This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Micheal Atuake (Tukor), born on April 21, 1988, and passed away on April 5, 2020. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Uduak Baron on April 8, 2022
Tukor, u still ever green in our hrts, words wont mean much now u r gone. rest in peace once again.
Posted by Michael Rhema on April 5, 2022
Hey brother. Its been two years right... Its still a struggle. But its so much of a blessing. I cant tell you how much I wish you were still here. Its always painful thinking about what happened and how things happen. I pray God gives you sweet rest my bro. Life is hard but God is good. Love you bro.. Always and forever.
Posted by Stephen Atuake on April 4, 2022
It’s 2 years already, time flies and a lot has happened, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again. Rest easy my blood
Posted by Michael Rhema on August 29, 2021
Hey blood. i still miss u. I always will. Life is really unfortunate, but for some it has been blessed. You must have been a blessing to so many. Even though I'm still going through life, Ill never forget you.
Posted by ogbitse oritsuwa on April 6, 2021
Tukur my brother, this is one of the few occasions were words fail me. I till burst into tears occasionally because I can't believe you are gone however I have to be strong for your sister. Etemi till prays that God should bring back uncle Tukor. You are a rare gem. Your demise was a proverb to me. Breaking the news of your demise to your sisters and father is till the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
Tukor the warrior, I saw you fight with death, you didn't want to go. But God needed his angel back. I am sorry I never told you I love you until death. I loved and till love you uncle Tukor. Rest well my friend and brother.
A friend is indeed for the day of merriment but a brother is for the day of adversity. You were visible during both. Good night brother.
Posted by Isioma Dunkwu on April 6, 2021
Words are mostly not enough but I'm grateful for the life you lived. I've seen only a few loved the way you are loved TUKUR. You were true, bold, compassionate & beautifully rugged! We thank God for the time you spent with us and pray for your eternal rest with the Father (God) in Jesus name, amen. I love you Tukur Baba
Posted by aishat garba on April 5, 2021
Daddy / Tukor as you are fondly called your demise was really a shock to me till date seeing your siblings post about you touches my heart I wonder why you were called this early, life is indeed a Mystery you've been a peaceful fellow and always minding your business I remember how Joy scolded you about eating garlic one day because of the smell and you just smiled you were loved by your family & friend you are special can't come to terms with reality that you are gone rest on Tukor.
Posted by Ukpono Oscar on April 5, 2021
My day one gee. still remember when we were in JS1 (1996 September). Since then the rest is history. Crutech Calabar wouldn't have be fruitful with a brother like you by my side. Will forever have you in my heart. Rest on King!
Posted by Akano Martins Abiodun on April 5, 2021
CSSA brought us together and made us brothers. The sound of your voice still rings in my head. In our last convo you promise to arrange a reunion for The Abuja based CSSA 2002 set. You are too kind to a don't mind going hungry for others to eat. 365 days and counting... But your memories still fresh like yesterday. We love you bro. I am happy cause I know you're resting by the side of The Almighty. May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace (AMEN).
Posted by Dutch 'Mama' on April 5, 2021
Hey Tucore Da' Great! How you dey?

It's been a while and thought to say hello. It was Easter last weekend and I got chocolate gifts...(e run my belle, I swear but you help me).

Tucore, you know say until today, na only you and me know why I dey spell your name as Tucore instead of the popular Tukor?

Make I tell them our secret?

I remember when you asked me why in Delsu years ago and my response was 'You take your friendship to the core'.

Tucore, you be my bestie and nothing go change am. No worry, nobody go take your place too, even Dutchman no fit.

Michael, YOU LIVE! I SEE YOU EVERY DAY, (You know what I mean).

Last week, I had stomach pains and you told me what to take. Wahala for who no connect with you on a spiritual level.

I no like as you just relocate without informing me oh. I go report you to mother earth.

Anyway, I see say everybody dey greet you today even though no be your birthday yet. I hope you dey well?

Guide me. Talk when you need me. I go hear you.

