Michelle K Nimmerrichter
  • 22 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 11, 1991
  • Date of passing: May 1, 2013
Let the memory of Michelle be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Michelle Nimmerrichter, 22, born on April 11, 1991 and passed away on May 1, 2013. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Kelly Sadler on 5th September 2017

"A beautiful soul is never forgotten...miss you all the time, cupcake."

This tribute was added by Jacqueline Such on 1st May 2017

We were so close as kids. All the memories of the fun times we had together, from meandering home from school doing absolutely nothing, to the boisterous get togethers that always seemed to be way more than we ever bargained for, they all are so precious to me. Though we drifted apart because of a combination of different reasons, our friendship and the memories we made remained a force that shaped my transition into adulthood. I can only hope that others have the opportunity at one point or another to know the love and respect of a friend like you at least once in their lives. I will forever be grateful to have had you in my life."

This tribute was added by Carol Habben on 11th April 2017

"Happy birthday you soooooo much .!!   Oma"

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 11th April 2017

"Every time the sun comes up I wish I could tell you how much I love you & that I will never forget you"

This tribute was added by Daniel Edward on 11th April 2017

"Hi MIchelle........

I miss you.........

i wish i would have done better by you.........

I didn't realize you were suffering so much......

We had argued earlier in the year, so we stopped talking to each other...
We argued about something minor & trivial........

I called you the day you died, but it was too late....

It was a long, cold, very cloudy, very depressing 2013 spring, & that didn't help..

Its been 4 years..........
I hope you are well, wherever you are, in whatever form...........R. I. P

Image 1 of you is wonderful!.......You look gorgeous....

warm regards,

This tribute was added by Carol Habben on 2nd May 2016

"Hope you are well Michelle.   Opa died Jan 30, 2016.....have you met up with him yet ??  I sure hope so !  You both can have a long chat !!
I still miss you soooo much, it seems like yesterday that you visited us.
Please tell Opa that "I LOVE HIM".....did not get a chance to say
Good-Bye to him !   You babysit him now, you hear ???  I am counting on you !!  With All My Love,  Your Oma"

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 1st May 2016

"I spent the day planing flowers in your memory garden....a gerber daisy by your hand prints reminds me of how bright your soul is....God keep you safe my baby girl....."

This tribute was added by Daniel Edward on 1st May 2016

"Your death changed me & made me a better human being.......

I hope you are well, Michelle.........I miss you...........

I hope your mother is doing better.........I support you 100%......."

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 11th April 2016

"Today is your 25th birthday!  I weep for what would have been and the precious moments I did were the light in my life that faded way too early.  May God continue to keep you safe"

This tribute was added by Carol Habben on 2nd May 2015

"We can still see you sitting in our Living Room when you come down to Florida !!  You are so very much missed.....I was looking at all of the pictures from you and Jeff, and there are sooo many pictures.....we really love the ones of You and Jeff when you were little..... in one picture you pretended to kiss a frog (in Michigan) to see if would turn into a Prince.).......soooo cute !  AUF WIEDERSEHEN, MEANS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN (IN GERMAN).....So Auf Wiedersehen my Dear Grand Daughter,   Love  Oma & Opa    : )"

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 1st May 2015

"Missing you terribly pumpkin.....what I wouldn't give for a hug.  Stay safe until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 11th April 2015

"Today is your 24th birthday...
I miss your effervescent spirit, your smile
The way you're long fingers tickled the ivory
But mostly I miss the warmth from your love
God keep you safe baby girl...."

This tribute was added by Kelly Sadler on 4th February 2015

"I can't believe long it's been since you were here, it seems like yesterday and still I find myself wanting to text and call you. I wish we could share one more afternoon together. Missing you, butterfly."

This tribute was added by Daniel Edward on 9th July 2014

"I think of Michelle all the time…….She really loved life……….

She loved the water of Lake Michigan………..………

She wanted to go into the water but was a lil bit scared. one of her arms didn’t function 100% due to the stroke she suffered…………

So she would ask me to accompany her to the beach………
If i was there, she would then go in….

She could be very warm & generous………..

She drove us downtown & “lent” her cat to my ailing,
80 year old mother for a few hours………..

She also bought my mother all types of sweets,
even though she had never met her in her life….

That made my mother happy…

She would ask me if i needed anything from Trader Joe’s.
She then would bring it to me after leaving Brookfield...

She had a great smile………..very sincere, warm smile….

She loved her father alot……….I hope she is with him now….."

This tribute was added by Kelly Sadler on 2nd May 2014

"I wish you were here to lay around and talk for hours like we used to do about anything and everything. I hope you are well up above. I love you, cupcake."

