His Pastoral duties
Michael Bame Bame
  • 62 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 27, 1947
  • Place of birth:
    Weh, North West Province, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Jul 11, 2010
  • Place of passing:
    Weh, North West Province, Cameroon
As for us, our life is like grass. We grow and flourish like wild flower; Then the wind blows on it, and it is gone. Burial scheduled August 07, 2010 No one sees it again. But for those who honor the Lord, His love last forever, And His goodness Endur

 This venerated scholar is a product of CPC Bali, CCAST Bambili, Faculty of Protestant Theology Yaounde, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA and the Faculty of Divinity in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.   

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Abang Simeon on 11th July 2017

"You planted the seed,
It was just a very tiny seed,
From blessed hands and with a loving heart.
The seed was sown on good soil.
Seven years have passed and the seed has gained roots.
It is growing and spreading.
Turn and look: it has got many branches,
Birds are nesting in its branches and eating its fruit.
Be happy where you are! You did not labor in vain."

This tribute was added by Lemme Tangyie on 11th July 2017

"Uncle Pastor, your spirit will continue to live on in our hearts.  It's seven years today since you were separated from us.  Our actions are guided by the sermons you taught us.  I light a candle for you today Uncle.  Love always!"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Kengnjisu Mundi on 12th July 2016

"Mike, Six years since? I cannot believe. Sleep in the Lord and in Peace Amen."

This tribute was added by Lemme Tangyie on 11th July 2016

"A special smile
A special face
In our hearts
A special place
A special voice
A special way
In our lives
A special touch
Memories are a gift to treasure
Ours of you will last forever.

Dearest Uncle Pastor
Six years today seems like yesterday.  Feels like you're only a phone call away.  I know you're watching over us and asking God to touch us
in our own special way.  You're loved and missed very much.  Till we meet again, Uncle, I lay a flower for you"

This tribute was added by Abang Simeon on 11th July 2016

"Daddy, six years have passed, yet it seems as if it was yesterday that you left us.Now I know you have gone to the "Land of no turning back" You cannot come back and I know why; where you are, everyone loves you unlike here. The good seed you planted in good faith is doing good. No amount of heat can cause it to wither. It is growing. You are nearer to the Lord, intercede for us."

This tribute was added by Maggie Abam-DePass on 11th July 2016

"I write with a very heavy heart today because I miss your soft and gentle voice. Rest in Peace, Uncle Pastor."

This tribute was added by sara bame on 11th July 2016

"You are in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Lemme Tangyie on 11th July 2015

"God will link the broken chain,
As one by one we meet again.
In our hearts you will always stay,
Loved and remembered every day.

Tenderly we treasure the past,
With memories that will always last.
Time may pass and fade away,
But memories of you will always stay.

Uncle Pastor.  
5 years today have gone by since you passed away.
The way I miss you is different now.  I still hear your calm but reassuring voice ushering me through life's ups and downs and
I know that you're around.  Until God links the broken chain,
In memory's garden we meet everyday."

This tribute was added by Rose Caspa on 14th July 2014

"Father, the flame you lit in our hearts stays alight and we trust God on a daily basis to help us keep it burning to His glory."

This tribute was added by Lemme Tangyie on 11th July 2014

"Uncle Pastor:  Four Years have gone by since we were physically separated from you but we would never be separated spiritually.  You live in me through all the memories I have of you.  I am comforted and I know you are as well.  Continue to smile down on me and intercede on my behalf.  Thank you spiritual father."

This tribute was added by STELLA CHO Nee fobid on 23rd April 2014

"Yes Uncle every Easter I found myself lost because I can't have the Easter feeling and joy you bring to us while celebrating Easter  and I will see myself in patmos matching  with our palms. missed you so much."

This tribute was added by Abang Simeon on 22nd April 2014

"Daddy, you left so soon when there was still so much for me to learn. I wish you could tell me now if I am continuing with the work well. I have so many questions which only you could answer but you are not there. Daddy, I am missing you."

This tribute was added by GODLOVE KUM on 27th November 2013

"Pastor Bame Bame, on this 66th year of the anniversary of your birth, I remember your birth day, not your death and celebrate your life's works and achievements and contribution to humanity. Cherished, loved  and missed for ever... RIP"

This tribute was added by NDIKUM AZIEH on 27th November 2013

"Time has past , our memories remember as if the 7th of August 2010 in Weh was yesterday. How long will it take weh, menchum, the North West and Cameroon to have such a venerated theologian, academician. Those who fought the values you stood for a struggling to adapt to such values. Daddy we miss you. LYNNE AND DENIS"

This tribute was added by Paul Enyih on 8th December 2012

Fondly remembered.
May what you left behind continue to grow abundantly."

