honorary Tang family member,
Jackie "Tang" Lewis
Posted by Stanley Wong on July 17, 2021
Michael was the husband of my wonderful cousin, Ivy and I have known him since I was a teenager. Michael was kind, hospitable, witty and fun to be with. He always impressed me with his broad knowledge and insightful perspectives. I visited them in Colorado in the late 70's  and years later in Richmond. Being an amazing host, Michael always gave me a warm welcome and made me feel at home. In fact, two of the most memorable meals I have ever had were with Michael. During one of my visits with him, he had just come back from a fishing trip with a good catch and he served up the most delicious seafood congee I have ever tasted. Another time, his friends came back from hunting and he invited me to have dinner with his friends to enjoy the delicacies of braised bear paw and water fowl soup with Chinese herbs !!! We often sang karaoke after dinner, talked, poked fun at each other and laughed until late at night.
May God give Michelle, Grace and family peace and the precious loving memories bring you all comfort during this difficult time.
Posted by Maria Valentina Russo on July 17, 2021
We Elio 's family met Michael over 20 years ago and every since we loved him deeply. Michael loved cruises while I
( Elio ' sister) have lots of prejudices about them. Once i asked him if he ever toughth about sinking and he replied " of course yes. In that case I will be listening to good music, eating stylish food and drinking good wine". I belve it was his vision of life, too. He had a contageus optimistic way of life!
Posted by Winnie AU on July 17, 2021
Uncle Michael was a pleasant elder whom I respect. My parents, Lucia and John, mentioned every now and then to us, how they enjoyed a nice meal at Auntie Ivy and Uncle Michael's home. Everytime my family visited Vancouver, he would kindly host lunch. Once, Ryan played the piano at his house and we chatted in the living room, full of laughter. He will always be remembered.
Posted by C T on July 16, 2021
He always had a cheerful demeanor when he greeted you and his hallmark gesture in my mind, was that he would lean into you a bit and say in his articulate, manner, full of warmth: "Hello, how are you" . He wore his "joy of life" like a cologne, which of course, made it evident to those who were lucky to be in the same space as him. While the grief of family and close friends will always be personal ( and in part, unfathomable) to those outside his close circle, may Uncle Michael's joy of life, positivity and individual memories be some of the key things that carry each of you through this difficult time. May Uncle Michael rest in eternal peace and love.
Posted by Myra Chan on July 15, 2021
Being an educator was in his soul. Uncle Tang was always patient and took the time to be social with both the young and old alike. He was willing to share and teach with kindness. The manner he did things - with care and gentleness will be remembered and missed.

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