Share a special moment from Michele's life.


Shared by Adrian Broadley on December 22, 2020
Merry Christmas to my Daughter Michele ❤ I remember days when you were little and to see your face so bright all day on Christmas I remember when one Christmas all you wanted was your candy from your stocking lol I remember the cutting down of the trees and decorating them together through the years. I remember the snowman we made together and going sled riding and ice skating!!! I remember it all Michele, and I will always remember you. Death ends a life not a relationship! And I wouldn't trade anything for the Father-Daughter relationship we had ❤ Alot of people think Dads are strong and don't hurt when losing a child well I am sure not one of them! A big,big part of me went with you Michele. I don't even know who I am anymore. I miss you so much Michele ❤ I hope that you radiate in Heaven on Christmas Day like you used to here my Sweet, Beautiful and Courageous Daughter. Merry Christmas Michele   Love Your Daddy

Michele’s 28th Heavenly Birthday

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on August 12, 2020
At 1 am on August 12, 1992 I gave birth to a 9 pound 1 & a half ounces, 21 inches long cute baby girl, who would change our lives for the better forever. Not until you were born, Michele, did we know what unconditional love meant. You are the most beautiful person inside and out and your father and I could not be anymore proud of the woman that you became. I thank God every day for the 24 plus years we were able to spend loving you and you living us here on this earth. Your dad & I will continue to love, miss & remember you until the day we take our last breath. Your time here on earth was cut very short, but nothing can take away the love we hold very close in our hearts for you. Happy Heavenly 28th Birthday to our sweet, brave & beautiful baby girl Michele Ekaterini Ciufecu Broadley. Xoxoxo until we’re together again in heaven.

Michele & Circus Clowns

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on August 13, 2019
I wanted to add on to Michele’s Dad’s story about Michele not liking clowns & not wanting them to be anywhere near her from when she was a little girl. When Michele was like 5 or 6 years old I took her to The Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus at New Haven Coliseum with Karla & Luann. Our seats were pretty good, because they were in the first row where the metal railings are. So we could see the show really well. During the changing of the acts, here come the dreaded clowns. Michele would just look at them intently watching them with uneasiness throughout their performance. Well here comes one of the clowns climbing up the railing towards us & coming right over to Michele trying to grab her Tweetie Bird backpack/purse. He he was saying he needed it to be able to fly! Michele wasn’t having it. She would not let go of her Tweetie Bird backpack & she was saying no, it’s my Tweetie Bird, you can’t have it! It was so hilarious. He finally left her alone & went away, but he didn’t give up very easily. She stood her ground & didn't let that clown bully her into giving up her Tweetie Bird! She held on so tightly to it! She was so relieved when he finally went away. Thank God he didn’t come back for more later in during the show. When Michele was a teenager & throughout her teenage years we always went to the Big E & went to circus while we were there. Michele always loved all of the circus acts except for the damn dreaded clowns! Years later in Michele’s 20s we went to The Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus at Harbor Yard with my mom & Al. Michele still loved the circus, but of course not the dreaded clowns as usual. Michele’s is just not a fan of clowns at all, that’s for sure! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Shared by Adrian Broadley on August 13, 2019
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Beautiful Daughter Michele!!!! I remember  when  Michele was a baby we had a Birthday Party for her and Val and I  had a clown come to play  with  the kids. Well that was the first  time we learned that  she was not  a big fan of Clowns lol I  eventually had to ask  the clown to leave because she was terrified  of it. That never went away for her lol Even when  she was in the hospital  there were 2 clowns that entertained the kids  and Michele  had a sign made that said  " No Clowns  Allowed " and  stuck it on Her door  Lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michele and  NO CLOWNING AROUND LMAO

Music and Michele

Shared by Kelly C on July 10, 2019

My fondest memories of Michele always revolved around music.We shared many times at the Oakdale, the Meadows and the Vibes. She always had a smile and a hug for me. We always had fun! I was always impressed with her strength and wisdom. She was wise beyond her years. I will forever miss her beautiful smiling face


Shared by Desiree Díaz on June 24, 2019

My dear friend Michele, we’ve had so many memories and laughter together over the years. We started hanging out when I was only 12, and a lot of my first memorable moments were with her. She was always real, funny, and guaranteed to have a good time. She was always smiling and had a way of cherishing everything in the moment. A particular moment I’ll never forget with her is hard because there are multiple that seriously make me smile and laugh looking back, but one thing I can always say is she was selfless and giving. My father was dying of cancer while she was also doing the same, yet she came to visit my father. That will stick forever. She’s an angel working in the spirit world with god and there’s never a day that I don’t remember you and feel your presence. When I think of you I think of you alive, happy, healthy and laughing!Love you forever sweet angel.

