Mike and one of his bikes.
Michael Terrance Carr
  • 62 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 12, 1953
  • Place of birth:
    Pine Hill, New Jersey, United States
  • Date of passing: Aug 9, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Fountain Valley, California, United States
Mike you are safe in the hands of our Father now... Congratulations on your promotion to heaven

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Carr, 62, born on July 12, 1953 and passed away on August 9, 2015. We will remember him forever.  Mike was unique in everyway.  Ultimate provider who had the biggest heart a person can have.  He was the type of person you wanted on your side.  He will be greatly missed and never forgotten for who he was and how he touched us all.

Mike many would say that when you were made that God broke the mold. This has been a known fact to your family and friends.   Please enjoy your time with your Brother, Sister, Dad, and Mother along with all the friends who have promoted over the years.

Thank you all for attending Mike's buriel at Sea.... It is exactly as we planned.  He would be proud.  Special thanks to Sissy and Ricky for performing for Mike and everybody at Mel's house.  He was with us pictures speak a thousand words.

Chris Russell

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Melanie Torres on 9th August 2017

"Miss you so much Dad. Wish I could hear your voice 2 years ago today you went to heaven"

This tribute was added by Gloria Carr on 9th August 2017

"It's been two years today that you left us and I miss you like yesterday my dear husband it's been very lonely with out you but I know I will see you again... you're  now resting with the Lord.."

This tribute was added by Jule Engel IV on 6th October 2015

"Mike and I were friends in High School. Our memories of each other, which we exchanged over the last few years were varied, some illegal and some not fit for public consumption. After we were grown and I was out of Jersey living in NY, I would always tell my friends that I wish I had a picture of a guy from High School that reminded me so much of Jay Black from Jay and Americans. I said it once to a guy named Ric Mango who actually toured as a singer with Jay and the Americans in the later band. They guy that always reminded me of Jay Black was Mike Carr. I miss our messaging on facebook. I KNOW where you are pal. Can't wait to see you again. Tell me if you agree with my opinion. Here is a video of Jay that puts me in mind of you!

This tribute was added by jerome (jerry) naccari on 6th September 2015

"I will never forget when you & all your family came to Pasadena (like the bevery hillbillys) & Carmela & I put you guys up in our back house untill the family could get jobs & start your lives as Californians. I loved having coffee with your mom & Dick every morning. I always loved you Mike. We all became family & I loved every minute of it. I was glad I got to see you before you went home!  Tell Danny I said hello......so sad!"

This tribute was added by Gloria Carr on 26th August 2015

"Mike Iam having a really hard time imagining you're not here any longer ,you were my best friend, my husband, someone I always went to for help, you always fixed things for me......now you're gone....and it hurts so deeply in my soul ,when you left ,you took a part of me with you....but the only comforting thought is that I know you are with our Lord and I will be with you someday..... your wife"

This tribute was added by Chris Russell on 25th August 2015

"Mike,  I hope you are exactly where we think you are....your family!  I wish peace among those like Trina, Mel , and Mom who have been rather close to you in recent months.  I only hope that you are were you belong with your Mom, brother, sister, and other friends and family.   I hope you are dancing in the sky with your family members. I hope you are happy ..... If so we are.... take care and hope to see you soon.... Your son."

This tribute was added by Robert Carr on 22nd August 2015

"Uncle Mike you and Uncle Danny never left my brother and i forgotten the things you did for me as a child have never been forgotten i want to say thank you for being a part of my life as for memories my summer working for you. And the jet boat priceless girls and Chris that man worshipped the ground you walk on his heart is so big love you and say hi to gram and uncle Danny and aunt Vicky"

This tribute was added by Dave Peace on 21st August 2015

"Oh man ... you left too soon!
Who can forget "hawsehole" from balderdash? I still laugh over
that one.
I remember all of our "motorhome expeditions".
So many good times.
rest well, my friend"

This tribute was added by carmela silverwood on 18th August 2015

"Love you my sweet cousin,  See you in the afterlife!"

This tribute was added by Kim White on 18th August 2015

"Brother in law Mike...what words come to mind to describe you? Badass for sure. Worshipper of Jesus definitely. Lover of family most of all. Your family was everything to you and you leave behind a wonderful legacy that will live on. You lived life to the fullest and everyone knew when you walked in to a room. I think you will still make your presence known for sure. And yes, my kids always loved those scooters..."

This tribute was added by James White on 17th August 2015

"What can I say about Mike first off it took me a while to get the strength to wright anything because I just hurts to much. Mike and I were so much alike in many ways. He had the biggest heart of any one I new but when you hurt that heart it also hurt for s long time.he always loved his family so you girls Mel and Trina and Chris you were his son also you were and alway will be his heart and sole. I know from experience that it is hard but it will be tolerable in the future it will never get better just easier to deal with I am so sorry that I can't make it for his memorial but I am here if you need me.Being that I am the youngest of all of my siblings I have learned a lot from all of them and just want to say thank you for making me who I am. Mike I will see you someday and I always loved you."