This tribute was added by Paul Enyih on 8th December 2012

"My dear Mik"

This tribute was added by Wilson Nyah on 8th December 2012

"Dear Uncle Pastor,
If I could speak with you one last time, I'd say Thank You for the difference you made in my life. The weekends I spent with you and Auntie Anne at Djongolo helped build my character and without question made me a better man. Eventhough you are not here, I know you are watching over me and I'll always strive to make you proud."

This tribute was added by Buh Ephraim Mai on 1st December 2012

"Life is more meaningful it we live it well that is why we will forevermissed you for you understool that life was not all about you but how many people
you touch with your love is what keep us thinking about u stay bless as you enjoy the meaningful part of your life now"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Ambe on 16th August 2012

"You were a light to the world and especially to Cameroonians.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by NDIKUM AZIEH on 30th July 2012

"Your memory will never cease to remind us of the virtues you stood for. You made in this sinful world a special spiritual life for many. In your name, many families are together and will always be together. We will always remember and missed you till we meet to part no more in the glory of God.  LYNNE AND DENIS"

This tribute was added by ABRAHAM AKIH on 11th July 2012

"How time flies!!! Prof you have been gone for two full years and the memories as still fresh as if it were yesterday. We pray the legacy you left behind continues to inspire hearts and lives to serve the heavenly Lord in truth and in spirit. Blessings as you live in the abode of the Almighty God. Shalom!!!"

This tribute was added by Lemme Tangyie on 11th July 2012

"Your presence is still vivid in my heart.  Your voice, your words, your guardianship,  I feel daily.  I still hear your sermon closings,  "World without end, Amen".  As a kid it was so reassuring hearing that.  I would say," if Uncle Pastor says that then it's true, the world will never end".  It's not the world that ends, but our physical presence on this earth.  I'm comforted by you."

This tribute was added by esther ndingsa on 11th July 2012

"Dady Bame you were a wonder inspiration to me, I will keep the faith and continue to trust God. I know you no doubt in the precious bossom fo the Most High God.  The FC is dwindling but we are pulling along."

This tribute was added by Juana Juliana on 29th June 2012

"We miss you dad.As the days go by, we understand and appreciate much more the spiritual things you taught us.We love you!"

This tribute was added by Anagho Gilbert Bame on 13th March 2012

"What a humble and wise man! we promise to live after the counsel you left behind to keep the candle burning . Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Lemme Tangyie on 11th July 2011

"Uncle Pastor, today marks a year since you left us behind and answered your heavenly call.  I know you are smiling down on us from above.  Keep watch over us.  We love you and miss you dearly. xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Georges Tegha M.Div. on 3rd May 2011

"Josefa and I are still preparing for the Day of your Celebration of your transition to the eternal world of peace prepared for you by our God and your ancestors.  May your fruits, left behind be a proof of your life after life.  May you be joyous! We"

This tribute was added by Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifum on 18th April 2011

"'fides quaerens intellectum',a golden principle you imparted in me.I wish if I had it all under your mentorship Dad.Not my will but yours Lord."

This tribute was added by Pam Tah on 6th December 2010

"Words could never express the sadness and sorry that is felt when someone so special, dear and impactful leaves us behind. We look forward to meeting you again in all the glory of our good lord. You served him well so farewell great child of God."

This tribute was added by Rose Caspa on 3rd November 2010

"Sometimes I still hear your gentle but firm voice speaking in several situations. Sometimes you seem so very much around, eventhough my eyes can't see you. Thanks for being the father and Shepherd that you've always been.
I miss and will forever remember you for the values you sowed in me. Rest in the Lord's Peace."

This tribute was added by Sammy Chumfong on 18th October 2010

"It's part of a journey you took gladly. You fought the good fight. Emy and I will miss you till our reunion in glory.
Ni Samuel and Aunty Emy Chumfong"

This tribute was added by Blaise Kengjise on 18th October 2010

"Rest in perfect peace Pastor,may you be rocked in Abraham's bosom.My deep condolences to the entire Bame's family."

This tribute was added by FRANCIS ANANE on 4th October 2010

"Just this afternoon I recalled and recounted an advice you gave me some 26 years ago. I searched for you on the Web only to be hit by the news of your depart to eternal rest. Doc., you will forever be missed. My daughter, named after lovely your wife - Aunty Anne, is a constant reminder of your goodness, kindness and love for my family. You are gone but your good works linger on. We love you."