The Roller Coaster

Shared by Kevin Champagne on June 12, 2019

Whenever I think of Michele, there is one moment that comes to my mind. One summer, we had gone to Six Flags and went on Superman. I was a bit nervous, but I could tell Michele was excited to go on the ride. We ended up sitting next to each on the ride, and at one point during the ride, I remember turning my head to look at Michele. Although we were on the roller coaster, it was almost as if time had stopped: Michele had the biggest, happiest grin on her face. Her big, beautiful eyes beamed with excitement. The sun was setting perfectly behind her hair blowing in the wind.In that moment, I could tell Michele was living life to the fullest. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Michele, and every time I think of her, this image comes to my mind. Even though it’s a small moment in time, it’s a memory that I will carry with me forever. Love you Michele <3

My little sister

Shared by Pamela Keenan on May 20, 2019

Michel and I met for the first time in the summer of 2011. Coincidentally it was our birthday month, so Catrina and Val took us out for hibachi and scorpion bowls. We bonded very quickly - over our Leo zodiac, love of shopping, cocktails, the beach and singing our hearts out in the car :) 

When Michele was diagnosed with cancer, I never felt so sad yet so determined for someone. I knew she would never give up. We formed “Team M” to show our support. Her family was always there for her and I admire that so much about them. I will remember the “cancer free” parties and the signs and the t shirts from her best friends and family. 

The pain and suffering that Michele went through is indescribable, but she didn’t let that hold her down. Still obtained her college degree and pursued her masters. She was a fighter. I miss her so much 

Irish Twins

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on April 21, 2019

Written by Kathleen Manley: Here’s a story for you both. I remember Erik was a few weeks old & I was watching Michele for Val. I had to change Michele and then right after, I did the same for Erik. While I was changing him, Michele was crawling around under my feet. At that moment all I could think of is don’t step on her and how nuts my Mom was for having me and my sister at less then 12 months apart. That cured me, no way! I made sure that didn’t happen.It was a great day with the kids but a lesson for me at the same time.

Warrior Princess

Shared by Tina Keating on April 13, 2019

I had the pleasure of watching this curly haired cute as a button little princess grow and mature into a beautiful loving strong woman.  My son went to school with Michele and I worked with mom we were bonded.  One of my favorite memories was going to the house on a Friday night and Michele was at her dad's, Kyle walked down stairs and saw the chalk board with "I love Kyle" it was so cute.  Beautiful inside and out from the first day I met you. You are so missed and loved. 

The strongest person I know

Shared by Joe Kiss on April 9, 2019

When I met Michele, she had already been diagnosed with cancer, but you would have never known it.  I met a vibrant, 20-something year old with the biggest brightest eyes, and a personality to light up a room.  Her outgoing and loving demeanor is complemented by an amazing family and many friends, full of love and affection that was nothing short of reciprocal, and never ending.  There were many parties at Catrina and moms house that left us all with amazing memories, and not short on fun by any means.  We shared some great times...  and played beer pong by Michele’s rules :-) 

I met a fighter.  After treatment, and during a rough week, Michele wasn’t feeling well enough to make the annual booze cruise, BUT, Val and Michele made an appearance at the after party at Randalls.  She pushed herself to go out for a few hours.  Everyone hung out, danced, got silly and had a blast.  The next day I thought to myself, Michele is a fighter, and inspiration.  She doesn’t give up easily and neither should we.  She lived her life to the fullest despite having cancer, she never threw in the towel....  and she had no problem calling me out for requesting “Rihanna”  at the bar.  I’ll always cherish the memory, and I’ll never forget the silly/disgruntled look Michele made when I told her I requested the song for her.  You’d think I requested Barbie girl by aqua or something.  That’s Michele - no B.S.!

