This tribute was added by Murray Romero on March 22, 2016
As each day passes by, you are with me hita'. There is always something to remind me of the wonderful daughter I was blessed with. I can't say my heart doesn't ache, wishing you were celebrating Easter with the family. We all miss you so much, that will never end. Each day brings sadness and longing to have you physically here with us. I am so thankful I have no regrets of the relationship we have as a mother and daughter. Sure, we had our moments in life we did not agree on something. And probably did some foolish things. But, one thing I know (your dad, your brother and I) shared unconditional love for each other. The only thing I regret is, you are not here with us (in the physical sense) to share the celebrations of life with your children and family, those who love you, miss you and those who will never have the chance to know what a fantastic woman became. God Bless you my hita'! Loving and missing you each and every day! momma!

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