This tribute was added by Lemme Tangyie on 4th October 2010

"Uncle Pastor, I miss you!!! I recall those days at home at the Faculty of Theology when I kept you on your toes by doing everything you cautioned me from doing.  I think of the day I ate the guava off the tree but did not pluck it and when you found it, I lied telling you a bird ate it.  Oh there are many such tales I would be telling Ferrin about you when she grows up.  Your spirit be at Peace."

This tribute was added by Stella Tembunde on 31st August 2010

"Two of your legacies were LOVE and FAITHFULNESS. I will never forget your soft, caring, and encouraging voice as you admonished me to remain prayerful and trust God to fight my battles. I know for sure your heavenly crown is enormous! Uncle Pastor, you will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by TEM DK on 30th August 2010

"Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
We hope to emulate your lifestyle.
Rest in Peace Professor..."

This tribute was added by Rose Mefor on 30th August 2010

"Daddy Pastor, you signalled us well before hand but we couldnt understand. All thesame you had to go bcos the lord needed you. We miss you, but we will follow your steps so that we can catch-up with you on the last day."

This tribute was added by ABRAHAM AKIH on 30th August 2010

       You ran a good race, fought a good fight and kept the faith. You are now being rewarded for being a good soldier of the Lord. We will in our own little way keep the flame of God's Word and Spirit burning as we remember you our mentor in the ministry.
Rest in Peace!!! Yes Rest with the Lord in the heavenly city where all pain and suffering is gone."

This tribute was added by Pearly Ejedepang-Koge on 29th August 2010

"That voice!!! I can hear it now and have been hearing it on most Sundays and Communion services in over 30 years. I always did tell Sarah, he made such a huge impact in my life. I love spending Sunday afternoons with him and oh...those lunches were so delightful. Thanx for being in my life, Uncle and may your soul rest in perfect peace. You will be dearly missed by all. Take heart, Bame family!"

This tribute was added by Patrick KUM BONG AKWA on 13th August 2010

"Fare thee well illustrious son of WEH. Thank you for the several footprints you left on the sands of time in Cameroon and elsewhere and particularly in and for the the honour of our village"

This tribute was added by Miranda Kahndi on 10th August 2010

"Daddy, I did not know God was going to call you this soon to HIS side, but HE did. May your soul rest in perfect peace till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Wilfred Mbacham on 9th August 2010

"And so the Rabbi, was laid to rest. And when the gong rang - none of us was ready for it. The many different incomplete assignments he left will be filled at a pace only ordained by Christ alone. for that, God will bless us all to take it a day at a time."

This tribute was added by STELLA CHO Nee fobid on 9th August 2010

"I will forever missed that soft voice that not only makes me aware of the reality of GOD but makes me feel His presences in my life.Uncle you showed me how to do it. Thank you. I LOVE YOU."

This tribute was added by winifred angwi on 8th August 2010

"Winifred Angwi N

This tribute was added by nkam mongwa on 7th August 2010

"I’ve waited for today August 7, 2010 his burial day to light a candle in remembrance of Rev Prof Michael Bame Bame, one of my very few father figures and heroes.

To God be the glory great servants He hath given and taken from us."

This tribute was added by Robert Atogho on 6th August 2010

"Thank you for the love you showed us.
You have gone to meet your father.
Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Larry E yong-Echaw on 5th August 2010

"Dear Professor Bame: We all remember your kindness, your reverence for the Lord, and the sense of justice and truth that you represent. Your example will remain an inspiration forever."

This tribute was added by Paul Enyih on 5th August 2010

"Michael Fuh Bame
Many thanks for what God gave you, and,
What you generously have left behind
and May to God Be The Glory."

This tribute was added by Ambassador Nelson Bame on 5th August 2010

"My Beloved Daddy,

You left me so soon, so far away, so unexpected;
You left me so shocked, so weak;
You left me so young, so tender and so tranquil;
You left your grand children so young and innocen"

This tribute was added by Marylyn Amahbo Fri on 30th July 2010

"Dear Uncle, With the Female Choristers, I learnt: 'Lord make me a blessing today,a blessing to someone I pray....' You were a blessing to me in many ways.R.I.P. Love you."

This tribute was added by apongho azoh-mbi on 30th July 2010

"Apongho Azoh-mbi and siblings

Dear dad Bame, we will sorely miss you. Your words were not only wise, but infused with a faith and calmness that killed all manners of hopelessness. We love you."