Michele taught me we are fortunate.  We all have our bad days, get stuck in traffic, screw up at work, make mistakes etc.  Michele had cancer, and fought for years, and kept that smile and bright eyes every moment she was able to.  She taught me that most of our “problems” are trivial.  Most can be solved.  I get upset/depressed at times, but I think about Michele and her fighting spirit.  I remember I am fortunate for the moments I have.  She would want us all to remember that life is fleeting, not to be wasted and worth the fight.  She would want us all to keep fighting, and keep living <3.  Thanks Michele.

Michele’s Writing Nov. 2, 2011

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on April 9, 2019

At 3 years we say, ''Mom I love you." At 14 years we say, ''Mom, whatever." 16 years we say, "My mom is so annoying!" At 18 years we say, "I'm leaving this house." At 21 years we say ''Mom, you were right''. At 30 years we say "'I want to go to Mom's house." At 50 years we say ''I don't want to lose my mom." At 70 years we say "I would give up everything to have my mom here with me." You only have one mom. Post this on your wall if you appreciate your mom. I love you mom! ♥

Michele’s Writing April 29, 2016

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on April 9, 2019

Metastatic cancer can be very isolating. When I am in the company of others, my mind wanders and I can't focus. I feel the need to retreat. For the time being, I just can't relate to others' lives which years ago were so similar to my own. Now we are a world apart. It's not their fault. I know that people cannot truly understand. But sometimes I feel like I'm on another planet looking in on this one. It's difficult to listen to people complain about trivial things, normal things, things I was complaining about three years ago. Now those complaints just annoy me, or make me angry. People are so wound up, but it's such a waste of time and energy. I want to scream, "I want your problems!" And I do. I want that life back. I want to turn back the clock. I just don't want my life to be this right now. I hope that by reading this, someone out there will take a second to think, "I'm glad that's not me. Maybe I should worry less about the things that don't really matter." I want my old normal back but I also am a better, stronger person from this experience. I welcome any challenge. I am Invincible.

People always ask me what it's like living with cancer... Living with cancer is not easy. It's lonely and it forces you to find courage within yourself that you never knew you had. It is an absolute emotional roller coaster that is never-ending. It makes you feel guilty to be a burden on your family and friends. It feels like your body is betraying you. It causes stress, anxiety, and/or depression for you and the ones close to you. It makes you realize how fragile life is. It makes you more empathetic to others' hardships. It makes you forget completely what it was like to feel WELL. It's like living with a huge question mark of uncertainty in every aspect of your life. The weirdest thing is, having cancer makes it easier to accept any other life threatening disease. I am just not scared anymore.
I have seen some of my relationships suffering. There is a fine line between giving space and putting distance. Some have dropped away. Others have risen to the occasion and helped more than I could have dreamed. But only true friendships are going to make it under these circumstances and I've seen this first hand with my friends in the past three years. 
When I feel awful from chemo I want the time to go faster. I just want to get through it. The problem is that what I may not have is time. It's a conundrum. I want the time to pass, but this is the only time that I may have. I know that no one knows how much time they have, but the knowledge that there is something identifiable in your body that is a threat and is most likely to be that which kills you, bears a different weight. Of course no one knows exactly how much time it will be. There is no crystal ball.
#TeamM #FuckCancer #LiveForever

Michele’s Writing October 31, 2014

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on April 9, 2019

Last year was the hardest year of my entire life. I was diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in my left forearm the first day of the Vibes 2013 at age 20. That is a day that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I then had to freeze my eggs and have them extracted because there was a chance that chemotherapy can cause infertility. I had a surgery to place a port under my skin which would be where the chemo would be given through. I started three chemos the day I had my eggs extracted in August right after my 21st birthday and right before the start of my senior year at UConn Stamford. I had chemo for 10 months with 6 weeks of radiation during those 10 months. I stayed in school and kept up my 3.7 GPA. May 28th was my last chemo and I was then declared to be in remission and cancer free. My port was removed and my summer was filled with a huge celebration of the battle I won. About a month ago I had my three month scans and two spots on each of my lungs came up on the Chest CT. I then, two weeks ago, had to have a thoracotomy on my right lung to have one or both of the spots removed and when I woke up from this major surgery I was told that the spots they saw were tumors and that the cancer had spread to my lungs. This calls for 8 more months of chemo with 6 weeks of radiation during those months. I had surgery yesterday to put my port back in and I start three chemos next Thursday with an overnight at Yale. I have one more semester left at UConn and then I will finally graduate in May and this will not stop me from reaching that goal; I can promise you that. My life was just getting back to normal and now I've been thrown back into the boxing ring to fight for my life. And I will do just that. Fight. For all the people who love and care about me as well as myself so I can live a long and healthy life just like any normal 22 year old would want. I am determined now more than ever to beat this cancer's ass and I will not let it take away my determination or my motivation. I want to inspire anyone I can so that they learn that no matter what happens to you, you have to fight. No matter how many times you get kicked down, you have to get back up and persevere. If I can do it, you can do it. Even though these next 8 months will be a rough road and the chemo will tear my body down physically, cancer will not take away from me emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. Yes, I have cancer; but cancer doesn't have me. #TeamM  #FuckCancer #LiveForever

