Let the hare sit
  • 68 years old
  • Born on June 1, 1945 in Portarlington, Co Offaly, Ireland.
  • Passed away on September 17, 2013 in Mequinenza, Zaragoza, Spain.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael O'Neill 68 years old , born on June 1, 1945 and passed away on September 17, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 17th September 2018
Living without you has become my normal. 5 years have brought many changes and with every one I felt and grieved your absence. I feel your loss during every up, every down and every incidental. But 5 years has taught me to embrace that feeling because it means you're still a little bit alive within me and I never want that to change! You are forever in my heart, my thoughts and holding my hand when I need you to. I know this because I can feel you there. I love you Daddy
Posted by Lenore Horan on 17th September 2018
love you da xxx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 17th September 2017
I'm here at your fishing spot, looking at the same River, trees and sky that were your last view 4 years ago today. There is nothing we wouldn't give to have you back here with us. Time has passed and things are changing but you are with us in every breath and every step. Love you always xx
Posted by Lenore Horan on 17th September 2017
Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 1st June 2017
Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world. Miss you everyday, I know you watch over us all and I know you were with us at last Saturday night for the celebrations and you're proud of your granddaughter, it just would have been so much better if you were here in person, I love you more more more xxx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 1st June 2017
I'll lay a flower because there is no 'offer a Mojito' option. Happy Birthday to us! Love you always xxx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 17th September 2016
Thinking of you as always but especially today on the 3rd Anniversary of losing you. It never gets easier but I know you are still with us in spirit. Love you Daddy xx
Posted by Lenore Horan on 17th September 2016
Can't believe you are gone 3 years Da! Life has gone on and it hasent been easy, so many things have happened that I wish you were here for and so many things I've wanted to chat to you about. Love you always and miss you so much xxx no.1
Posted by Sue Morris on 1st June 2016
Happy Birthday Dad. Daniel asked me today "How can Mick have a party when he's not here" I told him not to worry that I'm sure he will be partying in Heaven. Miss you everyday xxx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 1st June 2016
Happy 108! Love you xx
Posted by Lenore Horan on 1st June 2016
Happy Birthdah Da, miss you, wish we could chat xxxx
Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 1st June 2016
Happy Birthday Daddio, miss you so so much, Your bottle of Guinness is by your photo, wish you were here to drink it. Love you more, more, more xxxxx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 27th December 2015
"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight" You gave us lots of wonderful memories to keep us smiling for all our years to come xx Merry Christmas Daddy xx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 17th September 2015
2 years on and there is still a big Krangie shaped hole in our world. Life has never been the same since we lost you. But I think it only fair that we go on feeling the pain of your loss, because we felt so much love in your presence. That and you would have whoever you're with up there driven demented cursing and feckin us out of it, if we didn't! love you always Daddy x x
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 21st June 2015
Daddy, You taught us to always work hard, enjoy life and be kind. From you and Mam we learnt to follow our hearts and make a life for ourselves safe in the knowledge that if anything went wrong family will aways be there no matter what. We can't have our chats anymore but I don't doubt that you are beside me when I need you and that you still guide me to make the right choices. Life is a lot less shiny without you in it but we carry on and make the most of it because we had a wonderful father who taught us well. Love you always xx Happy Fathers Day xx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 1st June 2015
Happy Birthday Daddy. We are 106 today! Will have a couple of mojitos for you. Love and miss you every day! Xx
Posted by Sue Morris on 1st June 2015
Happy Birthday Dad Love you loads and miss you. Say hi to Shelly. Xx Love Sue, Simon Isla and Daniel Happy 70th from all the Hibbitts family xx
Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 1st June 2015
Happy 70th Birthday to you Da, hope you are celebrating with all those you know up there and are getting in a spot of fishing too. Love and miss you so much Daddy. I Love You, more more more xxxxxxxx
Posted by Sue Morris on 18th September 2014
A year has passed without you here, we remembered you in style With a mojito to cheer
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 28th August 2014
love you xx
Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 1st June 2014
Happy Birthday Daddy, I love and miss you so much, miss you smile, miss you laugh, miss everything. I love you, more more more.