This tribute was added by catrina carr on 15th August 2015

"Dad. Everyday is sinking in more that I won't be seeing u anymore.  I get more sad each day.  No matter how hard core I was or whatever .... You were always proud to call me your baby.  To everyone we meet. U always introduced me as your baby ... I never knew what a broken heart was till now.  All the moments we shared are flashing before my eyes and I wish we could just go home and make our favorite hamburgers"

This tribute was added by Tricia Lee on 13th August 2015

"Remembering some of my favorite Memories of my Uncle Mike……………………………..
I remember sitting on Uncle Mikes lap when I was 9yrs old in my Claremont home while he and my beautiful Auntie Gloria played poker with my mom and dad.
I remember spending the night at Uncle Mike’s  and my beautiful Auntie Gloria’s house when I was young many many moons ago and I cried cuz my cousin Chris wouldn’t play with me…..Uncle Mike talked to me and hugged me and comforted me.
I remember at 12yrs old my Uncle Mike asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his Motorcycle, the one in the posted pic…..and we fell LOL   
I remember going to Seal Beach for the first time when I was 13yrs with Uncle Mike n all the Fam.  It seemed like such a long drive I thought we were never going to get there.  
Like the movie LOL “Are we there yet” It was a fun day n memory.

I remember at 14yrs old I went on my Uncle Mike’s and my beautiful Auntie Gloria’s boat to go deep sea fishing for the first time….UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG……..I was never so sick in my life other than morning sickness….don’t know which was worse…….LOL…..Franks friend and I were hanging over the side of the boat heaving our guts out at the same time…..not an attractive site…..Uncle Mike sat me in his fishing seat in the front of the boat to try to help me feel better and let me fish….we caught a sand shark and we of course threw it back….It was fun.
I remember lots of fun party’s at Uncle Mike’s and my beautiful Auntie Gloria’s house.
Especially the one where Uncle Mike cooked a whole pig, head and all outside in a pit i think…..i hated looking at that pig….but it sure did taste good….Uncle Mike was a great cook.

I remember all of his sweet dogs especially dibble’s…..i was afraid of his monstrous Doberman he kept to guard the shop. I think he liked dogs just a little bit.

I remember Uncle Mike always had a smile or a laugh.  He would always ask me when I was at his house if I was hungry or thirsty, if I wanted to watch TV or something …..He was a great host.

I remember two favorite saying from my Uncle Mike…….
1. “You’ll going crazy trying to figure out a crazy person.”
2. “Bottom line, No doubt in my mind.”

Have many more fun and happy memories of Uncle Mike but……my most cherished one……….

………is when my Beautiful Auntie Gloria told me that when I gave my heart and life to Jesus when I was 18yrs old..….that Uncle Mike saw the change in me and the boldness for Jesus that took over my heart…… that it touched my Uncle Mike for Jesus :”)

Soooooooooo I won’t say goodbye to you UncleMike……..Only…..Love you n  “See in a while…meet you at the pearly gates” Bottom line, No doubt in my mind…… xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxxoxoxoxoxox"

This tribute was added by Norma Martinez Lippre on 13th August 2015

"I remember when my daughter Nina was in elementary school and Miked liked a picture of her. He said he wished he had a daughter. You were so blessed Mike!"

This tribute was added by Norma Martinez Lippre on 13th August 2015

"I remember when my daughter Nina was in elementary school and Mike saw a picture of her. He said "I wish I had a daughter". Mike you were so blessed!"

This tribute was added by David Bernal on 12th August 2015

"Mike the Plumber Car. Sir, you help me when I was at my lowest point in life, you took a chance on me and I will never forget that. Though I only work with you for a few months, we became friends through Mel, Trina and Rudy. You were a huge PAIN, but always fair. I'd like to thank you for giving me a hand in life. I promise to keep an eye on Johnny and Savanna and also the new one that will be coming soon.

RIP Mr. Carr

Your friend and disgruntle former employee David!!!!"

This tribute was added by Frankie N Christine Luna on 12th August 2015

"There's No Doubt In My Mind Frank !!! LOL !! Would always say that to me LOL !!"

This tribute was added by Dina Gilio-Whitaker on 12th August 2015

"Mike, until I last saw you in the hospital we hadn't seen each other in a very long time. That's just how it is sometimes in families as we get older and our lives more complicated. But it didn't change the fact that we are, and always have been, family. When you and your brothers came to California you added to an already big and close family. I was just a kid but proud to have so many cousins. And now looking back I appreciate it so much more. We had a wonderful family. I am forever grateful for that and your place in it. Thanks for always being there. You were (are!) a great cousin!"