My 50th Birthday 5 Years Ago

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on April 9, 2019

Michele posted this on Facebook together with a picstitch of 3photos of the two of us & she wrote the following to me on April 2, 2014: 

“Happy birthday to the best mommy in the entire world! I would never be where I am today without your love and guidance. I have the strength I have today because I have you to look up to. You are the strongest and most independent woman I know and I love you with all that I have <3“

“Mirror Mirror” written by Michele

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on April 8, 2019

Michele wrote this poem 11 years ago in High School at Lauralton Hall in 2008. 

Mirror Mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall why do you have to tell it all?
Where do you get that blatant light to make my clothes look way too tight?
I'm in shape but I can see you won't cooperate with me. 
The way you let those shadows play you'd think my hair was turning grey.
What's that you say? A double chin? That's just the way the light comes in. 
If you continue examining so you'll take away my facial glow.
And then if you're not hanging straight you'll tell me next I'm gaining weight. 
I'm really quite upset with you for giving this distorted view.
I hate you so conceited and wise.  Oh look what's happened to my thighs! 
I’ll warn you now oh mirrored wall we're not on speaking terms at all.
Stop criticizing my every move this is my body nothing I can do.
Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean I should change me. 
Mirror mirror on the wall am I fat or am I small?
I diet and diet and diet again but still I’m not as small as them
I think all day and think all night of how my legs aren’t extra tight
I work my thighs and work my abs still I remain with all this flab.
All this work without any pay still I do it and hope for the day
When I’m as thin as her or her and I don’t have to hide under big t-shirts.
The media says I must be thin no way can a model be a size ten.
Men won’t accept me with an extra pound so I hurry and get my weight back down.
Realize we are made this way and it’s not for anyone else to say
If we’re too fat or not good enough cuz we will survive, we’re women we’re tough.
If I want to eat cake 3 or 4 times a day then that’s what I want and no one has a say.
I’ll do as I please without your two cents.  I’ll keep up my strength and my confidence.
We must learn from our mistakes be who we are and do what it takes
To feel good, healthy, and love ourselves again, sit back and laugh and outlive those men

Puzzle Pieces 4 Life!

Shared by Alice Baglioni on April 7, 2019

I will never forget the day Erika and I ran into  Michele and Val at the hospital. Michele & Erika ran into each other’s arms. The tears in their eyes said it all.

I believe that’s when they became puzzle pieces for life!  Michele and Erika’s bond from then on, was extrondinay. These beautiful girls were determined to never let  what was out of their control interfere with who they were and what they wanted to do  and that was live life to the fullest!

Beautiful sweet Michele in heaven, thank you for always being by Erika’s side no matter what! Forever loved & missed.Puzzle Piece  4 Life

Cousin ❤️

Shared by Dan Champagne on April 6, 2019

Too many memories to list them all! From giving her lice when she was little lol to partying in Vegas. Not a day goes by that I dont think about my amazing, beautiful and strong cousin. I always loved when Auntie Val and Michele would come visit Arizona and also when we got to stay at their house when visiting Connecticut. So many nights staying up late and just talking and enjoying eachothers company, that is what I miss the most and will always treasure. I love you and miss you more as each day passes.