This tribute was added by Beverly Aieta on 2nd May 2014

"I am so thankful to have known Michelle.  My memory of her warm smile and true courage will forever remain with me.  She was an exceptional young woman."

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 1st May 2014

"Today is the day you slipped away to dance with the angels
The event ripped a hole in my heart that can never be repaired
Despite this tragic loss, I am blessed to have been your mom
May God keep you safe....till we meet again my sweet girl"

This tribute was added by Carol Habben on 1st May 2014

"Hi Michelle,
We miss you sooo much, however I do think that you are having one heck of a time in the mountains of SLC......being Happy is most important.  And I am positive that you are Happy with Jeff and Dad.  Don't give them a hard time since you are a Lady among two Men.  I still have the dried flower picture we made hanging in the living room.  That was fun, (although we stained the floor a little when drying the flower) lol !!  Well, you take care now and I will be talking to you as I always do.  I also, talk to Jeff and Dad.  I sure hope you all hear me...... I am not crazy, just like talking to you guys like on the phone.  It gives me Comfort and Peace.....TTYL,   Oma & Opa"

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 14th April 2014

"Happy Birthday my sweet angel....I miss you every day. Till we meet again...."

This tribute was added by Mary Anne Luczak on 16th August 2013

"Michelle was a beautiful person.  I saw her growing up through the years every time Mari displayed her pictures in her office. Every time I saw her she was full of energy and spirit!   She was always loved!  My sincerest condolences to Mari, her mother.   Michelle will be deeply missed but will always be loved!  May she rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Kelly Sadler on 14th August 2013

"Went to the butterfly exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum last week.

I miss you."

This tribute was added by Carol Habben on 13th August 2013

"Dear Michelle, Remember when you lost your helium balloon at the Menominee Fair in Mich.? You were so upset that your Mom walked 8 blocks to and from to get you a new one.  I have a balloon for you with 3 hearts, for Jeff, your Dad and you.  It says, I Love You!  I will release it when your Mom goes to SLC.  Catch it and fly with it to Happiness and Love with Jeff and your Dad.  R.I.P. Oma"

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 12th August 2013

"From Katie at Loyola..
I responded that is a great question. That is what made her a great person, her ability to smile and make someone feel better about themselves. Michelle, you will always be a friend to me and you are up in heaven with your dad and my dad, looking down on all your love ones.


This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 12th August 2013

"From Katie at Loyola....

She was such an amazing person. She was a strong willed person who was determined to overcome her struggles. She was so proud that I am graduating this year, and kept encouraging me to finish strong. She was also really funny, on the first day of class she asked me what my major was I said english, she said what are you goig to do with that?"

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 12th August 2013

"From Katie at Loyola...
Michelle and became study partners and soon turned into a friendship. I learned so much from her; her hopes, dreams, struggles. My father passed away last Septemmber suddenly from a massive heart attack. She expressed about her father's passing and reassured me that he is up there looking down on me. Michelle and I connected in so many ways."

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 12th August 2013

"From Katie at Loyola:
I will always remember Michelle from our Italian Genre Film studies class this semester. On the first day of class we hit it off, we talked about how excited we were to watch films for class. We watched our assigned films during our 2 and 1/2 hour class, we decided to bring snacks to make it a more of a "cinema" atmosphere."

This tribute was added by Esmeralda Jaime on 6th August 2013

"Michelle had a presence that had the ability to fill the entire room with light. I can't remember a day I spent with her where her smile didn't make me feel better, even on the worst days. She believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself. I will never forget all she did for me and everyone that she ever loved. Michelle, I miss you, but I still feel you around. Thank you for your love."

This tribute was added by Celeste Hewlett on 26th May 2013

"I think of Michelle ever day and remember how hard she worked to over come the adverse effects of her stroke.  She left us too soon, but we can find comfort that she has found peace and happiness and is with her brother and father forevermore.  My love always."

This tribute was added by Phil Rice on 17th May 2013

"My lasting memory of Michelle was during "Kids Day" at the ABA where staff were allowed to bring their kids to work. She snuck into my office and asked me if I could help her hide. So I said, "hurry up, get down here!" and she crawled into the footwell of my desk. Moments later Mari came around and the secret was on! Next month she brought me a rainbow worm to keep. I still have it today."

This tribute was added by Amy Collins on 12th May 2013

"I sadly only got to spend a short amount of time with Michelle but in that time she became very dear to me. She was such a strong, amazing young lady. You will be sadly missed so many people.

