Posted by DEBRA PATACH on January 24, 2014
wish you were here to help celebrate mom and dads anniversary this sunday miss having you in our photos, plus wish u could meet my chuck u would really like him. good ole country boy. lol really miss u michelle. tony was really sick but u knew that and thank u for looking after him I knew u were there. GOD bless  debbie
Posted by DEBRA PATACH on May 13, 2013
to my friend i miss you , wish you could be here to help me with bridal shower and wedding just miss you but know that you are looking down on both of them. God Bless Love you Debbie
Posted by Francine Soto on March 20, 2013
To my Sister Michele, I miss you everyday your face your voice your caring presence. I regret not saying that to you when you where alive,but I WILL SAY IT EVERYDAY till we meet again.
Posted by Francine Soto on April 12, 2012
Thanks Debbie for this tribute page you created. Michele will always be missed, missed in her presence but is with us in spirit.I feel Michele everyday, I know she is with her children always plus taking care of what needs to be done. Love and miss my sister, you are in my heart till then
Posted by Francine Soto on January 19, 2012
To my Beautiful sister Michele.My heart is truly crying over the lost this family is now sharing. Not being able to hold you and tell you we Love you and everything will be fine.You help us in raising our boys from day one to now. Michele you will always be with me.You were to go home that day, But God asked you to COME HOME WITH HIM
Posted by DEBRA PATACH on January 19, 2012
just wanted you to know how much you are missed and how blessed that you came into my daughters life. she is going to really miss you ,you touched her in ways no other mother in law could and cave her a her your son to love for the rest of her life to love and to cherish to that i thank you Michelle I will truelle miss you. Thank you for coming into my Courtney's life.
Posted by DEBRA PATACH on January 18, 2012
To my friend that came into my life , not only as a friend but she was much more i will trulley miss you , you knew how to make me laugh and forget my worry's to you i give you goodoles be safe you are free from pain and with the beloved watch over your love ones, love your friend always, you will be missed         Debbie

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