This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michael Anderson, 41 years old, born on August 4, 1979, and passed away on March 4, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Summer Pelt on March 16, 2021
Michael was the best brother I could ever ask for he was there for everyone and I love my brother and he had a gold heart

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Posted by Summer Pelt on March 16, 2021
Michael was the best brother I could ever ask for he was there for everyone and I love my brother and he had a gold heart
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Your favorite time of the year

Michael it xmas don't feel like it without you here but I will say you need to be here leaves are falling and it's xmas your time to see the light's I surely miss you mom more I am trying but I can't get in the mood for Christmas because of you right now you remember when we were little and we found out we were getting bicycles and there was no such thing as Santa Claus but we didn't care we just cared about the bikes I miss you so much my brother I love you hope you have a wonderful Christmas and send mom some hugs she needs them I love you

It's the end Michael

Michael Paul Anderson my past has messed up my life again I lost my soulmate my heart my best friend my rock and I didn't want this Michael I wanted to stay married and happy but he has hurt me and my feelings all I wanted was to be happy and now I am not happy just sad my heart hurts only God knows how much I love him and you my brother I miss talking to you 

I miss you

Not a day I don't think about you but I know you are fine I miss talking to you and seeing you  and hear your voice  but I have our memories that no one can take from me I love you Michael wish I could see and hear you one more time bec I never got to tell you I love you and never got to say bye but I know you are happy when I made your day special bec you got the last call I was never there for you at the end  but I blame it on me bec you really need me but I couldn't save you anyway I love you more my sweet brother  
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Michael Paul Anderson

Shared by Summer Pelt on January 7, 2022
I know you are watching over us but I feel like I am falling out of care for everyone because I can't save everyone so why try I know it's my job to care for everyone but I am just having a bad time with 2022 you know how happy I am because I get to write to you I miss you Mike but you already know that I feel like I am crazy with out you mom has her day's you need to be here you was mom's right hand more than me but I don't know how you did it but she keeps saying I am her only child now I don't like to hear that because you aren't really gone you just had to be with your dad he need you and God wanted you to come cut heaven's grass and he got the right person to do the job and sister needed you And grandma needed her left hand man to help keep heaven beautiful just like your soul I love you I guess you know this and how much I love you and miss you boo boo I need my dude here because no one else can do what you do with people in your life sunshine still does not do the churchyard bec that was you and him so idk who does it I know you do Michael you are my favorite best friend and my brother and plus you know you was my right hand always no one else can take it from you not even Miss cat cat lol but I guess what I am saying is that mom needs you beside her because she has her day's but no matter what you know that don't worry about me I got me just watch mom and the kids and ur old people they are the one's who need your smile bec it bright everyone's day I love you and you take care I miss you alot and I hope you are having fun enjoying your life with dad because when I get there I am going to hug you so much and never leave it side because I am my brother keeper and I know you need me but I know I have to keep on with life because I have my kids but you was my first baby I love you

Happy Birthday

Shared by Summer Pelt on August 4, 2021
Michael Paul Anderson its your birthday your 42 man I miss you tell us every day it's your birthday up until today you would be saying it's your birthday it's the first birthday without you I really miss you I have went weeks without you and month's I really am trying but each day I remember alot I miss your smile how you talk how much you loved your family  I love you I wish you could come and gave mom a hug and tell her you love her mom misses her best friend or her hip oh boo-boo I know you knew everything but I am still sorry for not saving you bec you was loved here by everyone  but today is your day and I hope the grass in heaven can wait bec my BIG Brother is 42 and you need to rest I miss you so much I love you HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet  Brother my boo-boo 


Shared by Summer Pelt on August 4, 2021
I truly appreciate you being the best brother and uncle you will never know how much I appreciate everything you do for us and how much I would keep you safe because you are my best friend I love you Michael