Her Life

Val and Adrian Broadley ( Mommy & Daddy )

Our Daughter Michele was born on August 12th, 1992 at 1:00 am . Michele lived a very short but very fulfilling Life. When she was just a baby we had Michele in the pool. She took swimming lessons and soon became like a fish in the water. Michele then went into Gymnastics for 14 Years at Polly's in Stratford,CT. She was well liked there and performed at many recitals doing floor, bars and balance beam routines and another of her favorites - the Trampoline , which she did routines that I wouldn't have attempted ! She also played Softball, Tennis, Basketball, and loved to Bowl ! We joined a Father - Daughter bowling league and we came in 2nd place but her happiest time was when she beat me lol Michele attended St. Gabriel School in Milford and also St. Mary's in Milford where she sang in the Choir and also played Clarinet in the school band and actually played a solo in one of the concerts ! Michele graduated 8th grade with very high grades and moved on to Laurelton Hall High School where she excelled academically receiving many awards! Michele was very smart in school and always studied very hard. Everything was going great in her life when all of a sudden right before her 21st birthday  she discovered a lump on her forearm which would soon be diagnosed as a very rare and aaggressive form of Childhood cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma ! Her world and our world Stopped. On Sunday August 25, 2013 Michele started a Rigorous journey to fight for her LIFE !!! Michele went through operations, chemos and radiation treatments for 3 years. Through those treatments she  graduated from UConn with Magna Cum Laude High Honors on May 10th 2015 !!! Our precious ,brave and courageous little girl lost her battle to this ugly disease on September 28,2016 , only 24 Years old. Our amazing child is still winning awards as she won the Gold Ribbon Hero Award from ACCO , AMERICAN CHILDHOOD CANCER ORGANIZATION, ON January 30th 2018 !!! Michele had numerous friends and made numerous more on her journey whom I am hoping will share a memory or two on this, her Memorial Page. Michele Mommy and Daddy Love you with our whole beings and You will never be forgotten as long as we live !!!