Na me "Mama", no forget me boo.
Posted by Jide Shopekan on April 5, 2021
Tukur, our last meeting at Rita Lori Hotel Abuja is still fresh in my memory. I remember listening to your wonderful ideas of how to turn herbs to wealth. I can't believe you are no longer with us on earth but resting on the right hand side of our Lord. Missing brother!
Posted by Joyce Ogbitse on April 5, 2021
Dear Tukor, so it took me exactly 365 days to be able to write a tribute to you because I could not bring my self to write about you in past tense. It has been one full year of pains for me the vacuum you left is still empty dear brother. I still expect you to come for sunday rice I still want to call you each time my car has a challenge. The most hurtful thing is they say time heals in this case I guess am just going to get used to the pain. Some times I feel so guilty that I watched you die and couldn't do anything. I remember all the times I was hospitalized to give birth you were always around monitoring everything single thing the doctors and nurses were doing you even fight with them a times. Hmmm Tukor to think I will live the rest of my life without talking to you is the most wicked thing that has ever happened to me. I recall calling you a day to your demise I told you not to go out as government has threatened to arrest people who are found moving without permission(As it was the peak of Covid) you laughed I told me it's not that serious that was the last conversation I had with you. You were not sick, when I got a text from your phone the very next day April 5th 2020 that you were sick I was shocked but not afraid death was not on my mind because I know you were strong and healthy and you eat right. On getting to gwarinpa hospital to meet on unconscious got me confused all the stories were not just adding up I had questions but there obviously no answers my husband and I took you to 4 different hospitals Tukor before we could get you admitted. Ahhh even as I type tears is rolling down my eyes like it just happened. At a time I had just one wish that will wake and just talk to me. You fought to live great one yes you did but God knows best your memory is blessed my Angel. My daughter Tsegbemi is still asking of you that you have refused to bring your phone for her to play games. Bamaga Tukor as I called you I love you even in death yes I do all the things you did effortlessly for me are still evident. I miss you every single day dear brother. Sleep well dear Angel till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Urenna Etonyeaku on April 4, 2021
It's Easter in Calabar and I'm typing this from your elder brother's room (Cyrus). He entertained me in his room. He's sure your brother!
(In your voice) THE DUTCHMAN is not making any efforts to call You because You no dey this side again...

I still recall your question when Dutch introduced me as "His Friend".

I enjoyed seeing You and Dutch moving from "Room 2 to Room 1" at the same time of the day everyday.

You blessed my day and asked me how the day went from that special position in Papa Enugu's compound.

The fisherman's soup from "Room 1" is unbeatable. Your locust bean soup was finger licking.

You made me UNTOUCHABLE in Durumi with all those hugs and kisses wherever You met me from Deeperlife to ECWA Junction.

My first chess teacher...

My "fellow herbalist"; you taught me how to dry vegetables and ginger the right way...

You taught me how to prepare and mix hemp seed oil into ori for my hair; You even taught me how to apply it the right way!!!!!

With smiles, You nursed me back to health the only time I was sick throughout my stay in Abuja. I recall your Babe walking in on You giving my butt ice massage after the series of injections and her reaction. You went to meet her outside and still came back SMILING BUT VISIBLY UNHAPPY.

Tukor; I looked forward to seeing You fill that special container with the powerful greens but alas....

There's no day TILL DATE Dutch does not reference You in his conversations.

I miss you; we miss you but Dutch misses You the most.

Rest On till we meet with Jesus.
Posted by patrick akomaye on April 4, 2021
Even in death you are loved and forever will be. Tukor, you were indeed a great friend, coursemate and a brother from Obudu. I write with tears rolling down my cheeks, we never saw a mark of untimely death in you...Oh! My brother my friend..I'm not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now.

