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Shared by Lorraine McKenzie on June 14, 2021
I came to know Michelle when she joined the staff  of FFK in 2009.
She was a beautiful soul  A loving spouse and Mother
A very committed and  competent employee & A rock to  the clients whose business she handled.
Her sudden loss feels like a deeply inflicted wound. I can only imagine the grief  her  family, friends and close team members. 
But, “blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted”.  
From:  Charmaine R 
Shared by Lorraine McKenzie on June 14, 2021

The passing of Michelle has not been easy for her team members in the Customer Service Department at Fraser Fontaine & Kong Limited as it has left a chasm that cannot be filled.

Michelle joined the Customer Service Department at FFK in August 2009 in the position of a Customer Service Rep and was later promoted to Senior Customer Service Rep in 2019. She has remained an extremely valuable team member up to her untimely death on May 13, 2021. Michelle was always willing to assist with everything in our department; no matter how large or small the task was Michyboo was present. She never missed any events put on by the company or in the Insurance Industry once she was invited.

This attitude to life caused her to create and maintain relationships with her fellow team members which was only explicable by the fact that she never knew how to hold a grudge. No matter what argument or grouse she had would pale into insignificance when she needed assistance or saw she needed to help.

Her need to satisfy and maintain good relationships extended to her work life. Whatever she needed from our business partners to ensure her customers received the best, she would relentlessly pursue as only the best was good enough for her clients. Michelle’s dependability meant that her clients could rely on her to ensure that they were covered; whether it meant reminders or just doing what she knew they needed until she was able to contact them. Her clients relied heavily on her, and I know they will sorely miss her.

Our department has lost a VERY valuable member and we as a unit will NEVER be the same with her passing.

Michelle is remembered by her colleagues in many ways…........

To Camile she was the one who would start the mischief and then call out for she and Latty to save her

To Camesha she was like a mother figure who played a supportive role in her life since she started at FFK

Michelle was always with a bubby personality always reliable and willing to give a helping hand Latoya remembers.

To Shauna she was like a mentor and a friend who helped to guide her when she joined the staff at FFK

Yamalia remembers the person who was always willing to assist her with tasks that she was not clear on and was never too busy to offer assistance to her………Not hearing her calling Yammyyy or Yammibolo anymore has really broken her.

Michelle was the type of person who would sneak up and start some sort of mischief with other coworkers and then run to Lorraine and call out “supe supe” see dem a trouble me and once she was near to her, she should jeer the person as she had backative as she would put it…….

Suzanne… will remember her as likkle tallawah who would sometimes call her Mommy. Always doing the best she could, following the rules, going the extra mile, dependable to her very bones, responsible and mature. Any help Michelle wanted, whether in personal life or work life, I would offer what I could because I knew without a question, she deserved it.

Vanessa remembers the hard worker, the strong supporter with the bubbly personality and a VERY proud Mommy......SIH Michelle

When a loved one passes away, we remember only the good things…Misdeeds are forgotten…Offenses are forgiven… Only the most shining characteristics of our loved ones will make it into the version of them that we keep with us when they depart. We are only upset that she had to leave so many of her beloved family members, friends, coworkers, and the world who met her and was charmed by her.



Good times

Shared by Camile Morgan on June 3, 2021
Michyboo, I would give anything to hear you tell someone 'Mi have backative, Camile, Latty and soup (Lorraine) dem a threaten mi' after staring the mischief, or telling Andre "you can't do mi notton" then cry out soup!  

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