My 8th grade sweetie

Shared by Jake Chambless on April 5, 2019

Michele was and will be one of my all time crushes. She is so beautiful. I remember when I was in 8th grade, we had a trip to MA. We were on the duck boat, I think it is or on a river. We were joking and flirting the whole time. She sat next to me and then she wrote her number on my arm in marker. Another time, we were at a dance in 8th grade. It was towards the end of the dance and one slow song was left. I danced with a few girls from my glas earlier and I didnt know Michele wanted to dance. I went up to the DJ and requested a dance and I told Michele to meet in the center of the gym at the next slow song and we danced until the end. It was my first dance where I hugged and wasnt a foot apart haha.

My best friend and my sister

Shared by Karla Sansone on April 5, 2019

Since Michele and I have known each other our entire lives it’s hard to share just one memory. Our moms were best friends so naturally Michele and I we were bound together. Some of my favorite memories ever are our LBI and okemo vacations. As little girls we always wanted to dress in matching clothes, we loved that everyone thought we were twins. Until we got caught out one time in LBI when a stranger asked us our birthday and we both responded with different years! Lol. From that point forward we told everyone we were twin cousins! Hahahaha. We thought we were so clever!  I love all of our baby pictures of us in matching bathing suits on the beach and our little matching dresses. Even as we got older we still matched outfits. 

Another one of my favorite memories is when we went skiing one year. We were about 6 or 7 years old and we went into the bathroom and switched ski outfits and came out all suited up and our parents were yelling to the wrong kid on the mountain!! Ahh we got them Michele!! Hahaha 

We were both an only child, so the Universe gave us each other. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love and miss you every day, my angel. 

Karla xOxO

The start of KMG.

Shared by Kelsey Hawtin on April 5, 2019

Where do I begin? There are countless pictures and memories I fortunately share with Michele. I remember first meeting her at a party in West Haven. After just minutes of  meeting, we instantly hit it off. From that day forward, we would become the unstoppable beer pong champs that nobody could beat. We even gave ourselves a team name called “KMG” (Kelsey Michele Gang.)

Even though I moved away to college in another state that same very year, our friendship remained strong. The funny thing is if either of us hadn’t gone to that party that night, we would of never met each other and created such a fun friendship.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the saying “everything happens for a reason,” but I sure do believe we were meant to meet and become best friends.

Fourth of July

Shared by Liza Williams on March 24, 2019

My favorite memory of Michele is when we had a chance to talk briefly at a Fourth of July party. That day, Michele came over and said hi to me and instead of just saying hi, I said Oh my God you’re so pretty! With those big beautiful eyes and such a beautiful smile, it was the first thing that came to my mind. She just said, aww thank you and laughed. In every memory of Michele that I have, she’s surrounded by family and friends, laughing and smiling, that smile that would light up even the darkest room. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a lot of memories of Michele but I will treasure the memories I do have. I’m so grateful to get to know Michele better through the stories and pictures shared by her wonderful mom and dad.

Goofy Memories

Shared by Mita Ciufecu on March 22, 2019

I don't know exactly when or how it happened but very early on in my adult life I fell into the role of the goofy-ass Son/Brother/Husband/Dad/Uncle.  You know how they say that reacting to a bully only encourages more bullying?  Well, let's just say the same applies to someone who is acting like an idiot; a long time ago Michele made the mistake of laughing at my stupid jokes and idiotic antics, and the rest of my family has regretted that incident ever since as all it did was encourage me to do more and explore the depths of my goofiness.  Does anyone have any straws I can stick up my nose?

Mature of me?  Perhaps not, but oh the memories!  For example:

Ramen Pride Noodle Head - At some point, Michele and Karla for some reason touched the top of my head, and they were horrified (and then fascinated) that I used so much damn Hair Gel that my hair felt like a big ball of uncooked Ramen Pride Noodles.  Click Here to see a pic.  

Fun With Stashes - Who came up with THIS fabulous invention?  A fake Mustache with adhesive backing?  This is RIGHT up my alley!  Unfortunately, as you can see Here, Michele gave me a gray one.  Bitch.

Thumbsucking - Acting like an idiot is contagious.  Here we see me, Michele, and Amanda sucking our thumbs while napping.  I would say I didn't start it but we all know that's bullcrap.  In my defense, Michele did not hesitate to join in.

Duck Face - I LOVE the Duck Face pics of me and Michele!  Click Here for but one of many.  The contrast always struck me as hilarious, the young attractive Niece with the perfect Duck Face, standing next to the overweight Uncle trying to act hip and looking like he's constipated instead.