Rest on Tukor
Posted by EMILIA UDO on April 3, 2021
Since the loss of you, I've learnt that life can be taken within a blink of an eye and only heaven knows when that person will have to say GoodBye.i pray that your gentle soul continue to rest in the perfect bosom of the Almighty

You are greatly Missed Tukor
RIP Coursemate and a Friend ❤
Posted by Muan Ochuwe on April 3, 2021
I pray you have a peaceful repost and may the light of God shine upon you for ever Amen
Posted by Paul Okori on April 3, 2021
Tukor is it true that you are no more? I still find it difficult to believe that you have gone to meet the lord whenever I think of our days in the university. With tears in my eyes my brother tukor rest on we will meet to path no more.RIP
Posted by Uduak Baron on April 3, 2021
Its been a long day without you my brother, i hope wen we see again u will tell me all abt it, Tukor... as day goes n night comes we mourn, wishin u were home with us, sail on brother ur light can never grow dim, i pray the path u took, leads u home. Rest on brother, forever in our hrts.
Posted by Cosmas Inok on April 3, 2021
My brother anytime I imagine you are no more, I fine it difficult to believe.
I remember our undergraduate days when you really believe in my meals way back then. My brother your ideology and push for life has actually impacted much in me.
My thoughts are with your family, I pray that God give them the fortitude to bare the irreplaceable lose. Keep resting in peace.
Posted by Bassey Arikpo on April 3, 2021
Many tears I have seen and cried.
They have all poured out like rain.
I know that you are happy now
‘Cause you’re no longer in pain, but with the creator, who made the heaven and earth, you were the finest and one of the best gift God gave to me during our university days , it was just you and i all through our days in school, I could remember your words of encouragement each time I felt like given up, you will encourage me and tell me you rather die trying than to die poor those words still live in me, now is the set time for the creator to manifest his blessings upon us, now you are gone, sickness took you away from me,I was not ready to say goodbye,
But who am I to question the almighty God.
So on this day i remember you. Rest on Best friend, Rest on great Biochemist, rest on Gampa Tukor, goodnight bro.

Posted by Lugard Martha on April 2, 2021
Dear brother, growing up I've always known you to be a quiet and easy going fellow. The news of your death came to me as a shock and to think that it's already a year makes me break down . Was hoping I'll run into you one day to see how a grown man you've become only to wake up one morning to the news of your death on FB. I like you to know that even in death, you are still loved and will forever be. We are not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now..I pray you find peace and rest wherever you are....
Posted by Joyce Ogbitse on April 2, 2021
Mike your memory has walked beside us (we the staff of nutrition and dietetics units Gwarinpa hospital) for a year, it can never be forgotten or erased from our minds because you were peaceful and kind hearted. We miss you but God loves you more, may HE grant you eternal rest in HIS bosom Amen
From Mrs Doris Musa..
Posted by Ajayi Ayobami on April 2, 2021
I heard alot about you and I felt sad I wasn't lucky to meet you while alive, ur are a great man ur personality is awesome. You left something great behind for me but I can't handle it anymore .am writing this in pain and heartbroken' how I wish i had a super power to bring you back to life and be my mentor. I know you are resting in the right hand of God till we me again. I love u bro❤❤. RiP
Posted by Genevieve Uma on April 2, 2021
Dear Brother, to be honest, I always thought you would be one of the very last Atuake’s to leave this earth because of your strength and desire to live in every moment. I’m still shocked that you’re not here and even more shocked that it’s one year already. How time flies!. I remember the day you came running to my rescue with a machete in hand aiming at that useless soldier that was harassing me, you fought him and dared him to try it again. Your fearlessness was one of your best qualities and then your love for family. I miss you my G but I know you’re in a better place. Love always
Posted by Angela Udie on April 2, 2021
My ever smiling, handsome, kindhearted, and down-to-earth brother Tukor,though you may be with the lord now, but your memory remains fresh in our hearts.
My kids and I enjoyed your visits and warm company but its painful to have buried you instead of you burying your parents.
We are consoled that you are resting peacefully in the bossom of Abraham.
Rest on my brother!
Posted by Odey Alice ushike on April 2, 2021
My love,
It's almost a year now that I watched you die in that hospital bed,not been able to do anything to keep you alive with us even hot me more till date,I have not been able to let go of that terrible and worst day of my life   Michael the vacuum you left in my heart is still wide open and my heart still bleeds till date,I can't still believe that you are gone for ever,my love words can't explain how I feel each time I think about you,you were a blessing to us all,because of your good and kind nature I know you are resting in the Lords blossom God loves you more tukor. forever in my heart
Your belove Alice
Posted by Odey Alice ushike on April 2, 2021
Tutor Words can't explain the pain I feel in side of me, at times I feel you are coming back very soon I still await your coming till now but to no avail, each day that passes I miss you even more,every thing around me keeps reminding me of you my love ,from the first day I met you,Michael you thought me how to live right,do good and always put family first and so many others. My beloved your existence on earth was a blessing to everyone that know you,I can't say it all but you are the best of your kind Micheal, you coming into my life was and still a blessing to me. Tukor I love you even in death I still wish I can change the hands of time so that I can be with you again i want to meet you in your next life my beloved Michael. You will forever remain in my heart ,continue to rest with the Lord ❤ we all love you but God loves you more
Posted by Lawrenta Lovechild on April 1, 2021
You live in my heart my belove. I never met with you but you were so close anytime and everytime. You're love personify. Rest in God. You will always have a special space in my heart.
Posted by Theo Cyprian on April 1, 2021
Tukor, your dead came as a shock to all who know you. You are such a great and an inspirational fellow to anyone that has crossed path with you. You are no more but your memories will ever be fresh in our hearts.