Every time I look at the stars, I will think of you Michelle xxx"

This tribute was added by Carol Habben on 11th May 2013

"Opa and I Loved you Soooo Much.  We look at the beautiful pictures of you and still cannot believe that you are gone.  Tears fill our eyes at the loss of you.  Rest in Peace with your Dad and Jeff.  We will miss your beautiful smile, your determination and your inspiration on how to start all over again to become a whole person. You will be missed by everyone that you have touched. Oma&Opa"

This tribute was added by mike hall on 11th May 2013

"Part five words can't describe how I am feeling right now I mean how can she be gone. Michelle is too nice a person to die. she was supposed to take me to view colleges, and now that she is gone what am I supposed to do. I've never been so upset in my life Michelle just got to my heart and she made an engraving and an indentation on my heart and she will forever be my sister in law R.I.P"

This tribute was added by mike hall on 11th May 2013

"Part four, out full size candy bars" and I said wow really lets do it and we went as a mobster bride and groom. and she just made that up on the fly cause we were clueless as to what we were supposed to go as and I thought that was the most hilarious thing that we have done. I just enjoyed all the fun things that she and I did together I was so happy to have met her."

This tribute was added by mike hall on 11th May 2013

"Part three. and now that she is gone I don't know what I will do without her I mean she was suppose to get me into a good college haha she even said to me "I will take you to the view the best colleges if you want" but the most fun thing I have had with michelle was the time that she took me trick or treating on Halloween and she said to me "im gunna take you to the place where they give.."

This tribute was added by mike hall on 11th May 2013

"Part two, we would always get the same thing which was pizza and fries and soda. we went ice skateing and I had the time of my life, she took me to movies and places I just loved the things that we did together, I remember the time that she helped me with all my homework she was my ispiration that got me threw high school, she gave me the skills and happiness to get a great score on my act"

This tribute was added by mike hall on 11th May 2013

"Part one, Michelle, what can I say, she was like a sister to me all the things she has done for me, Michelle was the only one who let me drive her car secretly when I wasn't suppose to, she took me so many places I never thought I would go, like she took me to a puppy shop and we stayed there for what seemed like hours, our favorite place to go was Bills place and we would get..."

This tribute was added by Graham Collins on 11th May 2013

"I will forever be filled with regret that I was only able to share just a few precious days of Michelle’s life, but never have I been more struck by such a wonderfully strong willed & delightful young lady. She overcame more than someone so young should ever endure & it breaks my heart that we have now lost her beautiful spirit. Michelle, fly high & reach those stars. God bless you. xxx"

This tribute was added by Rolando Perez on 9th May 2013

"Michelle was a good soul trying to find her way in life. She always had questions about life as all young and ambitious people do. Words cannot describe how I feel, knowing that she was barely starting her life. I will pray for her and her strong Mother, Mari. God rest your soul Michelle...."

This tribute was added by April Mayle on 9th May 2013

"Michelle was a very special part of my family. She was so giving & full of love.  Her smile could light up a whole room & her laughter was contagious.  She had so many dreams for the future & had enough determination to fulfill them.  To me she will always be the mother of my unborn grandchildren & Mike's true love & I will forever hold a special place for her in my heart. RIP baby girl."

This tribute was added by Kelly Sadler on 9th May 2013

"Since you've been gone, life has been a blur. You served as my rock and my friend for so long, I don't even know what to do now that you are no longer here. I love you so much and you will be immensely missed. I can only hope to be as strong as you were. Say "hi" to your dad and brother for me, love."

This tribute was added by Dana Schwartz on 9th May 2013

"I never met Michelle but her mom and I talked about our kids many times a long the years... So many great things I heard about Michelle, her school accomplishments,  her love for skiing, her joy and love for her familly. Marri, I feel so sorry for your loss and my prayers and thoughts go to you and your familly in this tragic times."

This tribute was added by Brianna Flores on 9th May 2013

"Michelle and I went to RB and Loyola together. I was always glad to see her on campus because it brought a piece of home to school. She always put a smile on my face. Michelle and I both had switched majors in the beginning of our college career, but she gave me encouragement because she had such a great attitude about school. You will be in my heart forever and especially this Friday. xo"

This tribute was added by Chelsea Laliberte on 8th May 2013

"I only met Michelle once at a function that Live4Lali and Take A Stand hosted in Lake Zurich for substance use disorder awareness advocacy. I was floored and heartbroken when Michelle told us her story and about her dad and brother. Although I did not know Michelle I could easily see the kind person she was. I am so very sorry for your loss and will pray for you and Michelle."

This tribute was added by cristina lombardi on 8th May 2013

"Michelle enrolled in my LITR 264 Italian Film Genre course at Loyola in the spring of 2013. During lectures and film screening, she sat in the front row of the Cuneo Hall classroom with her smiling, inquisitive eyes. She never missed class, never missed a film. So strong and determined. Michelle, I will always remember you. Cristina Lombardi-Diop, Loyola"

This tribute was added by Thomas Chan on 8th May 2013

"Mari, I am sorry for your loss.  It is beyond words to describe the sadness that we all felt.  Will keep you in my prayers."