This tribute was added by Alice Mundi Mundi on 30th July 2010

"You accomplished your Pastoral mission with  meekness and readiness. 9yrs ago, July 9,2001, you promptly responded to our mid-day call, to come anoint our dying son, Maneh Mundi. The storm is over. We love you."

This tribute was added by Samuel Kwak on 29th July 2010

"FACTEC will remember you today and always. Our love is with you always. You will be dearly missed. May His peace be with you."

This tribute was added by Kielley Fon-Ndikum on 28th July 2010

"Rest in perfect peace Uncle Pastor. You made such a difference to our lives.  Aunty Anne, Sally, Immaculate, the entire family, my heart goes out to you."

This tribute was added by Lovelyn Mundi on 27th July 2010

"I remember spending weekends with my God parents, Uncle Pastor and Aunty Anne.  Those were treasured moments indeed.  We miss you.  Pastor Bame was a great God Father and a blessing!"

This tribute was added by Cecilia Ayuketah on 27th July 2010

"A well fulfilled life is measured by deeds. Rev. Bame Bame, as a great mentor, you made a difference in lives. Rest in Peace!"

This tribute was added by Kuji Mundi on 27th July 2010

"From Njongola congregation to Bastos we worshipped and I recall. The Lord says in John5:28 Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in then which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice..."

This tribute was added by Ama Mundi on 26th July 2010

"Mrs. Ama Mundi and the Mundi children USA offered special flowers and prayers at Calvary Presbyterian Church Hawthorne California 7/18 for you Dr. Michael Bame Bame, our special Pastor. Rest in Peace."

This tribute was added by Justine Foy on 26th July 2010

"RIP,Prof BB.U were one in a million.We shall always miss u for ever so much.Your love to all,care,spiritual guardiance and charity to the poor was unspeakable.May our good Lord receive u 4eternity."

This tribute was added by Wilfred Nkeih on 26th July 2010

"My first teacher in religion in CPC Bali. I Loved your voice and its accent, it made me felt God's existence.You successfully completed your mission on earth. You are resting in peace.


This tribute was added by emmanuel kum on 25th July 2010

"His numerous titles are symbols of what he has achieved. His departure leaves a massive vacuum. Michael Bame above all leaves an inspiration to voice your thoughts the way you see it."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Kengnjisu Mundi on 25th July 2010

"Mike, as a Friend, as Pastor and Counsellor, you were a wonderful inspiration. Your Theological Brilliance dazzled too many and troubled a few. Now, "Jesus has calmed the Storm". Sleep in Peace!"

This tribute was added by EVELYN NGANTU on 25th July 2010

"Ngantu family lit a candle on July 25th 2010.
May we have more true dedicated pastors like him.
Rest in peace , Rest in peace ,you fought a truely good fight in bringing people to Christ."

This tribute was added by Afanwi Lumsina Kube on 25th July 2010

"" You will be greatly missed" I remember when you preached at PCC Bastos,even as a young girl,your preachings were influencial to me, may you rest peacefully with the Lord. Also praying for the family"

This tribute was added by Edward Tangmo MOFOR on 24th July 2010

""Be thyself"was the theme of the famous inspiring sermon he preached once in Njongolo.He remained steadfast to it.The world seemed to have judged him differently, but God often judges otherwise."

This tribute was added by Egbe Monjimbo on 24th July 2010

"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!He fought the good fight; He kept the faith; and he has in deed, finished the race, fulfilling,without fear or favor, the task conferred upon him by his CREATOR. God Rest His Soul"

This tribute was added by Greg Kum on 24th July 2010

"You were an inspiration even before I met you and when I did for the first time in 1988 you counseled me as if you knew me rather well.
You shaped the lives of many through your teachings. Thank you!"

This tribute was added by Mbone Ngalame Mballe on 23rd July 2010

"For the strong impact and positive influence you had on each of the Ngalame children especially in our formative years at PCC Bastos, we salute and honor you as you rest peacefully in the Lord."

This tribute was added by Bame Family on 21st July 2010

"Your fervent believe in the basic rights granted by the Almighty to every human being was the fuel that kept your engine running, even to the very end. Thank you for all you accomplished."

This tribute was added by Florence Bame on 21st July 2010

"I lack words to express my heart very deeply.

Bame Bame was a wise, intelligent and great man.

The world needs more people like him."

This tribute was added by Bame Family on 20th July 2010

"We loved him"

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