Sleep well brother.
Posted by Patrick Ezekiel on April 1, 2021
Even though you are no longer with us Tukor, the lovely memories of you will live on with us... I remember the first day Daddy introduced us together at old block 10, 82 Div barracks Enugu and how since then you became a good friend and a brother. The memories of us together as neighbors in CBQ and how I always get excited when ever you’re back from school for holidays. Even when our family left the barracks we were still in touch until we met in Abuja. You never stopped being so loving and caring. You are truly a Brother. I will forever carry you in my heart. It hurts me so much you’re not around but I’m so glad you left so many sweet memories with us. I forever love you Micheal Atuake Tukor. ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by MABEL OGAR Obaitor on April 1, 2021
Mike Mike my little handsome cousin. I saw you last few years back when you were still that little cutie boy with a sweet smile. Life took us all off struggling to study and even get married. I never saw you again until that sad day I just saw.......gone too soon. It was indeed too soon. But who are we to question the almighty.......he knows best and love us best. Adieu my sweet brother until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Asuk Christopher on April 1, 2021
Words can’t describe such a great personality.
He was a lot of things to a lot of people,
We all miss seeing that ever smiling face.
I have no doubts He’s having a better time with God 
Posted by Vivian Atuake on April 1, 2021
Dear Tukor,
It’s still hard to believe that you’re no longer available with us. You were always very fearless and most of all, selfless. I miss your cheerfulness and your April fool’s pranks. I know you’re in a better place and you’re fine where you are
Posted by Blessing Aleke on April 1, 2021
There is no day that passes by without thinking about you, everything around me reminds me of you. With the little time i spent with you i really learnt a lot from you, there's this word you always say to me "you are not sure until you are sure" it really helped me in many ways. My Angel you left without saying goodbye i know you are in a better place. Keep resting my love. Michael Tukur.
Posted by Jutang Clan on April 1, 2021
I remember seeing and wanting your sandal to the point of struggling with my friend Asuk for it even before knowing who the owner was LOL
A free spirited being, a big brother and friend, playmate and disciplinarian all in one person.
I know you're up there missing us too, but you're with God now and I know you're praying for us and urging us to stay strong and focused just like you would do if you were with us. Rest On Big Bro.
Eternal rest grant unto him Oh Lord and let thy perpetual light shine on him, may His soul rest in peace Amen.
Posted by oswald atuake on April 1, 2021
I lack words to describe your personality.How good of a person you were.Humble,Selfless,Loving,Generous.I miss you brother.How in every situation i think about what wise saying you would’ve given to calm everything down.I miss you brother,I hope you truly find the rest and peace you deserve.
Posted by Stephen Atuake on April 1, 2021
In some weird way I’ve refused to come to terms with the fact that you’re actually gone. We went through a lot together, you fought effortlessly to make sure I am where I am today. Your love for family was out of this world, your heart was too big for all of us with so much love to spare. I miss you like my missing rib like you always tell me and I can’t believe it’s almost one year. I’d give anything to have just one more memory with you. You thought me the true meaning of family. We had a lot of plans together, you confided in me how you escaped death once and told me not to tell anybody, well I didn’t tell anybody, that’s our little secret. I wish you were here to tell me that you escaped it this time too. You were a hero, you’re my hero. Where ever you are, you’ll always be with me and you’ll always be my brother. Love you always and forever. Rest In Peace Bloodline.
Posted by Richard Atuake on April 1, 2021
Words fail me because you were beyond undescribable, I remember how we used to fight and the next moment your fighting for on hero..your legacy lives on bro
Posted by Jude Ogbu on April 1, 2021
The value of our friendship is beyond measure. I'd pay anything to have you back one more moment, for one more memory. Tears fall freely over the death of my friend Tukurson. Weeping for eternity would not convey the depths of my feelings of loss. I miss you.
Posted by BEN ER0 on April 1, 2021
Michael was a man who was always willing to help and always cheerful. Wasnt very close to him but the few moments we shared was always fun. Rest on great man.
Posted by Michael Rhema on April 1, 2021
Miss u bro.. Missed most of the time we could have spent together .. Missed out on the opportunities to work out our dreams together and make things happen. As sad as life is, I pray you are at peace and surrounded by Love. Miss u king ..
Posted by Joyce Ogbitse on March 31, 2021
Today Marks exactly one year I had a meaning conversation with you. I miss you my angel

