All In

Shared by Suzanne Rovner on September 22, 2020
We first met the Perkins family through OPBA softball, with Shea joining the team and Tony coaching. It was an amazing season of softball that year, and from the beginning the entire Perkins family brought enthusiasm and athleticism in full force. Michele, alone, seemed to double the excitement from the sidelines with her unending support for Shea and the team. And that is really what Michele was fundamentally about: she was ALL IN. She was all in as a fan, all in as a confidant, all in in celebration, all in on life. This was evident in everything she did - from frequent texts about whatever fun stuff was going on to the way she brought creativity to a themed party. She wrung every ounce of joy out of life. 

I'll share this small anecdote as one small example: One thing Michele and I shared was our love of boy bands. Given the opportunity, we both used the excuse to satiate our 'tween girl desire to see the latest band -- as if it were an obligation to go. I don't know who was more excited to see Shawn Mendes - Shea or Michele - but of course she had to get her own pic with him (see attached). When we went to see Why Don't We, she was all in on the merch. I thought she was partially joking when she told me she would wear it, but I shouldn't have doubted her. She showed up in full-on concert merch for the show, and owned the outfit completely.  She looked amazing, and I sort of envied the way she could pull it off effortlessly. 

I hope these memories help in some small way to get you through the devastating loss of Michele. I hope that memories of her strength of character, endless love, and unbounded energy will help in some way to carry you through the days to come. She was a brave, kind soul, and will be missed by so many. Wishing you peace and love, always.

The Rovners
Suzanne, Gary, Sarah, Natalie & Josh

From Cousin Pam

Shared by Pamela Becker on September 13, 2020
I have so many memories of Michele going back all the years of her life from our family get-togethers. I remember how her happy, bubbly personality was clear right from the start. I remember her as a toddler joyously doing somersaults in my parents’ living room during a holiday party, and making all of us laugh. As she grew up, she always greeted me so affectionately and made sure to ask how I was doing and what was new in my life. Michele was one of a kind, and as my heart goes out to all those who love her, I know her memory is, indeed, a blessing.

20 years...

Shared by Kristin Miller on September 12, 2020
Tony, Shea, Blake and Britton: Our hearts are broken for all of you. We loved Michele so much and have so many fund memories going back to the fall of 2000.

I remember the first time we met Michele when she and Tony had come from a theme party to meet a bunch of us at a bar in Chicago. The laughs began that day and we are forever grateful for the 20 years we had with you Michele. I shared some pictures of us through the years that highlight all the good times we had: weddings, babies, trips and Cubs games. The Millers and the Perkins have always joked about our paths to marriage and children - just one year apart. We had six children and two sets of twins from May 2006-February 2009. What an adventure! Michele, you always knew the best restaurants, planned the most fun outings and taught me about so many things. Highlights of the last few years include our trip to Vegas, skiing in Michigan and spending time together during the Cubs 2016 World Series run. 

Michele, thank you for being a great friend walking beside me through our journey as wives and moms. I am going to miss you so much. Scott and I will be there with the boys for Tony and the kids. Rest in peace and know that I will be forever grateful for having you in our lives.

Brakenridge Wedding

Shared by Patricia Brakenridge on September 10, 2020
My husband and I have known Tony since he was a student at the University of Illinois. Our son, Scott, was an ATO fraternity brother. We didn't know Michele as long, but occasionally we met at weddings. I remember Michele in particular at our son's wedding. She was a beautiful young woman and I will forever remember the stunning chartreuse dress she wore that afternoon. I always thought Tony was exceptionally good looking. He was a member of the wedding party and you could tell Michele picked her dress to match his outfit. The two looked spectacular together.  (You can see their photo from that wedding in this site's Gallery.)


Shared by Carla Lieberman on September 10, 2020
I have known Michele since she was a young girl as her dad was my boss in the 1970’s. We continued to stay in touch as we love the Berger family.
 Michele was dynamite in every way, with loads of personality that we all loved.
  She did this battle and we hope she is at peace.
Love to you all, Marty and Carla

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