Hot Sex With My Family - Get your mind out of the gutter! As you can see Here, Hot Sex is a drink, and we all had great fun telling everyone we know we had Hot Sex with our family!  Some accused us of being from West Virginia, but that's a story for another day.

Photo Bomb - Michele LOVED my photo bombs.  Or at least she said she did; it's very well possible she swore me up and down under her breath whenever I did it, but if so, I had NO idea.  Click Here to see one of many.

Tsi Mushata Feata (Phonetic spelling of "What A Beautiful Girl" in Romanian) - I would go out of my way to pinch Michele's cheek, and she responded in kind, pinching me WAY harder than I pinched her!  NOT fair!  This One is my favorite!

Nice Smiles - There is nothing goofy about This One, but it's my 2nd favorite pic!

Afro - My favorite pic!  Click Here.  Michele and I had so much fun swapping my Wig back and forth at The Gathering Of The Vibes!  I never had so much hair in my life!  Honorable mention must go to the Duck Faces.  Nice!

You will live on forever in our memories Michele!  Love ya, miss ya!  And yes, we STILL turn over that pillow of you we have in our bedroom so you don't have to see the bow-chicka-bow-wow.

PS - I still contend you were a closet Alex Rodriguez fan!  I WILL find proof!

My one best friend, infinite memories, no words.

Shared by Courtney Collins on March 22, 2019

I don't know how to put any of this in writing, it really just feels overwhelming to me -- because all of my absolute best memories were when I was with Michele. She was, still is, and will always be my one best friend... In high school, having most of our classes together, passing notes with minion-looking figures on them, making up the most random acronyms to memorize Spanish and biology words before tests, freaking out about every test in general... never ever letting one go to the bathrooms in the catacombs alone, being SO excited to take the elevator when Michele hurt her ankle in gymnastics... we had more inside jokes and weird voices and mimicking teachers sayings and just everything -- we laughed more than anyone else ever laughed together. Summers of concerts.. so many concerts, so many outfits.. Missy and Petunia night! Sharing all of our clothes, especially after I moved in with Michele and my other mommy (Val) <3... Break-ups, oh man... yelling at any of Michele's boyfriends who dared make her cry...!!! Driving around listening to music, and Michele saying OMG NOT THIS AGAIN because I would play the same songs over and over... doing drive-bys to spy on people, having scorpion bowls, having momma Val's famous white russians!! But besides the millions and millions of places we went and things we did outside of the house -- my most favorite times were when it was just us hanging out in the living room at the 'OG house'... Michele on the couch with her favorite blanket, and me in my favorite spot on the floor in front of the TV with my blanket. Practically every night it feels like, we would watch our shows like Teen Wolf or whatever one was recorded and ready at the time... and that was when I felt the most comfortable, happy, and at home, ever. Straightening our hair, brushing Michele's hair while I sat on the very back of the couch -- her FAVORITE thing was when her hair was brushed! Sipping wine and then going to sleep downstairs and cracking up while we made up stories about people being under the bed and talking in accents... How about the parties in the basement we had?! 

Ugh, I am left to miss my one best friend every day... the one who I talked to about everything, but who I didn't even need to talk to about anything because we would just be in our own world and none of the bad stuff seemed to hurt like it did when we weren't together, doing nothing or doing something, whatever it was. It was pure laughter and sisterhood. We all grieve in our own ways, and there is most definitely no handbook or manual that tells you how to deal with losing someone who was one of your closest people in this life... But all I can say is that I am very thankful that she visits me constantly, in my dreams a lot, and we are doing what we used to... and she is happy and feeling really, really good. And someday, we will be dancing, and partying, and watching TV, and listening to music, and LAUGHING more than anything, again. Until then, my best friend is still with me always, and our memories keep me going. Thank God, most of all, that I got to be with her for her last moments on Earth... I miss you baby girl, Migel, but I'll see you later when you come visit me again. <3 I love you so much. --Cournstalk