This tribute was added by Kristin O'Brien on 8th May 2013

"Michelle was one of my best friends since freshman year of high school. We did everything together. We talked about everything, we worked together, we did homework together, we wrote each other notes during every period in high school..I can't even explain the heartbreak and the devastation that this tragedy is. I love Michelle she was my family when I had no one she was there! I miss you!"

This tribute was added by Duane Edwards on 8th May 2013

"I did not know Michelle, but the last time I sat down with her mother Mari, she spoke of her daughter with such a big smile when discussing Michelle’s recovery and how proud she was of this young woman coming into her own while attending college. It saddens me deeply to hear of your loss Mari, my heart and prayers are with you in such a time of need."

This tribute was added by ashley puchala on 7th May 2013

"I met Michelle during practice for swimming and we became friends instantly. She was one of the nicest people i knew. We had a lot of fun in high school and then even after high school we grew closer and we could always talk about anything to each other. As everyone else, I will miss her alot but i know she always in our hearts, and always looking down on us. May she R.I.P."

This tribute was added by Jessica Borland on 7th May 2013

"Michelle was in my class 2 different times in high school as well as recruited on the speech team.  We spent countless hours together practicing and early Saturday mornings.  She was a very bright, courageous and spiritual person.  I loved the conversations I shared with her as she would always stop by to lend a smile.  Her loss is tragic, and she will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Martha Ligas on 7th May 2013

"Michelle and I were suitemates during our first years at Loyola. She cared a lot about people, always taking the time to ask how my day was or what was wrong if I was ever upset. She even brought all of her suitemates back a souvenir when she went on a trip! Not everybody does that. Michelle was truly a genuine person, and my heart goes out to her family. Sending love and prayers."

This tribute was added by Melissa Gordon on 7th May 2013

"As Michelle's high school calculus teacher, I still remember Michelle's resiliency and upbeat attitude after losing her brother and dad.  Her attitude in school and the never ending smile was always contagious.  She was such a strong girl and will always be remembered."

This tribute was added by Tyler Kroll on 7th May 2013

"Michelle and I only knew each other for a short time. But in that time I was able to find out how much of an amazing, strong, and sweet woman she was. She was able to overcome some bad struggles in her life. Because her strong heart and passion to suceed. I'll never forget that beautiful smile! I'll never forget you!"

This tribute was added by A Neighbor on 7th May 2013

"I live in the same building as Michelle did, and met her last year. She talked of her family and boyfriend, and played me a tune or two on her electric keyboard. I only learned yesterday of her death. My thoughts go out to her mother, who has sadly lost her entire family in such a short and difficult period of time. At least Michelle is finally at peace now after all she had been through."

This tribute was added by Julia Lieblich on 6th May 2013

"I did not know Michelle, but I had read of her extraordinary recovery. We of the Loyola community mourn her loss. I am saying a special prayer for her mother, Mari, who raised this beautiful girl. As one mother to another, I am in awe of your courage and wish you comfort on these extremely difficult times.  Julia Lieblich, journalism professor"

This tribute was added by Beverly Aieta on 6th May 2013

"As piano teacher, I’ll never forget Michelle's strength and courage, and will always remember her beautiful smile, sweet spirit, and love of music. One song which she liked very much was called ‘Song Without Words’. Although it’s hard to find the right words to say today, may these tributes convey the love & appreciation we will forever hold for Michelle. She will be greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Diana Bolin on 5th May 2013

"I never met Michelle. I first heard of her through my daughter, Hannah Bohon. Michelle touched my life from 2500 miles away, because she was a part of my child's life. Hannah always spoke of her strength and resiliency after her stroke. I am thankful for the impact she has had on Hannah, My daughter's life and character have been forever changed and blessed because she knew Michelle."

This tribute was added by Hannah B on 5th May 2013

"Michelle was one of my best friends, and a true beauty inside and out. She is the strongest person I have ever met. She was the kind of good person that makes you better by being around her. I always loved goofing off with her and our routine runs to Downtown Evanston. She had a lot to face in her life, and will be very missed by all who knew her. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Lora Messer on 5th May 2013

"I am so sorry for your loss.  You are in my prayers.

Rev. Lora Messer
Loyola University"

This tribute was added by Mari Thomas on 4th May 2013

"Michelle was an incredibly strong and courageous girl. She worked hard to overcome family loss and rehabilitate from a devastating stroke.  And always demonstrate this precious spirit and smile that radiated sunshine. Her family loved her deeply and are so very sad at at losing such a great soul.  She is now with her  brother and Dad, R.I.P."

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