Posted by Jonathan Fu on May 29, 2022
“It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again.”

I’ve had the theme song for Furious 7 stuck in my head today. It hits a little different these days. A lot of life has happened in the past year- both good and bad. I wish I could tell you all about it over a nice beer or cup of coffee. Miss you, little brother.
Posted by Jonathan Fu on September 27, 2021
Miss you, little bro. You would have been 31 today. I wish we could have watched the Falcons win together and gone fishing to celebrate.
Posted by Savannah Louise on June 11, 2021
Michael was undeniably the best friend anyone could ask for. Some of his best qualities were his selfless nature, his love for life, his admirable work ethic, and his loyalty to his family and friends. Michael could always be counted on. He is one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever known. Mc, you are so missed.
Posted by Jack Lai on June 12, 2021
Michael, Remember the time we spent together, you were always welcoming and kind. I’ll never forget your lovely smile, contagious laugh and the good times we had together. Miss you always Mike!
Posted by Irene Lai on June 11, 2021
Michael, it has been a while since I was back in the States and I know it is going to be so different without you when I go back next. We almost grew up together in Georgia and I will always remember our dim-sum trips, bowling and Black Friday midnight shopping together. You had been the most kind-hearted and fun. Thank you for having been such a warm presence in my life. I could only imagine that you only went first to join Grandma, auntie Anna and Taffy, and that we will surely meet again someday. You will be missed dearly. So until next time, my dear little cousin. — With love, Irene
Posted by Rosaline Tio on June 10, 2021
Michael, I know it's been a while since we last saw each other, but I will never forget all of the fun memories we made as children growing up. All the games, food, tennis, bowling, and most importantly, the laughs. You always made us laugh! I'm so lucky to have known you, and you truly will be forever missed.
Posted by David Shepherd on June 10, 2021
Most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard. Didn’t matter if the joke was funny or not. If Michael laughed, everyone laughed. He was such a loyal friend, who was always more than willing to lend a hand to anyone who needed it. He holds a large part of our hearts and will always be remembered and missed. Love you man.
Posted by Sean Langan on June 9, 2021
I’m not sure how to articulate how wonderful of a person Michael was, but I will do my best. I love him very much and miss him even more. He had such an infectious laugh that would get you even if you were upset with him. He could talk trash with the best of them. held his friends and family above all else and was unwaveringly fierce to protect them. Just a delight to be around. Get together a will not be the same with out you. Memorial Day will be Michael’s for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am without the people around me and Michael was one of them. CaptainFu it just won’t be the same without you.
Much love to you and yours!
From me to whoever reads this. Please tell the ones close you love them.
Posted by Stephen Hogan on June 8, 2021
Michael was there when you needed him. To laugh, bowl, talk, or make fun of people on halo. He would get mad with you, get sad with you, or just sit with you if you needed it. He would drop everything just for the opportunity to have a good time. He had depth too, and maturity, and I am thinking back and treasuring the good conversations we had, and I'm really gonna miss not having the conversations we were going to have. Love you Mike
Posted by Emily Hackett Reaves on June 3, 2021
I hadn't seen Michael in a long time but I had been thinking about him recently as I was flipping through old disposable camera photos of the show that Spammageaktion played in the basement (forgive me if I spell it wrong, boys. The name still makes me laugh). The same roll of film with us painting the walls above the garage and just goofing around and while the boys played music. Michael was always such a goof. He made everyone laugh but never in malice. His heart was pure. I know that he and Brian are hugging it out right now. So much love to everyone who loved him.
Posted by David Goins on June 3, 2021
Anytime any of us got together there was always a rally to get Fu there with us. Never felt complete until he came through and everyone was always excited to see him. Lots of memories playing smash bros, sitting around bonfires or out on a screened-in porch talking, playing games, listening to pop punk, lounging at the pool, and the time I got to see sum 41 with him and the rest of us. He was a beast at catching all the pokemon. One of the most universally liked dudes I've ever met. Always felt privileged knowing him, coming from a bit outside the Norcross circle. Gonna miss him incredibly.
Posted by Stephanie Jones on June 3, 2021
It's been a while since I've spent time with Michael, but throughout middle and high school he was such a great friend. I don't think Michael ever said a negative word about another person and he could always make anyone laugh. I vividly remember his contagious smile and laughter and will never forget the days we spent painting the music room and listening to Blink. Sending so much love and peace to the family.
Posted by Jonathan Fang on June 2, 2021
Michael, thank you for all the great memories we had growing up. Fun times chillin at the pool, fishing the pond, or playing Halo with the squad. You were like a brother to me growing up. I will treaure those memories forever.
Posted by Evelyn Tio on June 2, 2021
Michael - I can still clearly remember Thanksgiving dinners, New Years Eve parties, bowling outings, sitting around dim sum tables, playing tennis, and so much more. Even though these memories reach earlier into our childhood, I hold them close and cherish being able to have hung out with such a kind, fun, loving guy.
Posted by Jacque Tio on June 2, 2021
Michael, my memories of you extend all the way back to when you were a toddler and got your finger stuck in my "toy" sewing machine, to our many trips to your home to partake in video games we never had, and to your many trips to our home to celebrate the holidays. I saw you grow up into a genuine, warm, and hilariously funny person who could always put a smile on anyone's face and find the humor of any situation. You were also my last partner in crime the last time we played "Signal" - the card game - and I remember laughing so hard at our very obvious "Signal" of telling each other to say "Signal" to the confusion of our opponents toward the end of that game. Though my time with you is undoubtedly only capturing small snippets of who you have grown to be in the many years between, these memories all reflect the beautiful person that you are. I will forever remember you and that twinkle in your eye.
Posted by Tiffany Fu on June 1, 2021
Michael, you always had the biggest heart, biggest smile, and biggest laugh in the room. Thank you for being such a vibrant flame in our family.
Posted by Sam Lutz on June 1, 2021
Michael was my first best friend. One of the first people in this life to set themselves apart from all the others I had met. He showed he me how much you can relate to another person. We became best friends in 3rd grade and for many years we did everything together. We made friends, we laughed, we caused mischief. We also dreamed. We learned how to play instruments together so we could play shows one day, and we did. We wanted to be rockstars. Michael treated me like a brother and the Fu's treated me like a son.   I slept so many nights under their roof and ate so many meals at their table. I'm so thankful for all the memories and I will treasure them always.
Posted by Jonathan Fu on June 1, 2021
To my hilarious, fiercely loyal, charismatic, wild, little brother.

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