Michele’s UCONN Graduation 2015

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on March 15, 2019

One of the best days of my life was when my brave & beautiful baby girl Michele Ekaterini graduated from UCONN with a 3.74 GPA & Magna Cum Laude High Honors on Sunday, May 10, 2015, which also happened to be Mothers Day that year. She was so proud of her major achievement & I was so proud of her. I was so happy for my sweet girl’s huge accomplishment to graduate with such high honors all the while going through the worst time of her life. Michele had been diagnosed with a rare & aggressive type of childhood cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma 2 weeks before her 21st birthday of her senior year in college at UCONN. Some students can’t achieve the grades Michele received without having a life threatening illness. Michele was undergoing 10.5 months of grueling weekly chemotherapy treatments, 6 weeks of consecutive daily radiation, numerous scans, tests & doctor visits left & right. So yes, it was the best Mother’s Day gift of my life to see Michele graduate & to be so happy & proud of herself. She was absolutely glowing & beaming radiance that whole day! That’s how I will always remember you Michele! I love & miss you so very much. You will always & forever be my HERO! Xoxoxo until we’re together again Michele. Love, Mommy<3 <3 <3 

Lifetime as Friends

Shared by Gina DeFeo on March 12, 2019

It's really hard to share just one story. It's not really a story, it's a feeling that I would have when I was with Michele. I may have shared this before but she was really the only person that I felt like I could be my real self around. Like, you know that self feeling you have when you're alone? I was so comfortable around her it felt like I was hanging out with myself. It was the best feeling ever.

I miss our car rides, loving to listen to the same music, and depending on Michele to know all the words.. haha. I feel like we both affected each other lives. I am who I am today because of her. I am happy for that, it's like I always have a piece of her with me.

Lunch together in highschool, every. dang. day. ... walking to Howe's from school for a shift. Those beautiful spring days walking into to Dunkin' grabbing an iced coffee before starting our shift. So many funny stories working at that place. 

Middle school afternoons calling "COMPUTER SEAT" to determine who could sit in front of the computer and type with the stupid boys in AIM, lol. Walking off the bus, watching Maury, and drinking your mom's slimfasts because we thought we were cool. creating our own snacks - baked doritos with cheese sticks in the middle. delish combo i have to say.

vacations together, sitting around doing nothing together, so many memories i will cherish forever~

I can't wait to be reunited in Heaven one day, thank God for that <3

Love your best friend forever,


Little Happy Moments

Shared by Brandon Hawkins on March 11, 2019

The best memories of you and us that I have are the little moments.

- dancing in Hudson Bar & Grille and watching you have the time of your life, carefree, smiling, singing, and not worrying about all the other crap going on in your life.

- sitting on the beach in Grand Cayman, listening to music and talking about nothing too important.

- laughing about nut allergies on your couch, and overall laughing about things that no one else would find funny except us in that moment.

- UConn Stamford: the people, the stairs that got you winded in our last year, the school work.

- “Mouche and Broobs” and our plans to have a giant house with lots of animals.

To anyone else these are trivial moments, but to me they’re little treasures I’ll always remember.

Miss you.

Dallas Cowboys Game Dec 2015

Shared by Valeria Ciufecu on March 10, 2019

While Michele was still undergoing chemotherapy treatments & attending graduate classes at Southern Connecticut State University for her Master’s Degree in Social Work, my sister Catrina & I decided to take her to Dallas, Texas for an NFL Dallas Cowboys football game at AT&T Stadium in December 2015. Michele became a Cowboys fan when she was growing up, because her dad is a Cowboys fan. Michele loves the Cowboys so very much! She always watched all of their televised games on TV. She was so excited to be going to her first NFL football game, her first Dallas Cowboys football game, her first time at AT&T Stadium & her first time visiting Dallas, Texas. She had such a great time even though the Cowboys lost by a field goal at the end of the game. Michele loved everything about being there. She was so proud of being a Dallas Cowboys fan. I’m so so so glad we were able to take her there. 

Big Papi

Shared by Adrian Broadley on March 10, 2019

One of my stories with Michele is how she was granted a special wish from Special Wishes to meet Big Papi from the Boston Red Sox. Well it was Pedro Martinez Day and Big Papi was involved with the ceremony so Michele didn't get to meet him but she got to meet one of the Pitchers, Joe Kelly, and took snapshots with him. With 2 outs in the ninth inning Big Papi hit a foul ball which I caught and handed to Michele ! I will never forget that moment and the smile on her face !!! What are some of your stories with our Beautiful Daughter Michele ?

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