Posted by Sue Morris on 1st June 2014
Your Garden is blooming Dad! Happy Birthday. Xxx
Posted by Melissa Duggan on 1st June 2014
We've got the reading room ready for you. Happy birthday. We love u mx
Posted by Lenore Horan on 12th January 2014
Miss you so so much Da xxx
Posted by Sarah Keogh on 9th October 2013
Uncle Mick you were always my favourite uncle it was hard not to love you. You were always the life and soul of every party with your eyes full of divilment and your big cheeky smile. I will cherish the times we spent together. Every time we met you used to say "ah sure didn't I used to hold your hand through your cot". I'm really going to miss you and Ill never forget you.Rest in peace xx
Posted by Kevin Molloy on 9th October 2013
"Such a hard thing to do is to say goodbye to you, I want to thank you for all the good times we shared and all the great memories I have of you one that sticks out is when you took me to wembley back in 1990 man u v liverpool, john Barnes equalized with a penalty great day and thanks for that. Love you and I will never forget you pal RIP x"
Posted by Stella Molloy on 6th October 2013
Fishermen always talk about d one that got away d biggest d best I never believed till now d biggest and d best got away love and remember u always kranjy Stella and Mick
Posted by Maggie Balmuth on 27th September 2013
What a wonderful man - Mick O'Neill. I will always be grateful to you for loving my son Jamie. You were an amazing man, but we all have such wonderful memories of you. Making mischief between myself and Stephanie at the wedding when you made me tell her you were a 'Paddy' to get me into trouble. RIP Mick in the great fishing lake in the sky xxx
Posted by Cleo Gammon on 26th September 2013
To my other daddy, thanks for being my protecter, my cheerer upper, my advice giver, my dance partner at the irish club and for introducing me to square sausages. You showed me as much love as you did your other daughters and accepted me in to your family. You really will be forever missed xxxxxxx
Posted by Niamh Shanahan Foley on 25th September 2013
What can I say only that you will be greatly missed by everyone. Both Brian & I will miss ya at Kevin's wedding on saturday. I'll miss your cheeky grin & your wink as you lead b rain astray!! I just hope you'll shine a light on us all & help us all come to terms with your quick passing especially Ann & family. I'll miss you lots xxx
Posted by Chrissie Navarre on 25th September 2013
mick o neill, you came into the lynch familyin the sixties, and have been a favourite of all since then,great brother-in -law ,awsome family man and father of 6 great children that did you proud at every turn and made their own dreams come true, we will miss you like you will never know, thanks for all the fun times in fla. and mountmellick, love you, fred and crissie
Posted by Leonie Grehan-Rafter on 24th September 2013
On Tuesday 17th of September, my family lost someone very special. Words can't describe the feeling of emptiness that his passing has impacted on all of us. His family are his world and my auntie Ann is the centre of it. Warm, funny, generous, caring and full of divilment, we will miss you Mick, like you will never know. xxx
Posted by Mary Fagan on 24th September 2013
I met Mick and Ann last year in London for an hour or so, the ‘so’ being 7 or 8 hours later, after we had lunch, a few drinks, dinner and a few more drinks and lots of laughs a few tears and more laughs we wobbled for home. It was the best day of my few days away and I treasure the memories. Love you dear friend and will miss you terribly XXX
Posted by Michelle Oxley on 24th September 2013
Mick was a great neighbour to grow up beside. Very funny and always playing jokes. I remember terrifying him for a change when he let us drive his van as kids in Smiths Field and i went skidding across the grass. He didnt let us drive again in a hurry. R.I.P Mick youl never be forgotten especially when your fabulous family is around. xx
Posted by Therese O'Neill on 23rd September 2013
Our wonderful, loving, funny, handsome, easygoing and famously cantankerous but always up for the craic Daddy has gone to the big fishing lake in the sky. We will celebrate his life here in the UK and in Mountmellick in the coming weeks. Details to follow shortly. Please feel free to share with us your memories and photos. We will cherish them forever. x
Posted by Sue Morris on 23rd September 2013
Goodbye Daddy. We'll look after Mammy for you and we'll always keep you in our hearts. Isla looks for your star in the sky and she'll make sure that we all look after your flowers (your babies). Love Always Sue

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