This tribute was added by Sissy Gilio on 12th August 2015

"Mike,  I remember when I first met you, Danny, Dominic, Pat, Ricky and Jimmy. I was so happy to have you all for cousins. I always felt close to you and protected, you wouldn't let anybody hurt your little cousin! Then I got to know your very big heart, you hired me as your receptionist for your plumbing company and your grew to be very successful. You always helped when I asked for it, THANK YOU! I will always love you and I'm very proud that we are family. I will miss you my cousin, now you are with our family members that have past on. I will see you again."

This tribute was added by Theresa Galo on 12th August 2015

"For 38 years, you were the kindest friend. There's so many memories of our youth, the camping trips, motorcycle rides, the rides in your monster blasting jet boat at Havasu, Your first trip to Hawaii where I'll never forget your reaction to "green beer",  the music, parties, cook-outs... The birth of all our children, nieces, nephews, family outings, the gains and loses. You knew my husband since 2nd grade, oh the stories  you both told with such laughter! You are a part of this life's history and can never be forgotten. May you be forever young in heaven, my brother."

This tribute was added by Darrin Celendano on 11th August 2015

"I learned alot from this man, things I use today to earn a living, I met Mike back in 93 and we've been close friends ever since, he always had my back and I his, I can't remember a time he refused me a favor. We had good times he had an awsome sense of humor, we laughed alot. I've shed alot of tears over the past couple of days, I can't believe he is gone, he will be missed, I love you buddy. "You're a beast Mugabi""

This tribute was added by Chris Russell on 11th August 2015

"Not to be forgotten few of Mike's famous sayings

1. It is what is...

2. Tickle your ass with a feather

3 I caught a fish this long... Guess what happened?

4. It's been fun and it's been nice, but it hasn't been real Nice

5. You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose.. (something like that)

6. You know what burns my hide, a fire about that tall

7. The big black bear bit the big black bug and made the big black bug bleed blood.

8. I don't know MEL

9. It doesn't matter what you do for a living as long as your are the best at it...

10. As I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no one because I am the badest motherfucXXX  in the valley.

11. You're a best Mugabi -  Alomost forgot this one.. thanks Darrin

12. I wouldn't ShXt you, you are my biggest turd

13. There is no doubt in my mind.....--- Franky Luna

14. Your assholiness.....-- Darrin

This is just a few that come to mind."

This tribute was added by catrina carr on 11th August 2015

"Dad.  I have never gone a day without u and I still can't believe u are not around. I wish there was something more I could have done. I love u dad and don't know what I'm gonna do without u always there for me.  You were there for my every need. Taught me so much. You were my Rock. My best friend and and I am so heart broken. But I will take what u have taught me and try my best to do what u always wanted me to do.  I love you dad.  "To honor.... Get on her ... And stay on her..""

This tribute was added by Joanne Russell on 11th August 2015

"From Christian...."I caught a fish and guess what?  It grew"  Love you Grandpa Mike!"

This tribute was added by Joanne Russell on 11th August 2015

"Mike, I cannot imagine our lives without you here with us!  I will miss seeing and hearing your sayings only you knew how to say them.  I hope you know how much you impacted so many of us!  There is no one I know like you and I cherish that I got to know you!  You will be missed and NEVER forgotten!  Love you!  Joanne your daughter-in-law"

This tribute was added by Melanie Torres on 11th August 2015

"Dad,  I wish this was just a dream, and l could hear  "Love you baby" just one more time. The hardest part about letting go is the thought of not seeing you again. The kids and I miss you so much, it hurts. I love you Dad, I will see you again someday."

This tribute was added by Frankie N Christine Luna on 11th August 2015

"What can I say you gave me my first real job as a Plumber with taxes taken out ! LOL !!! and man ! the parties we had ! the best !!!  No one partied like us !! LOL Love Ya Man !! see you soon !!"

This tribute was added by Rick White on 11th August 2015

"Mike, my brother. You led a remarkable life here on earth. You never did anything half way, whether it had to do with motorcycles, partying (in the younger years), or plumbing, or being a protective dad. In the last 20 years you brought that same passion to your relationship with Jesus. You would not do Christianity half way either. Over the last few years we talked about once a week. We talked about Jesus, jokes, family, and we talked about your death. You assured me that, although you would want to stay here around your kids and grandkids, you were also ready to meet Jesus. You were trusting in His finished work on the cross. And now you are experiencing complete love, total joy, and everlasting peace. Mike, you finished well. I am proud to be your brother. I love you."

This tribute was added by Chris Russell on 11th August 2015

"Mike Carr- the biggest compliment I can give is that he just didn't raise me but he chose to be a father to me ... Which was completely unnecessary and actually uncommon at the time. I am glad he did, because without him I wouldn't have a dad.

I will miss you greatly.... I will not say goodbye, but instead say see you later.

Your son,

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