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Posted by Uduak Baron on April 8, 2022
Tukor, u still ever green in our hrts, words wont mean much now u r gone. rest in peace once again.
Posted by Michael Rhema on April 5, 2022
Hey brother. Its been two years right... Its still a struggle. But its so much of a blessing. I cant tell you how much I wish you were still here. Its always painful thinking about what happened and how things happen. I pray God gives you sweet rest my bro. Life is hard but God is good. Love you bro.. Always and forever.
Posted by Stephen Atuake on April 4, 2022
It’s 2 years already, time flies and a lot has happened, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again. Rest easy my blood
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Rest on King

Shared by Uyi Obasuyi on April 1, 2021
I remember seeing your photo on Dutch’s status, a black background and candle light. I refused to believe you were gone cause... I called Ik and his first words were “Tukor don die” the over dramatic part of me made me drop the called and I was screaming, he called back and I told him it’s not possible, Tukor na spirit na, spirit de die. To this day I still ask Dutch “HOW”, and at what point did Tukor became FLESH.

I heard so much about you before we met but the stories didn’t do justice to the man I met. 
There’s so much I want to talk about King but I’m angry cause wenever got to eat 404 telephone wire in Cali.
I regret not following through with our plans man, maybe things would have been different.  

Rest in the bosom of our Lord, we love you but God loves you more. 


Shared by Stephen Atuake on April 1, 2021
Tukorbenedictopasivitorominustheonetheremires. I’m so angry at myself that I only realized how much I loved you when you left.You thought me that name when I was a child. I remember how you thought me how to ride a bicycle and you told me that you see how I’m falling from that bike that’s how life is, sometimes you fall but whatkeeps you going is your ability to keep your head straight, maintain balance and keep moving. There’s a lot I want to say bro. I remember that man we wanted to beat up at GT bank just because he wasted my time. The times we strolled up to durumi junction to buy coconut and corn, the times we will collect food from mummy C and tell her we’re coming, the times we used to be so broke that every Sunday we go just burst in anyama house for Sunday rice. How we used to suffer to push car early hours of the morning just because I couldn’t miss my visa interview. I miss how you used to tell me everything I’m doing I should do it for family.Bro I miss you so much and there’s still a lot more to be said. It’s always family over everything. Love you big time but God loves you more bro. I’m just happy that you’re at peace and that’s what matters. Rest easy bloodline

King Gampa Tukor

Shared by Odiakaose Dunkwu on April 1, 2021
I'm still stunned